Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Government Official/Diplomatic Dagger Section
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German Government and Diplomatic Officials carried extremely elegant daggers having silvered mounts with artificial mother-of-pearl grip plates. The pommel top is constructed in the shape of an eagle bird head shown from the side, positioned looking to the left. The crossguard portrays an open-winged eagle which clutches a wreathed swastika. On the Government Official's dagger, the bird looks to the left, the same direction as the top pommel.

On the Diplomatic version, the bird looks to the right, opposite from the pommel top. The silvered scabbards are equipped with carrying bands which portray overlapping oak leaves with an acorn mix.

GODO #45429C Government Official by Alcoso

This GO dagger is in top top condition and has acquired a very beautiful even dark patina throughout. The silver parts throughout the hilt have 100 percent of their plating and show little to no wear. The spanner on the top pommel looks like it may have been out once but that is it.

The pommel features the eagle head looking to the viewer’s left. The details to the eagle’s brow and to the back of the bird’s head where it cantilevers over the hilt are extremely good looking. The beak still retains its fine squared shape showing no wear and the bird’s eye beneath the brow is also nicely hand enhanced. There is feathering which runs down the neck of both sides of the bird. The backstrap is plain with the exception of the engraving which runs down the edge and then curves into the center area into a V design and finishes on the edge of the opposite side. The cover plate on the left side of the hilt is still in perfect condition retaining 1200 percent of its silvering. Many times these Alcoso pieces wear at this point. The cover plate also has a steel base.

The ferrule below has the fine two lines which are hand done around their circumference.

The crossguard is a nice example featuring the eagle looking to the viewer’s left with open wings which tip up at the ends and the bird grasps a wreath within its talons with a swastika in the center. The detail to this crossguard is quite fine looking better than many of the Alcoso examples we see where later mold were used.

The grip plates perfectly mimic mother of pearl being very beautiful with their swirls and twirls within their surfaces. A very beautiful hilt here in perfect condition.

The scabbard is also matching toned to the hilt having 100 percent of its silvering and no lifting anywhere which is unusual to see on Alcoso’s and speaks of its fine preservation. The panels are still crisp and the carrying bands feature the overlapping oak leaves which both run upward towards the eyelets. The eyelets have still crisp triple serrations and are equipped with the sleeves in each side which helped to aid in wear by the carrying rings. The two Alcoso style flatter head screws are in place retaining the throat.

The blade is really a beauty being completely bright throughout and having 100 percent of its crossgrain. This blade is in absolute full mint condition. The reverse of the blade is marked with the style scales which are horizontally placed featuring the scales with the ACS letters interspersed. To the right Alcoso is written in script over a block lettered Solingen. The original blue leather blade washer is in place.

If you’re looking for a high quality first rate condition government official dagger this example is really really nice. A great addition to the advanced collection.

Mint. $7,295.00