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The swords, or degens in the German, carried by the German Police and the SS were based on a rigid design approved by SS channels in 1936. The degen was composed of a nickeled hilt design with "D" guard shape and black ebony grip. The insignia of the organization was positioned in the center grip - an eagle within a wreath clutching a swastika for Police Degen and a set of SS runes within a round disk on the grip of the SS Officer degen. On the SS NCO degen, the SS runes are contained within the top pommel cap.

The scabbards for the degens are the same. They are black with nickel mounts having a weave design. The NCO versions have a built-in drag. The blades are a plain matte-finished variety.

SSPOL #47625C Police NCO Degen by Hermann Rath

This NCO police degn is in superlative condition with full nickel plating throughout and remaining nice and bright. The pommel cap is the flatter style on the top typical of NCO types. The D guard is in perfect condition swooping through the crossguard area and ending in a teardrop quillon. The lower ferrule is in very fine condition featuring the 6 standing oak leaves separated by acorns. There is fine pebbling in the areas separating the acorns as well as hand enhancing to the veins. The ebony grip is the type without wire and it remains in perfect condition. It has a flush set NCO aluminum police eage. The eagle features an open winged bird clutching a swastika superimposed over a wreath of oak leaves. A very fine hilt here. The scabbard is also a beauty. It is straight throughout having outstanding original paint. The obverse side is nearly full mint while the reverse only has some extremely mild carrying signs. The upper scabbard mount features the Wotan’s knot with good pebbling in the centers. There is little black in the pebbling. The obverse portion of the mount is retained by a screw while the reverse has no screw but appears that it never did. All there is there is a small set drill spot which was never penetrated. The lower chape of course has no mount having a built in chape. The blade is a very fine mint conditioned 33 inch long example. It has the usual matte finish. It is marked on the reverse “Herm. Rath Solingen”. The black leather washer is in place. An extremely nice NCO degen here.

Excellent Plus Plus. $1,395.00

SSPOL #47626C Police NCO Degen by Puma

This degen has excellent nickel hilt plating which is still in a fine bright condition throughout. The pommel is the flatter type used for NCOs. The D guard stretches around through the crossguard and ends in a teardrop quillon. The lower ferrule is an excellent example featuring the 6 standing oak leaves. Each of the oak leaves has been hand enhanced in the center with two veins and also has all of the leaves pebbled. The area where there were casting flaws has handmade acorns to cover this work. A very interesting to study ferrule here. The scabbard is straight throughout having original black paint. The paint shows some age crazing on both sides but the paint is still all there. The upper scabbard mount features the Wotan knot with pebbling in between and also some of the darkening still in place. This mount is retained by two round head side screws. At the lower there is no mount as the chape is built in to the scabbard. The blade is a fine example still being in mint condition and measuring 31 and a half inches. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the diamond featuring the cat head inside and beneath “Puma”. Beneath the diamond is “Solingen”. The original black blade buffer is in place. A fine NCO example here.

Excellent. $1,195.00

SSPOL #47630 Police NCO Degen by Carl Eickhorn

This degen has an excellent nickel plated hilt showing only minor age. The pommel is the flat NCO, and the D guard ends in a teardrop quillon. The oak leaves and acorns on the ferrule remain crisply detailed.

The ebony grip is in nice condition, with only a few minor surface chips. The inset aluminum NCO insignia remains clear, with only faint traces of wear.

The scabbard is straight and retains the original paint. This paint shows quite a bit of crazing on both sides, but remains generally intact. The “Wotan’s Knot” upper fitting has much of the original darkening and is retained by a pair of dome head screws in the lower loops. The chape is an integral type.

The throat and the scabbard are marked with the SS-Kulturzeichen proofing.

The blade measures thirty-one and a half inches and remains in mint condition. The reverse is stamped with the 1935 through 1941 Eickhorn Squirrel trademark. The original Eickhorn style white leather washer is in place.

A decent degen here, in need of a little clean up.

Excellent. $1,095.00

SSPOL #47627C Police NCO Degen by Alcoso

This degen shows some age and wear to the nickel plating throughout the hilt. The pommel cap is the flatter style used for NCO’s. The D guard runs downward through the crossguard ending in a teardrop quillon. The lower ferrule is silver plated as was the case with all Alcoso degens. The 6 standing oak leaves each of which has the little circles in the oak leaves as well as other enhancing. The acorns separating the leaves have nice checkered caps. The ebony grip is still in nice condition throughout being the style without wire. Countersunk in the center is a aluminum NCO police eagle. The eagle features an open winged bird which clutches a wreathed swastika. The bird is superimposed over an oak leaf wreath. The insignia shows some minor surface wear but the details are still mostly there. The scabbard has a small S bend in the center of it. It does not affect the blade and is not really noticeable unless you look at the scabbard from its edge. The original paint is still fairly good showing usage and attic crazing on both sides but still being at about 90 percent. The upper scabbard fitting like the grip ferrule is also silver plated. It features the Wotan knot and the areas in between have pebbling with some blackening still there. The mount is retained by flat head screws. The lower scabbard has the built in chape at the end. The 33 inch long blade shows some age and also a few minor nicks in the edges. This blade only grades at about excellent. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the last Alcoso trademark being the scales with “AWS”. The firm’s name is script written to the right over Solingen underneath. The original black leather blade washer is in place. A good starter sword here or an excellent example for someone on a budget.

