Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Tinnies
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TINNIES #47129 Group of Five Tinnies and Related Items

This grouping consists of a fairly large pin with Maltese Cross having NSKOV type wreath in the center with sword and swastika. The piece is dated 3.6.1934 and names the town of Auerbach. The next piece is a 1936 May Day tinnie. The next piece is a hollow type swastika with a pin on the reverse. The center is the word “Ja!” so this must be some type of a campaign badge.

The next is some type of plastic piece having a swastika with flowers and the initials that appear to be “DA”. The last piece appears to be some type of a possible locker tag. It is oval shaped and is appears to be of aluminum. It has an open winged eagle and swastika on the obverse and stamped with the numeral “12” over the swastika. There is also a hole for attaching a string or chain. The reverse of the badge also has the number “12” stamped over other information one word which appears to be Herrsdienst so perhaps this tag had something to do with the army.

A good grouping of interesting tinnies and the like.

Excellent. $65.00

TINNIES #42696 Pair of Tinnies

This pair of tinnies consists of a brass Day of Work 1934 example and a copper colored Hitler Youth type from 1936.

Both of these tinnies have good pins attached to the reverse.

Some nice, inexpensive tinnies here.

Excellent. $50.00

TINNIES #42699 Set of Three Tinnies

This set of three tinnies includes an aluminum May Day medallion dated 1936, an aluminum miniature SA Sports Badge, and a DJ/HJ pin featuring an eagle clutching a diamond field and swastika.

All three of theses tinnier have the original pins affixed to the reverse.

A good lot of tinnies here.

Excellent. $50.00

TINNIES #39379 Police Insignia Tinnie

This Police Tinnie is about the size of a US 25 cent piece. It is fairly thick, being constructed from aluminum.

It is in the shape of a Police eagle, complete with wreathed swastika. It is dated “1942” on the lower area.

The reverse is marked “82” and has the usual safety pin catch.

Excellent. $60.00

TINNIES #27207C Cruciform Trier Tinnie

This bronze Trier Tinnie measures approximately 2 inches in the square legs of the Cross. In the center is a round diameter area, and there is a raised out garment, which looks like a shirt. On the lower ridge is the raised out writing, “Trier 1933”.

On the reverse is a safety pin like catch, and it is “Ges.Gesch.” marked.

Near Mint. 75.00