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Technische Nothilfe (TeNo or TENO), literally translated as Technical Help in Need was a German organisation with the stated purpose to protect and maintain vital & strategic facilities. It was established by members of the TA (Technische Abteilung - i.e. technical unit) of the paramilitary Freikorps GKSD - "Garde-Kavallerie-Schützen-Division".

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TENO #35943AC TeNo Officer's Dagger – Carl Eickhorn

This TeNo Officer's Dagger is not in full Mint condition, but it is really high on the barometer. The pommel cap has all of the nickel plating intact throughout. This cap has good, crisp edges and features three circles on each side which surround the TeNo symbol of a cogwheel. All of the factory blackening appears in the recesses.

The crossguard, featuring the TeNo eagle, is in fairly nice condition, having a few lifts in the surfaces. These lifts are mostly minute fragments and are fairly negligible. The plating across this crossguard is still at least 89% intact. The crossguard eagle still has fine detail throughout, and most of the factory darkening is in the backgrounds of the bird's head and feathering, as well as the serrations that appear on the four legs of the swastika. Superimposed over the swastika is the TeNo gearwheel logo, with a “T” shaped hammer and the letter “N” combined.

The grip is a most attractive, very dark pumpkin orange color, which is just the slightest bit lighter on the reverse. This grip is in perfect condition throughout.

The scabbard appears as though there may have been a dent removed above the lower chape fitting, but it is not noticeable; whoever did the work did a fine job. The scabbard has about 95% of the original blackening it the pebbled panels. These panels are still crisp throughout. There is also blackening on the decorative lines on the carrying bands, as well as on the details of the lower chape fitting. The throat is the typical thick Eickhorn style, which is retained by a center-placed screw on the reverse. The throat is stamped with the serial number, “1636”.

This piece is apparently an early example, as it is not etched but stamped with the matching number, “1636”. The blade itself is an nice as they come; it is in Mint condition with a needle tip and full cross-grain. The blade is most impressive, as these TeNo's are much long than the standard Army/Luftwaffe style we are used to looking at; these daggers are quite large! The original black washer is in place, showing little to no age.

This is a fine opportunity to acquire a really rare dagger. I have not had a TeNo Officer's dagger to offer the collecting community for some time now, so I am glad to be able to jazz up our website with the presence of this fine dagger.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $9,495.00

TENO #35953AC TeNo EM Hewer with Original Troddel and Frog

This TeNo Hewer is in an untouched state, directly from the veteran liberator. The hewer has never been cleaned, and has all of the original nickel-plating on the hilt pieces. The nickel-plating shows a little under the surface movement on the obverse of the pommel, but the rest of the hilt still has all of the plating. The nickel has a rather dull finish, which would probably look a lot nicer if it were cleaned, but being as there are those out there that like to leave things in an untouched state I will leave the choice of cleaning this piece to the next owner.

The obverse pommel has the raised out insignia of the TeNo organization, being a stylized cogwheel. The factory blackening is still intact throughout the detailing of this insignia. The crossguard eagle below is in very choice condition, being just as crisp today as it was when this piece was produced in 1939 or 1940. This eagle has full detailing throughout his head and breast feathering, as well as his talons. The swastika also has excellent detail, bearing a superimposed cogwheel in the center area, which in turn bears the hammer-shaped “T” and capital “N” initials of the TeNo organization.

The grip plates are an off-white color, and in choice condition throughout. These grip plates are retained by screw and spanner hardware, the screws appearing to have never been turned. The screw heads have a bit of age on their surfaces, but this will easily come off if the next owner elects to clean this piece.

The scabbard shell is straight and in perfect condition. These TeNo scabbard shells are the same as the RAD type, and like the RAD the shell is painted black. On the reverse facing this paint is in perfect condition, having only a couple of minor spiders. The obverse is also in choice condition, having a few minor signs of carrying wear, but overall the paint still rates at about 99%. This paint retains the original luster. With a little bit of car wax applied, this paint would really make you smile! The shell is fitted with the TeNo hewer mounts, which are steel-based with fine, nickel-plated surfaces. The mounts are patinated to match the hilt of this piece, and would clean up nicely. These mounts are retained by RAD-style screws, which are unturned and in fine condition. The throat of this scabbard is stamping with the matching serial number, “5658”.

The blade is an absolute beauty, having the original, matte-finished surface. This blade shows little to no age. The blade is etched with the matching serial number, “5658”, which is still nice and crisp and clear, resting beneath the crossguard swastika. The reverse ricasso features the open-winged TeNo eagle, with swastika and gearwheel. Flanking the eagles talons are the patent markings, “Ges. Gesch”. Below the eagle is the Eickhorn trademark, a seated squirrel holding a downward pointing sword. Above the animal is the quality word, “Original”, and below the firm's name and location, “Eickhorn, Solingen.” The original black leather washer is set in place, and remains in excellent condition.

This hewer not only has the original frog but also the original troddel. The frog is in excellent condition, being the black leather type with rivets set just below the center reverse. Unfortunately the buttonhole is broken on the retainer strap. The original aluminum boss, however, is still in place. The frog is equipped with the “flap-over” tongue, which protects the scabbard area from the snap clip below. This snap clip is the standard type, which is mostly likely stamped with the letter “A”, but I can't check this because the original troddel is tied around the clip.

The troddel, rather than being wrapped around the center portion of the frog, is tied about the upper portion of the scabbard mount and then woven through the openings of the frog's snap-clip. This obviously is the way the original owner wore the hewer, and fortunately the returning veteran left this interesting tie in place. This troddel has the tan color textured strapped with twin dark colored lines running the length. There is no fraying whatsoever, just a little bit of surface age soiling. The slide and stem, as well as the cap of the acorn, are a blue color. The lower portion of the acorn is finished with a yarn-like woven covering, and in the lower insert is material which matches the strapping.

This is a golden opportunity to acquire an untouched TeNo, exactly as it came out of the woodwork. This piece has never been in a collection.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $5,495.00