Excellent. $695.00

SSPOL #46534 SS / Police NCO Degen by Peter Dan Krebs

This degen is a very interesting example and something that I really like. It appears to be a standard police degen until you look at the flat style pommel cap. Professionally engraved into the center of the pommel cap is a single circle with a nice set of double lined SS runes. Absolutely authentic! Obviously the police NCO that owned this sword was also a member of the SS.

The ebony grip is in good condition with the exception that there is a surface chip up at the top obverse rib. There is an inset aluminum police eagle.

The scabbard of this example is straight as an arrow and is in outstanding condition. The original paint is just about full mint on it with its original luster. Even the paint remains on the lower chape area. The upper scabbard mount features the Wotan’s Knot and on the reverse still has almost all of the blackening with some wear to the obverse obviously from the original carrier’s hand. A very fine scabbard here.

The 29 inch long blade is a beauty having all of its matte finish and still being in mint condition. It is stamped with the 2nd style lobster trademark which is within a shield. The original whithe washer is in place. The washer is quite unusual as it appears to be a cloth type example. It is also interesting to note that the scabbard throat is stamped with the SS-Kulturzeichen proof mark.

Overall a most interesting police SS example here and worthy of a collection.

Excellent Plus Plus. $1,995.00

SSPOL #46887C Dove Head Sword presented to SD Officer SS Hauptsturmführer Karl Hintze Carl Eickhorn

This SS sword on the surface appears to be a standard army NCO style dove head and if you saw it at a show within a scabbard and did not bother to look it may well have been passed by as a kind of nothing piece. The fact remains however that is really quite a glorious piece once the blade is examined.

The hilt of this example is in a plain nickel finish typical of a NCO sword. The nickling is still in very nice condition throughout showing little age.

The grip is carved wood base having good celluloid covering and being wrapped with triple brass wire the center being twisted.

The scabbard is nice and straight and has good original paint showing only minor usage.

The best part of the sword is the blade. It is a triple etched example having a reverse etch featuring military scenes with crossed cannons floral devices and the like. The quillback is also etched with oak leaves. However the fun begins on this sword with the etch on the obverse panel. It is quite a beautiful Arabesque design with a center panel having perfect background frosting. In two line is engraved “Ziehe mich nicht ohne Grund Stecke mich nicht ein ohne Ehre / unserem Kameraden Hauptstur. Hintze”. This translates to “Don’t draw me without reason, don’t sheathe me without honor (to) Our Comrade Hauptsturmführer Hintze.”

Looking into the 1937 SS Deinstalterliste we find Karl Hintze and he at that time was the winner of an honor ring and was with the Siecherheitsdienst / SD Hauptamt. His SS number was 36233 and he was born 28.12.00. He appears in the 38 list also but does not seem to appear after that. Records also show that although he was a Hauptsturmfuhrer when receiving this sword he was later promoted to Sturmbahnfuhrer in 1938 and also earned the SS honor sword. I have only touched things here with this man's career and I am sure the next owner could find out a lot more.

The blade is basically in mint condition and makes for quite a wonderful sword here. I liked this word so much when I saw it many years ago that I featured it in a full page in my SS book on page 336. So if there is someone out there that would like to research this man and own a really outstanding SS sword despite the fact that it is mounted in an army dove head this is a grand opportunity.it also proves that even an SS officer could carry one of these swords as at the time it was awarded the model 1936 SS degen had not yet been introduced. And exciting example here!

Near Mint. $7,495.00

SSPOL #46260C Early SS Officer Degen with Pommel Monogram and Original Portepee No Maker

This SS degen has to be the longest example that I have encountered in my career. The blade of this example is actually 37 inches. The man who wore this degen must have been easily 6 foot 3 or 6 foot 4 which was quite huge in the day.

The hilt is of all nickel construction having the upper fitting that turns out to which the pommel screws in. The pommel is the silvered type and although it shows wear around the edges there is no sign that it has ever been out of this degen. The top of the pommel is neatly engraved with the original owner's monogram "LF". The D guard is an excellent example having a fine dull patination and this degen appears to have never been cleaned not that it was dirty. It just has a fine patina to it.

The D guard swoops downward through the crossguard area and ends in a down flowing teardrop having the partial drilled holes on each side. The ferrule is a very fine example featuring the six standing oak leaves. There is lots of enhancing on the oak leaves regarding the veins and also some nice pebble work on the two areas where the casting seams would have shown.

The grip is a very fine ebony. It is the type of ebony that was lacquered originally and from wear by the user most of the original lacquer is worn off exposing the darker brownish color ebony wood. There are no chips or any problems on this grip. It is tightly wrapped with nickel wire which gathers at the reverse and is covered by a nickel bracket. In the center of the grip is inset a very fine nickel SS medallion still having all of the darkening in the backgrounds of the raised SS runes.

