Wittmann Alder Wittmann Antique Militaria Stickpins
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STICKPINS #43310 Reiter Stick Pin

This stickpin is a miniature version of the brass badge awarded to expert riders.

It is oval in shape and depicts a horseman with the letter "R" at the bottom.

The reverse is marked "Gesch Gesch" and "F. Chr. Lauer" and has a serrated pin.

Excellent Plus. $50.00

STICKPINS #43503 Minesweeper Badge Stickpin

This Minesweeper Stickpin is in fully mint condition. All of the original gilding remains on the wreath and eagle, and all of the silvering remains on the geyser of water.

The reverse is unmarked and fitted with a serrated pin.

A very nice looking pin here.

Mint. $50.00

STICKPINS #42652 Civilian Pilot's Wings Stickpin with Packaging

This stickpin is a fine item. It consists of a winged propeller mounted on, as you might guess, a pin. This little doodad was presumably worn on the lapel of a civilian pilot.

The original cardboard packaging accompanies this pin. It is marked "LDO".

A nice aviation-related stickpin here.

Near Mint. $50.00

STICKPINS #41166C Large Gahr SS Membership Stickpin

This Gahr SS Stickpin is quite impressive, with a much larger enamel button than we normally see. It measures 14mm wide, with perfect enamel and silvered SS runes.

The reverse of the button is marked "Gahr München 900 Silber".

A very desirable and scarce SS Stickpin here.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $2995.00

STICKPINS #41167C Silver SS-FM High Honor Stickpin

This stickpin features a silver swastika superimposed with a set of black SS runes in the center. To the left and right of the swastika respectively are the initials "F" and "M".

In an enamel ribbon at the top of the stickpin are the words "Dank der SS für Treue / Hilfeld Kampfzeit".

The reverse of the pin is numbered "S-50873", with the original number "S-14667" crossed out. It is also marked "935 Silber". It also as the Deschler & Son marking, "DUS" over "M", set within a triangle.

A very rare, authentic stickpin here, and difficult to come by.

Excellent Plus. $2,795.00

STICKPINS #40024 SS Frauenschaft Stickpin

This stickpin is quite impressive. It is an enamel pin, oval in shape and with silver swastika in the center; the swastika is marked by a set of SS runes. On either side of the swastika are initials "F" and "M". This is a donators example. It reads, "Hilfe und Kampfzeit".

The reverse of the pint is stamped "1628". Th pin is the serrated type.

A fairly rare item here, and quite good looking.

Excellent Plus. $295.00

STICKPINS #39988C Veteran's Aluminum Stickpin

This aluminum Veteran's Stickpin features an open winged eagle, a cross, and a set of crossed sword in the center. The eagle clutches a wreathed swastika.

The reverse of the stickpin is marked "Gesch Gesch 1".

A solid little Veteran's Stickpin here.

Excellent. $35.00

STICKPINS #39990C Silver SA Sports Badge Stickpin

These Sports Badge stickpins are rarely seen. It is a miniature replica of a SA Sports Badge, and retains all of the original silvered finish.

The reverse of the stickpin is marked "6". The attached pin is the serrated type.

A scarce stickpin here.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $125.00

STICKPINS #39989C Gold SA Sports Badge Stickpin

These Sports Badge stickpins are rarely seen; the gold Spots Badge wasn't an easy one to win. It is a miniature replica of a SA Sports Badge, and retains all of the original gold finish.

The reverse of the stickpin is marked "6" and has a serrated pin.

Excellent Plus. $150.00

STICKPINS #39994C Civilian Pilot's Stickpin

This Civilian Pilot's Stickpin is quite a nice looking example. It has a set of silver wings attached to a black enamel center area bearing a white immobile swastika.

An impressive looking stickpin here.

Excellent. $125.00

STICKPINS #39729C Early 1927 NSDAP High Honor Silver Stickpin

This stickpin is quite large and is most impressive. It features a stylized Political eagle which looks to the viewer’s right. This eagle clutches a wreath with a suspended immobile swastika.

The detail to the bird and wreath is extraordinary. The pin may have originally been straight but is now curved in several places, probably an effort by the original owner to keep it securely in place.

