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SSSIL #49998C SS-Reich Teaspoon

This teaspoon is 5 and half inches in length. The spoon has a very good crisp domed area and the handle has a series of larger to smaller raised dots that run up the edges.

It is deeply stamped on the obverse SS-Reich. The reverse is hallmarked with a crown and 800 along with someother hallmarks that I don't recognize.

A very fine example here.

Mint Minus. $995.00

SSSIL #49470 Aluminum SS-Reich Tablespoon

This tablespoon is 8 inches in length and shows a little usage being basically plain on the front with just beveled edges.

On the reverse it is stamped "SS-Reich".

Probably an example that was used in an enlisted man's mess hall.

Excellent. $195.00

SSSIL #49115 SS Marked Plate by Haas & Czjzek

This beautiful plate was produced by the firm Haas & Czjzek (H & C) of Schlaggenwald in Sudetengau. The H & C Schlaggenwald trademark on the bottom was only in use from 1939 to 1945, making this a definite Third Reich piece.

The current conjecture on these pieces is that they were made for use for SS higher ups in Bohemia and Moravia, and the quality of the piece bears this theory out.

The plate is made of beautiful white porcelain and is set off by a 24 karat gold rim marked with repeating SS runes. It is striking to say the least.

An extremely rare SS plate here, and one that will occupy a shining highlight slot on your collection.

Mint. $1,995.00

SSSIL #48960C Broken-in-half SS Field Fork

This field fork is of aluminum and apparently was had the handle broken off by a GI for easy carry home.

The existing portion consists of the tines of the fork but the stampings on the piece are really quite interesting. There is a deep SS stamping followed by 1937 in a circle followed by a waffenamt featuring the eagle and swastika over WaA142 and lastly the initials in a circle CFN in capital letters.

This was probably a fork that was used in the field but it is quite interesting to see how drastically it was marked during the period.

Poor. $295.00

SSSIL #48895C SS-Reich Large Dinner Spoon

This dinner spoon most likely was apart of the SS-Reich mess hall. The spoon is quite plain being 11 and quarter inches in length. It has two accent lines that run down the edges with a tip on the end.

The reverse handle of the spoon is deeply marked SS-Reich. Above this is the hallmarks of the maker being Ronusil / Rostfrei. The spoon still remains in nice condition.

Excellent. $295.00

SSSIL #48203 LAH Monogrammed Table Spoon

This LAH monogrammed table spoon measures 8 and half inches and the bowl is good and crisp throughout.

Engraved into the lower handle is the LAH cypher. The engraving is very deeply done and extremely professional. The spoon is marked on the reverse “Wellner 90” and also “30”.

An excellent example here.

Excellent Plus. $395.00

SSSIL #47758C SS Wewelsberg Dinner Fork

This Dinner Fork is extremely rare and is in untouched, uncleaned condition. It comes from Wewelsberg Castle, which of course was the seat of Himmler's half-baked Nazi “Camelot” fantasies. Only can only imagine what nefarious characters might have skewered their bratwurst with this fork!

The fork is 8 inches long and all of the tines are in perfect condition. The design is very plain, the handle being rolled with a set of SS runes in a circle. The name of the castle, "Wewelsberg", can be seen on part of this circular border.

The reverse of the fork is marked with a circular stamping that reads "Alpacca" and the initials "S.F.A.". These letters surround what looks to be the head of a dog, or a malformed wolf.

This example does not look to have ever been cleaned.

Excellent. $1,195.00

SSSIL #25259 Das Reich Cake Fork

This Das Reich Cake Fork measures approximately six inches in length.cIt is relatively plain in design.

It is the style fork which is pointed on the edge on the left portion of the end.

The fork is marked "Bruckmann 90"; and the handle is stamped "SS Reich".

A fine example of Das Reich flatware here.

Excellent Plus. $250.00

SSSIL #25261 Das Reich Salad Fork

This Das Reich Salad Fork is marked "Bruckmann 90"; and on the handle "SS Reich".

Surprisingly elegant and nicely contoured, this fork is an excellent example of its type.

A fine example of Das Reich flatware here.

Excellent Plus. $250.00

SSSIL #36896 Laz. LAH SS Spoon

This spoon is a fairly large table type, measuring just over 8 inches long. It appears to be made of stainless steel, and is in generally good condition throughout.

There is a border around the handle which features floral designs at the lower portion. On the reverse of the handle the spoon is marked “Laz. LAH”. This is an abbreviation for “Lazarett”, which was a hospital. This spoon was used for a special hospital that was treating SS personnel.

The reverse of the spoon is marked “Rostfrei 2713”.

An interesting LAH example here.

Excellent. $250.00