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SSJEWEL #45561C SS Honor Ring

This Totenkopf SS Honor Ring is in extremely fine condition, being practically mint. The outside is still quite crisp throughout. This ring retains its original burnishing in the backgrounds. The skull retains its original nasal shape and all of the teeth. Additionally, all of the runic symbols around the ring surface are clear and well pronounced. The original seam line is also detectable on the ring's edge below the skull. The ring is about a size "12". It is dedicated inside, "S. lb Heesch 21. 6. 40". The dedication inscription also remains crisp. Most likely the reason the ring is in such good condition is that SS-Obersturmführer Albert Heesch was killed a little more than a year after receiving the ring on September 11, 1941. He was serving as the Chief of the 12th Battalion, Police Infantry Regiment 2. Heesch was a 1937 graduate of Bad Tolz, and as such, also held the SS Honor Degen. His SS number was 257 513.with a Party number of 1 326 000. He was born September 22, 1914.

Although I found Heesch listed in the SS-Dienstaltersliste of 1938, since he was killed early in the war, his name does not appear in later records. I believe that a professional researcher could easily compile a dossier on this SS officer. This information gained would also add much interest to the ring. It is very rare to see an Honor Ring in this choice of a condition.

The Honor Ring comes with Certification of Authenticity executed by the SS Ring guru, Don Boyle, dated July 13, 2004. An extremely fine SS investment quality artifact awaiting the additional asset of a dossier on the original owner.

Near Mint. $13,500.00

SSJEWEL #30928C Aluminum WWI Ring With Iron Cross Motif

This aluminum WWI ring has the dates “1914” and “1917” on either side of the center area.

In the center, there are two iron crosses depicted, each one having colored dots positioned around it.

There is little wear to this ring and there are no internal markings.

Excellent Plus Plus. $65.00

SSJEWEL #43066C Eastern Front Ring

This Eastern Front Ring looks to be made of silver.

It has a square center with a raised out rising sun with a mobile swastika over it. At the bottom is the word "Ostfront". There are no marking on this ring.

This ring looks to be about a size 12, and shows some minor wear and age. The details, however, remain quite clear.

An impressive period private purchase ring here.

Excellent. $325.00