This stickpin looks to be of solid silver and is extremely rare. A great item here for the serious NSDAP collector.

Excellent Plus. $2,700.00

STICKPINS #39734C SA Runes Roundel Stickpin

This SA Stickpin has a set of runes that appear identical in size and structure to the type we see mounted on the grip of a SA Dagger. These runes have a copper backing with copper colored enamel.

The stickpin has serrations along the length. The reverse is unmarked and shows some age.

A very nice SA Stickpin here.

Excellent. $75.00

STICKPINS #39732C NSDAP 15 Year Loyalty Stickpin

This stickpin features a miniature of the 15 Year Loyalty Badge. It has a cross with a sunburst coming out of the center, in blue enamel. There is an eagle and swastika in the center of the pin head.

The reverse of this pin is marked, “RZM M11/1”. The pin itself is serrated.

A nice NSDAP Stickpin here.

Excellent Plus. $150.00

STICKPINS #39376 Wehrmacht Eagle Stickpin

This stick is in the shape of a Wehrmacht eagle. The bird looks to the viewer’s right and has half-opened wings. It clutches an open mobile swastika in it’s talons.

The pin itself appears to have the lower end broken off, but over half the length remains. It is the serrated type.

Good. $45.00

STICKPINS #38787C SA Sports Badge Stick Pin

This interesting stickpin is in the shape of a pierced SA Sports Badge. The miniature badge is nicely detailed.

This pin is marked “6” on the reverse”.

A nice little SA pin here.

Near Mint. $50.00

STICKPINS #38575C SS Stickpin

This SS Stickpin has good enamel surfaces; there are a couple of factory flaws in this enamel but they are very minor. The silver runes and dual borders have toned slightly, giving a fine antique look.

The reverse of the pin is marked “13371” and “Hoffstätter Bonn”. The attached pin is serrated.

These Hoffstätter pins are among the most desirable, and this is a fine example.

Excellent Plus. $495.00

STICKPINS #38573C Italian Fascist Stickpin

This Italian Fascist Stickpin is in the shape of a “D”. In the center is the bundle of axe handles that make up the fasces symbol, set on red enamel. Around the insignia is the number “234” and “Luglio 1937 XV”.

The reverse of the pin in unmarked.

An interesting Italian Fascist piece here.

Excellent. $75.00

STICKPINS #38548C RLB Stickpin

This RLB Stickpin is the in the shape of the 1st style RLB insignia. It features a silvered sunburst with the initials “RLB” in the center, done up in blue enamel.

The reverse of the pin is marked “H. AURICH DRESDEN”.

A nice RLB item here.

Excellent Plus. $50.00

STICKPINS #38133 25 DGV Stickpin

I do not know what these initials stand for, but the pin is a quality example about the size of a US dime. It has what appear to be castle turrets at the top of the pin, and below this is the number “25”. Further down we see “D”, “G” and “V”. The border of the pin is a wreath of oak leaves.

The reverse of the stickpin is marked “Lauer Nürnberg” and "900". The shank of the mounting pin has very crisp serrations.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $75.00

STICKPINS #38046C Silver/Enamel SS Stickpin

This SS Stickpin is an extremely desirable example, being of silver with a beautiful enamel finish. The pin has the normal serrations, and a jeweler-engraved SS serial number, “3360”, can be seen on the reverse of the button.

This serial number was that of SS Obersturmführer Anton Wild of the 32st SS Standarte. The pin comes with a copy of the 1938 SS Dienstalterliste were Wild's record can be seen.

The reverse of the stickpin is stamped with the name of the famous Party silversmiths, “GAHR, MÜNCHEN”. Gahr stickpins are rare and desirable, and one with a SS serial number is even moreso. These pieces are always in demand with advanced SS collectors.

Near Mint. $2,995.00

STICKPINS #37777 Postal Stickpin

I do not recall having a Postal Stickpin before, so I think it may be rather rare. It features the Postal Eagle with swastika and with lightning bolts through the talons. The eagles is completely gilded.

The stickpin has serrations in the shank to hold it securely. It is unmarked.

A great item here to display with a nice Postal Dagger.

