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The swords, or degens in the German, carried by the German Police and the SS were based on a rigid design approved by SS channels in 1936. The degen was composed of a nickeled hilt design with "D" guard shape and black ebony grip. The insignia of the organization was positioned in the center grip - an eagle within a wreath clutching a swastika for Police Degen and a set of SS runes within a round disk on the grip of the SS Officer degen. On the SS NCO degen, the SS runes are contained within the top pommel cap.

The scabbards for the degens are the same. They are black with nickel mounts having a weave design. The NCO versions have a built-in drag. The blades are a plain matte-finished variety.

SSPOL #51129 SS Silver "SCHARNHORST" Sword with Green Eyes Belonging to SS-Obergruppenfuhrer Gunther Pancke

This Eickhorn-produced SS sword is an outstanding weapon. The Panther Head has far more detail than we normally see with a "Scharnhorst" example. The cat's head has much beautiful hand-enhancing performed to it's whiskers, brow and mane. Further, the feline's head is treated to green faceted eyes, which are always a crowd pleaser. The oak leaf and acorn motif that travels down the backstrap, as well as the "P" guard, is also outstanding. The deep cut oak leaves run through the grip tabs. Even the oak leaves and acorns that roam around the ferrule have extra detail. The obverse cross guard features the art-deco style, open-winged eagle with hand-enhanced breast feathering and swastika wreath, and the same is true with the oak leaves that flank the bird's talons. The reverse guard area has the typical raised out oval design which is left blank. All of the silvering is completely intact, showing little to no wear. The grip is a fine celluloid covering over carved wood, being in perfect condition. The grip is wrapped with triple twisted silver grip wire, with the center wire being of larger proportion.Tied in regulation about the silver hilt is what appears to be the original sword portepee. It is one of those black leather-strapped examples, having triple-silver wire stitching running the length.The slide is a thonged leather example and the lower ball and cap are of all bullion with a cat's anus-style stuffing at the bottom. At the lower hilt section, (next to the blade shoulders), there is a SS number stamped, "10 110". The stamping of the number is a bit sloppy and may have been done by the owner himself, however, it is clear as to the digits and the owner is therefore properly identified. We will get into the owner's details further down in the description.

The scabbard is dentfree and has excellent original paint showing little usage and if cleaned-up some, would easily grade in a near mint state. Attached to the rear "U" bracket on the scabbard is an original SS under-the-tunic sling strap. The strap is equipped with canvass strapping with adjustment buckles. At the lower portion is attached a black leather short teardrop which is equipped with a snap clip. The reverse of the hanger teardrop has white leather covering, although some of it is worn to time.

The 32 inch long blade has fine nickel-plated surfaces and would be mint, except for some minor scratches that appear toward the tip area. It is also most interesting to note that the Eickhorn trademark is the early 1933-1935 oval marking, an indication that the sword was worn at least a year before the time of the introduction of the Model 1936 SS Officer Degen, of which surely this officer would have been awarded. This also explains perhaps why the sword hilt is in such fine condition, as this sword may have not been worn very long.

Now, as to the owner. The sword belonged to SS-Obergruppenführer Günther Friedrich Wilhelm Ludwig Panche, a long term SS man, born 1 May 1899. He joined the SS and the NSDAP in 1930. He rose up the SS ranks quickly, and in 1938 he was appointed Chief of Race and Resettlement, having very strong ideological beliefs. He participated in ethnic cleansing in Eastern Europe. In 1940, Himmler appointed him with the title of Higher SS & Police Leader. Apparently his strong tendency to lecture others with his ideology may have caused him trouble and in 1943 he was transferred to Occupied Denmark as the highest SS & Police Leader. While in Denmark, he was involved in reprisal murders in his efforts to create anti-communist sentiment. His massive efforts to create anti communist sentiment in the Danish population however, largely failed. He became incensensed by the refusal of the Danish Police to combat resistance forces and the resultant sabotage. He then ordered the entire 10,000 man Danish Police force arrested with the purpose of sending them to Buchenwald. Apparently the result was about 1700 arrests. He survived the war, and In 1948, Panche was found guilty of war crimes by the tribunal and was sentenced to prison for 20 years. Apparently, he got very lucky and was released in 1959. He went on to live in Hamburg and died in 1973.

