Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria TeNo (Technische Nothilfe) Daggers
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Technische Nothilfe (TeNo or TENO), literally translated as Technical Help in Need was a German organisation with the stated purpose to protect and maintain vital & strategic facilities. It was established by members of the TA (Technische Abteilung - i.e. technical unit) of the paramilitary Freikorps GKSD - "Garde-Kavallerie-Schützen-Division".

TENO #40879C TeNo Hewer with Frog - Carl Eickhorn

This TeNo Hewer is in extremely choice condition. Looking at the hilt there is only a minuscule flake just above the obverse grip and a few tiny ones along the left edge. Beyond this the plating is intact and in fine condition.

The obverse of the pommel sports a raised TeNo cogwheel insignia, with all of the original factory darkening in the center and gear teeth.

The crossguard has a very fine, open-winged TeNo eagle looking to the viewer's left. The eagle retains complete, crisp detail, and grasps the special TeNo cogwheel swastika; this swastika is marked "TN", with the "T" being a stylized hammer.

The grip plates are constructed from off-white celluloid and remain in perfect condition. This plates are retained by screws and spanners which do not look to have been out more than once.

The scabbard shell is in straight, perfect condition, with wonderful original paint. This paint is easily 100% intact and beyond a few extremely minor traces of wear is perfect. The scabbard mounts are also perfect, being nickel plated and retained by flat side screws which are unturned.

Attached to the scabbards "U" bracket is the original hanger. This hanger is in fine condition. The retainer strap retains the original button hole which shows very little usage, not something that is going to break next year. The opposite side of the loop has an aluminum boss button.

The blade of this hewer is a fine example with a matte finish. For all intents and purposes it is the same as a RAD blade, although without the motto. This blade shows little age and is nearly mint. The obverse of the blade is etched "4802". It is interesting to note the scabbard is stamped "4702", only 100 digits apart. It seems to me that since the numbers are so close this might have been a factory error on behalf of either the stamper, etcher, or assembler; who knows who is at fault! There is no question, however, that these pieces have always been together. The blade is buffered by the original black leather washer.

An extremely nice TeNo Hewer here.

Mint Minus. $4,495.00

TENO #35943AC TeNo Officer's Dagger – Carl Eickhorn

This TeNo Officer's Dagger is not in full Mint condition, but it is really high on the barometer. The pommel cap has all of the nickel plating intact throughout. This cap has good, crisp edges and features three circles on each side which surround the TeNo symbol of a cogwheel. All of the factory blackening appears in the recesses.

The crossguard, featuring the TeNo eagle, is in fairly nice condition, having a few lifts in the surfaces. These lifts are mostly minute fragments and are fairly negligible. The plating across this crossguard is still at least 89% intact. The crossguard eagle still has fine detail throughout, and most of the factory darkening is in the backgrounds of the bird's head and feathering, as well as the serrations that appear on the four legs of the swastika. Superimposed over the swastika is the TeNo gearwheel logo, with a “T” shaped hammer and the letter “N” combined.

The grip is a most attractive, very dark pumpkin orange color, which is just the slightest bit lighter on the reverse. This grip is in perfect condition throughout.

The scabbard appears as though there may have been a dent removed above the lower chape fitting, but it is not noticeable; whoever did the work did a fine job. The scabbard has about 95% of the original blackening it the pebbled panels. These panels are still crisp throughout. There is also blackening on the decorative lines on the carrying bands, as well as on the details of the lower chape fitting. The throat is the typical thick Eickhorn style, which is retained by a center-placed screw on the reverse. The throat is stamped with the serial number, “1636”.

This piece is apparently an early example, as it is not etched but stamped with the matching number, “1636”. The blade itself is an nice as they come; it is in Mint condition with a needle tip and full cross-grain. The blade is most impressive, as these TeNo's are much long than the standard Army/Luftwaffe style we are used to looking at; these daggers are quite large! The original black washer is in place, showing little to no age.

This is a fine opportunity to acquire a really rare dagger. I have not had a TeNo Officer's dagger to offer the collecting community for some time now, so I am glad to be able to jazz up our website with the presence of this fine dagger.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $5,995.00

TENO #39837C TeNo Officer’s Dagger – Carl Eickhorn

This TeNo Officer’s Dagger has a very fine hilt. I do not see any flaking to the pommel or the crossguard. There is one spot just to the right of the right wing-end that has a small bubble but there is no plating missing. It is very unusual to see a TeNo in this state of preservation.

The pommel has circles around the gear wheel on both sides and the he original factory darkening is in place around the gear wheel teeth. The crossguard displays the very good looking TeNo eagle; this bird has open wings with nice feathering on his chest. He clutches a lined style swastika that, in the center, has a raised gear wheel with the initials “TN” set in the middle. The “T” is in the form of a hammer.

The grip is a fine, deeper orange color being in perfect condition. Wrapped about the grip is a 23cm portepee. It is the style with the thicker cord and looks very well on this dagger. This knot shows no fraying to the cord with excellent slide, stem and lower ball.

The scabbard is straight as an arrow. The scabbard has excellent pebbled panels on both sides. The original factory darkening has worn somewhat on the surfaces but it is still pretty good and extremely passable. The scabbard has the fine “V” style decorations at the lower chape and the bands are standard lined forms which also have blackening in the recesses. The throat is the thicker type normally seen with Eickhorn products and has the flatter style screw in the center reverse. The serial number “0970” is stamped into the scabbard throat. The throat surfaces show a little age and pitting but the number is still discernible.

