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The Eastern Front Medal (Winterschlacht Im Osten) more commonly known as the Ostmedaille was instituted on May 26, 1942 to mark service on the German Eastern Front during the period November 15, 1941 to April 15, 1942. It was commissioned to recognise the hardship endured by German and Axis Powers personnel, combatant or non-combatant, during the especially bitter Russian winter of '41/'42.

It was wryly called the "Gefrierfleischorden" (Frozen Meat Medal) by the Heer, Luftwaffe & Waffen-SS personnel to whom it was awarded.

EASTERNFRONT #45471C Russian Winter Medal

This Russian winter medal is in good condition appearing to have seen some usage. It still retains the gray finish of the obverse eagle with immobile swastika with a helmet and stick grenade at the top.

The reverse of the medal cites the winter im Osten 1941/42.

The ribbon is in good condition being red with a stripe in the center having a black center with a white line on each edge.

Excellent. $135.00

EASTERNFRONT #45470C Russian Winter Medal with Ribbon

This winter medal is in relatively good condition still having the original gray finish to the obverse. It features a raised closed winged Wehrmacht style eagle clutching a mobile swastika. At the top of the badge is a helmet over a stick grenade.

The reverse of the badge cites Osten 1942. The original ribbon is attached to the loop. It is a red datin with a center black line having white edges.

A decent example here showing some usage of the period.Excellent. $135.00

EASTERNFRONT #42670 Eastern Front Medal with Ribbon

This Eastern Front Medal remains in nice condition, showing some mild age but with the contrasting gray finish largely intact.

The center obverse features a half open-winged eagle clutching an immobile swastika. Above the medallion is a helmet resting on top of a stick grenade. On the reverse is the purpose of the medal, which cites the winter in Moscow 1941-42 positioned over a sword resting on laurel leaves.

It comes with the proper, original ribbon; red grosgrain with a black center and edged in white.

A solid Eastern Front Medal here.

Near Mint. $140.00