A great original SS Sword owned by an SS-Gruppenführer with quite an interesting, infamous career. We have only touched the surface here with researching this officer, and I am sure there would still be much to learn and thus the potential of a large dossier.

Mint Minus. $9,995.00

SSPOL #51190C Police Officer Degen - Carl Eickhorn

This Police Degen by Carl Eickhorn is quite nice having all of the bells and whistles. The pommel cap shows a little age on the smooth rounded upper surface, but the serrations are still crisp and appear to be unturned. The "D" guard and cross guard areas having excellent nickel-plated surfaces. The cross guard quillon end has the decorative partially drilled hole on both sides. The lower grip ferrule is very well finished having deep enhancement to the oak leaf veins and also added circles to complete the look of the leaves. The acorn separators positioned in between have hand-finished checkered caps. The lower hilt hilt is stamped with the SS Kulturzeichen marking, as is the throat surface. The ebony grip remains in perfect condition, being tightly wrapped with nickel wire and having the matching nickel cover plate on the reverse to cover the wire connections. The center obverse grip is fitted with a copper Police eagle insignia. It features an open-winged bird with good remaining detail to the breast and wing feathering, as well as to the wreath and swastika. Tied in regulation is a Police Officer portepee. It is the wider type, having triple aluminum and red wire stitching running the length. The knot is beginning to show age here and there, but with care it should be all right for the future.

The scabbard is straight throughout. Its original paint shows some mild age in the surfaces and a few wearing signs, but overall, it is still in decent condition being about 90%. The lower scabbard mount is the standard variety having the decorative vertical lines on both obverse and reverse surfaces. The mount is retained by two dome head side screws. The upper mount has good detail to the Wotan's knot. The pebbled areas in between the knot legs appear to have had the factory darkening process, but most of it has worn due to time. This mount is retained by a dome head screw in each of the obverse and reverse lower loop areas. The "U" bracket on the upper reverse of the scabbard has a belt loop attached to it, being the style that remains closed via a button hole and a metal boss button. The belt loop appears to be original to the Degen.

The blade is 33 1/2 inches long, being the typical style, having a matte finish. There is some minor age spots near the ricasso area, but the remaining blade is still in mint condition. The reverse ricasso is very lightly stamped with the 1935-1941 Carl Eickhorn trademark. The original white leather blade buffer is in place.

A excellent Degen here, as the Eickhorn firm usually SS stamped their product on the hilt as well as the scabbard, and also used the white washer. We don't see a lot of Eickhorn Police Degens, so this example should be of keen interest.

Excellent Plus. $1,895.00

SSPOL #50710C SS "PARTS" Degen Liberated from Dachau by G.I.'S - No Maker

This Degen, in my opinion was one of the examples that were "put together" by liberating G.I.s in Dachau. When the camp was liberated, our soldiers found many SS Degen parts that were not assembled, and did the process themselves. These Degen, were mostly constructed of the correct parts, but there are certain failings in the workmanship and usually, although the proper smaller proportion scabbard shells were used, apparently the proper-sized smaller throats were not. Thus, on these Degen, we frequently see scabbard throats that are slightly too large for the scabbard, as is the case with this piece.

The hilt of this Degen is quite nicely done. The pommel retains its full plated surfaces having the crisp serrations that run around the upper perimeter. It is also interesting to observe that on the butt portion of this pommel a very fine decorative enhancement line has been engraved around the surface. This is the first time I recall seeing this. The "D" guard is the stainless steel variety having the separate upper grip ferrule, which we only see on Dachau-made Degen. The "D" guard and cross guard portion remain in mint condition, with the ending quillon being in the shape of a teardrop, but not having the partial hole-drilling, as was done on standard SS Degen. The lower ferrule is also a stainless version. It features the oak leaves and acorns decorating the outside surface fitting, being separated by acorns. The hand work on the leaves is lacking, however, being particularly noticeable on single the oak leaf at the reverse section which is only partially there. There also was a feeble attempt to engrave it, however. Also the details to the acorns is lacking. The fit of the ferrule to the lower cross guard area is also slightly off, resulting in a small space. The ebony grip is an excellent example with no faults. It is tightly wrapped with nickel wire. The reverse cover plate that conceals the attachment of the wires also looks odd, and does not seem to be the correct example. it appears to be made-up of a piece of stainless, cut to fit. The SS runes button is a fine original example which is composed of nickel, not being the usual stainless type we see on Dachau Degen.

