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The National Political Educational Institute (Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalt) was an SS-run organization established for the purpose of training future leaders for the Reich. A number of NPEA schools were set-up throughout Germany and many of its occupied countries, with most leaders and instructors coming from the SS.

There were three forms of Political daggers associated with the NPEA. The Student version, the Staff Leader and the Chained Leader. The Student version (produced by Karl Burgsmüller and WMW) had no insignia in the SA style wood grip. The crossguards were solid nickel on early versions and aluminum on later types. The scabbards were an all steel version painted olive drab. There were no mounts on the scabbard.

The blades were etched with the motto of the NPEA, Mehr Sein als Scheinen or "Be More Than You Appear". The Staff Leader versions were produced by Eickhorn, and were identical to the Student, except there was a National eagle design in the grip. The Chained Leader (produced by Burgsmüller, Eickhorn and WMW) was worn by instructors and leaders of the NPEA. The dagger itself had the National eagle in the grip but was otherwise the same as the Student version. The scabbard was olive drab, having three nickel plated mounts. The upper and center scabbard mounts carry a chain hanger.

NPEA #45396 School-Named NPEA Dagger with Classic Frog by Karl Burgsmüller, Berlin

If you have been looking for an NPEA School dagger with all of the bells and whistles, this example will be for you.

The dagger is equipped with aluminum cross guards and matching tang nut. These mounts are in perfect condition. The reverse of the lower cross guard is stamped, "Sch. 153", which is an abbreviation for the Schulpforta NPEA School. The stamped letters and numerals appear to have been executed with the same die stamp as is shown on the Schulpforta example pictured in the excellent reference by Ron Weinand on Pages 102 and 103. The free-of-insignia grip remains in perfect condition fitting the guards like a glove. The grip has a pleasing brown color wood with crisp center ridge and little to no usage signs.

The scabbard has original olive drab paint, which other then some paint missing at the lower magnetic ball, remains at 100%,. The shell paint shows only some usage signs and some mild attic crazing. The scabbard lug is the classic Bürgsmüller style having the two grooves at the upper area. The original-to-the-piece NPEA frog is attached to the scabbard. The frog remains in perfect condition and is the style with rivet at the center reverse area.

The blade is a very fine example remaining in bright, near mint condition. The NPEA motto, "Mehr sein als scheinen." is boldly etched and has all of the factory darkening in the backgrounds of the letters.The reverse ricasso is matching-etched in an arch shape, "Karl Burgsmüller/ Berlin". The original brown felt blade buffer is in place and in good condition.

An excellent original example here that has the investment potential to continue to grow in value. original NPEA daggers are difficult to acquire and are highly desired by advanced collectors.

Mint Minus. $4,895.00(#033021)

NPEA #45222C NPEA Student Dagger by Carl Eickhorn

This student example is in nice overall condition. It is equipped with the nickel-plated mounts and tang nut. The mounts are in excellent condition having a nice patina across their surfaces.

The grip is a very fine example having pleasing high ridge construction and remaining in perfect condition. This grip still has its fine original factory surfaces. The grip perfectly fits the crossguards. The grip is fitted with a nickel eagle being the high necked variety. This eagle has full details throughout its head breast and wing feathering talons wreath and swastika. A very nice hilt here.

The scabbard is also in nice condition. It has all of the paint with the exception of where it has worn off the bottom chape ball. The scabbard is equipped with the early style Eickhorn frog stud being the same as is shown on page 24 left of the excellent Ron Weinand NPEA book.

The scabbard is equipped with a very fine brown frog. This frog is also RZM and maker marked on the reverse it appears to be L2 / 41 / but the rest of the numerals are not legible and made by the Kernstuck firm. It is the type of frog that also the cut on the right upper where it could also be used to retain a SA dagger in a vertical position by removing the hanger ring and just allowing the eyelet to stick through an opening area.

The blade is a fine example still being bright throughout and having its crossgrain. The blade rates at near mint condition. It has the NPEA motto using the special Gothic type letter on the words Sein and Scheinen. The blade is etched on the reverse with the over the shoulder Eickhorn squirrel. The blade shoulders perfectly meet the lower crossguard.

A nice NPEA student dagger here. We all know that the Eickhorn firm did not make a student dagger with no grip insignia. It was their policy to use the grip insignia even on the basic types.

Excellent Plus. $4,495.00

NPEA #45022C Chained NPEA Leader - Carl Bergsmüller

The hilt of this example is fitted with nickel plated crossguards and tang nut. The plating is still quite good showing a little bit of period wear but no lifting or problems and the plating throughout is probably about 70 percent.

The grip is a very fine example having high center ridge and vertical grain. It fits the crossguards like a glove. As we see on NPEA's there is no insignia in the upper grip. The grip eagle is a aluminum example. It is the the "high necked" variety and is completely crisp with all detail to the bird's head breast and wing feathering talons wreath and swastika. A fine hilt here.

The scabbard shell is straight throughout. It appears that the shell has been repainted in the past. The paint job is not too bad and is the correct color tone however with close examination the viewer will see that it is a repaint. Fitted to the scabbard are the nickel plated three mounts. The upper mount is in excellent condition with a little bit of age in the reverse lower portion, the center ramp is in fine condition showing a little age being the style with no screw as we see with this maker. The lower fitting shows some minor age here and there but the plating is still there. These mounts are complete with the original screws.

