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We get a lot of letters and comments from collectors and customers. We used to print them in our now sadly defunct Wittmann Offering catalog, and we thought you would like to continue to read them on our site.If you do not want your subject matter or your name to appear in this column, just let us know.

Hi. Mr Wittman

Thanks for the information I really appreciate it, it's good to have someone out there I can discuss our hobby with and learn from without being called a nazi as there are many people around here who do not understand its about being able to touch history not an obsession with murder and politics. Again thank you very much and I hope to stay in contact as I expand my collection.



Tom and Debbie --Very happy with recent purchase, especially the RAD dagger. I Like items that show some wear and tear, much like myself.

As I look back, most militaria items I bought 12-13 years ago have either doubled or tripled in value, and those that haven't have quadrupled or quintupled. As I watch the money i wasted in the stock market slip away. my only regret was not buying more.

But it's never too late to learn.

Thanks, Joe Antretter

Hello Deb,

Your parcel, that left the states on the 17th...arrived today, the 20th !!! JUST 3 DAYS!!!! That's the fastest delivery I have ever experienced!!! Even with Federal Express, it can't go faster!!! A real RECORD! Fantastic!

The parcel literally FLEW thru the customs....like a rocket!

How do you like that for an express mail overseas ? It's the first time that it happens with me!

The dagger is beautiful (of course...I chose it) and better than the pictures. For the last year of Third Reich dagger production in series, 1942, which is also....the year of my birth.....

The quality is EXCEPTIONNAL! Not all last-year production daggers are in the same condition! I'm lucky !

So I have to tell you that I am...1000 % satisfied !....with....the product, the time-delivery, the parcel (very good idea to put Marie's name on the label), the description!

Thanks again for the excellence of your professionnal service!

Have a nice week-end...tomorrow is the first day of SUMMER .......


Dear Tom,

Thank you for your response. I know that i have said this in the past, but i am always so pleasantly delighted at your kindness. While I dont wish to embarrass you, i want you to understand how much you have contributed to the lives of others with very little concern for what you have so freely offerred.

I can only hope that in my own way i can touch others, adding to their lives in a way similar to your generosity. I realize i am a stranger and what i have to say may be meaningless to you, but perhaps you will at leaset accept my gratitude which i humbly offer.

As a final note, up to the present, i have not sold any of the items i have acquired! However, there is often a limit to ones cash position leaving no option but to sell something in order to seek out the next treasure. This enterpriseis is more than a little rewarding and you, sir have played a major role in the joy that has been derived. Thank you again!

God bless


Mr. Wittmann/Ms.Deb,

Just a note to thank you again for " our dealings " with all the German items that I sold to you. You people are a real credit to the collecting hobby !!

Again, PLEASE keep those U-tube videos coming as they are real enjoyable to watch. Plus, one can learn a lot from watching.


Donald Greer


received my SA dagger exactly as described. I will definitely recommend your site. It was packaged very well and I liked the zippered case that it came in. If I have any questions about militaria I know who to contact.


Tom Brown

Hi Tom & Deb,

Just wanted to let you know that the Eickhorn Blucher Sword arrived today and it is a great addition to my collection. Once again, you have not only met but exceeded my expectations. It is hard to explain why I enjoy collecting edged weapons but I know one of the main reasons is being able to associate with wonderful people like yourselves. As I have said in the past and I will say it again, it is a pleasure to do business with Wittmann Antique Militaria.

Best regards,

Pete Seitz

Thomas Wittmann,

I am so pleased to inform you that I mailed my final payment for the DJ trumpet banner today. I cannot thank you enough for your kindness in allowing me to have made payments on the trumpet banner. Your kindness is greatly appreciated.

I informed my brother just a few weeks ago about your SS drum, which he purchased from you. I was finally able to see the drum this past week. What a wonderful addition to place in the collection. While I was visiting my brother I very much enjoyed reading the books you had written which he had purchased from you in the past year. I noticed that you had an SS drum banner in your book. We also have one of these in our collection, so the addition of a drum is absolutely wonderful for the display.

Thank you, thank you, and thank you!!!!!