Looking at the blade ricasso the same number is stamped (not etched) into the blade surface. This blade itself is in beautiful, fully mint condition, having 100% of the original crossgrain. On the reverse it features the etchings of the TeNo eagle and swastika with “Gesch Gesch” and, underneath, the 1935 through ‘41 Eickhorn Squirrel trademark. These etches are still very dark and crisp. The original black leather blade buffer is in place.

An extremely nice TeNo Dagger here, with highest quality preservation.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $4,995.00(122917)

TENO #36813 TeNo Enlisted Man's Hewer with Frog

This TeNo EM Hewer is, overall, a very fine example, obtained by me directly from the daughter of a South Jersey veteran.

The nickel hilt, of course, was plated over a pot-metal base, thus we have the flaking problem inherent with these weapons. On this example both the reverse pommel area and backstrap show some lifting and a small amount of flaking. The front of the pommel also shows signs of some lifting, but there is no evidence of flaking. The obverse plating, however, is still all there.

The pommel depicts a raised gear wheel, with darkening around the teeth center area. The ferrule is still almost perfect. The crossguard is totally perfect, with no flaking whatsoever. This guard is fashioned with an open-winged TeNo eagle, clutching a raised mobile swastika with a superimposed gear wheel. The gear bears the initials, “TN” inside the wheel. The letter “T” is formed from a stylized hammer design. All of the darkening is present in the recesses and behind this spectacular bird.

The grip plates are an off-white celluloid. The both are in perfect condition, and were fitted by a master. The screws and spanners which retain these plates do no look to have ever been turned. Both screw heads are pointing from north to south.

The scabbard shell is straight throughout. This scabbard has outstanding original black paint. The paint has some very minor signs of age in the surface, but overall it is still Mint and retains a factory sheen. The nickel-plated scabbard mounts are also in perfect condition. These mounts are formed with a upward “V” design where the meet the scabbard. The upper mount has a “U” bracket, used to affix the snap clip attached to the frog. The scabbard throat is stamped with the serial number “6260”.

Attached to the scabbard is the original frog. The black leather of this frog is in good condition throughout, having a single rivet on the reverse. Attached to a leather bracket on the obverse is the nickel snap clip which is marked with an “A” on the reverse, indicating the Assman firm. The leather cross strap is in place, but the button hole, however, is broken. There is also a tongue section, meant to go between the snap clip and the frog in order to reduce wear. This tongue has been left outward, and since it is firmly in this configuration I have left it alone.

The blade is a fine example, with a Bowie-style tip. It has an outstanding matte finish which is still in Mint condition. The obverse ricasso is etched with the number “6260” which matches the stamping on the scabbard throat. The reverse ricasso is etched with a TeNo eagle, being the same as the example on the guard, and having the protected patent term, “Ges. Gesch” on with side of the talons. Beneath the eagle is the Eickhorn 1935-1941 trademark. This trademark consists of a squirrel holding a downward pointing sword, beneath the word “Original”. Beneath the rodent is the name and location of the firm, “Eickhorn / Solingen”. The original black leather blade buffer is in place.

Aside from the minor pommel flaking, this TeNo Hewer is in A-1 condition.

Excellent Plus. $3,795.00

TENO #36154C TeNo EM Hewer – Carl Eickhorn

This TeNo Enlisted Hewer is in very respectable condition throughout. The nickeling throughout the hilt is intact completely throughout the crossguard and ferrule area. The pommel has some lifting just under the gear wheel and a small amount to the right of the gear wheel. The back spine also has some very minor flaking. Overall though the plating is still very nice on this example. The teno hewers and officer examples are famous for the lifted plating as these pieces were mostly made after the war started and the pot-metal base metal was not flash coated with copper before it was nickel-plated thus the plating loss. Usually, the cost of a TeNo hewer depends on the amount of plating still there. The gear wheel is in excellent condition on the pommel, still having the darkening around the geared edges and the open center area. The crossguard eagle is quite beautiful throughout having its open winged bird looking to the viewer’s left. The bird clutches a mobile swastika which has the TeNo symbol superimposed over the center of it. This is a gear wheel with a hammer and the letter “M” beneath. All of the original factory darkening remains on both sides of this crossguard. The grip plates are a fine off-white color. They are both in perfect condition throughout and fit tight as a drum. These plates are retained by a screw and spanner hardware which appears unturned.

The scabbard shell is a beauty. It is totally straight and has outstanding original black paint. This paint has a tiny bit of crazing on the obverse and a little bit more on the reverse but overall it is still 100%. Excellent paint here! The scabbard shell is fitted with the nickel-plated matching mounts. These mounts are in excellent condition, the upper one still having the majority of its frosted finish, while the lower example has maybe about 70% of the finish. Both mounts are retained by RAD style flathead screws and they are all in place and unturned. The throat of this example is stamped with the number “1165”.

The blade has the matching stamping (not etched) on the obverse ricasso. This bowie-style blade is finished in the matte style and shows only the most nominal signs of age and is in near full mint condition. The reverse ricasso is etched with the 1935-41 logo. It presents a seated squirrel holding a downward pointing sword. Above the squirrel is the quality word, “original” and below is the firm’s name and location, “Eickhorn Solingen”. Below the logo is the teno eagle. This eagle is in superb condition having all of the factory blackening and retaining the swastika with gearwheel in its talons. On either side of the bird’s legs respectively are the patent pending words, “Ges. Gesch.”. The original black leather blade buffer is new-like and firmly in place.

An extremely nice original TeNo EM Hewer here.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $4,495.00