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The Allach porcelain plant was first established by Himmler in 1935. The factory was situated in the small town of Allach, not too far from Munich. In 1936, the factory was headed by SS Obersturmbannführer Professor Diebitsch. It was Diebitsch's job to deal with all artistic and architectural questions that interested the Reischführer. Some of the most famous potters from German porcelain galleries were hired to work at Allach. They included Professor D. S. Fichter, Professor T. H. Karner and also Ottmar Obermeier.

Many of the pieces produced at Allach were not for sale and were delivered to the personal staff of Himmler who had them commissioned for presentation use. Many of the products were for sale to the general public, which included the bust of Hitler, the Fencer, various animals and also the mounted figures. There were also special porcelain pieces commissioned for the German police and the factory also made the Julleuchter. These Julleuchter were given out each year to SS enlisted man at the Winter Solstice. Most Allach porcelain creations will have the SS Kulturzeichen consisting of a set of SS Runes within an eight-sided figure positioned on the bottom of the piece. Usually this mark will be in green or black, but sometimes it is seen in white. Because of the small quantities of Allach porcelain that were produced, the prices are quite high; but given the quality, are definitely worth the money.

ALLACH #45618C Allach Tall White Vase

This vase is quite spectacular looking being quite large measuring a height of 15 inches.

The vase is thin at the neck then flares out to a large bellows at the top rim. At the lower area the vase becomes wider round proportion and then slims again and flares out from the resting bell at the bottom.

The vase is in perfect mint condition and is an extremely attractive piece. The lower section of the vase is marked with the green SS Kulturzeichen marks.

A fine piece here to enjoy and I feel that it would also be a good investment for the future. Only 43 of these vases were made and it’s hard to say how many are left.

Mint. $1,595.00

ALLACH #45602C Allach White Lying Fox Terrier

This fox terrier is actually quite irresistible. The dog is lying with his two legs forced forward and his back legs still in a curl so that he would be ready to jump out of the way if necessary. His tail flows nicely downward.

The details throughout the terrier is really exceptional. His face has the long snout with lots of fur around his nose and his mouth is open with his tongue hanging out.

This fox terrier was produced by Theodore Karner and there were 194 of them made in 1938 and 39. The terrier is 4.85 inches high. The green SS Allach Kulturzeichen mark is on the bottom of the animal.

A terrific example here to put on to your desk particularly if you are a animal lover.

Mint. $2,795.00

ALLACH #45601C Allach White Standing Fox Terrier

This fox terrier is totally charming being in a standing position with tail up in the air and face looking to the right towards its owner.

The detail throughout the dog is extraordinary particularly wit the way the dog’s fur is accented around his legs tail and snout area. His nose is beautifully formed with set back eyes and his mouth is about half open with his tongue hanging out. The depiction is extraordinary and was done by the great animal artist Theodore Karner.

The standing terrier is model number 19 and there were 154 of these made in 1938 and 39. The dog is 8 inches high.

His stomach area is marked with the SS runes under glaze and also the artists initials “T. K.”.

A great item here with good investment potential.

Mint. $2,895.00

ALLACH #45600C Allach Presented SS Vase

This presented SS vase is one of a kind. It is very very attractive and since it was presented to a infamous high ranking SS officer also gives it the benefit of great looks and also a valued piece for SS collectors and researchers.

The vase is 6 inches high and flares out at the top with a five and quarter inch lip. The vase is done in white porcelain. Around the inner rim at the top are gilded oak leaves complete with fine veins acorns and berries. The same oak leaves flow around the flared out base of the vase. On the face there is a tremendous gold Wehrmacht style eagle. The depicted eagle is quite large being almost 4 inches high. The gilting is beautiful and looks as though it were done yesterday. The details of the gold bird are highlighted in black coloring accentuating the bird's head breast and wing feathers talons wreath and enclosed swastika. You will not see a finer depiction.

The reverse of the vase has a six line dedication. The dedication done is done in standard style black lettering “Dem SS - Standartenführer / Doctor Richard Wendler / zur Erinnerung / an den Besuch der / SS - Manufaktur - Allach / 16. Mai 1938”. This dedication indicated that the vase was given to SS Standartenführer Doctor Richward Wendler in memory of his visit to the SS Allach plant on May the 16th 1938.