With warmest regards,

Shane Boney

Dear Deb,

I originally purchased two items, an SA dagger and an SS arm band. I would like to thank you for sending them in a timely manner, and well packaged. Having recently started a collection, I searched the web for an honest dealer and was lucky enough to shop with you. Please give my thanks to Mr. Wittmann as it is nice to deal with somebody who can fully guarantee the authenticity of their items. When the need arises to purchase future items, rest assured I will be in contact with you. Please send my best wishes to everyone.

Kind regards,

Steve Reaney


Just had to send a letter commending you on your reference books. I purchased the first 3 in the series , all are excellent in quality and content but I can't even think of words to describe the navy book... "wow" comes to mind for lack of a better description this has to be by far the best book I have ever seen on the subject.. I had an uncle who was an officer aboard the U-48 and I am in possession of several period photos of him in uniform (iron class second class,iron cross first class,sub assault badge and the German cross in gold winner) so the whole kriegsmarine collecting has a special interest to me. Your book takes things to a whole new level and really sparked an interest in collecting naval artifacts outside of just the 3rd Reich era . I do have a nice little collection started with several army , an ss ,luft 1st &2nd models sa , nskk 3 '38 & 1 '29 model kriegs and 25 3rd reich era swords but now I want the earlier model naval dirks . I am sure your books have sparked a new interest in the subject, when you state "satisfaction unconditionally guaranteed" you weren't lying.

With great appreciation,

Mike Hogner

Mr. Wittmann,

Just wanted to send you a quick thank you note for the SA dagger (#34393) that I just received from you. This dagger is my introduction into the world of dagger collecting. This dagger that I received from you is just beautiful. Your description of the dagger was spot on. I feel this dagger will be in my posession for many years to come. This would be hard to part with. Thank you for for all your help and direction into starting out into dagger collecting. Like I said in my last e-mail, this is most definetly not the last dagger that I buy from you. Its nice to know that there is someone out there like yourself that you can trust to only get the best, mint and time period peices.

Thank you,

Dan McDonald

Dear Mr. Wittmann,

I received the gorget today and I could not believe the repair. You had said its not possible to wave a magic wand and repair everything but apparently you can and did. The work was beyond my expectations and I can't thank you enough.


Robert Bell

Hello Tom/Deb:

Just received the SS sports insignia patch and I am extremely happy with it. WOW! Great condition as stated! Better Than Expected! Most satisfied with your professional customer services from Deb. She is great! You have a fine website and I am viewing it on a regular basis.

Hope to do more business soon. Have a great Christmas!

Best wishes for 2013,


Hello Thomas,

Thank you for that, I will contact Debbie over the next couple of days with payment details (it is a little hard to fit in with the timezones at the moment).I appreciate the help and service provided by both Debbie and yourself over the last 18 months. When I first placed an order I was a little worried - you never quite know how things will go when doing business on the other side of the world! But, time and time again you have provided an exceptional service. There have been times that I have had emails in the depth of the night New Jersey time and I know that means you are putting in the hard yards for customers. At the same time I'm glad that Debbie has been able to process my orders so efficiently given my sleep deprived state and Australian accent when I call to make payments! To place an order, and have it at my door in Australia 4 days later is a great testament to the work you do.

Have a wonderful Christmas and Holiday Season. Best Wishes for 2012.




I got the recovered Hitler Youth Leader scabbard, and I have to say, that this is perfekt work, really well done!!! Impressive. Now I know where I have to go, if I need restoration.

Thank you!

Peter Weixlbaumer

To Whom it May Concern,

Having sold the majority of my German Dagger collection, I was left with 18 Imperial Naval daggers in which the UK collectors/dealers showed little interest.

I, therefore, contacted Tom Wittmann to ask if he would be agreeable to accept them as consignment pieces in his catalogue. Tom Wittmann readily agreed and I sent the daggers to him. He then wrote to me giving his estimate of the prices he thought they would bring. We soon agreed on a price acceptable to both of us.

Tom Wittmann made me no wild claims. He did not promise me that my daggers "would sell like hot cakes." He did not promise me that I would receive my money "in weeks." He did not promise me that I would "make a handsome profit." What he did promise me was that he would market my daggers to get me the best price possible and that, if I had patience, they would all eventually sell.

I am delighted to say that Tom Wittmann kept both of these promises and has sold all 18 of my daggers at a very fair price.

I would, therefore, recommend Tom Wittmann's consignment service to all collectors.

Ian D. Davidson,
MAX Life Member.