Connected to the ramps at the upper and center fitting is a aluminum style Luftwaffe chain having five upper links and seven lower links. They are connected to a standard aluminum style snap clip being gesch gesch marked on the reverse and also OLC.

The blade of this example shows some age and also signs of some old sharpening. The motto is there but has some wear over the lettering. Little of the factory darkening remains in the recesses. This blade grades at only excellent. On the reverse it is etched "Carl Bergsmüller Berlin". There is a proper brown felt washer but it appears to be a replacement.

All in all a genuine example here that does have some takeways but it is priced accordingly.

Excellent. $4,495.00

NPEA #44694C Chained NPEA Leader's Dagger - Carl Burgsmuller Berlin

This chained NPEA leader is a fine example throughout. it must be a later produced one probably about 1938 or 39 as it is equipped with aluminum crossguards. The crossguards are in excellent condition and also have an aluminum tang nut. The grip is a fine darker wood example being in perfect condition with good subtle grain and high center ridge. It is equipped with a nickel eagle being the style where the beak points upward slightly. The bird shows a little wear to the head breast feathering and talons whereas the wings wreath and swastika are still crisp. This grip fits the crossguards like a rubber glove. The scabbard is straight throughout. The original paint is in excellent condition on this example. The obverse paint is in near mint condition being 100 percent and just showing a few very minor age spots in the surfaces. The reverse paint at the bottom sector is also in the same state as the obverse whereas there are a couple of scratches on the upper area of the paint most likely caused by the clip of the chain hanger. The reverse paint though is at least 95 percent. The scabbard mounts are the classic Burgsmuller type being steel base with nickel plating. The upper and lower mounts are in good condition although there is a small hit on the bottom which has split the ball just a little bit which also goes in to the right side edge. Not noticeable straight on however. As we often see on these Burgsmuller pieces the lower mount is retained by headless screws. The upper mount has domehead screws and is as the usual on Burgsmulller scabbards the center ramp is in place with no screw most likely inserted when it was heated. The upper and center ramp has tabs to which the chain is connected. The chain is a early silvered example with unmarked clip. The upper chain has five ringlets and the lower chain has seven ringlets. It is interesting the way they are attached to the tabs on the scabbard. The connecting tabs are nickel types and a rivet was put in to both of them to keep the tabs closed. This is the first time I have seen this procedure and I must say it is quite a neat job and absolutely period. I love it! The blade is a very fine example being in near mint condition. Just the end of the tip has a slight little bend in it but it is not something I would want to straighten for fear it could break the tip. It is not bad and only noticeable from the side if you look close. Other than this this blade is easily in near mint condition. It has ll of the crossgrain and a good crisp motto. The original brown felt buffer is in place. A very nice chained NPEA leader dagger here. It is interesting that almost none of these daggers will ever be exactly the same. And, that is the reason why they are often very fun and very interesting to collect. A fine original example here.

Excellent. $6,495.00

NPEA #44165C NPEA Student Dagger with School-stamped Number- Karl Burgsmüller

This is a later NPEA Student's dagger in nice condition throughout. It is equipped with aluminum cross guards and tang nut. The guards are in excellent condition showing only nominal wearing time. The tang nut has a couple of taps-taps on the upper surface, but does not appear to have any wrench signs on the nut portion. The lower obverse cross guard is school-stamped on the end right area of the quillion with the number, "780". There are no initials or other marks to identify the school, but we know of other daggers with these same style numbers, appearing to have been done possibly using the same die stamps. Take a look at the dagger on Page 110 in the chapter I wrote for Tom Johnson in his Volume VI and also in the fine reference written by Ron Weinand on Page 160. These two book-pictured daggers come from the same unidentified NPEA school as this dagger. (Maybe a dagger will surface in the future with a graduation memory of a particular school engraved on the upper guard and having these same style numbers, and then we will have the identity key for these numbered daggers). The unadorned grip is a fine example showing little to no wear. It beautifully fits the cross guards. A nice hilt here!

The bayonet-style scabbard is a fine example having excellent original paint, rating at maybe 95%. The lug is the small type used by Burgsmüller having the two grooves at the upper section. These lugs usually have a number underneath, but this one does not. (As we say in the hobby, you can never say always about anything). The throat is retained by two dome head side screws. Attached to the scabbard is the original-to-the-piece vertical frog. It is a most interesting example being produced in green leather. It features two separate cross straps which nicely rest beneath the lug. The frog includes a built-in belt loop which is equipped with a grip retaining strap having an aluminum boss button. A really great original frog here, and the first example like this that I have seen.

The blade is a fine example still being bright. It shows a few minor minor age signs, but still easily grades at excellent plus. The blade is etched with the NPEA motto, "Mehr sein als scheinen". The etch is in perfect condition with all factory blackening to the letter backgrounds.The reverse ricasso is matching etched with the arch-shaped maker name, "Karl Burgsmüller/ Berlin" The original blade buffer was missing, so we made one out of the same brown felt material that was used originally.

A really fine original NPEA Student dagger here and extremely collectible. Original examples of these daggers are almost unobtainable, so a great opportunity here for the right collector.

Excellent Plus. $3,795.00