Wrapped about the lower portion of the hilt is the original to the piece portepee. This portepee is tied tight as a drum and has never been off of this degen. It is completely set in place and really looks neat. The tie method used by the original owner is rather interesting and just a bit different than we see on most swords with portepees. In fact the strapping does not cover the lower ferrule which is kind of a neat look. The portepee shows age but virtually no wear still having good textured bullion strapping featuring the twin black lines which run the length. The slide is in place with its woven design and the stem is the style that is rounded on both sides and features a set of black SS runes encircled on both sides. The lower knot is of all bullion in good condition with an insert matching the strapping.

And extremely fine hilt here that really talks to you if you know SS things.

The very long scabbard is totally straight on the obverse with just the tiniest of a wearing ding on the reverse but it is hardly anything. The original paint is still excellent easily being 98 percent and still having its good original luster. The scabbard is equipped with nickel mounts. The lower mount is in good condition with the decorative lines and it is the style that is retained with no screws. The upper mount has a very fine Wotan's knot which features maybe 60 percent of the original blackening in between the knot. It is retained by dome head screws one each on the lower loops of both sides of the mount. The scabbard throat is stamped with the SS-Kulturzeichen.

The lower hilt may also be stamped as some are and some are not but it would impossible to look due to the tight tight setting in place of the original portepee.

As I mentioned at the beginning of the description the immense blade is nearly 37 inches long. Normally blades were made with a maximum 35 inch length but this one must have been custom made to suit the height of the wearer. The blade is a very fine example in the matte finish throughout and still remains in mint condition. It is an unmarked example as we frequently see on these early degen. The white washer is still in place.

If you are looking for a SS degen that not only really talks to you but has fine condition and lots of attributes this example should be one you would want to invest in. I can't imagine that it would not be an outstanding example for the future as anyone who is a serious collector of SS memorabilia would just love to have this piece. There is also the possibility that the monogram "LF" could some day be identified. One of the neatest SS degen I have had the pleasure to offer.

Excellent Plus Plus. $7,995.00

SSPOL #45943C Early SS NCO Sword with Motto on Blade by Carl Eickhorn

This sword is in an extremely fine condition and very desirable. The hilt is the plain style army variety that was worn by some early SS NCO members prior to the introduction of the NCO degen. The sword hilt is all plain nickel plated steel. It is in excellent condition showing little age to the plating.

The obverse langet is extremely well done having a pebbled shieldlike pattern featuring raised runes in the center. The pattern is extremely well done with very close pebbling to produce the right effect of the bright runes. On the reverse the sword is stamped “SD 145”. I don’t know whether this has any significance to the Seicherheitsdeinst or not or whether it is just some type of number assigned to the sword for accountability purposes. Either way this numbering system should be researched.

The grip is a carved wood example covered with celluloid. There are a couple of splits in the grip celluloid at the upper portion under the pommel but they have been there a long time and are not going anywhere. They hardly show to the eye. The grip is tightly wrapped with twisted aluminum wire having a twisted center. A very good looking hilt here!

The scabbard is in fine shape showing a little bit of mild usage toward the lower area after the center but the paint is still in very nice condition throughout. I would say that this paint rates at about 98 percent.

The long blade is 32 inches and it is the wider type that we associate with the cavalry. The nickel plated surfaces are still in very fine condition and the blade easily rates in a near mint state with its needlelike tip.

IMpressively etched into the obverse center of the blade is the SS motto “Meine Ehre heißt Treue”. The motto is perfectly executed and still retains 100 percent of its dark background in the recesses. The sword is stamped on the reverse ricasso with the 1935 through 1941 trademark. The original leather buffer is in place.

A very rarely seen example here and a great item for those of you out there that are SS edged weapons collectors.

Excellent Plus Plus. $4,495.00

SSPOL #45944C Early Silvered SS Leopard Head Sword by F. W. Höller

This Holler sword is their model number 22 and a picture of this model can be seen on page 93 of the ancient Angolia sword book.

The hilt still has 98 percent of its silvered finish. There is some slight wear on the higher surfaces of the cat and the eagle langet. The cat is a panther head showing extra detailing to the cat’s whiskers where there is pebbling by hand and also hand enhancing to the brow and mane which runs partially down the backstrap. The mane also has some hand pebbling done. The remainder of the backstrap has raised oak leaves and acorns and it appeared as though the caps of acorns also have been hand enhanced. The grip tabs also have oak leaves and they are retained with screws as is a norm for Holler on this model sword.

The P guard has excellent raised out oak leaves and acorns and at the bottom of the guard there is additional hand enhancing with pebbling. The ferrule features oak leaves and acorns running its circumference. The reverse langet has a plain raised shield.

The crossguard quillon ends in a curlicue. The obverse langet features an open winged eagle with fine detail to its wings breast feathering talons and wreath. On either side of the talons are raised diamond shapes typical of this producer.

The grip is a hard carved wood base covered with black celluloid. The celluloid remains in perfect condition and is tightly wrapped with triple bras wire the center being twisted.

The scabbard is straight throughout. The paint is outstanding but I have a feeling that it is an old repaint. There are a couple of chips here and there in the paint but overall the paint is still at 98%.