The medal is phenomenal. Just like the previous two medals I purchased from you. I never thought I'd be able to find this medal. My maternal grandfather was awarded this medal during WWI. It is a War Merit Medal 3rd Class w/ Crown & Swords. Simply fantastic.

Thanks so much,


Just wanted to write you real quick and let you know I just received that HJ badge I ordered a couple days ago. I can't believe how FAST it got here!!! You're always a pleasure to deal with and its one of the primary reasons I only deal with you guys and not the other various and often crooked dealers on the market today that try to give this hobby a bad name. I'm going to finish paying for that political leader gorget sometime in the next several weeks as well but in the meantime,I wanted to THANK YOU for your assistance and dedication to customer service that you so happily provide everytime I call. It is certainly appreciated and recognized =D Have a great weekend and I'll be speaking to you again soon I'm sure.


Corey M.Vasseur

Dear Mr. Wittmann,

the SS Dagger arrives my home yesterday afternoon . Thank you very much for these excellent business . The Dagger looks better than the Photos . I am very satisfied with the quality and the original condition of these dagger. Complete with hanger and belt loop , it's really great.The dagger is exactly what i have sought for a long time , but not found in Germany!

Thanks for all. With best Regards

Stefan Amann

G'day Deb,

the railway eagle arrived today, thankyou very much it is fantastic, It will make a great display item and I'm really pleased with it! The packaging job you guys did was also great, there was no way any damage could happen in transit, it took me 10 minutes to break in!lol I have my eye on a few other things you have but I'd better try to top up the finances before I commit to anything else (and sweet talk the missus!) but you'll no doubt hear from me before too long. Once again, thanks very much, overall the purchase and prompt delivery of this eagle, especially over the Easter period was a very painless experience and I will not hesitate to recommend you to anyone.


Dave Brown

Tom,what can I say? many thanks, for the Christmas greetings card you sent; great. It now has pride of place in my bunker. You know Tom, what I like about you, is you must be the most honest man in our collecting world. Whenever one asks for advice, you always take time out to reply and I know you are a busy man. You know Tom, I have sent e-mails to nearly every museum around Europe trying to find out what these sturmbahn numbers represent for my SS ground Rohm dagger, but no one, has replied. I have offered to pay for any information - but nothing. This is why I value your friendship, and therefore wish you and your family, and all your staff, a Wonderful Christmas and a prosperous New Year. You are the best.

Kindest Regards

Graham and family

Dear Tom,

I just wanted to let you know I got a full refund from my insurance company for the SS Mildenberger dagger (including the added value for the documentation portfolio). Just mentioning the fact that I had bought the dagger from you was enough to convince the expert :-), he barely looked at the invoice afterwards! An unexpected benifit of buying from a renowned dealer :-) Thanks for your help!


Dear Tom,

First, I want to thank you for selling my Diplomat Dagger so quickly; also the SS Daggers. It really helped me out. I just had my 90th birthday last month and last month had open heart surgery, a new valve and two obstructions at Morristown. What a great hospital, you can hardly see the scar.

Anyway, I am sending you these daggers. I think they are nice and I tried not to collect junk. More will be coming, as I also have a great badge collection. I gave my son orders that if I pass away, give them to Tom on consignment. I have most of the Army, Navy & Luftwaffe that are in the Previtera Tucker Books - all excellent, as I don't collect junk.

Tom, once again thank you, you are a true friend.


Hello Wittmann Antique Militaria,

I do hope that Thomas gets to read this email as well as Deb. A few months back I was referred to your website. I started My AH/Third Reich collection about 2 years ago and was told about your website/reputation. I found something that interested me and found out about your layaway program which helps me collect things without going broke. To make a long story short, I recently received my 1st purchase from you. I couldn't have been more satisfied/happy with your company and customer service. It was a fantastic transaction and Deb even made the effort to mail my item out during her lunch hour so I could get it on time.

What a Pleasure and I am looking forward to purchasing my next item from you !!

God Bless

John P Henry

Hi Deb!

Just received the armband today and I must say I am extremely happy with it! Exactly as was described on the page and I couldn't be more satisfied with your customer service and help throughout the transaction! I Wouldn't buy from another dealer after the great service I was afforded.

Thanks again for all of your help!


