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Hermann Göring's wealth and grand style of living required table service and flatware second to none. He and his wife, Emmy, constantly entertained at Karenhalle and Obersaltzberg, as well as their lavish Berlin apartments. This "legacy of opulence" has left much in the way of silver pieces to collect. There were literally scores of different patterns and settings, each bearing Göring's "Mailed Fist" coat of arms. As one of the richest men in the world at the time, we collectors can now enjoy some of Hermann's "previously owned" bounty.

This section also has been expanded to include items from Reichswerke Hermann Göring.

GORINGSILVER #45218C Hermann Göring Carin II Cigar Clipper with Carin Göing Biography

This cigar clipper is an extremely rare artifact here coming from Carin II which of course was the lavish yacht which was owned by Hermann Göring. The yacht was named after his first wife Carin who Hermann never really got over her death in spite of his marriage to Emmy in 1935. The love affair of Carin And Hermann is quite well known but for those who don’t know about it Hermann during the 1920’s was a barnstormer pilot and on a Christmas Even during a bitter snow storm Hermann met Carin’s brother in law and flew him to the castle where Carin resided in Sweden. As Hermann was invited in for cocktails and refreshment after the harrowing voyage Carin walked down the staircase similar to many movies we have seen and Hermann fell immediately in love with her. They were married about a year later and unfortunately Carin died of tuberculosis in 1931 I believe but was an avid supporter of Göring and his work with Hitler. Göring had paintings of Carin in all of his residences as well as named his yacht after her. Emmy did not seem to mind.


At any rate on to the cigar clipper. This rare cigar clipper is about 6 and a half inches long. At the very end it has the clipping seatment for a large cigar and inward is a clipping hole for a smaller size. The blade is thrust down being spring loaded on its return. The blade is marked with the logo of the firm Pfeilringwerk which is familiar to SA dagger collectors. The logo consists of a circle having arrows coming out of its edges which gives it a look of rolling along. Pfeilringwerk also made the blade for the AH formal cigar clippers. The cigar clipper has flat edges on both sides and at the end is rounded for cleaning of a pipe bowl or similar object.

On one side of the silver grip plates the clipper is hallmarked 830 and a capital S the S would stand for silber. On the other side the clipper is beautifully engraved “1.1.37 Hermann Göring” in cursive type script and “Carin II”. Obviously the cigar clipper was given to Hermann for use on Carin II and most likely this date goes back to the time when the lavish yacht was first launched.

Accompanying the cutter is the only Biography of Carin Göring. This book was written by her sister and printed in 1934. Carin (born Fock) was Swedish and was Hermann Göring's first wife who died very young . Carin was a completely committed Nazi and likewise Göring was committed to Carin . The Book has many black and white photos of Hermann and Carin together, along with an inserted signed facsimile letter from Hermann Göring to Carin. This book was written after Carin's death and was a tribute to her from her beloved sister.

This is the only cigar clipper that I am aware of the stems to a Carin II pedigree so it is extremely rare. A great item here and certainly would be the highlight of a Göring collection.

Excellent Plus. $7,995.00

GORINGSILVER #39918C Göring Cigar & Glass Tube with Foil Wrap

According to the consignor this Göring Cigar comes from a veteran who took it from the yacht Carin II. The cigar is still in the original sealed glass tube.

Inside the cigar is still completely wrapped with a foil covered. On the outside of the tube is a seal with the Göring coat of arms as well as a tag marked "Sonderanfertigung", which translates to something like "custom made" in English.

A very rare, original cigar here, one that I donít think anyone would want to smoke after all these years, but it is a unique Göring item.

Near Mint. $1,295.00

GORINGSILVER #43537C Göring Field Marshall Engraved Tray

This Tray is oval in shape, measuring about 11 inches long and 8 across. It has a three-stage "rippled" border and smooth center area.

Engraved into the center of the tray is a magnificent rendering of a Field Marshall eagle. The beautiful bird clutches a swastika and is set on a pair of fine crossed batons. The detailing throughout this engraving is simply phenomenal, and even more amazing when studied throughout a loupe.

This tray is not marked but I suspect it is a silvered example. There are some signs of mild wear along the edges but in the main the condition is very fine.

A magnificent piece of period silver here, and a welcome addition to any Luftwaffe collection.

Excellent Plus. $2,995.00

GORINGSILVER #45597C Ernst Heinkel / Hermann Göring Dedicate Cannister - H. Zeitner, Berlin

This very impressive tobacco or nut canister was presented to Hermann Göring by Ernst Heinkel, factory owner of Heinkel Aircraft and developer on many bombers used by the Luftwaffe during the war. This round canister with tight-fitting sealed lid has a diameter of 7 1/2 inches and it is about 5 inches high. In the center of the lid is a jewel-encrusted roundel. The roundel acts as the setting for a large amber stone. The stone has been faceted to a point at the top and is very beautiful and impressive. The amber, of course, is an dark amber-tone color mounted into a scalloped-edge silver setting. Studying the amber it is interesting to note that it has an ancient insect preserved in the center. Amber comes from tree resin which was sticky at first and occasionally insects got caught in it, and after millions of years are preserved within the petrified resin. Amber containing insects is much sought-after. For you "Jurassic Park" enthusiasts, you will remember the dinosaurs in the movie were created through the DNA of the blood sucked by a mosquito from a dinosaur prior to the bug getting caught in the amber resin. I don't think Hermann's bug has any dinosaur DNA blood in it, so there is no extra charge.

Engraved in the lid at the top of the canister is the well-known logo of the Heinkel's firm. It consists of a winged "H" over the name "Heinkel". The engraving is all with texturing to the silver in between the letter borders. At the bottom section next to the center amber stone is an engraved facsimile signature, "Ernst Heinkel". On either side of the amber handle respectively, is engraved, "Hermann" and "Göring". The letters are raised, being within rectangular-shaped decorative panels. Along the side edges of the canister, there are four applied silhouettes representing the different bomber aircraft Heinkel developed for the Luftwaffe. The bottom of the canister has the hallmark of Göring's favorite jeweler. The hallmarking is raised out in two separate rectangular shaped boxes, "H. Zeitner / Berlin" and "Werkstatt. The are three round resting knobs on the bottom base.

A very fine artifact here, sure to please Göring's desire for only the finest quality. It is obvious that Heinkel had this canister made for Göring perhaps as a birthday gift or even a "thank-you" for the business that Göring's Luftwaffe bestowed on the Heinkel firm. Heinkel was born 24 January 1888 and established his business in 1922. He developed and supplied the popular He 111 bomber and other aircraft such as the He 177 heavy bomber. Heinkel was also a pioneer in jet engine and rocket development. In fact, he was first to develop a jet fighter in 1942, the He 280. Unfortunately, though, the RLM wanted him to concentrate on bomber production and promoted the rival jet, Me 262. He continued in the aircraft business after the war and died 30 January 1958.

This canister would make a wonderful desk piece and it really the "ultimate" artifact for those out there specializing in Göring-connected collectibles. An outstanding original item.

Mint Minus $19,995.00