As mentioned above, although the scabbard is straight and has mint original matte-finish paint, the upper fitting is the larger type, being too big to properly fit the smaller portion scabbard size often used at Dachau. The lower portions of this mount has been pushed inward toward the scabbard shell to give the look of a good fit. The mount is retained with the headless side screws frequently seen on Dachau pieces. The lower scabbard fitting remains in perfect condition and is the proper size, being retained by two headless side screws.

The blade of this example is a real beauty, being in full mint condition. It measures 29 1/2 inches. It has no maker mark and correctly has the black leather blade washer used on Dachau pieces.

Overall, this is definitely a period Degen, but put together with existing parts by American G.I's at the Dachau camp. As such, it is collectible in its own right. One of Johnson's books discusses the American G.I.'s finding these Degen parts at the camp and putting them together to take home. I also had a letter in the past written home by a veteran that also mentioned all of the "sword parts" still being around at the liberation of this camp. An interesting piece here for those SS collectors out there that like variations. Priced accordingly.

Excellent. $2,500.00

SSPOL #50018 SS NCO Degen by Pet. Dan Krebs

The hilt of this Degen shows some minor overall age to the nickel-plated surfaces, but would clean-up with a little mild effort. The flatter-style NCO pommel cap shows some nominal age, having a good raised-out runes button with the blackening in the backgrounds. The "D" guard is still quite good having only a couple of age spots at the inside areas of the lower portion, but the outside area plating is still perfect. The "D" guard remains in it original formation shape and ends in a quillon with a teardrop. The lower ferrule features the six standing oak leaves and acorns. The leaves have been enhanced with small circles in the vein area. The acorns also have even smaller circles in the cap areas. This circular treatment to enhance the oak leaves veins and caps of the acorns is a typical Krebs touch. The ebony grip has some wear to the lacquered finish in a few places, but it is still very sound and chip free.

The scabbard is straight throughout and has very nice original paint being all there with the exception of a small amount of chips around the carrying band. This paint is about 98% and is still bright. The lower scabbard mount is the built-in type, used with NCO scabbards. The upper mount is a fine example displaying the Wotan's knot configuration. The black backgrounding between the knots appears to have been touched-up by a previous owner. The mount is retained by two dome head screws being located at the bottom of scabbard's lower loop on both sides. The throat is stamped with the SS Kulturzeichen. A decent scabbard here.

The blade is a beauty being in the matte finish and measuring 33 inches in length. This blade remains in mint condition. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the second style lobster trademark. The firm's name runs around the shield-enclosed trademark being "Pet. Dan. Krebs, Solingen". The blade is also buffered by a fine white washer.

A decent original Degen here that could come up quite nice with a little cleaning effort. Reasonably priced.

Excellent. $2,395.00

SSPOL #49764 Police Officer Degen by Paul Weyersberg

This Police Officer Degen is in excellent overall condition. The officer pommel retains all of its original plating and has good serrated edges running around the surface. The "D" guard with the built-in upper ferrule, cross guard and lower quillon with teardrop, retains all of its original bright plating and shows no age. The lower ferrule is a real beauty with its six upward pointing oak leaves with acorns. The veins are all expertly enhanced and the acorn caps have been nicely hand-checkered. The areas between the oak leaves has also been hand-pebbled. The ebony grip is in perfect condition, retaining all of its original blackened surfaces. The grip is tightly wrapped with nickel wire. Inset into the grip's obverse surface is a aluminum style Police officer insignia. It features a well-defined, open-winged eagle clutching a wreathed swastika resting over an oak leaf wreath. Some of the original darkened backgrounding remains in the insignia.