Dear Mr. Wittmann -

My name is Mary Catherine (Cathy) Frame. I am writing for two reasons - first, to thank you for your wonderful website. I am one of those individuals who own a few military items that were passed down by family, not knowing exactly what I had or how to find out. Wittman Militaria is the only resource online (or in print) that has helped me to accurately identify these two German edge weapons.

Dear Thomas,

Thanks for your kind reply. You are one of the very few fortunate people in the world today that have a "job" that is better described as a passion or even a labor of love. Believe me when I say, that I didn't need you to tell me this. It shows in your web site. The detailed descriptions, the "picture perfect" photos of your collection and the items you have for sale, tell anyone with half of a brain, that you are a man in love with your work. The American dream doesn't get any better than this.


Mr. Wittmann,

I wanted to write and thank you for purchasing my fathers NSKK dagger. After running into many road blocks online trying to sell it myself I found your website while doing some research. We exchanged emails and got to know a little about each other and you helped me understand how the process would work. Your patience and understanding during the transaction was outstanding.

Your website is top notch, right along with how you do business. I am sure that the dagger has found a collector that is thrilled to have such a fine piece of history as my father is happy to have gotten a fair price for selling hisdagger. I would highly recommend your services to anyone looking to sell or buy antique militaria items.

Best Regards,

Mike W.

Hi Deb.

Just wanted to say Received Hunting Cutlass today safe and sound, I am really pleased with it and an added bonus with the bag. I had heard many a horror story with other people buying from over seas, items arriving late, some not at all and mostly people having to pay custom charges. But I am pleased to say I wasn’t one of them so thank you once again for the way you sent the dagger out and sparing me these worries. Look forward to doing business with you again.

Mr Peter Lee

United Kingdom

Hi Tom,

I recently purchased your Army and Luft dagger books...great references! Lately, I've been using the Army book quite frequently, almost as a study guide. You are dead-on when you state that years ago an Army dagger was thought of as, well, an Army dagger. Few realized the variety of crossguards and pommels, and the inter-company buying and using of parts. In retrospect it seems logical that smaller, "cottage" manufacturers would buy dagger fittings from their larger contemporaries, as this would be far more economical for them to do. Through your book we can now regard the Army dagger as an entirely separate area of study, a sub-genre as it were. Thanks for bringing these nuances to light! In the book's introductory remarks you mention the Cincinnati show - a real heartbreaker. I can't imagine the horror you felt when you came out of the hotel and found all your stuff gone, but I know that I would have been devastated - it would have crushed my faith in mankind. I am truly sorry that this happened to you. Why some people think they're entitled to steal another's property is incomprehensible to me. To your credit you seem to have gotten past this incident.

I still really like your Herder 1933 SS...talk to you soon.

Best regards,

Jim W

Dear Tom,

The books and letter (unfolded) arrived yesterday in good order! I appreciate the letter very much. Thank you. I am extremely impressed with your work product (books) which in my opinion far exceed other contemporary authors who have written in this field over the years. Your empirical research, depth and overall subject matter knowledge, and photography are superb! Your books are a genuine welcome addition to my extensive collection of over three thousand volumes at last count. Of course, only a fraction of my collection deals with the subject matter at hand. I was also extremely pleased with your packing of the books successfully protected them from the postal service. I look forward to hearing from you.

Hi Tom,

First of all out of all the Christmas cards I have received from you, The one of you as the Kaiser is the best and it represents you well in my opinion as the Kaiser of this hobby!! This is truly epic which will match your upcoming achievement Your SA book. Forget all the other crybaby liberals, that get offended when the wind blows. Ok enough of the wishy washy stuff!!

Larry C



I would like to acknowledge my appreciation of receiving the Wittmann Christmas Card. I am pleased to be a customer of Wittmann Antique Militaria and opening up your Christmas Card envelope is as much a joy to me as to open up a box with an original Third Reich artifact. Once again I would like to Thank You for Your Exceptional Service throughout the year. I would like to wish everyone at Wittmann Antique Militaria a Very Nice Christmas and a Happy and Healthy New Year.

John Prather

Hello Mr. Wittman,

This Police degan with SS portapee was received. VOW !! just VOW!! I am good for christmas this year. Paid only $3500 but got $35000 in eye pleasing pleasure.

Thank you and Merry Christmas,

Fred E.