Mint. $75.00

STICKPINS #37851C SS FM Stickpin

This SS FM Stickpin was for SS members who gave donations to the organization. The pin has a fine black enamel surface with a silver mobile swastika. A set of black SS runes is superimposed over the center of the swastika. On either side of pin are the initials “F” and “M”.

The reverse of the pin has the owner's serial number, “47598”. Additionally it is marked “Ges Gesch” and the “Deschler, München”.

A fine example of a rarely seen pin.

Excellent Plus. $650.00

STICKPINS #37223 Swastika Lapel Pin

This Swastika Lapel Pin depicts a mobile swastika. It is apparently constructed of brass. A pin is soldered to the reverse, and is the type without serrations.

A neat little NSDAP pin here.

Excellent. $75.00

STICKPINS #37224 Swastika Lapel Pin

This Swastika Lapel Pin is in the form of, as you would probably guess, of a bronze mobile swastika.

There is a pin soldered to the reverse. This pin shows a lot of bending, a good indication that this pin was worn quite frequently in its heyday.

Excellent. $75.00

STICKPINS #37222 Swastika Lapel Pin

This Swastika Lapel Pin features a fairly large mobile swastika with a silvered surface.

Soldered to the reverse of the swastika is a standard stick pin. This pin shows some bending but is still sound.

Excellent. $95.00

STICKPINS #27885 Bomb Stickpin

This Bomb Stickpin could possibly be from the Imperial time, as it features a gray, rather conventional looking iron bomb.

The reverse has a stickpin attached and there are some numerals marked below it. The bomb is finished in a flat grey metallic. We assume that a bombardier would have worn this stickpin.

Excellent Plus. $35.00

STICKPINS #35830 DRL Badge Stickpin

This DRL Badge Stickpin is of a very fine, all-bronze construction. It is an exact duplicate of the standard DRL Badge, featuring the open oval wreath of oak leaves, and with a mobile swastika at the lower portion.

In the center area of this piece are the initials of the sports organization, “DRL”. The matching brass pin has the serrations in the center area of the pin shank. While DRL Badges might be fairly common, this stickpin is quite a bit harder to find; an excellent match for your collection of DRL Badges.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $75.00

STICKPINS #33529 Wehrmachtgefolge Stickpin

This Wehrmachtgefolge Stickpin was worn by civilians who worked in organizations that supported the German Wehrmacht during World War II. This stickpin is about 1-1/2 inch in diameter, and has a fine, dark patina.

It features a highly detailed eagle head perched between the letters "W" and "G". Tucked beneath these intials is a tiny swastika. It is maker marked by the C.E. Juncker company of Berlin.

Excellent Plus. $195.00

STICKPINS #28680 RAD Member's Stickpin

This RAD Member's Stickpin would have been worn in the member’s lapel while wearing civilian clothes. It features an oval disk which is covered with enamel. The enamel features a red border having border lines of silver. In the center is white enamel with a silver and black RAD shovel positioned over two wheat shafts. The shovel has a silver mobile swastika at the top of it. The reverse of the badge has the RAD triangle as well as the maker’s initials, “P & L”. There was a patent pending on this design as also raised out is, “Ges. Gesch.”.

Excellent. $75.00

STICKPINS #29760 NSBO Stickpin

This NSBO Stickpin has a fine silver plated surface. It is constructed in the image of the NSBO logo, which is a quarter of a gear wheel, complete with an arm and fist holding a hammer. A detailed mobile swastike completes the design. On the reverse of the pin, it is marked “Ges. Gesch.”.

The stickpin portion has many delicate serrations. A good looking NSBO Stickpin here!

Near Mint. $75.00

STICKPINS #33709 Infantry Assault Stick Pin

This Infantry Assault Stick Pin displays an exact duplicate of the Infantry Assault Badge. The pin is open with an oval having a wreath of oak leaves and a Wehrmacht eagle and swastika at the top. Across the open oval on a 45 degree angle is a K98 rifle with sling having fixed bayonet. There are no markings on the reverse of this pin. The pin has the serrated surface to keep it in place on the wearer’s lapel. A great stick pin to display with an infantry assault full size badge.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $75.00