Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Navy Medals
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NAVYMEDALS #45211 Naval Auxiliary Cruiser Badge

This cruiser badge is in very fine condition having 100 percent of gild finish that runs over the overlapping oak leaf oval wreath and open winged naval eagle and swastika at the top.

The Viking style ship mounted on top of the globe still has all of its gilt finish. The globe is finished in gray showing mostly Europe and Africa with a little bit of America.

The reverse of the badge also has its gilded finish and is complete with a double barrel hinge with Coke bottle style pin and catch soldered directly to the badge. This example is unmarked but is in really nice condition.

A fine original piece here.

Near Mint. $650.00(#031521)

NAVYMEDALS #40495C Cloth U-Boat Badge

This Cloth U-Boat Badge is a bullion variant of the titular medal, on a backing of fine black silk

The bullion is woven into an slightly oval wreath of laurel leaves with a Naval eagle at the top, on a dark blue background. The eagle has open wings and looks to the viewer's left. The bird is set atop a depiction of a U-boat in a very close likeness to the standard medal. The detailing is very good for a cloth variant.

A fine, original cloth U-boat Badge here.

Excellent Plus. $250.00