The fine blade is a 31 and half inch length. It has outstanding nickel plated surfaces that are still newlike throughout. This mint blade is marked with Höller double ovals which feature the firm’s name within the ovals "F. W. Höller Solingen" and inside is the familiar thermometer logo. The original brown leather blade washer is in place.

This type of sword would have been ordered early in the period by an SS officer since there were no official degens until 1936 and even after that many SS officers did not qualify for a degen. A fine original example here.

Excellent Plus. $3,495.00

SSPOL #45659C Early SS Lion Head Sword of Hitler's SS Adjutant SS-Obergruppenführer Julius Schaub - W.K.& C

This SS sword is of great importance to collectors as it is the personal example worn by Hitler's long-time trusted adjutant Julius Schaub. The sword is a grosser-size lion head with all silver finish. The cat's head is the standard shape, having the longer variety of snout. The whiskers, brow and mane running partially down the back strap all have hand-enhancing The head is the style with the cat's eyes being part of the casting. The back strap features individual patterns of oak leaves, floral and flower designs. The grip tabs have an interesting swirl design. The "P" guard is plain throughout. The silvered finish is excellent on the outside of the "P" guard, but does show some lifting on the inner area. The cross guard and both langets are also a plain surfaced type. The grip ferrule is plain having two decorative raised lines. The grip is a carved wood base having good black celluloid covering. The celluloid shows a couple of minor scuffs at the upper areas, and there is a small age crack at the fifth rib, coming down from the pommel, but nothing serious that is hard to see. The grip is wrapped with triple-twisted silvered wire, the center being of slightly larger proportion. The wire is somewhat loose, but none is missing. The obverse langet is quite a sight having twin SS runes individually applied to the surface. Looking behind the langet, these runes are retained by pins. The reverse langet is lightly engraved with the owner's personal name, rank and date. The engraving is done in block capital letters in seven lines, " S..S. / BRIGADE- / FÜHRER / JULIUS / SCHAUB/ R.F.S.S. / 23.3.34 ". The RFSS would indicate that Schaub was officially a member of Himmler's staff - "Reichsführer-SS", as were all members of Hitler's adjutant or valet staff.

The scabbard is straight throughout and is the wider type, to accommodate the large proportion blade. The scabbard paint is all original, showing some age and usage, but still being at least 95%. It is interesting to note that the scabbard band is the style with a raised cap device on each side. This style was used during the Imperial time for swords coming from Baden.

The wide blade is the larger wide style that was normally used by cavalry personnel. The blade is richly nickel-plated. The reverse is completely mirror-bright and in mint condition. The obverse, although still bright, does have a few age spots in the surfaces, but not bad. The blade overall still grades at excellent plus. This blade is 32 inches long. It is also curious to see that the W. K. & C. logo is the imperial style depicting the king and knight head together. I believe that this is easily explained, as in March of 1934, there was not an official SS Officer Sword, and officer's desiring a sword more or less ordered what they wanted. It was also a time where Solingen was in the process of designing sword hilts to reflect the new regime. Most likely, WKC had this Baden pattern sword on-hand being unused from the prior years and simply adapted it for use to serve Schaub's needs, being a high ranking SS Officer.

Julius Scaub is one of the most recognizable SS Officers of the 3rd Reich, as it is rare to not see him at Hitler's side at meetings, agreement signings, parades or riding in the back seat of the Mercedes limo behind Hitler. Schaub was born in Bavaria, 20 August 1898. Schaub was chief aide and SS adjutant to Adolf Hitler for 25 years, stemming into the last days of the war living in the bunker beneath the Reich Chancellery. He joined the Nazi Party in the early days, attracting Hitler's attention and becoming his valet. He took care of Hitler's personal belongings, travel and papers. He was with Hitler at the 1923 Putsch, and in 1924, was imprisoned with Hitler in Landsberg prison where he continued as his personal aide. Göring, noted for giving comical nicknames to Hitler's inner circle, called Schaub Reisemarschal, or Travel Marshall. During the 12 year regime, Schaub daily gave operational orders to Rattenhuber of the RSD, being Hitler's personal protection chief.

Schaub achieved the final rank of SS-Obergruppenführer in 1943. In April 1945, Schaub was ordered to destroy all of Hitler's belongings and papers in the Reich Chancellery, and did the same in Hitler's Munich apartment and also at the Berghof. Although he did as best as he could, we know today that some of Hitler's belongings somehow escaped the "scorched earth" policy. Schaub was arrested by the Americans on 8 May 1945. He remained in custody until 1949, when finally, denazification investigators classified him as only a "fellow traveler" and concluded that he was not accused of any war crimes. He died in his Munich hometown 27 December 1967. Arguably, Schaub knew more about Hitler's personality and thinking than anyone else in his "inner circle". Most of it, he never revealed, even after the war was over. He described himself as "Hitler's Shadow".

