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The Kaiser's Armies of WWI carried various combat bayonets designed to fit a designated rifle. Rifle types are indicated on the various bayonets being offered. Imperial troops and officers frequently carried a large variety of fighting knives. Some are made to resemble small bayonets while others are of boot or trench knife style.

During the 3rd Reich The K-98 rifle was the mainstay of the German soldier. The bayonet designed for attachment to this rifle was completed in a blued finish. Usually the pommel and mortise button had proof markings. The grip plates were originally made of wood, but after the war began, this became a dark bakelite material, and lastly a reddish ersatz material. The matching scabbard was numbered to match the blade stamping. Fighting knives were carried by many combat soldiers. These knives generally had wood grip plates with single edge. The scabbards were usually black painted tube steel with belt loops of spring steel.

In addition to German pieces you will also find knives and bayonets from other countries, some with more modern vintages, in this section.

COMBFK #43874 Imperial K98 Saw Back Bayonet

This Imperial Saw Back Bayonet remains in really good condition and has a lot of eye appeal.

The hilt mounts have a nice blued finish. They remain in perfect condition, with no rust. The mortise button and lock work well.

The grip plates are the early, finely checkered black Bakelite. The obverse plate is in perfect shape but the reverse has deteriorated along the right edge. Given that this piece is well over a hundred years old this sort of flaw is to be expected. The plates are retained by offset rivets with spanners on the reverse.

The scabbard is an outstanding example which remains straight throughout and has bright, original paint. This paint is at least 98% intact. It is interesting to note that the throat has a small overlapping end on the right, with the rest being flush with the scabbard. The throat is retained by a single screw in the obverse.

The vicious looking saw back blade measures just short of 10 inches. I tis a real beauty which remains in mint condition.

An extremely nice Imperial piece here, even with the grip fault.

Good Plus. $575.00

COMBFK #43140 Stag Grip Boot Knife

This Boot Knife was probably a private purchase it. It is a beauty, with two fine stag antler grip plates. These plates have been cut with a bird head pommel and are shaped to afford a good grip. The "grain" on the antler is most beautiful, with fine tones of brown and golden toning on the edges. The plates are retained by a trio of rivets.

The crossguard is steel, with opposed quillons.

The scabbard is ultra-perfect. It is completely straight and retains 100% of the original black paint. It is complete with single alligator clip attached to the throat.

The blade is just over 5 inches long. It remains quite bright, with some minor surface age but with no pitting or problems. It is single edged with a false edge at the top, the latter running about halfway back down the blade.

An unusual and original example here, perfect for the Boot Knife collector.

Excellent Plus. $425.00

COMBFK #39719 Imperial Crank-handle Fighting Knife - DeMag

This DeMag Fighting Knife is in relatively good condition, taking into account how these knives usually look after 100 years.

The angled, "S" shaped grip plates have been painted olive drab; this original paint is about 70% intact. They are retained by four rivets, each with a dressed head. The crank-handle was designed to fit on to a rifle, as indicated by the rifle slot and working mortise button.

There is a crossguard that is curved on one side to accommodate a rifle and with a standard teardrop quillon on the other.

The straight, tapered scabbard is similar in design to those used with HJ knives. The original paint, or bluing (whichever it was) has long since gone. Attached to the reverse of the scabbard is a black leather hanger, with a loop that snaps over the grip plates. The leather remains in pretty good shape.

The blade of the knife is about 5 Ω inches long. It has a center ridge, double edges, and a short ricasso. It remains fairly bright with only mild traces of age in the surfaces. The obverse ricasso of the blade is stamped "DeMag" and "DRGM".

A fairly nice example here, in a pattern that is increasingly hard to find.

Excellent. $450.00

COMBFK #42238C Imperial Butcher Bayonet - E. & F. Hörster

This Imperial Butcher Bayonet is equipped with plain steel hilt mounts which are still in good condition appearing to have most of their original blue finish. There are a few "tap taps" on the reverse back plate of the hilt but they are not bad.

The mortise button and lock work well. The grip plates are of wood having cuts n the surfaces for a hand hold. The grip plates are retained by two spanners with appropriate nuts.

The scabbard is basically straight throughout having a couple of very slight carrying signs but nothing bad. The blue finish is still pretty much on this scabbard. It is about 85 to 90%. There is also a black leather frog which appears to have been on this scabbard for many many years.

The massive blade measures a little over 14 inches. These Butcher blades are interesting in that they size proportion gets large the further down the blade being widest at the tip area. The blade is in excellent condition throughout, having a wide fuller. The reverse ricasso is stamped "151". It is also stamped with the maker name and location "E & F Hörster / Solingen".

A lot of meat for the money here with this weapon.