Mr. Wittmann,

I wanted to let you know how pleased I am with my recent purchases of the SA dagger and wound badge. I found them to be as you described. It was a pleasure to do business with you and I hope that I will continue to be able to add to my collection through the purchase of items from your website. I found your website through your advertisement in a Warman's WW II Collectibiles book.


Keith Griffin

Pageland, SC

Hi Tom and Deb,

The Knights Cross of the Iron Cross arrived in fine shape today. I am absolutely thrilled with it and I think its better than you described. Its exactly what I wanted. It was extremely well wrapped and secure in its traveling carton. In my opinion only the best of service and quality items from the Wittmann stable. Thanks also for the opportunity to trade a few spare daggers, etc towards the medal purchase that helped enormously towards the cost. THANKS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Please send out the certificate of authenticity as discussed.

Kind regards,

John Honeybone

New Zealand

Good morning Deb..............

WOW! Just as described the Luftwaffe Sword is absolutely perfect and I am 100% delighted with it. It was here waiting for me when I arrived this morning. I have been wanting one like this for more years than I care to admit and I sincerely want to thank you for sending me the heads up on it to begin with. It scares me to know that I might have missed out on it had my friend not came through with his purchase and then that it stayed available for a few days and was there when I could make the purchase.

Have a great day............Jack

Hello Tom,

I just wanted to let you know that I received the repaired Red Cross Leader's dagger yesterday and I just couldn't be more thrilled - it looks beautiful!! Thanks so much for taking the time to have the extra welding work done - I had NO idea he'd cut the tang too! Just shaking my head with disbelief that someone would do that to a piece of history. Well, thankfully, I had you to help me make things right. And thanks for the case - is very much appreciated and will be very handy!

I sent your check for the remaining balance of $315 yesterday, so you should have it soon. I can't thank you enough again for being willing to part out your own dagger to help repair mine. I'm sure my papa's smiling. Feels pretty amazing to have seen this through to the end - now I can pass it on to my own children with pride. Sending my deepest gratitude and wishing the best for you and yours.


Paula Marshall


Your web site is an absolute delight to peruse. It puts the other national dealers to shame. My mentor is priviledged to know you. Almost every week there are new and interesting "goodies" to reward us. Keep up the good work. We need a class act like you.


tom, i want to thank you so very much for writing back with such in-depth answer. you went well beyond the call-of-duty.i can see why you are pivitol in this collectible area. i have expertise in collectible and rare vinyl records and when i'm asked about an item, i try to be as definitive as you. like you, i strive to keep an unblemished reputation.

again, my sincerest thanks and if you do post remarks on your site, please consider this one.


tony powell

p'cola, fl


Thanks for giving me the chance to own this LOVELY Work of Art, JA Henckels, Army dagger. I can honestly say that there does NOT exist any nicer or more interesting “art work” than some of the pre-WWII era, early variety, German-made Army daggers. This one is “out of this world”. Superb condition as you stated AND rare to find (in this or any other condition). It has found a home……(My 3rd JA Henckels “full-size”; 2 Early examples and 1 mid period, aluminum fitted example with 2nd Style EPack aluminum fittings along with 2 miniatures by JA Henckels). I own a set of JA Henckels kitchen cutlery and every time I use it, I’m reminded of these pieces and the history that I so much enjoy.


Dear tom,

A little while back i had to cancel an order due to getting laid off from my workplace. I'm very sorry i had to do that and regret it much. I wanted to compliment debbie on how very nice and sypathetic she was at my situation and even gave me some good advise the same day i had lost my job. I managed to find some small work to do over the summer in my trade and managed through. I also had the time to read all of your books and have gained a ton of knowledge about dress daggers and swords, I must say i'm obsessed with collecting these items. I truly enjoy purchasing these items from you and appreciate the expertise that comes along with. I'm glad to say that i also got my job back at glaxosmithkline doing refrigeration and A/C work and i'm just about back on my feet again. Looks like theres going to be a lot of overtime coming up and i can't wait to start purchasing more items soon! Just wanted to say thanks again for your understanding and for debbies sympathy. I look forward to doing all of my business with you.


