Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Swords Uniforms
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UNIFORMS #45099C Army Shooting Lanyard

This Army Shooting Lanyard is constructed from aluminum bullion braided in a pigtail.

The upper portion of the lanyard has the insignia, featuring a Wehrmacht eagle and swastika. The detailing on this insignia remains very crisp throughout.

This lanyard shows no wear of any kind, and is complete with two very fine acorns.

A choice Army Shooting Lanyard here.

Mint. $295.00

UNIFORMS #45109C Luftwaffe Shooting Lanyard

This Luftwaffe Shooting Lanyard is constructed from aluminum bullion braided in a pigtail.

The upper portion of the lanyard has the insignia, featuring a Luftwaffe eagle and swastika. The detailing on this insignia remains very crisp throughout.

This lanyard shows no wear of any kind.

A choice Luftwaffe Shooting Lanyard here.

Mint. $250.00

UNIFORMS #32773C Army Artillery Lieutenant's Tunic

This tunic is in nice condition throughout being a four pocket style with four buttons. Fitted in to the buttonhole slot is a Iron Cross ribbon.

The shoulder boards are in perfect condition and they are the sewn in variety. They have the gray cord at the top and bottoms are of red material indicating artillery. The collar tabs also have the litzen presenting red cord in the center.

The officer's breast eagle is a very very fine example made of aluminum bullion and having brighter aluminum at the beginning area of the wings to give highlights to the bird. The talons swastika and wreath are also in a brighter bullion color. The bird has a dark green backing.

There is a little bit of surface wear on the opening flap of the uniform but that is the only flaw that I see. There is no mothing anywhere. The pockets are all with flaps and have pebbled buttons which are also a field gray color. The buttons which retain the shoulder boards are a aluminum pebbled type and they are slightly smaller than the tunic buttons.

I notice also there is a little wear on the inner collar area area but it is not bad. The inside of the tunic is all lined with a dark gray silk and there are two inside pockets.

Overall a very nice tunic here which is priced to sell.

Excellent Plus. $1,200

UNIFORMS #29257 Municipal Police Tunic with Britches

This complete uniform was purchased by me directly from the family whose father brought it home. The tunic is in outstanding condition showing only minimal usage and virtually no problems at all. It is the lighter weight cotton fabric that would have been worn during the summertime. The britches are the standard heavy green wool type. The uniform has eight aluminum pebbled buttons which go down the front. It is a four pocket type with flap style pockets.

The collar and cuffs are a brown color contrasting nicely with the green of the cotton fabric. The collar and cuffs are piped in red and there is also red cord which runs completely along the tunic flap as well as along the collar. This policeman was the rank of Hauptmann as the officer’s boards are the lieutenant type having two pips applied to each. These slip-on boards have dark brown color material in the center and the borders are aluminum bullion with “V” style weave decoration accenting them. The collar tabs are aluminum bullion having red background and they are also bordered with aluminum cord.

The left sleeve of the uniform has a red police patch which is sewn to it. It features the oval wreath of oak leaves with a superimposed open-winged police eagle clutching a wreath with black swastika. This police sleeve patch appears to have been hand sewn to the uniform. The reverse of the uniform also has the four buttons with flap and the slots are piped in red. As mentioned above, the britches are the standard heavy material type and they are the style which are tailored in the riding style and tuck into boots at the bottom. This is an outstanding police outfit here ready to be installed on your mannequin.

Near Mint. $1,200.00

UNIFORMS #33881C Artillery Hauptmann Service Tunic

This Hauptmann rank Service Tunic is in excellent condition throughout. There are really no holes in the tunic, but there are a couple of pulled areas down near the right pocket. This is a four-pocket type tunic with flaps. The tunic has six buttons on the flap. They are the pebbled aluminum style, and they match the bottoms applied to the pocket flaps as well as the sewn-in shoulder boards. The boards have the silver Officer cord and there are two pips pushed into each one, indicative of the Hauptmann rank. The boards have a red underlay signifying Artillery. There is also red cord decoration to the collar tabs. There is one set of loops on the left pocket.

