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UNIFORMS #48273 Luftwaffe Oberleutnant Flight Officer Tunic

This tunic is of all gray wool and is completely moth free. It is a four button tunic having four pockets with flaps. There are two sets of loops on the left pocket. The right pocket has a fine bullion Luftwaffe eagle sewn over it. There is also an Iron Cross ribbon in the first button hole. The collar tabs are a yellow for flight and they are piped with aluminum cord and feature a wreath at the bottom with two birds positioned above. Both tabs remain in perfect condition. The shoulder boards are the sewn-in variety having yellow wool bottoms. The aluminum cord at the top on both boards is in perfect condition and each board has one pip indicating Oberleutnant rank. The tunic has a tailor label in it being of black cloth with white verbage. It is labeled “Tiroler Kleiderwerke / Sutrich & Grissemann K. G.” The inside liner is in fine condition being a gray cotton fabric, It has two inside pockets and the liner also remains in absolute perfect condition. This is a very fine tunic here.

Near Mint. $1,495.00

UNIFORMS #48272 Luftwaffe Oberleutnant Flight Artillery Officer Tunic

This gray tunic is made of whipcord material and is in very fine condition throughout. There is one minuscule moth hole in the reverse but it is hardly noticeable. The tunic is the four button variety having four pockets with flaps on each pocket. There is one set of loops for a single badge on the left pocket. Curiously there is also a single aluminum collar tab style bird below the button on the left pocket which is there to retain a Luftwaffe shooting lanyard. The lanyard is in nice condition with its braided pigtail look having the aluminum wreath at the upper portion with the Luftwaffe eagle inside of it. At the lower portion there is also the award of one artillery shell which hangs from the lower area. There are two small ribbon bars on the uniform which seem to be original as they fit nicely on the loops. There is a very fine bullion officer breast eagle sewn above the pocket. The collar tabs are a red felt featuring an aluminum bullion wreath at the lower area with two bullion birds above indicating Oberleutnant rank. The shoulder boards are the sewn-in variety and they are red wool beneath. The aluminum cords at the top are in nice condition and both have a single pip affixed to them. There is no tailor label on this uniform and it is not named. The inside of the uniform is lined in a gray silk fabric still being in perfect condition. There is an inner pocket on each side and also attached to the lower shoulder is a silk hanging strap with a D ring at the bottom which was used to carry a dagger. There is also a tailored slot within the pocket flap for the dagger hanger to protrude through. Overall a very very fine tunic here and all set to go on to your mannequin.

Excellent Plus. $1,350.00

UNIFORMS #47561C Luftwaffe Flight Leutant Fleigerbluse With Breeches

This Flight Blouse is the pre-war style having the curved side pockets with no flaps and no cuffs. The Blouse is single-breasted with four-button fly front and being short waisted. It is of blue-gray wool being in fine condition with only one insignificant flaw to the right upper section of the right pocket, but it is more a scuff or pull to the material than it is a hole. The tunic features a very fine bullion Luftwaffe breast eagle on the right breast. The collar is piped in aluminum bullion. The Leutnant shoulder boards are the sewn-in variety with yellow flight colored bottom and rows of bullion tress at the top. The matching collar tabs have flight yellow backings with one bullion eagle over a half bullion oak leaf wreath. The left collar tab was resewn sometime in the past. The tabs are piped around the edges with aluminum cord. The left cuff shows signs that there was a cuff title originally on the tunic. The cuff title is gone to time.There are loops for three medals. There is a 1st Class Iron Cross and a Black Wound Badge attached to two of the three loops. The tunic inside is lined with a black silk-like material in perfect condition and having one inside breast pocket. There are no tailor labels.

The breeches are a slightly lighter gray color wool. The breeches are equipped with two flapless side pockets and two reverse pockets with buttons. The suspender cloth straps are in place at the rear and at the front, there are inner suspender buttons. The breeches taper at the legs and have working zippers. The breeches are internally lined with a white cotton at the upper areas. All fly buttons are intact. There is no cloth damage to these breeches.

A very nice Flight Tunic here, just awaiting your manikin.

