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TINNIES #40369 2 Day Badge Tinnies

The first of this pair of Tinnies is a copper Hitler Youth example dated 1936. The second is a bronze "Day of Work" example dated 1934.

Both tinnies have the original pins attached.

A nice pair of genuine here.

Excellent. $50.00

TINNIES #39936C Two Cases of Tinnies

These two cases contain some of the best conditioned tinnies I have ever seen. Each and every one is in mint condition, and many are also quite rare.

The first case is packed with 50 pieces, and the second is stuffed with 53. There is also an accompanying list (which we’ve included with the photographs of the items) detailed each and every piece.

An outstanding opportunity to acquire a wonderful collection of these interesting pieces. The Germans made them in literally hundreds of different styles, many for one time events. Some of the rarer ones are worth quite a bit, depending on the condition. The pieces included in this grouping are all in first-class, Near Mint to Mint condition.

Near Mint. $3,600.00

TINNIES #40113 Grouping of Five Tinnies

This grouping of Tinnies consists of a Day of Work 1934 and 1935 examples, Hitler Youth 1936, a Hitler head with Party slogan, and a 500 year anniversary pin from a 1924 shooting competition.

All of these tinnies remain in very nice condition.

If you are evenly vaguely interested in starting a tinny collection, here is the perfect starting line.

Excellent. $75.00

TINNIES #40071 Pair of Tinnies

This pair of tinnies consists of a SA Neidernheim June 1938 example and a Reichs Colonial Day, May 1939.

Both of these tinnies remain in good condition and have their original pins.

A dynamic duo of tinnies here that you don't have to be Bruce Wayne to afford.

Excellent. $35.00

TINNIES #40130C Set of 8 Party Day Badges

This set of Party Day Badges includes the rare 1929 version and the semi-rare 1933 version. The badges range in date all the way through 1939. The 1939 piece is interesting as these badges were made for the September Party Rally, but due to the outbreak of the war no rally was held that year.

An fine opportunity here to start a Party Day badge collection. All of these badges are in fine condition.

Excellent. $500.00

TINNIES #40124C pair of Choice SA Tinnies

These SA Tinnies are both fairly large and each is in very fine condition.

The first of the pair if tinnies is from the Franken Group 1938 and the other is from Hochland Group 1938.

A very fine pair of SA Tinnies here.

Mint. $65.00

TINNIES #40128C Set of Three SA Tinnies

The first of these three SA Tinnies is from Nordsee 1938, the second is marked Dortmund 1938, and the last Neiderheim 1938.

All of these tinnies remain in excellent condition.

A terrific trio if SA Tinnies here.

Excellent Plus. $65.00

TINNIES #39797C Grouping of Four Tinnies

This grouping of Tinnies consists of a zinc Police Badge, a Gau Offen Helper Tinnie, a May Day 1938 Tinnie, and a Hitler medallion bearing the Party slogan, “Ein Volk, Ein Reich, Ein Führer”.

A nice bundle for the avid collector of tinnies here.

Excellent. $50.00

TINNIES #39796C Grouping of Four Tinnies

This grouping of Tinnies consists of a Gotha NSB 1939 example, a DJ Fest 1936 pin, a zinc Veteran’s pin, and a 1933 Deutsche Arbeit pin.

A good grouping here for the aspiring tinnie magnate.

Excellent. $50.00

This Veteran’s Tinnie is constructed from aluminum and is about the size of a US 25 cent piece. It features a sword and swastika superimposed over an Iron Cross.

The reverse of the tinnie has a safety pin catch and is marked “CEO”.

A good looking tinnie here.

Excellent. $25.00

TINNIES #39379 Police Insignia Tinnie

This Police Tinnie is about the size of a US 25 cent piece. It is fairly thick, being constructed from aluminum.

It is in the shape of a Police eagle, complete with wreathed swastika. It is dated “1942” on the lower area.

The reverse is marked “82” and has the usual safety pin catch.

Excellent. $60.00

TINNIES #39094C Three Piece Tinnie Grouping

This grouping of three very nice tinnies consists of a jaunty 1935 NSDAP Bonn example, a nifty 1934 Handwerk piece, and a very smart looking 1935 Kriesfest number.

All of the examples included in this grouping are maker marked and in complete, undamaged condition.