The breast eagle is an officer-quality example. This eagle looks as though it may have been a replacement. Many times the original eagles were torn off by returning servicemen or by the original owners themselves, and it is not unusual to see a replacement eagle. This bird has good bullion, which is a little bit loose on the head and breast area, but is still good throughout the wings, wreath, swastika and talons. The tunic is lined with gray silk. There is a strap and snap clip sewn in for a dagger. The slit below the pocket flap is also there to accommodate a dagger hanging strap.

There is no tailor label at the reverse collar area, but the tailors label is still intact within the inside breast pocket. The tailor is “August Schanz & Co.”, and the town below is “Burg b. Magdeburg”. Written into the lines below is the original owners rank and name, “LTN Harder” with a date of “27.3.44.” Beneath the name there is written, “HERZAN” with the number “4” below it. Obviously this officer was a Leutnant when the tunic was made for him, and he continued to wear it once he became a Captain. The only difference between a Leutnant rank and Hauptmann is the addition of the two pips to the shoulder board. A fine tunic here, which appears to be about a size 36.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $1,295.00

UNIFORMS #32771C Railway Official’s Tunic

This Railway Official’s Tunic is a rather rare item, or at least it is the first one that I have handled. It is quite beautiful, being a dark blue wool and very nicely made. The official that owned this tunic did not wear it very often, as it remains in full mint condition. The tunic is an open collar style with 4 button front and 4 flap pockets. The buttons are all a brass color with pebbled surfaces. The collar tabs are a black silk which have a woven winged Railway wheel at the top and a mobile swastika below. The weave is in a gold color thread.

The sleeve patch worn on the left arm is a rounded shape with straight top. It features an open-winged Railway eagle which looks to the viewer’s left and clutches a mobile swastika within a wreath. It is woven with the same gold thread as the collar tabs. Below the eagle is the identification markings “RBD Saarbrücken”. In other words, this Railway official worked out of the city of Saarbrücken. RBD stands for “Reichbahndienst”. This tunic has a fine black silk lining and the sleeve are lined in a striped officer style silk. A beautiful tunic here which would probably accommodate a Railway Official's Dagger.

Mint. $1,195.00

UNIFORMS #44525C U-Boat / Naval Foul Weather Outfit

This foul weather outfit is extremely heavy, consisting of a large top coat and slack to match. I understand that these outfits are made of buffalo leather. The leather is in nice condition throughout, being a light gray color.

The coat is a double breasted example having four naval buttons on each side of the lapels. The buttons are complete with a raised anchor motif. There is also a top button to close the collar if desired. The coat has slit pockets at the upper area and flap pockets on the lower area. The coat is completely lined in black wool. There are a couple of minor moth holes at the inner collar area but they are nothing.

The leather inside collar has a sewn label in black cloth which is printed in yellow "Hela Deutsche Wertarben". Beneath this sewn to the back wool area is a tailor's label being in gray cloth with red woven writing "Hettluge & Lampe". Beneath this is the word "Kiel" where apparently the outfit was made. Attached to the label is a size tag being "52". Other than a very minor tiny tear on the reverse of the coat it appears to be in perfect condition.

The accompanying leather trousers have a four button fly and there are buttons also for suspenders are well as other purposes where there are two buttons on each side of the waist area. At the reverse of the trousers is an adjustable matching leather belt with buckle. The trousers also have a cloth label inside which is a white color with blue fabric writing "Hela Kleiderfabrik / Keil". The size "52" is also on the bottom of this label. These trousers appear to be in perfect condition and exactly match the leather color of the coat.

A rarely seen foul weather set here that was used aboard naval ships as well as u-boats.

Excellent Plus. $1,695.00

UNIFORMS #44537C Late War Army NCO Artillery Panzer Wrap

This panzer wrap is of the later war black wool color. It is completely moth free throughout and in very very nice condition.

The tunic is equipped with a panzer breast eagle having a black cloth background with white piped open winged army eagle looking to the viewer's right and clutching a wreath with swastika. The collar tabs black cloth with skulls on each one and they are piped in red. These tabs are machines sewn tot he collar.

The shoulder boards are the slip on type having a black base for panzer and piped with red cord and having a bullion tress running around the edge with one silvered pip. The buttons are a field gray pebbled color that hold down the shoulder boards.

There are two black buttons one over and one under the breast eagle that act to close the upper flap of the tunic. The regular flap is equipped with two buttons.