A once-in-a-lifetime opportunity here to acquire an original SS sword owned and worn by one of the most well-known of all 3rd Reich personages. I remember first seeing this sword back in the 1990s, when I was visiting the tables of the late Leo Watermeir at a show in Houston. Leo had the sword and he told me he acquired the sword from an individual who was related to Schaub. Not province I know, but this sword speaks for itself with its originality and Leo had a lot of great SS items in his personal collection. It would be great if one of you collector/researchers could turn up a period photograph of Schab wearing this sword. There are photos of Schaub wearing his 1936 SS Degen, but this elusive photograph would have had to come from the period of 1934 - 1936.

Excellent. $10,500.00

SSPOL #45642C Early Silvered SS Lion Head Sword by PD Lüneschloss

This lion head sword is most attractive having excellent silver plated surfaces. The lion head is the conventional style cat with long jaw. The whiskers have been hand enhanced as has the brow and the mane which flows downward. The mane also has a lot of nice pebbling to help bring it out. This early sword is the type that has the tang covered with a plug at the top which has been hand engraved to match the flow of the mane. The cat is equipped with two small faceted red eyes. The backstrap continues down in a interesting floral pattern featuring leaves and in the center a flower design.

The P guard is also interesting in that it features three different patterns. Coming out the the lion's mouth is a pattern of laurel leaves which is raised out and then there is in the center a floral design which encloses a raised heart shaped shield. Within the shield is delicately engraved the year “1933”. The P guard continues downward to a floral design which becomes raised dots as it goes into the crossguard. The obverse of the crossguard has a stubby winged style eagle which is unique to the Lüneschloss firm. The eagle is extremely well executed with lots of hand work clutching a large wreath with engraved swastika. Very nice work here! The quillon ends with a roaring lion lead.

The reverse langet is also most interesting in that it has laurel leaves around a raised oval panel. Within the oval panel is a set of engraved SS runes. The runes are very well done with shade lines in between the S letter formation. The ferrule is a standard type with overlapping oak leaves.

The grip is a carved wood base covered with black celluloid remaining in perfect condition. The celluloid is tightly wrapped with triple brass wire the center being twisted. An extremely fine early hilt here.

The scabbard is straight throughout but studying its painted finish it appears to be an old repaint. The paint still remains at about 99 percent and looks fine.

The blade is expertly nickel plated and remains in full complete mint condition being mirror bright. This blade is marked on the reverse with the fire helmet having a sword running through the center. This was the early marking used by the PD Lüneschloss firm.

The original brown leather blade buffer is in place.

An extremely nice original early SS sword here being one of the first issued well prior to the 1936 year when the official degen was introduced.

Excellent Plus. $5,495.00

SSPOL #41250C Early SS Officer's Degen

This SS Officer's Degen is of initial production with hilt being of solid nickel. The Degen does not appear to have been cleaned, having a smooth, even patina throughout.

The hilt is the style with the screw-out step nut below the pommel. The Degen has never been apart. The pommel nut is also solid nickel, showing no signs of removal and still having excellent umbrella-like serrations around the upper edges. The upper center pommel area is totally smooth with all surfaces intact and unmarred. The "D" guard is perfect throughout with an appealing curved design. It flows perfectly though the crossguard area, ending with a teardrop quillon having the partial decorative drilling on each side. The lower ferrule features the six standing oak leaves separated by acorns.

Interestingly, the areas between each of the oak leaves, and above the acorns has been hand-punched with dots and darkened. The same treatment has been applied to the acorn caps; I have not seen this treatment on an SS Degen before. It is fun to study the hand work on these ferrules, as each individual example is slightly different, making each Degen unique from this aspect.

The ebony grip is completely perfect with no chips or flaws; some beautiful wood here, especially when it is seen in this condition. The nickel SS runes button is set on a slight turn, being positioned at about 7:00 o'clock, reminiscent of many of the buttons we see on the early SS daggers. The original factory darkening over the button's pebbled backgrounds is almost still completely intact, with one wear spot at the bottom point between the two runes. The under portion of the lower hilt is stamped with the SS-Kulturzeichen proofing.

The scabbard shell is outstanding, being straight and having great original luster to the original black paint. This paint is at least about 98%, being very impressive and also a true testament to this Degen's condition. The lower drag is nickel-plated and features the straight decorative line enhancing. There is just a tad of rust on the very chape area, where according to the consignor, the carpet was wet sometime while the vet was storing this Degen. The upper scabbard mount is in fine condition with its Wotan knot motif. All of the original factory darkening remains between the knot ties - also a great sign of little usage. The throat is also SS marked with the Kulturzeichen stamping.

The 32 inch blade is as good as they come, being completely in mint condition. It is the unmarked variety as we often see on initial production pieces, and has the usual short ricasso with single blade fuller. A perfect blade here. The original white leather washer is in excellent condition, showing only minor age, but little wear.

A great opportunity here to acquire a direct veteran original example that has never been cleaned, never been in a collection and remains in top condition.

Mint Minus. $6,495.00

SSPOL #43276C SS Panther Head Sword with "Das Reich" Etch - F. W. Höller

This Panther Head Sword is the aluminum version, having a gilded finish. It is the F. W. Höller Model #22.

The gilding throughout the hilt shows wear on the high areas and is probably about 80% intact. The panther head is fitted with faceted red glass eyes and retains fine detailing throughout the muzzle, brow, and mane. The backstrap is decorated with raised oak leaves raised oak leaves and acorns, with the tabs extending into the grip.