Excellent $250.00

COMBFK #41152 Imperial Fighting Knife - Carl Eickhorn

The hilt of this Imperial Fighting Knife is nickel plated. The plating has a lifted on both sides of the pommel and the spice edges.

The grip plates are the early checkered Bakelite type, in sound condition and retained by steel rivets with dressed heads on both sides. The tapered scabbard has no dents. It appears to have an old repaint, but the orange peel could be easily removed and there is probably a pretty good surface underneath. The scabbard is fitted with a short leather hanger attached by means of a pair of rivets. This hanger may have had a retainer loop as there is a hole in the obverse center.

The blade is mostly bright but shows mild age and some old sharpening, mostly on the reverse. This blade has a false edge running about halfway back down the spine and a short ricasso. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the old Eickhorn "Back to Back" Squirrels trademark, dating it to about 1918. The original black leather blade buffer is in place.

A sound Eickhorn example here.

Excellent. $195.00

COMBFK #40096 K-98 Bayonet with Original SS Troddel - E. & F. Hörster

This K-98 Bayonet is in nice condition. The bluing on the hilt is still in good shape, although there is a little bit of rust at the very top were the waffenamts are. These are still visible however, and read "W2A253".

The grip is the brown Bakelite type, with molded handholds. These plates are retained by means of a pair of screws with spanners that look unturned.

The scabbard is in good shape, with nearly all of the bluing and only a bit of rust on the bottom. The waffenamt on the ball is illegible but most likely matches the pommel.

There is a black frog on the scabbard. It is the type with a retainer strap and boss button. Attached to the frog is the original troddel. This trodden has been in place since the war and has never been removed. It shows quite a bit of carrying time and has some fraying on the areas that were in contact with the hilt. Some of the bullion strapping is worn were the bayonet rubbed from the rear. Unfortunately the slide is missing from the knot, but the stem is still in good shape. Th lower balls is the black and silver type, with stuffing that matches the strapping.

The blade is marked "4083 / A" on the obverse ; this matches the number seen on the upper scabbard. The spine of the blade is marked "38", which would be the date of production.

A nice, original SS Bayonet here.

Excellent. $695.00

COMBFK #38119 Imperial Bayonet with Unusual Long Blade

This Imperial Bayonet has the larger hilt which is in outstanding condition. The hilt has the usual eagle head that looks to the left. It also has a faux mortise button and rifle slot that are only present for looks. The plating throughout the pommel and crossguard is all present and remains bright.

The grip plates of this bayonet are of fine black checkered Bakelite. They are retained by steel rivets with dressed heads on both sides.

The scabbard of this example had some dings and poor paint when we acquired it. Since it is suck a rarely seen example we thought it best to do some restoration work on it. We took all of the dings out and repainted it in a pleasing matte black. It came out well and looks quote good.

The blade of this example, though, is the interesting part; it is simply immense! It measures some 20 inches long and has wide fuller construction. Unfortunately some age has gotten into the metal. It looks like it was polished as opposed to being plated. The age is more at the tip than other areas, but flaws do exist throughout the blade. This of course hurts the value, but considering the rarity of the variant I think most collectors could live with it. Within the scabbard the pieces measures a whopping 22 inches.

A very rare Imperial bayonet here!

Good. $495.00

COMBFK #37885C Imperial K98 Bayonet with Ground Sawback and Maker Mark

This Imperial K98 Bayonet has a natural steel finish throughout the hilt. There is an arsenal mark above the mortise button. The mortise button and lock work well on this piece.

The grip plates are of walnut and are in good condition. They are retained with rivets and spanners.

The scabbard shell is painted black. The paint may or may not be original; it's hard to tell. There are no numbers on this scabbard but there is a large letter "K" stamped on the reverse.

The blade itself has had the original sawback removed. The job was done quite well, but to those familiar with these pieces the conversion work is fairly obvious. The rest of the blade is still in good shape with a matte finish. The maker mark is also ground off, with only illegible letters remaining.

Excellent. $195.00

COMBFK #36857 Gurkha Knife

This Gurkha Knife is a post-war Indian version of the famous Nepalese kukri, although it does have quite a vintage look to it. It has a carved wooden handle with a flat brass pommel that is retained by a nut.

The scabbard is the leather type, shaped to fit the unique Gurkha blade. The hanger portion of the leather shell is attached by means of rawhide straps, There is a metal end at the chape of the scabbard. The scabbard shows a good amount of wear but is still in generally good condition.

The Gurkha blade with its unique, curved shape is about 12 inches long. Stamped on to the reverse center are the words "Tempered Steel / Made in India".

