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The West Wall Medal (German: Deutsches Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen) was a military decoration of Nazi Germany. It was instituted on 2 August 1939 and was given to those who designed and built the fortifications on Germany's western borders, known as the West Wall or, in English, the Siegfried Line, and to the troops who served there prior to May 1940.

In 1944, as Germany was expecting the arrival of the allied invasion, it was again awarded to those who took part in the fortification of the western borders. In all 622,064 medals were awarded until the end of the war.

WESTWALL #37405 West Wall Medal with Ribbon & Issue Packet

The issue packet for this West Wall Medal is constructed out of Manila paper and it is still in good condition. Printed across the front of the envelop are the words “Deutsches Schutzwall-Ehrenzeichen”. On the reverse is the name of the maker, “Carl Poeliaht”.

The medal itself is also in new-like condition, being a fine strike of bronzed brass. It features a wreath of oak leaves around the oval border. At the top is an open-winged political eagle which clutches a mobile swastika in a wreath. Below this is a crossed shovel and sword, and below this is a concrete style bunker. The reverse of the medal bears the words, “FÜR / ARBEIT / ZUM / SCHUTZE / DEUTSCH / LANDS”. The detailing is excellent throughout, although it does have some oxidation.

The original new-like grosgrain ribbon accompanies the medal, being brown in color with two white stripes on each edge.

An extremely nice example of the type.

Mint Minus. $85.00

WESTWALL #28909 West Wall Medal

This West Wall medal is of bronze construction, being the normal oval shape having a border of overlapping oak leaves. At the top is an open-winged Party eagle with swastika and below this is a crossed sword and shovel over a corner of the Siegfried line as it was called by the allies. The medal has a little bit of oxidation at the left side of the obverse but it is not bad.

The reverse is in perfect condition, showing good bronze color and has the purpose of the medal raised “FÜR/ARBEIT/ZUM/SCHUTZE/DEUTSCH/LANDS”. The loop is in order at the top but there is no ribbon for this medal.

Excellent $45.00