The "P" guard has fairly good gilding and features additional oak leaves and acorns. The same is true of the ferrule.

The obverse langet features a Höller style open winged eagle, looking to the viewer's left. The bird retains good detailing throughout. The quillon ends in a teardrop swirl. The reverse langet is quite curious, made with a raised shield that is part of the casting. The shield has a set of raised SS runes, which were gilded against a factory darkened background. It shows some wear but is all there and is quite a sight to see. This is the first time I've seen this treatment on an early SS sword.

The carved wooden grip is covered in black celluloid. This celluloid remains in decent condition, although it is slightly worn through. It tightly wrapped with a skein of three brass wires with a twisted center strand.

Wrapped about the hilt in the standard tie is the original SS portepee. This portepee is completely set in place and does not appear to have ever been removed from the sword. It shows no fraying, only normal age toning that we would expect to see. The stem has a set of bullion SS runes on both sides, and the bullion ball stuffing matches the strapping.

The scabbard is straight throughout and retains the original paint. It shows some age and has a few signs of wear; overall this paint is about 85% intact.

The blade is nickel plated and measures 32 inches long. It has a fine, factory etch that is extremely rare and is indeed the first of the type I've ever seen. It is etch with the SS regiment "Das Reich", which is flanked by oak leaf springs. On the left of the etch is a shield bearing a set of intertwined runes, while the right has a set of SS runes and a circle. The original backgrounds are starting to fade but overall it is not too bad. The blade shows some age in the surfaces but I have made no attempt to clean it up. The reverse ricasso is marked with the early Höller Thermometer trademark, with 16 digits on either side of the mercury as opposed to the 11 digits used later in the period. The original black washer is in place.

An extremely rare, original SS sword here.

Excellent. $7,500.00

SSPOL #40939C Police Officer's Degen - Paul Weyersberg

This Police Officer's Degen shows traces of age on the "D" guard but the plating remains sound. The pommel cap has some lifting on the edge of the upper portion but the serrations remain crisp. The ferrule has the usual six standing oak leaves, with evidence of hand enhancement throughout the design.

The ebony grip is in perfect condition, with good, tight nickel grip wire. The Police eagle grip insignia is a copper type and retains full detailing throughout.

Wrapped about the hilt is what appears to be the original Police portepee. It is the style with leather strapping and aluminum stitching that runs the length, with a red center stitch. The knot is in the original tie. The leather is slightly compromised in the knotted portion but if it is left alone it should remain intact.

The scabbard is straight throughout and retains the original paint. The paint shows quite a bit of wear and is about 85% intact. One of the strange things about this degen is that while it is an Officer's example the scabbard has an NCO's chape. I'm not sure why this would be so, but the blade fits perfectly and is the proper length. The upper mount is in the Wotan's Knot pattern, with most the the original blacking intact. It is retained by a pair of dome head screws, one in each of the lower loops. The throat is marked with an SS-Kulturzeichen stamping.

The blade is 31 ½ inches long with a standard matte finish. It remains in nearly mint condition and is marked with the Weyersberg Wreathed Sword trademark. The original white blade buffer is intact.

A good Police example here. You might want to replace the scabbard but I think it is fine just the way it is.

Excellent. $850.00(#071818)

SSPOL #40294C SS NCO's Degen - Peter Dan Krebs

This SS NCO's Degen is in untouched condition. The nickel plated parts are in excellent condition and show little age.

The pommel cap is the flatter NCO type. On the top is a fine set of raised SS runes which retain complete background darkening. There is no sign that this cap has ever been removed.

The "D" flows nicely through the crossguard area and ends in a teardrop quillon. The lower ferrule is decorated with six standing oak leaves separated by acorns. Both the leaves and the acorns have feine details and are nicely hand-enhanced.

The ebony grip is a very fine, high quality example, remaining in perfect condition. Some of the original lacquer remains in the recesses.

Wrapped about the hilt of the sword is a SS NCO's troddel. This troddel has the same strapping as an officer's model, with a textured center and two sets of dual black stripes that run the length. The stem and slide are of aluminum bullion with a "V" weave that is accented by black thread. The black is a black and bullion with an insert that matches the strapping. This knot shows little wear. The scabbard shell is straight throughout. The original paint shows some wear but remains at least 90% intact. The finish retains a bit of shine as well. The lowe chape is the style that is built into the shell, somethig we see on NCO swords. The upper scabbard mount is in the "Wotan's Knot" configuration. It looks as though much of the darkening has worn from this knot, although it may not have been there in the first place. There is also some age on this mount but it could be cleaned up with a little effort. It is retained by a pair of dome head screws, one in each of the lower loops. Unusually this scabbard is not stamped with the SS-Kulturzeichen marking, although this is not unheard of.

The blade is a very fine example in mint condition. It has a standard matte finish and measures 33 inches long. There is a white leather blade washer in place, a hallmark of Krebs pieces.

A good example here, in untouched condition.

Excellent. $3,195.00

SSPOL #39763C Untouched Police Officer’s Degen – Emil Voos

This Voos Degen has mounts that are deeply patinated and do not look to have been cleaned since the war. The plating beneath looks to be in excellent condition; it could be cleaned but I prefer to leave it as-is.

