Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Presentation Goblets
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GOBLETS #35394C Imperial German/Austrian Allliance Gold-to-Silver Goblet

This German/Austrian Alliance Goblet was produced as a gratis gift, to be presented to those from Austria and Germany who gave gold and silver precious medals to help the war effort. The goblet is produced of an iron base, having nickel-plated surfaces. The nickel surfaces show some age and minor lifting here and there. The goblet is 6 inches high, with a 3 inch rim. The inside is gold-washed. Around the upper segment of the cups' outside is an applied gilded ribbon featuring the likeness of Kaiser Wilhelm and Franz Josef with the dates 1914-1916. Also in the ribbon is a slogan giving the importance of the "Iron for Gold" campaign induced to raise war funding by citizens.

The cup also has a professionally rendered script-style dedication with a November 1916 presentation date and a facsimile signature. (I can not read the words because of the old script style, so if there is some one out there that can help, we would be glad to add this information to the description.) An interesting gold-to-iron Great War presentation cup which acts to make the history of these times come alive.

Excellent. $300.00

GOBLETS #35934AC Hunting Motif Silver Goblet

This quite beautiful silver goblet is 7 inches high and flares out at the top with a 4½ inch rim. The goblet portrays a hunting scene in which two hunters, dressed in 19th century hunting gear, are aiming rifles at a very large stag which is leaping through a glen. There are dogs tearing at the animal. The scene is in the middle of a forest glen, complete with fir trees and what appear to be oak trees. The scene apparently was hammered out from the inside prior to the shaping of the goblet.

The goblet is marked on the bottom lower area with the crescent and Prussian crown and the silver content, “800”. There is also the symbol of a jeweler next to this hallmarking. Quite a beautiful artifact here and a nice touch with a hunting forestry collection.

Near Mint. $2,995.00

GOBLETS #35932AC Large Honor Prize Silver DLV Goblet

This very large goblet measures 11½ inches high with a 5 inch rim. The goblet is quite striking having on the obverse face a remarkably engraved oak leaf wreath which encloses a soaring eagle which appears to be looking downward in his flight pattern. Above the eagle are the two initials, “DL” and below the eagle is the initial, “V”. The enhancing to both the oak leaves, acorns and the feathers of the bird is really remarkable. The other side of the goblet’s face is engraved with its purpose, “Ehrenbreis / des / Deutschen Luftfahrt Verbandes e.V. / Sachsenflug 1927”.

Obviously this beautiful goblet was presented as an honor award to an outstanding DLV member from the Sachsen flying club in 1927. The goblet sits on two impressive eagles which are standing at the base with their heads forward and wings half opened. The detail throughout these two eagles is extraordinary. The base flares out to a rim which is trimmed with laurel leaves and berries which matches the trim at the lip of the rim above. Stamped into the lower rim is the number, “72650”. Next to this are the German hallmarks of a crescent and a Prussian crown and the silver content, “835”. Next to this are the initials of the jeweler which appears to be “WTB”. A very beautiful silver prize here that would be a real centerpiece for a DLV collection. Although this piece predates the Third Reich period it has many similarities especially to the two eagles.

Near Mint. $7,995.00