Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Postal Protection Dagger Section
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POSTAL #45426C Postal Protection by Paul Weyersberg

This postal dagger is in extremely fine condition and if you are looking for one that you’ll not upgrade this one should be very satisfying. It is an early example having the outstanding nickel hilt fittings. The plating is absolutely perfect throughout the pommel and the crossguard.

The pommel shows no carrying hits and it has fine squared off edges to the equator like circular section that goes around its center.

The grip is as good as they come. This ebony wood is perfectly formed with its bulbous center tapering to the ends. It is completely perfect throughout and has the applied postal eagle in the center. The eagle shows no wear with its extended wings wreath and lightning bolts which go outside of each talon. A beautiful hilt here.

The scabbard is also a dandy. This scabbard shell is completely straight and the original paint believe it or not is still 100 percent. It also still has its factory sheen to the surfaces. The scabbard mounts are in pristine condition also being the early nickel type with very fine plating. The upper mount shows one wearing spot in the center but it is nothing. Other than this these scabbard mounts are still in newlike condition. They are retained by headless side screws.

Attached to the center and upper mount of the scabbard is the original chain. This chain could not be nicer. It has all of its nickel plating matching the plating of the rest of the dagger. It features 9 upper rings and 12 lower rings. The two chain assemblies are attached to a DRGM marked proper postal clip. This postal clip has 100 percent of the original plating. This is something you just never see as these clips are a pot metal base and normally did not hold up this well. This dagger has seen outstanding storage over the years.

As we would expect the blade of this dagger is absolutely pristine throughout. It has all of its crossgrain and a mirror like finish. There is a tiny ripple at the tip but it is hard to see. Other than this this blade is easily in stone mint condition. The reverse ricasso is marked with the double ovals which contain the firm’s name and location Paul Weyersberg & Co Solingen. In the center is a pair of wheat shafts with a sword piercing the middle. The original black blade buffer is in place.

A really wonderful postal dagger here that should appeal to those that only want the best.

Mint. $5,895.00

POSTAL #45400C Postal Protection by Paul Weyersberg

This postal dagger shows some usage during the period but no abuse and it still remains in fine collectible condition. The hilt fittings are the early nickel type. They have excellent plating throughout showing only modest signs of wear.

The pommel cap is in good condition with no hits to the rim and featuring the extended equator like circle that runs around the center circumference. The crossguard below has the totem pole like eagle which acts as a ferrule for the grip. The eagle has the hand enhanced eye and brow and the beak is still quite crisp. The quillon arms extend outward with the right side curved downward and the left side curved upward. The qullion arms have been line enhanced. The center area features applied round medallions which contain enamel swastikas. The enamel is still in perfect condition.

The grip is a very fine ebony still in perfect condition. The grip is bulbous in the center and thins at both ends. Affixed to the center of the grip is a fine postal eagle. The eagle shows no wear and has very fine detail. The bird is open winged clutching a wreath and there are four arrows that come out of each one of the talons. The crossguard on this example is marked “900” and also “DRP”.

The scabbard is a good straight example. It has its original black paint. The paint has some wearing chips here and there but overall it is not too bad and the paint still remains at about 95 to 90 percent. The paint also retains its original brightness. The scabbard mounts are the nearly nickel type and they are in good condition just showing nominal surface wear here and there. They are retained by flat head side screws. The upper and center scabbard mounts have the chain attached. The chain is a nickel example matching the scabbard mounts and the chain consists of 9 ringlets on the upper and 12 ringlets on the lower. They are attached to the DRGM special postal clip. The clip has just about all of its original plating but as we often see on these clips the push in section has come out from the upper surface that holds it in place. The last thing we want to do as collectors is push this back in as there is great risk of breaking the clip. Once this happens this happens you will have a major disaster on your hand as there are no replacement postal clips available. So leave the press in part of the clip alone!

The blade on this example is still nice and bright throughout showing only the most most of age. It easily grades in near mint condition having all of its crossgraining and needlelike tip. The reverse ricasso is etched with the double circles which contain the firm’s name and location "Paul Weyersberg Solingen". Inside are two wheat shafts with a downward pointing sword in the center. The original black blade washer is in place.

A nice postal dagger here showing some signs of period wear but still in excellent collectible condition and being a textbook example.

Excellent. $4,795.00