Excellent Plus. $1,895.00

UNIFORMS #46119 Government Official's Tunic, Greatcoat, Breeches And Slacks

This complete Government Official's suite outfit has to be the most impressive uniform that we have had the pleasure to offer. Each piece of the uniform is in immaculate mint, "as new" condition. The garments all bear the same tailor label being "Berke Chucher Schöder, Berlin W8". Additionally, the original owner's name "Hildebrandt", and the year "1939" is labeled within the inside pockets. The deep blue color fabric is all a high-quality doeskin, with the tunic and the greatcoat being double-breasted. Both of these pieces are equipped with the Government Official bullion sleeve insignia consisting of an open-wing G.O. eagle facing to the viewer's left and grasping a wreathed swastika in its tangs. Surrounding the eagle is a bullion wreath of oak leaves and acorns. The workmanship to these insignias is simply outstanding. The collars are piped with a silver cord. The sewn-in shoulder boards are of a woven bullion on white wool base. They feature an applied patinated silver eagle with swastika in the center. The eagle appears to be unique to this branch. The boards also have two silver pips. The buttons of both outer garments are quite impressive, featuring a raised half-open wing eagle clutching a swastika. The reverse of the Greatcoat has a decorative sewn-in matching cloth belt with four matching buttons. The insides of the Greatcoat are elegantly lined in a soft gray silk. The insides of the Tunic are lined in a black silk. The Tunic is also equipped with an aluminum bullion aiguillette. These pieces seem to be about a size "36" and are quite long, indicating a very tall man.

Accompanying the tunic and greatcoat are matching riding breeches and trousers with straight legs. Both of these pieces are also tailor-labeled, and both are of long length, again, indicating a tall former owner. Both pants are equipped with white cord side stripes.

The rank of this Government Official uniform is designated as "Group II Grade A1a". With the knowledge of the original wearer's name, there is always the possibility that this officer's career could be researched.

After his appointment as Foreign Minister in 1938, Joachim v. Ribbentrop established two different branches of personnel within the Foreign Office - Diplomatic, who were diplomats per se and Government Officials who were associated with the other related functions of the Foreign Office and Ministry of the Interior. While the Diplomats reported directly to v. Ribbentrop, the Government Officials were concerned with internal government administration and were ultimately responsible to the Minister of the Interior, Himmler.

The acquisition of this uniform is a unique opportunity. It remains in a breathless mint state and has an extraordinary look about it. An ultra-rare absolute original piece of history here.

Mint Mint Mint. $14,995.00

UNIFORM #47349 Army Marksman’s Lanyard

This lanyard is the second style and shows some even wear throughout.

The pigtail style woven cord is in nice condition and the upper portion has the insignia featuring the Wehrmacht style eagle with swastika positioned over a shield with crossed swords.

The original field gray wool is sewn to the back.

A good example here to mount on to a tunic.

Excellent. $175.00

UNIFORMS #46398C Lanyard for Hitler Youth Bannführer

This good looking HJ lanyard consists of red and white matted cord. It is made in a pigtail braid method, complete with a loop on each end each with one acorn.

The acorn is also a woven piece and has the matching designs of the lanyard in the cloth. It is firmly attached with no fraying to the string, which is rare for these things as most were rather flimsy in construction.

This lanyard would have been worn with a Hitler Youth Bannführer tunic or a DJ Jungbahnführer.

A pretty rare item here.

Mint. $250.00

UNIFORMS #46643C Pair of Panzer Musician's Swallows

These musician’s swallows were worn on the shoulder of the players in the regimental band. These shoulder boards have fine bullion tress straps and they have a pink velvet backing which would indicate that they came from a panzer band. They are in nice condition and free of soiling.

The reverse of the swallows is all done in black velvet. The velvet has the steel catches which went over loops on the shoulders of the uniform.

A nice set of swallows here that show little usage.

Near Mint. $695.00

UNIFORMS #46644C Single Artillery Musician’s Swallow

This swallow would have been worn on the shoulder of a musician playing in an artillery regimental band.

The swallow is in nice condition throughout featuring textured brocade tress lines and another line that runs the full length of the bottom. Attached to the bottom are two inch bullion fringe.

The inside of the swallow is covered in a brown felt. There are a few moth holes in the felt but nothing serious.

Not too bad for half a set of swallows.

Good. $395.00

UNIFORMS #46532C Luftwaffe General der Flieger Tunic

This luftwaffe general's tunic is in outstanding condition being produced of whipcord gray wool and being completely free of any moth holes or flaws.

The tunic is a rather smaller size but it is extremely beautiful with all of its gold bullion insignia. The tunic is the style with four front buttons and two upper pockets with flaps and two lower pockets with flaps. All pockets and front buttons are gilded with pebble finish. There is a set of loops for a ribbon bar above the left pocket and on the pocket itself there are loops for 3 medals. On the right pocket there is a set of loops in the center which I assume would have been for a German Cross.

The upper collar has gold cord running around it being in fine condition. The collar tabs are most beautiful also having gold cord around them and they have a white velvet-like background. There is hand done bullion wreaths which run in their entirety around the collar tabs and in the center are three gilt flying eagles. The tabs remain in absolute perfect condition.

