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Inventory Updated - July 19th, 2024

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My name is Tom Wittmann, and welcome to Wittmann Antique Militaria!

Since moving from printed catalogs to the internet in 2000, Wittmann Antique Militaria has become one of the premier military collectible sites on the web, specializing in German Imperial and Third Reich artifacts.

Over the years we have worked hard to serve the worldwide collecting community, earning their respect through years of honesty, integrity and knowledge of our subject. Hopefully we will earn yours as well.

By way of background, I have been a collector of German edged weapons for over 50 years, since way back in 1965. When this hobby began to gain popularity, there was little information available and virtually no reference books had been written. The acquisition of original artifacts was literally hit or miss, as several of the war-time factories in Solingen, Germany, continued to produce reproductions into the 1960s and 1970s and few collectors knew the difference.

It was a challenging time; even daggers purchased directly from veterans were not guaranteed to be authentic, as many blade factories sold their post-war products as originals to G.I.'s returning home from Germany after the war. To make matters even worse, many edged weapons were assembled by gun dealers or unscrupulous types using left-over or even fabricated parts.

In these days there were few collectors and factual knowledge on the subject was, frankly, thin on the ground. It was a time when knowledge could only be gained by experience and never easily; costly mistakes were prolific. Finally, by the late 1970s, good reference books on the subject began to appear and this encouraged a vast growth in the hobby. I was deeply immersed in the collecting hobby by the dawn of 1980s, eventually deciding to quit my day job and venture into the business of militaria full time in 1981.

I have never looked back. The hobby became my life and quite honestly, it still is.

Since I am an avid collector myself, I feel I have a great understanding of what others like and do not like. This expertise is continually reflected in the artifacts we post for sale on our website.

Each and every item has been hand-picked and personally described by me. These are always in-depth descriptions that disclose the good (and bad) point of each artifact, often including my personal thoughts and related commentary. Our expert photography is done by my son Robbie, and frankly, I believe our photographs to be second to none.

However, if there are questions regarding an item in our inventory, we are happy to personally answer an email. We are also happy to give personal guidance should you come across a piece from another website or another collector, as well as give values of items should you be curious about something you already own. We are collector-friendly and want to help as much as possible, as we realize that knowledge encourages collecting and makes for a better hobby.

Upon request, we are happy to issue a Certificate of Authenticity for any item we sell. We were the first in this industry to issue life-time guarantees for our artifacts. In addition, we continually published articles in hobby periodicals, gave lectures and seminars, and have also published our own highly successful reference book series on German daggers. To date there are five books in this series, with a six reference due out shortly.

When dealing with WAM you can be assured you are receiving not only an artifact in the condition it is described, but also that you will be paying a proper price. While other dealers may be selling items cheaper, it is always valuable to know that the artifact purchased here is genuine and money-back guaranteed to be so. Despite our efforts, however, if you are not happy with the item you have received, we will issue a full refund (less shipping costs) if returned in the same condition within five days.

We also specialize in consignments, be it a single piece or an entire collection. We have helped large numbers of families over the years with disposing of an estate collection at proper retail values. We also purchase collections, but encourage the consignment route, as this is where the seller will receive the best price. If you would like to consign or sell something in our line, please send us some email pictures of the artifact(s), and we will promptly get back to you with our thoughts. In addition to purchases and consignments, we will also do formal appraisals for insurance or tax purposes. Costs will be shared upon request.

We are always interested in all good quality, authentic 3rd Reich and Imperial artifacts. This will include edged weapons such as Daggers, Swords, Bayonets, and Miniatures. We are also interested in Armbands, Belt Buckles, Helmets, Uniforms, Insignia and Medals. Further we can use 3rd Reich-related Silverware of all types, as well as Personality items and Awards.

We look forward to hearing from you! Let our 50 years of experience work to help you with all of your hobby needs, or perhaps aid you in the sale of a family treasure. We will always do our best to assure a pleasant and mutually benefical relationship.

Interested in sending us an artifact for sale, consignment, appraisal, or restoration? Let us know!

Although we do primarily deal in German militaria, we do not endorse or condone fascism, racism, or fundamentalism of any kind, nor do we seek to glorify the Nazi regime. If you have a delicate, hysterical temperament or if you are offended by Third Reich paraphernalia kindly click here to leave.