The pommel is in good concentration, with fine serrated edges. There are no tool marks nor does the pommel look to have been removed at any time. The “D” guard sweeps smoothly through the crossguard area and ends in a teardrop quillon. The lower ferrule has the traditional design of six standing oak leaves separated with acorns.

The ebony grip of the sword is in perfect condition, tightly wrapped with nickel wire. In the center of the is a fine copper Police Eagle insignia.

The scabbard is nice and straight, with very good original paint that is easily 95% intact. The matching scabbard mounts have also been left uncleaned. The lower mount has the usual decorative lines and is retained by a pair of side screws. The upper mount is in the “Wotan’s Knot” configuration. I don’t see any traces of darkening on this knot, and it is retained by a pair of dome head screws, one in each of the lower loops.

Emil Voos did not proof their swords, so we see no SS markings on this sword.

The plate is the usual matte finish type. It has a little bit of age on the ricasso of each side, but the remainder of the blade is crisp. The obverse ricasso is stamped with the Snake & Stump trademark of the Voos firm, and the original brown leather blade washer is in place.

A very good, solid sword here, from a maker we don’t see very often.

Excellent. $1,095.00

SSPOL #39849 SS NCO’s Degen – Alcoso

It is fairly unusual to see an SS NCO’s Degen by Alcoso; apparently this piece was a custom order. The degen has the usual silvered Alcoso mounts, namely the ferrule and the upper scabbard fitting. This degen comes from a collector I’ve know for some thirty years. He purchased it from a veteran many, many years ago and is now ready to pass it on.

The pommel is most unusual. Most NCO pommels with be the type with raised SS runes in the top. This degen has a standard flat pommel on which the SS runes have been professionally engraved. The engraving is superb, with double scribing and fine shading lines. A very striking, original enhancement here.

The “D” guard has good nickel plating and a fine curvature which runs through the center area and ends in a teardrop quillon. The ferrule is the silver type, with outstanding detail to the standing oak leaves and acorns. The mold lines on the ferrule have been concealed by means of hand engraved oak leaves and acorns.

Since this is an Alcoso piece there are no SS proof marks on the hilt or scabbard throat.

The grip of the degen is of fine ebony and is in perfect condition. A little of the lacquer is worn here and there and some of the raw wood is visible, but this is normal wear for an SS Degen.

The scabbard is a fine, long example, being straight throughout. It has good, original paint that shows minor traces of age and attic crazing. In the main, however, the paint is still quite good and is somewhere between 90 and 95% intact. The lower drag is the built-in style, as we see on NCO models. The upper mount is in the standard “Wotan’s Knot” configuration, with no darkening in the loops of the knot. It doesn’t look like it every had any. The two screws which retain the mount are in place on the lower loops and are the large size we associate with Alcoso.

The blade of this degen is an extremely long and a real monster. It measures 35 ½ inches long, a full half inch longer than the largest production model. It has a very fine, matte finish and shows virtually no age. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the last trademark used by Alcoso; a set of scale with the initials “ACS” intertwined, along with the name and location of the firm. There is a fine black leather blade washer in place.

An outstanding and interesting SS NCO’s Degen here, one that would make for a fine addition to any sword collection and of particular interest to the avid “type” collector.

Excellent Plus. $2,495.00

SSPOL #37676C SS Officer's Dachau Type Degen

This SS Degen was recently brought in by a consignor who acquired the sword back in the '70's at a San Antonio show. There are a lot of armed forces bases in that area; those of us collectors who used to do shows in the vicinity can vouch for the amount of militaria that would crop in these venues.

This Dachau Degen is in nice condition throughout. It has a stainless steel “D” guard with separate upper and lower ferrules. The “D” guard is completely textbook, with a teardrop quillon end. The lower ferrule has fine standing oak leaves separated by acorns. As is the case with the Dachau versions there is no background darkening to this design.

The tang nut is a standard, nickel-plated steel type, showing mild traces of age but nothing bad. The reverse cover plate is also nickel-plated steel.

The grip is a fine ebony beauty, being in perfect condition. This ebony has outstanding tight nickel wire. The runes button is also stainless as we see on these degens. This button has fine, raised SS runes with a good background darkening.

The scabbard of this degen is not the slimmer type we usually see with these swords, but rather is the standard size. What makes it a definite Dachau piece is the fact that the upper scabbard mount with the Wotan's Knot is also made of stainless steel. It is retained by two headless side screws. The lower mount is a conventional style which still has the darkening in its decorative lines and is retained by two dome head screws. The scabbard shell is straight throughout and has fairly good original paint. This paint shows some crazing here and there and a little bit of wear on the reverse center. Overall, though, it is at least 95% intact.

The unmarked blade is in choice condition, measuring 32 inches long. It has the conventional fuller and good, crisp edges. This blade remains in Mint condition. It has the standard Dachau type brown leather washer.

A nice Dachau Degen here, one that would fit well into any SS collection.