The shoulder boars are also quite beautiful with a white woolen button and consisting of double cording of bullion and aluminum professionally woven. There are two pips on each board and they are the sewn in type which are retained by gold buttons which are slightly smaller than the buttons on the rest of the uniform.

The breast eagle is outstanding being a gold bullion Luftwaffe droop tail style eagle flying to the viewer's right. The eagle clutches a bullion swastika and the bird and swastika are done on a gray wool background. There are no flaws to the eagle anywhere and the detail remains outstanding with a fine even age patination throughout.

The tunic is lined with a perfect conditioned darker gray silk with the usual lighter silk striped liner in the sleeves. Unfortunately there is no owner's name in the pocket nor is there a tailor label. It is interesting to note that the hanging cord put into the tunic by the tailor at the reverse of the collar shows where the tunic has been hung by this small cloth strap presumably by the original owner.

An extremely fine 100 percent authentic tunic here. If you have always been looking for an original general's Luftwaffe uniform this one would be extremely hard to beat. A real looker here.

Near Mint. $8,995.00

UNIFORMS #45354C RAD Sport Shirt & Shorts

This fine set of RAD sporting attire consists of a white tank top and a pair of wide, high-cut trunks.

The tank top style sport short is constructed from white cotton. It has taken on an almost ecru color with age, with some stains and soiling but this is entirely in keeping with an athletic shirt. The edges are a bit pulled and there is a small hole on the right breast but it is otherwise in decent condition. On the chest of the shirt of a large, separately applied RAD patch which retains its fine red coloring. The lower interior hem has a whipstitched label which reads, "Arbeitsm... Cerenick Johann Batl Abt 4/362".

The shorts are constructed of a fine brown cotton. The cut is quite high on the hip and they are somewhat wide, with a thin, sewn-in drawstring that ties on the right hip. They are in very good shape, with no flaws beyond a 2 inch tear directly below the drawstring on the hip, which looks to have a period attempt at repair. They too have the same fine RAD insignia, stitched to the right front. This patch also retains the rich red color.

A first rate RAD sporting set here, and quite rarely seen these days.

Excellent. $795.00

UNIFORMS #45496C General De Infanterie Parade Dress (WAFFENROCK) with General Officer Trousers

If you are looking for one of the most beautiful general officer's outfits you will ever see, this complete Waffenrocke uniform is a real head-turner. First off, it has no mothing or flaws anywhere, and as far as I can see it remains in a mint state. We often see these parade dress outfits in really good condition, as they were only worn for full dress occasions, and for the most part, were not worn after the war began. The tunic is a very fine military green-colored woven wool whipcord. All buttons are present and the retaining thread is sound. The tunic is equipped with a total of 20 gold buttons, having 8 at the red-piped tunic obverse, 1 on each of the shoulder boards, 2 on each of the cuffs and 6 on the reverse flap. The collar is a darker green wool, piped in red. The collar tabs are a red backing and are decorated with fantastic bullion designs which are called "Larischstikerei". The bullion general officer designs are highly raised-out and are extremely impressive. The tabs are machine sewn to the collar. The sewn-in shoulder boards are also extremely impressive, having a red wool base. The upper boards present elaborate woven silver and gold cords. The boards each have two silver pips. Since there is no branch designated on general officer Waffenrocks, I am assuming the original wearer was a General de Infanterie, but he also could have been Panzer, Artillierie or other. The cuff patches are basically vertical adaptations of the collar tabs, being red wool base cloth with smaller "Lanschstikerei". There are two patches with gold buttons on each cuff. The well-designed reverse flap is also red-piped with its unique shape and six buttons. The breast eagle is woven of a very fine gold bullion thread over dark green wool backing. The workmanship is quite delicate with brighter threads used to highlight portions of the bird's features and swastika. Attached to the third front button hole is a Second Class Spange mounted on an Imperial black and white ribbon. There are loops for a ribbon bar that extend for about 7 inches - probably would have carried a bar with 6 or 7 medals. There are also loops for four medals on the left tunic breast and loops for a single medal on the right breast.

The tunic is not named, but does have the tailor's label at the inside collar being a blue cloth with gold lettering, "M Goebel / München". The liner is a light green-color silk with a single inside pocket. The liner remains in perfect condition.

The accompanying trousers are in the same brilliant condition as the tunic They are of the same wool whipcord fabric, being a gray color. The bottoms of the trousers are equipped with button-held straps that would have been positioned beneath the heel of the shoes to keep the trouser legs in place. The trousers are piped in red stripes. The piping consists of two stripes being 1 1/4 inches wide and a thin red center stripe. The trousers are equipped with standard two side pockets and two back pockets with button-held flaps. All suspender and fly buttons are present.