The tunic is not lined with the normal gray fabric we see on the earlier examples but rather has a typical late lining which is a green cloth. There is an inside pocket on the right side. This tunic has also ben shortened which is not unusual. Apparently there were very few artillery piped panzer tunics because there were a small number of tanks and mechanized half tracks that were used for artillery. They were able to advance with the attack and consequently this type of piping is rare.

A very fine original piece here in nice condition.

Excellent Plus. $6,495.00

UNIFORMS #44519C Political Leader's Breeches

These breeches are in fine sound condition and would make a nice additional to a political leader tunic.

They are a light brown color and made with a corduroy style material. The britches of course slack down to thin areas at the bottom where they tucked into the boot. They have the original string and so forth to affect this wearing manner.

The back of the breeches have a strap with an adjustable belt for tightening and there are also straps for the application of suspenders. They have a button up fly with two buttons present and one missing.

The inner waist area is lined with a white material having triple lines running throughout the design.

A good sound set of breeches here.

Excellent. $395.00

UNIFORMS #43839C Army Medical Leutnant's Tunic

This tunic is in outstanding condition with no mothing or any flaws where ever. It is made of a fine gray wool. The tunic is a five button type with four flap pockets.

The bullion breast eagle is of very fine quality and original to the tunic. The boards on the uniform have blue underlay signifying medical and on the upper portion they have aluminum bullion cord to which is affixed a medical gilt caduceus insignia. The collar is a fine dark green wool type and has medical litzen having bullion cord with blue centers.

There is also the original ribbon bar in place above the right pocket. The ribbon bar has the ribbons of an Iron Cross War, Merit Cross, a Hindenberg Cross, and an Army Long Service Cross.

The inside of the tunic is of a gray cotton material. The inside flap is marked with a lot of markings the top one being "BULAG" and below this is marked "8. J. R. 107 / II". In between are probably sizes and type which in succession are 39 41 64 90 59 and lastly M38. There is also a stamping on the center part of the lining which looks to be "193:. Unfortunately the tunic is not named nor is there a label.

The buttons on the tunic are all there and they are the pebbled type with a green coating.

A very fine tunic here and very desirable from the medical branch.

Near Mint. $1,295.00

UNIFORMS #43841C Army Mountain Troops Oberstleutnant Tunic

This tunic is of fine wool construction being somewhat of a large size and in absolute perfect condition with no mothing anywhere. The lieutenant colonel outfit has the sleeve insignia of the mount troops.

The insignia is a dark oval having a twisted aluminum cord oval border with a fine edelweiss in the center being woven of of white yellow and green thread for the stem. The boards have a green base for mountain troops and they are the colonel type being 4 separate cords all woven together in this officer pattern. Each board has the gilded Roman numeral one and a gilded pip. The tunic is a five button type and the second button is missing. All of the other buttons are there and have a green coating with pebbled finish.

The collar is a very fine dark wool to which are affixed a pair of mountain troop collar tab litzen. The litzen is of all bullion with green colored centers.

On the right pocket of the tunic there are loops to which is affixed an Imperial Iron Cross. The Iron Cross shows some usage and wear to the high portions of the W, the 1914 date, and the Prussian crown at the top. Otherwise the black surfaces are in good condition and the outside silvering is nicely patinated.

The inside of the tunic is lined in a fine green silk material. There are no markings that I see on the lining. The sleeve has the usual white silk with stripe lining. An outstanding very rarely seen tunic here and this should be a welcome addition to a sophisticated army tunic collection.

Absolutely original throughout.

Near Mint. $2,195.00

UNIFORMS #43357C Imperial Dress Belt with Fringe

This Imperial Dress Belt is very fancy, with very fine bullion strapping. The bullion is quite beautiful, with a fine silver color and twin gray accent lines sharply highlighted in red.

There is not buckle with this belt and I am not sure how they were originally fastened. At the bottom of the strap is an array of bullion fringe that measures about 9 inches long.

This piece comes with the original box. The box is intact except for one side of the lid and constructed of black cardboard with green speckles.

Quite a nice thing here if you have a dress Imperial uniform that needs a spectacular belt assembly.

Excellent. $695.00

UNIFORMS #28069 SS Bandsman's Drummer Corps Shoulder Swallows

These swallows are quite impressive and are in an unissued state. This pair of shoulder swallows is extremely beautiful, having crescent shape and being approximately 9 inches in length. There is 7/8 inch aluminum bullion tress, which is run in a striped manner, vertically.