Excellent Plus. $5,995.00

SSPOL #37437C Untouched Police NCO's Degen – WKC

This untouched example has never been cleaned and still has the original dull patina which is evenly spread throughout the nickel-plated hilt mounts as well as the scabbard mounts. The patina is very old, but if the next owner chose to clean this piece I am sure it would come up quite nicely.

The pommel cap is the flat variety indicative of NCO status. The “D” guard is in excellent condition, running throughout the crossguard area and ending in a teardrop quillon. The upper ferrule in integral to the hilt while the lower ferrule is a separate fitting, being the style with six standing oak leaves. These oak leaves have been extensively hand enhanced, and they are separated with acorns with checkered caps. It is hard to tell if the darkening is in the recesses as the entire fitting is darkly patinated.

The ebony grip is the style without wire and is in perfect condition, with a fine, even black color. The Police NCO insignia is installed flush with the grip. It is made of aluminum and features an open-winged Police eagle and swastika superimposed over a wreath of oak leaves. This insignia still has good detailing, indicative of careful carry time.

The original-to-the-piece portepee is still intact in the proper tie. This portepee is the style with black leather strapping decorated with triple wire stitching, the center being red as a highlight. The portepee shows age and usage with a small amount of wear on the inner strap where the portepee emerges from the tie. Not bad though, and not threatening; I'm sure it will stay intact for a long time. The slide is a woven leather type highlighted with bullion and red thread, and the stem is the flatter type covered with crochet-like bullion being the style you can see through. The lower ball is of bullion thread and has the characteristic “cat's anus” stuffing of white, black and red thread.

The scabbard is straight throughout and has excellent original black paint which is about 95% intact. There are a couple of chips here and there but nothing unusual and completely commensurate with the degree of overall wear on this degen. It is interesting to note that this is an officer type scabbard as it has the separate lower mount. The two mounts, however, exactly match the deep patina of the hilt, so there is no question both of these mounts have always been with this degen. The lower mount still has the darker backgrounds in the enhancement lines. There is a tiny ding on the reverse of this mount but it is nothing. The obverse mount features the Wotan's Knot design. Like the upper ferrule, the patination makes it difficult to tell if the factory darkening is still in the recesses of the knot. The mount is retained by two dome head screws, one on each side of the lower loop.

The fine blade has the usual matte finish and it remains in Mint condition. This blade measures 31½ inches. On the opposite ricasso it is stamped with the SS proofing as was the habit of the WKC firm. On the obverse ricasso is stamped the knight head logo along with the firm's initials beneath, “WKC”. The original washer is a white leather example showing some age but still totally intact and looking good.

A very fine Police Degen here which is desirable with the WKC SS blade stamping.

Excellent Plus. $1,395.00

SSPOL #30860 Police NCO's Degen - Paul Weyersberg

This Police NCO's Degen is really in nice overall condition. The nickel plated hilt mounts all have their original finish and really look great, being 100%. The “D” guard, crossguard and quillon, ends in a small teardrop. The pommel cap above is the flat variety, as this is an NCO version. This pommel cap also has outstanding plating and no signs of tool marks. The ferrule of this example is an outstanding one, having good detail to the 6 standing oak leaves and the acorns in between. There does not appear to be any factory darkening in the backgrounds, but because of the nice detail here, it doesn’t need it. The grip of this example is a very fine ebony. The reverse of the grip is absolutely perfect, showing no use at all. The obverse is also choice, showing only a couple of taps in the two ribs above the insignia, but they would be easy to cover with a little darkening polish, or even Magic Marker. This is a really nice ebony grip here. This grip, of course, has no wire as it is the NCO version. In the center, countersunk flat, is a fine Police aluminum NCO Eagle. This bird still has most of the original detail, which is commensurate with the rest of the Degen. The bird’s head, breast feathering, wing feathering, wreath, and swastika are still extremely clear.

Wrapped about the lower portion of this hilt is what appears to be the original Police troddel. This troddel is the larger type, having black leather strapping. The strapping is decorated with triple rows of aluminum stitch wire. A little bit of the red contrasting wire still remains in the center, but most of this red wire has gone to time. The leather shows some usage on all of the edges but is still intact, and if left alone, will stay there for many years to come. The slide is a black leather weave that has red and bullion highlights. The stem is flat having a crochet-like surface, and you can see the metal below. The oval ball is of yarn-like bullion, and the cat’s anus-style stuffing is done with black, white, and red thread. The scabbard of this example is nice and straight throughout. The paint is still bright, showing some age in the surfaces and a few scuffs, but overall this paint is really in good shape compared to most of them that you see. This paint cleaned up would easily rate in a near mint state.

The 33½ inch long blade has the usual matte finish and, frankly, it is as nice as you will see. This blade is in a mint state. The reverse ricasso is marked with a dark etched double oval trademark. The ovals contain the firm’s name and location, “Paul Weyersberg & Co., Solingen”. Inside is a downward pointing Roman-like sword positioned between two wheat sheafs. A nice blade here! This blade is protected by a off-white color leather washer. There are no SS markings on this sword, as Paul Weyersberg did not do this. A very nice example here, that with minimal work will really clean up to be a sensational piece.

Near Mint. $1,395.00