Jeff grainger

Dear Mr. Wittmann,

I am writing this letter to thank you for the book-catalog that you sent me, I am not really a collector, I just wanted to make a one-time purchase of a helmet, to dress up a bust of Caeser Augustus that I have! I found what I was looking for, its a helmet nickmaned "Gladiators Helmet". It was issued to German fire fighters, anti-aircraft crews and other civilian groups during WWII. I think this helmet will go well with the busts armor breast plate.I read all the stories about your family background, your hometown, and the families that recover thier family hierlooms with your help and cooperation. Not to forget the outstanding photographs and descriptions of all the artifacts you have for sale. I didn't really expect the personal attention you gave my request. To me it was an honor, and I will keep and treasure the book and letter. Again I thank you Mr. Wittmann and good-luck in all your endeavours.

Respectfully Yours,

Ruben A. Puig


I think you are the BEST dealer of German edged weapons and I just love your website. Your worthy competitor isn't bad, but I find your offerings more extensive and your descriptions far more informative. Thank you for the education!

Warmest Regards,

Howard Barnes

dear mr wittman,

thank you so much for your reply on my inquiries about the items i have, sorry it has taking me so long to reply and express my gratitude for devoting part of your time and effort to me, here in a couple of months when money permits i will be interested in purchasing a S A dagger and of course it will be purchased from your website, i go into your website probably 15 times a week either to compare something i have to your items or just to go there and daydream, im not married so i dont have anyone bugging me about how i spend my money, ja ja(dont know if thats a good thing). for your information your website is very aproachable and user friendly,the other people make you feel your having an audience with some king or something plus the prices are prohibitive,so with all this said again thanks for your kind words and your time and i will be doing some business soon with you.

Sr. Heredia


Just a note to let you know how much I enjoyed reading your book," Exploring The Dress Daggers of the German Navy", which I purchased from you at the last SOS, what an indispensable reference for the collecting community.Not just an identification and description reference,the book also is full of historical facts that bring to life the period these daggers were produced.Everything about this book is first class and I definitely plan to add your other books to my library.


Garry Nelson


Dear Mr. Wittman,

It is nice hearing from you, sir. I purchased a money order today to send you. I will drop it in the mail as soon as I hear that is acceptable to you.

Yes, I do enjoy reading your descriptions. I look at a variety of militaria sites but you, without question, are without equal when it comes to supplying detailed descriptions of what you are selling and in your overall excellent writing ability. I know I am conservative about this, but I am amazed when I see the poor spelling and grammar that seems to be common with many dealers in our hobby. Every word processing program includes a "spell checker" and when someone doesn't even bother checking something as basic as their spelling, it seems lazy to me. I wonder what else they have been lazy about--like checking authenticity for example? I have gotten much enjoyment reading your descriptions but maybe more importantly, it is obvious you know what you are talking about. I think that works to your advantage because most people would prefer to buy from someone whose opinions they trust. Plus, fo r me, part of the fun in collecting is in knowing the details about what is in my collection--supplying details is where you are head and shoulders above your competitors. Gosh, please excuse me, Mr. Wittmann--reading over what I've written, it almost sounds like I'm trying to "blow smoke up your panties". It's just that I've found people are quick to complain or critisize but slow to give compliments. I'm just trying to give credit where credit is due. Keep up the good work!

Robbin D. Rowe

Dear Tom,

Yes, I look forward to continue with you in the future. It only depends on my budget...as you can imagine... I must say that I am very pleased with the quality of the daggers you offer. But this remark will not surprise you.

As you know, I have the same age as you ( I just retired beginning of July), but a passionate collector has never finished collecting...and his collection is "infinite", because there is always something else to discover, even if we "know" all that CAN be collected. Our years of experience in this field are...priceless! Right? But we learn every day!

I really do "envy" you (not in the negative meaning), because you have managed to join at the same time your passion (I prefer this word than hobby, because it is more appropriate) of collecting...and doing business (your carreer). Making a living for one's family, together with the passion we love, is wonderful! And when I say that I envy you, I mean that this is what I should have done for my carreer! But I guess that "destiny" and circumstances of life lead you sometimes on another road...without you being able to change it!

My very first dagger, like 90% of those who start this collection, was an...SA dagger (a Puma). I bought it in october 1965.....42 years ago, when I was 23 years old (I have an excellent memory, and I can "see" the exact place and person who sold it to me). And a few weeks later...I had bought Atwood's book: "The Daggers and edged weapons of Hitler's Germany", the first real reference at the time...It's still on my book shelf, along with countless others, still intact as new, despite the countless hours that I spent reading it! That SA dagger (sold since, for a nicer one) cost me 180 francs at the time! Compared to now, that would be the equivalent of about 27 euros...or about 40 $ !! But that was almost 42 years ago!