Start your tinnie collection today! Nothing says "holiday cheer" like a teetering pile of propaganda pins!

Excellent. $50.00

TINNIES #39096C Set of Three Pins/Insignia

This grouping of three tinnies/pins/what have you consists of a rectangular insignia that looks to be something to identify some kind of product... Yes, I know that's a bit vague but there you are. It features a black background with a DAF style cogwheel and swastika in the center. In the center is a make and model with a place for a number. There are also four mounting holes.

The second is an RLB pin. It depicts a stolid looking Teutonic knight with a shield standing beneath some flying aircraft.

The third pin is an open-winged eagle with swastika in a medallion format. It look similar to the design a SA belt buckle.

These pieces are a set and must be purchased as such.

Excellent. $50.00

TINNIES #39093C Set of Three Tinnies

This set of three miraculous tinnies consists of a mighty 1935 Work tinnie, a marvelous 1933-34 "Führer Thanks" tinnie, and, as the pièce de résistance, a majestic 1933-34 Helfen example. Who could want for more, I ask you?

All three pieces in this grouping are maker marked and complete with the original pins, which is more than can be said of most that you'll see lying forlorn at the bottom of a showbin.

Stuff the stockings of your friends, foes and frenemies with tinnies this holiday season.

Excellent. $50.00

TINNIES #38565C Aluminum Luftschutz Tinnie

This Luftschutz Tinnie is constructed of stamped aluminum with a hollow back.

The tinnie itself depicts a plane that looks to be in the process descending or banking. There is a house below the plane marked with the 1st style RLB insignia. Around the borders of the tinnie we see “Luftschutz Tut Not”.

This tinnie is not marked and has an attached safety pin.

Excellent Plus. $45.00

TINNIES #37397 Day of Work 1935 Tinnie

This tinnie has the usual aluminum construction. It is oval in shape.

At the top edge of the tinnie are the words “Tag der Arbeit” which is positioned over three men. One has a hammer over his shoulder, another is working with paper, and the third carries a stalk of wheat. The men appear over a Party eagle and a swastika, and the date of “1935” which flanks the talons of the bird.

The reverse has a safety pin catch. It is also maker marked “OVM Schwab–Gemünd”.

Excellent Plus. $25.00

TINNIES #36060C Grouping of Two Tinnies

This grouping consists of a plastic rectangular shaped item which features a single, “S” rune. Beneath the rune is German writing which I do not recognize. The insignia has a single hole drilled at the top. There is no catch or mechanism on the reverse.

The other example is probably not a tinnie but looks to be the insert for an SA buckle. It features an open-winged early eagle with a wreath and mobile swastika. The area below has a half wreath of oak leaves.

Excellent. $40.00

TINNIES #36058C Grouping of Three Tinnies

This grouping consists of a nickeled swastika dated 1 March 1935 with Saar superimposed over the swastika, next is a dagger-like item that has a jewel-like stone at the hilt, and the third item is a kraft tinnie. The safety pin catch is on the reverse.

Excellent. $65.00

TINNIES #36057C Grouping of Three Tinnies

This grouping of three tinnies consist of a 1935 Day of Work which has the catch missing from the reverse, a 1934 Day of Work which is complete with a catch and a Seefahrt Medallion complete with catch. Kaufe jetzt!

Excellent. $50.00

TINNIES #36056 Grouping of Three Tinnies

This trio of tinnies consists of a Day of the Wehrmacht 1938-1939 complete with safety pin catch, a Veteran’s Winter Relief of 1936 with catch and Day of Work 1935 complete with catch. "Day of the Wehrmacht" sounds like an excellent 60's B movie, so all the more reason to but these ASAP.

Excellent. $50.00

TINNIES #27207C Cruciform Trier Tinnie

This bronze Trier Tinnie measures approximately 2 inches in the square legs of the Cross. In the center is a round diameter area, and there is a raised out garment, which looks like a shirt. On the lower ridge is the raised out writing, “Trier 1933”.

On the reverse is a safety pin like catch, and it is “Ges.Gesch.” marked.

Near Mint. 75.00

TINNIES #29684C Grouping of Five Tinnies

This grouping of five, yes FIVE tinnies consists of a Sarr 1935, 1935 Hitler Youth, 1936 Party Day, 1937 DJH, and 1936 Youth Day. One tinnie is good, but five is better.