At the bottom, in a curve, is a finish tress of the same width. The base material is black cotton, which acts as a field in the areas that are open between the tress.

The reverse of the swallow’s nest is covered in a black, silk-like material. There are five black steel hooks attached to the curved edge of the reverse and they, in turn, would have gone over loops on the wearer’s uniform shoulder. One of the swallow’s nesses has the original issue tag on it. It is an off-white paper with black printing. It has the letter “B” and “RZM” and the black SS runes. There is a rubber stamped number, “212” and the numbers on the bottom lines are “011464.”

These swallows ness are extremely impressive and would really go well displayed with some other SS music related memorabilia. This pair of swallows ness is identical to the example shown in the Angolia, “Cloth Insignia of the SS” book, on Page 174, upper.

A great opportunity here to own an SS item in mint condition and something that is really rare.

Mint. $995.00

UNIFORMS #43439 Gau Level Political Leader Musician's Swallow's Nests

This pair of Swallow's Nests are most impressive. They are done in a gold bullion-style thread that has many swastikas worked into the pattern of the nests.

The nests are lined with crimson stripes, indicating Gau level rank. These nests are trimmed with a fine, one inch wide gold fringe which remains totally intact.

The reverse of the nests are lined with brown fabric and are fitted with hooks used to affix them to a uniform. One of them retains the original paper RZM tag, and although the stamping has faded the run number of "019833" can still be seen.

A fantastic pair of nests here, in choice condition.

Mint. $995.00

UNIFORMS #39604C Model 1934 Dress Lanyard

This Model 1934 Dress Lanyard is complete and is constructed from very fine aluminum bullion cord.

Remarkably this dress lanyard shows almost no wear and looks virtually new. Condition this good in a flexible item is rare and a welcome sight. The cord itself has a very tight braid, with no loose threads or pulls. The aluminum bullion that makes up the cord is free of any soiling or discoloration.

A very choice Dress Lanyard here, perfect to dress up your equally fine officer’s tunic.

Near Mint. $295.00

UNIFORMS #39170 Army Shooting Lanyard

This Army Shooting Lanyard is constructed from aluminum bullion braided in a pigtail. It is equipped with a single acorn.

The upper portion of the lanyard has the 2nd Style insignia, featuring a Wehrmacht eagle, swastika, and a pair of crossed swords. The detailing on this insignia remains very crisp throughout.

This lanyard shows mild wear but remains in good condition.

A very nice looking and complete Army Shooting Lanyard here.

Excellent. $150.00

UNIFORMS #39382 Naval Officer’s Reef Jacket

The wool of this Reef Jacket is in nearly perfect condition, showing some minor mothing at the edge of the reverse collar. The wool is of highest quality and has a very rich feel to it.

The jacket is double-breasted, with a single pocket at the top and two flap pockets, one on each side.

There are a total of ten gilded, anchor-style buttons on this jacket. It is equipped with an officer’s bullion Naval Eagle. This insignia is in beautiful condition and has toned nicely. On each sleeves are medical caduceus emblems, also in gold bullion. The two gold bullion strips on the sleeves indicate a line officer. This man was a doctor with the rank of Oberleutnant zur See. I understand that it is possible the bullion eagle and doctor’s insignia were reapplied after the war. Often this is the case with German uniforms as often the insignia was taken off during surrender. In any even the insignia are all correct and perfectly applied.

The interior of the jacket is in choice condition, lined in black silk. It has a marking which looks to be “RAW / 15 / 9 / 39”. There are no other markings inside the jacket.

A very beautiful jacket here, and something may of us would be proud to display. This tunic would look terrific with a set of a nice Naval dagger and hangers.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $1,395.00

UNIFORMS #38777C Army Shooting Lanyard

This Army Shooting Lanyard is a pigtail braid of aluminum with a looped end. It shows some wear to the surfaces as does the loop where it was buttoned in place.

The braid is equipped with a single acorn, still firmly attached.

There is a 2nd Style insignia attached to this lanyard, consisting of an oval wreath of oak leaves with a Wehrmacht eagle and crossed swords set on a shield.

A good lanyard here. It shows some period wear but remains in collectible condition.