By the way, speaking of the SA, someone told me that you were preparing a book just on the SA daggers, to continue the series of your 4 beautiful books on daggers. Please let me know when you expect to finish and publish this book, since... to my knowledge...there is NO book dealing exclusively (and exhaustively) with the SA dagger, because I am very impatient to have such a reference...missing in my book collection. I really need such a book! So just give me a clue when you expect to release it. I would like to be among the first ones who will acquire it (and have it autographed...) For the other books from you, I bought them before I knew your website, so I couldn't ask you to autograph them. Just before finishing my "long" digression, I want to say that I am very happy that there as such people as you in this particular "business". Of course, there is a "fierce" competition, and other people like your friend Tom Johnson, for example, or others like Craig Gottlieb (he has a fantastic website...but he's too expensive!) or Paul Hogle in Canada...just to name a few... are also very serious and honest dealers (and collectors), and also offer beautiful daggers, but that is the rule of the game in life. Everyone has the right to do what others do! Up to this day...concerning dealers in North America...I have only bought from you...and your friend...the other Tom!

Best regards, Tom, and also to Deb, she is a very efficient, reliable, and nice "secretary". I can imagine how precious she must be in your business...and life!

Rene Z. de K

My Dear Kind & Gracious Mr. Wittmann:

I just wanted to drop you a note to thank you one last time from the bottom of my heart for all the tremendous knowledge, assistance, and patience that you showed my family and I. It is rare to find someone as generous, gracious, and kind as you are. I sold both the daggers today on the germandaggers.com site. The SA went for $500 + shipping, insurance, and shared PayPal fees in what must have been a record three minutes from the time I posted it and the Eickhorn Army Dagger went another 30 minutes later for $900 + shipping, insurance, and shared PayPal fees. You were right on the money (quite literally) with the both of them. God bless you and know that my family and I will always be grateful.

Warmest regards,

Lesley Barton

Hello Mr. Wittmann,

I am sending you this short thank you e-mail for the SS dagger you had sent me with the exclamation point inscription. It had arrived several days ago however, with the relatives over, camping, and sightseeing involved in the whole affair, I have not had a chance to e-mail you. I thank you for this very special exhibit piece. I am most pleased with it and the quality as you described it in our e-mails. It is not quite on display yet because I am working on some other presentation pieces that need to be placed first. I'm sure that you can relate since I have enjoyed viewing your own private collection.

Your services are quite a class act right down to the satchel that you used to ship this beautiful specimen. I have accepted items in the past from others over the years, they were usually sent in tissue paper, and bubble wrap but never in their own mailing container. I thank you very much for the extra care in shipping and especially at working with me and my own unique collection practices. It is my sincere hope that you will allow me to do business with you again in the future in spite of me being one of those collectors who does not care for "time passage damage" to the items in question. Until next time, take care and keep up the great work at taking care of history.


Mr. George H. Froschl

Thanks to Tom Wittmann's authoritative book on Army daggers, I have decided to become a "type" collector (plenty of variety--crossguards, grips, manufacturers, personalizations, at a relatively reasonable price). So far, I have accumulated eight examples, all in excellent--mint condition.

Yours truly,

Phil Pucher

Hello Tom & Deb--

Just letting you know that the German WWII belt buckle arrived today & both my son & I think it's AWEsome! He is absolutely THRILLED with it! Thank you again so much for your kindness & your help!


Jodie Manaigre

Dear Tom/Debbie,

Just dropping you a line to say I received the Early Chained SS dagger. I am very pleased with it. It is just as described. This dagger is surely the pride of my humble 3rd Reich dagger collection. I appreciate your Lay-A-Way plan which enabled me to purchase this dagger. Also, I just finished your book, "Exploring the Dress Daggers and Swords of the German SS". I truly enjoyed it and learned a lot. I am not only enjoying the dagger, but I consider it a good investment for the future. I look forward to further business.

Raymond Byrne


Hi Tom,

I thought I would let you know how much your book, "Exploring the Dress Daggers of the German Army", has meant to me. Though I am relatively new to the hobby, your book has allowed me to stroll through gun shows and pawnshops with the confidence of a 30-year collector. Indeed, prior to the book, I would often walk away from bargains simply because I was not sure. Never again! I now recognize crossguard eagles at a glance, just like they were old friends. What a thrill it is to pick up an Army dagger for the first time, examine all the fittings, and reliably determine the maker before examining the blade - awesome!