Good. $65.00

COMBFK #37369 AK-47 Bayonet

This AK-47 Bayonet measures about 13 inches overall. The handle is fashioned out of a Bakelite type plastic, with a rounded pommel area. There is a metal insert which acts as the mortise and locking device. It shows age and use throughout.

The crossguard has a hook on one side and a clearance hole on the other. The scabbard is metal which has been inserted into a rubberized covering. The scabbard has a hook-like device on the end, which must serve as some sort of tool.

The blade is about 6 inches long, with a curved tip and a serrated spine. The blade has a factory edge and an oval hole which also must act as some type of tool.

Excellent. $50.00

COMBFK #37278 Model 1938 Italian Carcano Folding Bayonet - L. Franchi

This Italian Carcano Bayonet measures about 12 inches in length. The hilt has a pommel with a simulated stubby beak at the left and a working mortise button and lock. The backstrap is blued, matching the pommel and crossguard. It is marked with an ellipse that contains the number "80". Next to this are the intertwined initials, "ML", and the serial number "81719".

The crossguard is equipped with a release button which allows the blade to be folded. Next to the button, on the right, is a rounded quillon that allows passage of the rifle.

The scabbard is has matching blued finish, and is in excellent condition with no dents and all of the finish. On the reverse of the scabbard is a metal belt loop which is positioned towards the right side to allow the bayonet to hang at a slant. The throat is crescent shaped, matching the shape of the quillon.

The blade measures just under 7 inches. It appears to have been factory sharpened, and has a fuller at the top. It has a blued and polished finish.

This very cleverly designed bayonet is a real mechanical marvel. When the button on the guard is push it permits the user to pull the blade upward. One the blade is upright it is hinged so that it folds into the grip area, leaving about 4Ω inches of the blade that could be used as a utility knife. When the blade is pulled upward for folding one can see the stamping of the producer, "L. Franchi", on the ricasso.

This design is extremely intricate and still manages to work well. If you have never seen on of these Italian folding bayonets, I am sure you will be amazed at the workings. A very neat item here, even if you are not a bayonet or Italian edged weapons collector; I like it a lot!

Excellent Plus. $395.00

COMBFK #37058 Imperial K-98 Bayonet with Sawback Blade - Gebru. Heller

This K-98 Bayonet is an extremely fine example which is equipped with fine walnut grip plates. The finish of the bayonet is not the usual blued style, but rather it appears to have been originally issued with a polished steel finish. There are no markings on the hilt areas. The mortise button and lock work fine.

The grip plates are the type that have the air vent at the lower edge, and they are retained by spanner and rivets. The spanner hardware is mounted on the obverse side of the plates.

The scabbard is a nice, straight example, having period black paint. This paint is still all there, and show only modest age. The lug is the style which has a set plate at the bottom of it which is raised to the scabbard. The throat area is also most interesting as the right side only has a small throat portion that is built into the metal. The rest of the throat is plain, lacking a lip. I noticed that on the lower ball of the scabbard there appears to be an old arsenal stamping.

The blade of this example is a real beauty, being nickel-plated and still nice and bright. I haven't cleaned this blade up, but it appears as though, with a little work, it should easily come up to Mint condition. It is the style with a wide fuller, and the spine is done with the sawback design. The teeth are extremely precise and very sharp. The bayonet is marked "Gebr. Heller / Marienthal" on the reverse.

It is quite rare to find an Imperial bayonet of this nature with a sawback blade. I would think if there advanced bayonet collectors out there this piece should be of extreme interest. This example was purchased directly from the son of a veteran by yours truly.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $395.00

COMBFK #36022 Swiss Model 1889 Bayonet - Waffenfabrik Neuhausen

This Swiss Bayonet is a high quality item, and although it shows mild overall age it still remains in good condition throughout. The hilt parts show evenly spread age over what appears to have been a polished steel finish initially. The mortar release and blade lock work well. The crossguard has a rounded quillon on one side and on the other is pierced with a circle to accommodate the rifle barrel. The grip plates are a fine hard walnut having nice graining. The plates are in perfect condition and they are retained by two rivets having flat heads on both sides. The crossguard of this piece is number, "336849".

The scabbard is a fine straight tapered steel which still is in excellent condition. This scabbard has a blued finish which is nearly 100%. The reverse of the lower ball of the scabbard is stamped with a cross being the symbol of Switzerland. There is a "U" bracket on the reverse of this scabbard which still has a leather strap rivet held to it. The substantial blade is in very nice condition still being bright and having its original factory grain throughout the surfaces. This blade has an unusual wide fuller which runs down the center area of both sides. The obverse ricasso is marked with the producer, "Waffenfabrik / Neuhausen". A nice, high quality Swiss example here.

Excellent Plus. $195.00