You may ask yourself why would Wendler be given a vase like this as it couldn’t have been that unusual for SS officer’s to visit the Allach factory. Well the reason for this is that Wendler was Heinrich Himmler’s brother-in-law! Wendler was born on the 22nd of January 1898 in Salzburg. In 1942 he was promoted to SS Gruppenführer and Generalmajor der Polizei. On may 19th 1945 Wendler fell into American captivity and eventually he was tried for war crimes in Nuremberg. He was fortunate in that he received only a 3 years sentence and was released after a pardon by the Bavarian minister president in 1955. There is much research that could be done on Wendler as I have only hit the highlights of his career. Wendler’s sister was married to Himmler’s older brother making Wndler his brother in law.

A great one of a kind item here and perfect to highlight an SS collection.

Mint. $7,500>

ALLACH #45603C Allach Morisken Burgunder (Dancer / Jester)

This beautiful piece has high attraction to it and it is methodically done featuring all of the different angles the clothes, the face, the arms, the hands, and even the pointed shoes make. The detail is extraordinary to this piece.

The piece is almost 9 inches high. It is called a Morisken dancer the word morisken meaning Moorish. The design was copied by Allach artist Richard Forster based on wooden original which were 28 inches high and were created for the Gothic hall dance house in Munich by sculptor Erasmus Grasser in 1480. Forster was captivated with the different wood carvings of which there were 10 and he scaled the versions down to be produced in Allach. Each model was introduced separately starting in 1938 and all ten models were to be given out during the years that followed. The porcelain examples were created for the city of Munich to give out to high ranking guests.

This particular figure of the Morisken Burgunder was only given in 1942 and there were 770 of them produced.

Again it is really interesting to examine all the features of this piece particularly the delicate fingers and the points of both of the shoes. Very very delicate and beautiful creation here.

Mint. $4,995.00

ALLACH #44346C Cased Allach Award Plaque

This propaganda award plaque (Ehrenplakette Fur Die Reichspropaganda-Aktion) remains in superb condition.

The 10 by 7 inch case is of red leatherette, with no fraying on the corners and remaining in new-like condition. It has a double bush button release and a padded white interior lid while the lower portion is lined in red velvet.

The plaque itself measure 8 by 5 ½ inches. It features a beautifully designed and highly detailed Political eagle that looks to the viewer's left. It is dated "1937". This plaque was awarded to "Das Schwarze Korps" (the official newspaper of the SS) for "successful cooperation", although I don't imagine you'd ever have gotten anything other than "successful cooperation" from the SS propaganda rag.

At the top left and right corners of the plaque respectively are the initials "CD" and "TK". These are the initials of the designers, Carl Diebitsch and Theo Karner.

The reverse of the plaque has a cut-out allowing it to be hung on a wall. Deeply stamped into the surface is an Allach octagon and maker marking.

This plaque is in amazing condition and is extremely good looking.

Near Mint., $3,895.00

ALLACH #43763C SS Allach Three Candle Table Candelabrum, Model #22

This beautiful Two Armed Candelabrum was designed by Franz Nagy and was listed by Allach as Model #22.

The candelabrum has a pair of arms with slots to accept candles, with graceful curls incorporated into the design. A third candle may be inserted into a tulip shaped receptacle that forms the center of the piece.

This bottom surface of the central column of this example is marked with the SS Allach marking, although in this case it is a bit light. The model number, "22", is also present.

A very fine Allach Candelabrum here, that remains in very choice condition. With the addition of a few nice candle this piece will absolutely dress up your period porcelain collection.

Mint. $795.00

ALLACH #43282C SS Allach Der Fechter ("The Fencer"), Model #83

This extraordinary Allach piece is the second style Fencer, Model #83. The porcelain is a subtle, muted bisque type, not having a glossy finish.

The figure stands about 11 1/2 inches tall and holds his epee almost like a cane, with the point driven into the ground and his weight creating a most exciting curve. The right hand is positioned on the fencer's waist, all making for a very striking pose. The fencer wears dueling breeches and flat soled fencing shoes. He is bare chested and his handsome face is rather boyish, topped with tousled hair.

