Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Accoutrements: Frogs & Loops
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ACCOUF&L #45179C Large Brown Belt Loop

This belt loop is in nice condition throughout having good supple brown leather.

It is interesting that the original wearer turned the aluminum D ring upside down so that the flat portion is is the area which carried the wieght and the rounded portion is within the loop.

I suppose it could be turned around but it is obvious to me that the D ring has always been this way.

An interesting belt loop here.

Near Mint. $65.00

ACCOUF&L #45085 Czech Bayonet Frog

This Czech bayonet frog is in nice flexible condition throughout. The belt loop area is slightly different than the German type as is the lower area which accepts the bayonet lug.

There is a retainer strap in this example which is in good condition and held tight by a brass boss.

The lug hole on the frog portion is still in good condition and should be no problem adding it to another scabbard.

Excellent. $50.00

ACCOUF&L #45084 Czech Bayonet Frog

This Czech frog is still in nice condition throughout still having supple leather.

It is unmarked and should easily go well over the lug of your bayonet.

A nice, basic frog here, perfect if you should have a Czech bayonet.

Excellent. $50.00

ACCOUF&L #43734C White Police Parade Frog

This Police Parade Frog measures 9 inches long. It is the quality type with four rivet construction.

The white coating remains in good condition, toning to an ivory color.

The reverse is stamped with the name of the only I maker I know who made these white frogs, "A. Fischer / Berlin 2 / 1937".

These frogs were used for the police bayonet on honor or guard duty. They are quite rare and very desirable

Excellent. $500.00

ACCOUF&L #43609C SS Marked Dress Bayonet Frog

This SS Marked Bayonet Frog is constructed of sound black leather and remains in fairly nice condition.

The area above the hole, however, is just beginning to tear, so great care would be needed to install it properly on a scabbard. This wear and tear could probably be repaired with a little know-how.

The reverse surface of this frog is marked "SS", "11/41", and "RZM".

A very rarely seen SS Marked Bayonet Frog here.

Good Plus. $350.00

ACCOUF&L #42755C Large SS / NSKK Leather Belt Loop

This a larger sized SS / NSKK belt loop, the standard types being of slightly smaller proportions. It is constructed with good, sound leather that is free of rot or other issues.

The hanger has a rectangular ring installed at the bottom, which retains good plating.

I'm not sure if this loop would have been used for a dagger; given how stout it is, it looks like it was designed for something larger and heavier.

An interesting variant here, and a must if you collect period rigs.

Excellent Plus. $75.00

ACCOUF&L #37509C TeNo Hewer Frog

This TeNo Hewer Frog shows some mild age and traces of usage but it is still all here.


The leather is black and has a rivet on the reverse. The rivet retains the attachment mechanism and consists of an aluminum snap clip. The clip is marked A on the reverse, indicating it is a high quality Assmann piece.

The leather retainer straps which crosses the bayonet is missing the end piece which normally has a button hole; this frog is priced accordingly. The protector flap which covers the snap clip is still intact.

This is an excellent frog to install on a TeNo Hewer, and is a prime candidate for a little restoration work.

Excellent. $595.00