A remarkable, 100% original outfit here. The uniform looks amazing on a manikin. It is of average size probably worn by a 150 pound man. Absolutely the best of the best!

Mint. $10,995.00

UNIFORMS #45099C Army Shooting Lanyard

This Army Shooting Lanyard is constructed from aluminum bullion braided in a pigtail.

The upper portion of the lanyard has the insignia, featuring a Wehrmacht eagle and swastika. The detailing on this insignia remains very crisp throughout.

This lanyard shows no wear of any kind, and is complete with two very fine acorns.

A choice Army Shooting Lanyard here.

Mint. $295.00

UNIFORMS #44519C Political Leader's Breeches

These breeches are in fine sound condition and would make a nice additional to a political leader tunic.

They are a light brown color and made with a corduroy style material. The britches of course slack down to thin areas at the bottom where they tucked into the boot. They have the original string and so forth to affect this wearing manner.

The back of the breeches have a strap with an adjustable belt for tightening and there are also straps for the application of suspenders. They have a button up fly with two buttons present and one missing.

The inner waist area is lined with a white material having triple lines running throughout the design.

A good sound set of breeches here.

Excellent. $395.00

UNIFORMS #43357C Imperial Dress Belt with Fringe

This Imperial Dress Belt is very fancy, with very fine bullion strapping. The bullion is quite beautiful, with a fine silver color and twin gray accent lines sharply highlighted in red.

There is not buckle with this belt and I am not sure how they were originally fastened. At the bottom of the strap is an array of bullion fringe that measures about 9 inches long.

This piece comes with the original box. The box is intact except for one side of the lid and constructed of black cardboard with green speckles.

Quite a nice thing here if you have a dress Imperial uniform that needs a spectacular belt assembly.

Excellent. $695.00

UNIFORMS #28069 SS Bandsman's Drummer Corps Shoulder Swallows

These swallows are quite impressive and are in an unissued state. This pair of shoulder swallows is extremely beautiful, having crescent shape and being approximately 9 inches in length. There is 7/8 inch aluminum bullion tress, which is run in a striped manner, vertically.

At the bottom, in a curve, is a finish tress of the same width. The base material is black cotton, which acts as a field in the areas that are open between the tress.

The reverse of the swallow’s nest is covered in a black, silk-like material. There are five black steel hooks attached to the curved edge of the reverse and they, in turn, would have gone over loops on the wearer’s uniform shoulder. One of the swallow’s nesses has the original issue tag on it. It is an off-white paper with black printing. It has the letter “B” and “RZM” and the black SS runes. There is a rubber stamped number, “212” and the numbers on the bottom lines are “011464.”

These swallows ness are extremely impressive and would really go well displayed with some other SS music related memorabilia. This pair of swallows ness is identical to the example shown in the Angolia, “Cloth Insignia of the SS” book, on Page 174, upper.

A great opportunity here to own an SS item in mint condition and something that is really rare.

Mint. $995.00

UNIFORMS #39170 Army Shooting Lanyard

This Army Shooting Lanyard is constructed from aluminum bullion braided in a pigtail. It is equipped with a single acorn.

The upper portion of the lanyard has the 2nd Style insignia, featuring a Wehrmacht eagle, swastika, and a pair of crossed swords. The detailing on this insignia remains very crisp throughout.

This lanyard shows mild wear but remains in good condition.

A very nice looking and complete Army Shooting Lanyard here.

Excellent. $150.00

UNIFORMS #38777C Army Shooting Lanyard

This Army Shooting Lanyard is a pigtail braid of aluminum with a looped end. It shows some wear to the surfaces as does the loop where it was buttoned in place.

The braid is equipped with a single acorn, still firmly attached.

There is a 2nd Style insignia attached to this lanyard, consisting of an oval wreath of oak leaves with a Wehrmacht eagle and crossed swords set on a shield.

A good lanyard here. It shows some period wear but remains in collectible condition.

Excellent. $125.00

UNIFORMS #32324C Imperial Large Bullion and Brocade Dress Belt

I believe this massive dress belt was worn with the formal Imperial Army uniform. The belt is a fine silver bullion being about 1¾ inches wide and having twin gray stripes which run the length.

The reverse of the belt is covered in a white cotton style material that is largely free of soiling.

Attached to the belt are a catch and buckle which appear to be silver plated. At each end of the belt there is a very large bullion style tassel. The cap of the tassel is over three inches wide and the silver bullion tassels are almost ten inches in length. A very impressive item here.

The bullion belt shows some age and some wear but there are no frays or problems with it. This must have looked really great when an Imperial officer arrived at a formal reception or a parade dress occasion.

Excellent. $695.00