Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Medalbars
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MEDALBARS #44061C Imperial 3 Piece Medal Bar

This Imperial Medal Bar has good ribbons and contains the Hindenburg Cross a Hungarian medal and a gold medallion with lion in crest.

The reverse of the medal has a black velvet backing with a long straight pin.

A very good looking three piece setup here.

Excellent Plus. $225.00

MEDALBARS #44060AC Imperial Two Piece Medal Bar

The medal on this bar remain in excellent condition.

The first is a good Hindenburg Medal and the second appears to be a Saxon Cross.

The reverse is covered in black material and fitted with a long pin.

A fine two piece Medal Bar here.

Excellent. $175.00

MEDALBARS #44062C Imperial Three Piece Medal Bar

This medal bar consists of a Iron Cross a Bavarian Leopold Cross and a Hindenburg Cross. The Hindenburg Cross has lost its holding pin and needs to be repaired but should not be a big problem.

The reverse of the medal bar is covered in black velvet and has the usual long pin.

The ribbons are all in good condition.

Excellent. $175.00

MEDALBARS #44110C Button Backed Ribbon Stack

This is the first time I have seen this kind of setup, but it is obviously meant to be worn on a suit lapel so the wearer and show off all his medals in one fell swoop.

It seems like a very German thing to me; only they would go to such ridiculous lengths to show off their honors and military achievements.

A great looking oddball here.

Excellent Plus. $100.00

MEDALBARS #42831 Imperial Medal Bar

This Imperial Medal Bar includes good ribbons, including an Iron Cross and Hindenburg types.

Both of the medals show a little age but are generally very good.

The reverse of the bar has a leather snap rigging along with a large safety pin. This doesn't look period to me but the safety pin is quite old; I can't say for sure. The red velvet backing shows some mothing.

A decent Imperial example here, given that it is the front of the bar we are concerned with.

Excellent. $150.00

MEDALBARS #41959C 6 Medal Parade Dress Ribbon Bar

This Ribbon Bar is in outstanding condition throughout. All of the ribbons for the medals are present and remain in unsoiled, mint condition.

The medals consist of an Imperial Iron Cross, a Hindenburg Medal, a Police Long Service Medal, an Olympic Medal, an Austrian medal and a Bulgarian medal. The medals are each bright and remain in mint condition.

The reverse of the bar is covered in fine green velvet and fitted with a long straight pin.

A very fine looking item here, just perfect for dressing up a pristine uniform display.

Near Mint. $695.00

MEDALBARS #36779 Single Luftwaffe 4 Year Ribbon Bar

This ribbon bar is constructed of lined blue satin set in place over a solid base. In the center is an early silvered Luftwaffe “droop tail” eagle, clutching a swastika. There is minor wear to the high edges of the bird.

The reverse is equipped with a straight pin and catch fastener.

Excellent. $35.00

MEDALBARS #35348C Grouping of Seven Parade Bars

This Parade Bar grouping is composed of a number of assorted medal bars of various styles and lengths, and features a number of the commonly worn medal designations. It is a good chance to acquire something which may complete your uniform, and have a few extra to use in case you acquire more uniforms.

All of the ribbon bars in this grouping are good condition, all with intact pins on the reverse and no major visible flaws. This grouping is a fine opportunity to finish off a few uniforms in your collection in one fell swoop, or excellent if you are a medals collector

Excellent. $200.00

MEDALBARS #32216 Army Long Service Ribbon with Button Back

This Army Long Service Ribbon is a blue color with a small silver open-winged eagle and swastika attached at the front. The detail to the bird is quite good despite its diminutive size. The ribbon itself is neatly shaped in the form of a bow. It has a button back, presumably for application to a lapel of a civilian suit.

Excellent Plus. $35.00

MEDALBARS #26299 Army Four Year Service Medal on Parade Bar

This Army Four Year Medal is about the size of a fifty-cent piece. It is a silver finish over what appears to be a copper or brass base. The medal features a Wehrmacht closed-wing style eagle which clutches a mobile swastika. The details throughout the eagle are outstanding. Around the bird is the purpose of the medal "Treue Dienste Im Der Wehrmach".

On the reverse is a large number "4" raised out of the center and the number is surrounded by a wreath of oak leaves. This medal is mounted to a blue ribbed ribbon which has a parade mount on the reverse. The reverse is a deep blue wool color and has a proper safety-like pin attached.

Excellent. $75.00

MEDALBARS #27119 Seven Award Ribbon Cluster "Button Backed" Lapel Pin

I have never seen a cluster like this, but what has been done is the seven awards, that this officer received, have had the ribbons miniaturized and all put together, staged so that each ribbon can be seen individually from the edges.

At the top of the award is a crown over a set of crossed swords. The top ribbon also appears to be the Iron Cross. This is definitely an Imperial cluster, and must have been worn probably on the lapel of the original owner's civilian jacket. There is a button on the reverse, which is marked, "Solide/meumeit".

A very nice award here, and something which the Imperial collector should easily be able to determine the medals received by the color of the ribbons.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $150.00