The figure stands on a base about an inch thick. The fencer was designed by artist Otto Obermaier. It is identical to the piece shown in the Dennis Porrel Book on Page 307. According to Porell, he knows of only two examples of this type Fencer that exist.

Under the glaze on the the bottom is a raised octagon enclosing the Allach SS mark. As you may know the infamous Reinhard Heydrich was an avid swordsman and this piece was a favorite of his to give as a gift to his friends and colleagues. There is a famous oil painting by Joseph Vietze showing Heydrich seated next to a table with the Allach fencer displayed on the table top. The Fencer was also one of Himmler's prized gifts to worthy SS-Gruppenführer and the other denizens of his inner circle.

An exceptional piece of Allach here, and sure to be the highlight of an SS or porcelain collection.

Mint. $14,995.00

ALLACH #43285C SS Allach Painted Sitting Bear, Model #32

This Allach bear was produced by Wilhelm Zügel and was the only commercial production figure made for Allach. It is listed as Model #32 in the Allach catalog.

The sitting bear was first produced in 1936 and production numbers indicate that only 91 were made, being sold in 1938 and 1939. The paint colors are very effective varying from a pleasing lighter brown for most of the animal's body, to dark brown used to highlight the bear's ears, feet and snout.

The bear is portrayed while seated, licking a lower paw while retaining his lower leg with an upper paw. The figure is 5.6 inches high. It is marked at the bottom within the glaze, "Prof. W. Zügel", "32", and "Allach" along with the runes symbol.

This piece is identical to the example shown in the Dennis Porrel Book on Page 363.

A splendid Allach animal figure here.

Mint. $1,250.00

ALLACH #43284C SS Allach Painted Candle Holder, Model #89

This piece of Allach is quite rare, being Model #89 in the catalog. It was designed by Karl Diebitsche, the boss at the Allach factory and the mastermind behind the design of the SS Degen and Chained SS Dagger.

The candleholder measures just under 5 inches tall, and is similar to the example pictured in the book Allach Porcelain 1936 - 1945" by Dennis Porrell on page 211. It has a silvered edge around the upper rim and the edges of the scrolled feet. Further down there are three raised lines which are done in a silvery color.

There is an edge above the legs done in black with alternating raised stars and roundels.

Apparently there were only 22 painted versions of this model made in 1938 and 1939, so this is an extremely rare piece. These were most likely made as special awards or gifts for important SS types.

Mint. $1,895.00

ALLACH #43296C SS Allach 1939 Party Day Vase

This very rare 1939 Party Day Vase is about 3 1/4 inches tall. It has a slightly flared upper area, which rounds out at the middle and thins at the bottom. It remains in perfect condition throughout.

Around the rim of the vase are the raised words, "Biwak-Abend der SS-Reichspartietag Nüremberg 1939". This translates to "Bivouac Evening of the SS, Reichs Party Day Nuremberg 1939".

On the bottom of the vase is the an raised octagon enclosing a set of green SS runes and "Allach".

These vases were intended to be given to special SS members who attended the Nuremberg rally. With the outbreak of the war, however, the rally was cancelled and none of them were distributed. This makes them extremely rare and historically significant. The production numbers indicate that 1,857 were made, but the amount given out was far, far, less.

This vase is shown in the book Allach Porcelain 1936 - 1945" by Dennis Porrell on page 103.

Mint. $2,195.00

ALLACH #42243C SS Allach Vase, Model #504

This Vase is quite delicate and very beautiful, being constructed from unmistakable Allach porcelain. It exudes highest quality construction and is very eye catching.

The piece is eight inches tall, with a flared top and a bulbous body. The flared edge is yellow. Thin yellow, pink, and purple lines run throughout the center of the vase down to the bottom.

The overall look of this piece is very striking, yet tasteful. The bottom of the vase is marked with a green SS Allach marking.

A very nice Allach Vase, perhaps to display on your desk with the addition of a nice flower or two. There is no better way to show off the softer side of your collecting addiction!

Mint. $895.00