Excellent. $125.00

UNIFORMS #38605C Army Shooting Lanyard with Three Acorns

This Army Shooting Lanyard is the standard design; a tight pigtail braid of fine aluminum bullion.

The bullion weave itself is free of soiling or discoloration and remains tightly braided, and the loop is free of fraying or wear.

At the upper portion is a 2nd style insignia. It depicts an oval wreath of oak leaves with a Wehrmacht eagle and swastika at the top. Below this are crossed swords resting on a shield. The detailing on this insignia remains crisp throughout.

The lanyard is complete with two slides. At the lower portion all three of the original bullion acorns are attached, which is an added bonus as typically these acorns have fallen off over the years. These acorns are still firmly attached.

A fine Army Shooting Lanyard here, of a type that is somewhat difficult to acquire.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $195.00

UNIFORMS #37697C SS Officer's Boots

This pair of SS Officer's Boots is in tip-top condition throughout. They appear to be about a size 10 or 11. The leather is in outstanding condition, showing little in the way of age. The soles and heels of these boots are in fine shape, showing traces of normal wear. The metal heel and toe plates are still affixed to the sole.

Stamped into the sole leather next to the heel is “RZM L2/441/37” followed by a set of SS runes contained with a circle. An identical series of stampings appear on the inside of the boots at the reverse seam. A pair or drawstrings are still present on the interior of these boots.

If you are building an expensive SS Officer's Uniform for display these boots would be absolutely perfect to complete you assemblage. A great offering here for the right collector.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $5,995.00

UNIFORMS #33995C Japanese Red Cross Tunic

This tunic is of all wool construction, and is an olive green color. I do not see any mothing on this tunic, and it appears to be in perfect condition, showing little wear.

The tunic has five buttons that run down the front. There are two flap-style pockets at the top, with buttons. At the bottom is another set of flap-style pockets, but without buttons.

The collars have tabs affixed to the them; red in color, and with three gold stars. I believe they denote a rank of Jotohei (Senior Soldier) which would be roughly analogous to a Private 1st Class.

There is an original Japanese Red Cross Armband attached to the left sleeve. The armband is of a soft white material, with a sewn Red Cross in the center area. This armband is also in perfect condition.

Looking inside of the tunic we see, on the left side, a series of stampings in Japanese. While I don't pretend to understand Japanese, one could probably surmise these stampings are information pertaining to the wearer, or perhaps the tunic itself. The tunic is lined with a fairly stiff white cotton.

A really nice tunic here, if Japanese artifacts are your bailiwick.

Excellent Plus. $295.00

UNIFORMS #34938 Pair of Strohschuhe (Straw Boots)

This pair of Strohschuhe is an extremely rare uniform part. This straw boots were made in concentration camps, typically in Poland, and were produced for soldiers to wear on guard duty in the high mountain areas in the winter time. The boots are extremely large measuring about 19 inches in length and about 10 inches high. The straw is all tightly woven and at the bottom the straw is covered with pitch to resist the winter snow.

This particular pair of boots were brought back by an army veteran from Berchtesgaden and is validated by the fact that the boots are accompanied by the veteran’s letter written on stationary from the Deutscher Hof hotel where he tells his wife that he is sending the boots home. Since they come from Berchtesgaden it would be a fact that the straw boots were worn by SS troops as only the SS acted as guards at Berchtesgaden being the mountain home of Adolf Hitler.

This is a great opportunity for the collector out there that may be building a mannequin dressed in winter garb. These straw boots were also used in Russia and any of the areas where there were mountains and lots of snow. This is the first time I have had the opportunity to offer a pair of these boots.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $1,895.00

UNIFORMS #32324C Imperial Large Bullion and Brocade Dress Belt

I believe this massive dress belt was worn with the formal Imperial Army uniform. The belt is a fine silver bullion being about 1¾ inches wide and having twin gray stripes which run the length.

The reverse of the belt is covered in a white cotton style material that is largely free of soiling.

Attached to the belt are a catch and buckle which appear to be silver plated. At each end of the belt there is a very large bullion style tassel. The cap of the tassel is over three inches wide and the silver bullion tassels are almost ten inches in length. A very impressive item here.

The bullion belt shows some age and some wear but there are no frays or problems with it. This must have looked really great when an Imperial officer arrived at a formal reception or a parade dress occasion.

Excellent. $695.00