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POLETOPS #45588C Army Regimental Pole Top Finial for Standarte

This original pole top is extremely rare and was used to decorate the flag pole top used to carry an Army Regimental Standarte. The pole top is produced of very fine quality aluminum and features in the center, a "floating" Wehrmacht eagle. The bird is the style with mostly closed wings clutching a mobile swastika in it talons. The bird's head looks to the viewer's left. The detail to the breast, wing and talons feathers is outstanding and crisp. The upper portion of the finial is attached to a cone shaped hollow pole acceptance vessel with extended, decorative ring around the upper area and rim at the bottom of the vessel. Stamped into the bottom on the lower ring is the maker name, "BELOGIESSERE/ KRAAS/ BERLIN S42". The acceptance bar for the pole is drilled for insert of a securing screw, once the finial is mounted.

If you are a pole top collector, you know that these Regimental tops are rarely offered. This example is in near full mint condition. It is the same as is shown in period photos in the Brian Leigh Davis Flag book on Pages 74 and 75, as well as shown in color drawings on Page 87-91. One drawing also shows this same type of finial used to decorate the mounted Standarte of Hitler! A great item here for the right collector.

Mint. $6,895.00

POLETOPS #45406C DAF Poletop

This poletop has a very fine nickel finish throughout.

It depicts a DAF cogwheel which contains a floating style mobile swastika in the center. The swastika insides have been checkered giving it some glow effect against the smoothness of the cogwheel.

The wheel is mounted on a circular stem which is meant for mounting on the pole. The stem is RZM marked. There is also a mounting hole in the side of the stem for placement of a screw.

The entire finish is still excellent across this poletop.

Excellent Plus. $425.00

POLETOPS #45407C NSDAP Poletop

This poletop is made of lightweight brass.

It features a circle at the top with a open mobile swastika. The symbol is attached to a base which is made of the same thin material. There is a hole at the cylindrical end for positioning of a screw to retain the poletop.

This piece is not RZM marked and since it is fairly lightweight I donít think that it is a official party approved item but perhaps was something that was made locally to display on a local flag. Still however it is definitely a period piece.

Excellent. $285.00