Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Tinnies
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TINNIES #42696 Pair of Tinnies

This pair of tinnies consists of a brass Day of Work 1934 example and a copper colored Hitler Youth type from 1936.

Both of these tinnies have good pins attached to the reverse.

Some nice, inexpensive tinnies here.

Excellent. $50.00

TINNIES #42699 Set of Three Tinnies

This set of three tinnies includes an aluminum May Day medallion dated 1936, an aluminum miniature SA Sports Badge, and a DJ/HJ pin featuring an eagle clutching a diamond field and swastika.

All three of theses tinnier have the original pins affixed to the reverse.

A good lot of tinnies here.

Excellent. $50.00

TINNIES #39379 Police Insignia Tinnie

This Police Tinnie is about the size of a US 25 cent piece. It is fairly thick, being constructed from aluminum.

It is in the shape of a Police eagle, complete with wreathed swastika. It is dated 1942 on the lower area.

The reverse is marked 82 and has the usual safety pin catch.

Excellent. $60.00

TINNIES #27207C Cruciform Trier Tinnie

This bronze Trier Tinnie measures approximately 2 inches in the square legs of the Cross. In the center is a round diameter area, and there is a raised out garment, which looks like a shirt. On the lower ridge is the raised out writing, “Trier 1933”.

On the reverse is a safety pin like catch, and it is “Ges.Gesch.” marked.

Near Mint. 75.00