Excellent $100.00

TINNIES #29687C Grouping of Five Tinnies

These five fantastic tinnies comprise a WHW 1937 / 38, Deutsches Jugend 1936, Thurangen Kreistag 1938, Gautag 1937 and May Day 1937. These are the next best thing to a SS Honor Dagger, I swear.

Excellent $100.00

TINNIES #29683C Grouping of Five Tinnies

This set of five truly awe inspiring tinnies consists of RLB Luftschutz, Dinkelsbühl, 1939 Reich Sport Hitler Youth, 1938 Gautag Weimar, and 1943 Adolf Hitler coin with swastika. Don't blink cause these will be gone, honest injun.

Excellent $100.00

TINNIES #29690C Grouping of Five Tinnies

This group of five tinnies consists of Day of Work 1935, Day of Work 1934, NSBO Gau Köln, 10 November 1933 pin, Day of Work 1939 and German Saar 1934. Pin these to your lederhosen and go forth in style, my good man

Excellent $100.00

TINNIES #29686C Grouping of Five Tinnies

This group of five tinnies includes 1939 Kreistag, May Day 1939, 1939 Party Day, Sarr 1935, and Kreistag 1939. No dinner jacket is complete without at least 3 tinnies, so this set has got you covered and then some.

Excellent $100.00

TINNIES #29685C Grouping of Five Tinnies

This group of five tinnies consists of the following, 1939 Lippe, 1936 May Day, 1938 May Day, 1937 Hitler Youth, Kreistag 4 July 1937. Round out your tinnes collection before they disappear into the dark maw of history.

Excellent $100.00

TINNIES #29340C Set of Three Tinnies

This set of three genuine period tinnies includes a Hans Schemm, a Tag. Bergheim and a Tag Arbeit 1934 tinnie. Two of the pins are missing from these three tinnies which is unfortunate BUT they are priced accordingly. Remember: even busted tinnies need love.

Good $30.00

TINNIES #29341C Set of Three Tinnies

This set of three original tinnies includes a DAF sports tinnie, a 1936 Party Day example and a House of Art tinnie.

Collect and trade with your friends!

Excellent $50.00

TINNIES #29339C Set of Three Tinnies

This set of three smart looking tinnies includes a 1935 Work Day, a 1934 Work Day and a 1939 Sudetenland tinnie.

Tinnies are a source of joy forever.

Excellent $50.00

TINNIES #29688C Group of Five Tinnies

This group of five fine tinnies consists of a May Day 1936, a Party Day 1938, a May Day 1938, a Goslar 1936 Hitler Youth and a 1938 Hitler Youth.

Adorn your raiment in style with these tinnies, today.

Excellent. $100.00

TINNIES #29691C Group of Four Tinnies

This group of four most excellent tinnies consists of 1933 Day of German Workers, 1934 Day of Work, 1935 Day of Work and 1934 Drive Against Hunger.

You simply never, ever can have enough tinnies.

Excellent. $75.00

TINNIES #29119 Grouping of Seven May Day and Work Day Tinnies

This grouping of tinnies is quite interesting having dates going back to 1933 commemorating May Day and Work Days which were popular events during the Third Reich.

Each of these tinnies is different and is mounted on a nice red background. They are all set to go up on your wall.

Excellent. $150.00

TINNIES #27337 Swastika Tinnie

I believe that this medal is a tinnie, although it is extremely well made, and is more substantial than the usual tinnies that we see. It measures approximately one inch by one inch, and depicts a mobile swastika. It is done in brass, which appears to have had a gilded surface at one time. The legs of the swastika are all cut out, and as mentioned above, the medal is extremely well made. The top swastika leg has the date, “1 Mar” and the bottom has the year, “1935”. The reverse of this swastika has a standard safety pin style catch, and is marked by the famous producer that also did the golden Party badges, “Deschler München”. This is a good looking item that might enhance a display, or if you are really nervy, you could wear it on your lapel to the Max show.

Excellent. $95.00

TINNIES #29692C Group of Four Tinnies

This group of four period tinnies consists of a 1935 Day of Work, a Veteran’s Memorial medal from Dortman dated 1932, a Day of Work 1934 and a Hitler head medallion with the Party slogan.

Excellent. $75.00