Buying your book was the single most important thing that I could have done for the enjoyment of this hobby. And believe me, I have put it to good use. I have specialized in the early production daggers - the ones with the slanted grips and tapered tangs. As you point out in your book, the fittings of these early daggers often reflect beautiful hand detailing. I now have 17 distinct crossguard eagle types in my collection; all correct and all documented by your detailed illustrations. Using your book, I feel I simply cannot buy a bad Army dagger. I would never attend a show without it. Thanks again for opening up this wonderful new world for me.

Ford David Crews

Melbourne, Florida

Dear Tom,

It was good to see you at last year's MAX Show. I just wanted to say how much I appreciate all you do for the average collector. My wife and I had a nice little vacation around the show. I'm looking forward to the 2004 show at Charlotte Merchandise Mart.

Again, thanks for all you do.

Keith Took

Florissant, Mo.

Dear Tom and Debbie,

Just a note to thank you both so much for all your efforts in helping me build a museum quality collection of 3rd Reich edged weapons. In the last year I have purchased eight exceptional knives/daggers/swords from your company and these items are the highlights of all my collecting efforts. The "mint" and "mint minus" items that you have sold me are second to none, and defy comparison to any competition. I have no concerns about authenticity, or originality when dealing with you, and that eases the way for the expenses involved. Thank you again and I remain, well into the future, your most loyal customer!

Dan Bryant

Huntingtown, Md.

Dear Tom,

Many thanks for helping me to identify the sword in my possession - you set me on the correct path. My first search of Romanian swords turned up the crest (which was on this piece), so you were spot-on! I can not thank you enough for taking the time to help.


Dear Tom,

Hope all is going well with you and I am very pleased with my Chained SS daggers. I have just acquired a Böker SS EM dagger with a serial number.

Thank you for taking the time to look up the number and for telling me how to research it further. Your SS book, "Exploring the Daggers and Swords of the German-SS" is incredible. I enjoyed the introduction by Dave Hohaus - very scholarly indeed!

John Kauffeld

Bradentown, Fla.

Hi Tom,

You might remember me. I was the truck driver for ALCOM printing, the company which prints your books. I met you about four years ago when I delivered your (recently completed) reference books and you were nice enough to show me your collection. I purchased a couple of edged weapons from you shortly afterwards and I am still collecting to this day. I owe it to you for opening up a whole new interest in German WWII history. Now, most of my free time is spent reading books or watching documentaries on the History Channel. Thank you for taking the time to show me your wonderful collection and thereby opening my life to a fascinating hobby!

Tim Vogrin

Dear Herr Generaloberst,

I want to thank you for the wonderful Christmas Card. My family enjoyed it. I appreciate your thinking of me.

Richard Williams

Houston, Tx.

Dear Mr. Wittmann,

While I appreciate your sentiment for a happy holiday greeting, I feel this "card" is totally inappropriate for the holiday season, highly offensive and just in plain poor taste!

I was shocked when I opened it, and my husband, who is also a collector of military items, also agreed.

May your New Year be filled with better judgment!

Jane Cameron


Editorial comment - It is interesting how people can collect these items which represent Nazi Germany, but God help you if you somehow mix the holiday season with a German uniform. I guess I just have no tact, but an awful lot of collectors seem to like my Xmas cards as they tell me all the time. Maybe I should stop? Do some of you find my Xmas cards offensive? I think I'm just having fun with the hobby. Let me know.

Morning folks:

Helmet arrived today safe and sound thanks to your hookup on the Customs declaration! Very much appreciated by your cousins to the North. Great helmet! Very happy with it. A great addition to my collection.

Bryan Avery


Today, the Naval dagger, Luftwaffe portepee and Army hanger arrived without any damage. It has been a pleasure doing business with an outstanding dealer. I will talk to you at future shows.

Ken Balczo

Dear Tom,

Enclosed please find a payment to be applied to my sword account. Take care and a million thanks for your advice on that bogus Diplomatic sword. Many folks would have bought this one if they didn't have an honest and trusted friend like you to ask for help. You saved me some real dough and more than a little heartache as well.

Larry Redgate

Las Vegas