The scabbard is straight as an arrow. It has very fine original black paint, showing only modest wear. The paint retains its original bright finish. The lower mount is a nickel-plated example featuring the standard line decoration. It remains in perfect condition and is retained with two headless side screws. The upper mount is also a fine example featuring the Wotan knot configuration. The areas between the knot have been pebbled, but they do not look to have ever had any blackening - apparently Weyersberg did not do this enhancing. This fine mount is retained by two headless screws being positioned at the mount's lower loop on each side.

The 33 inch long blade is done in the matte finish and it remains in mint condition. The reverse ricasso is etched with the double ovals containing the firm's name and location, "Paul Weyersberg & Co. / Solingen". Inside are two wheat shafts in a wreath with a downward-pointing sword in the center. The black leather washer is in place. Weyersberg Degen are not normally SS marked on the upper mount or scabbard throat.

A good collectible example here in nice condition.

Excellent Plus. $1,895.00

SSPOL #49493C SS Silver "Panther" Head Sword with Green Eyes by E. & F. Hörster

This SS sword seems to really have it all. The hilt has a fine silvered finish throughout, with no worn through areas. It is equipped with the classic, large snout style "panther" head, typical of the Hörster firm.

Despite the bizarre insistence of collectors calling these cat "panthers" they are not and never have been; they are lions, as a panther does not have a mane.

Faulty lingo aside, the details to the cat's teeth, whiskers, brow and mane all reflect hand enhancement, and it has been fitted with faceted green eyes that stare at the viewer. The lion's mane runs partially down the backstrap. The backstrap becomes plain with a raised floral diamond in the center. The "P" guard is done with raised oak leaves all having hand enhancement done to the leaf's veins. The obverse cross guard presents a raised open-winged eagle with good hand work to the bird's breast and other details. The reverse langet portrays a cast-in set of raised SS runes within an oval and having pebbled backgrounds.

The wooden grip is covered with black celluloid being in perfect condition. The grip wire is of twisted triple silver, with the center being of larger proportion..

The scabbard is straight throughout, having excellent original black paint. The paint shows minor age crazing in the surfaces, but is still nearly 100%. The bright blade reflects outstanding quality nickel-plated surfaces and remains in mint condition. The Hörster trademark is stamped on the obverse ricasso below the eagle guard image. It is the double oval type which contains the firm's name and location, "E & F. Hörster / Solingen". Inside the center ovals is the large "H" letter with a smaller "H" and "S" inside. The leather blade buffer has gone to time.

A nice sword here, especially with the green eyes and good silvered finish.

Near Mint. $9,995.00

SSPOL #48908 Early SS NCO Sword By Alcoso

This early sword has the Army style NCO design hit with plain nickel fittings. The obverse langet has a set of deeply etched SS runes, set off with scribed lines and background darkening.

The nickel hilt remains in perfect condition. The wooden grip is covered with celluloid, also in perfect condition and wrapped with twisted brass wire. Wrapped about the hilt is a SS NCO knot.

The straight scabbard has good original paint, which shows some mild attic crazing.

The mint blade measures 32 and a half inches, with fine nickel plating. The reverse is marked with an early Alcoso Scales trademark and the original washer is in place.

A very fine, original example here. These NCO types are tough to find and add dimension to a SS sword collection.

Excellent Plus. $2,995.00

SSPOL #48120 Early SS Lion Head Silver Sword with Portepee

This lion head sword is WKC Model #1016. It has a very fine silvered finish which is 100 percent throughout the hilt. The sword does not look to have ever been cleaned and has a fine patina. The lion is fitted with faceted red glass eyes and there is a blank oval on the backstrap, presumably for a monogram.

The carved wood grip is covered in excellent black celluloid. It is wrapped with a skein of three brass wires, the center strand being a heavier gauge. This wire is somewhat loose but is still in place.

Wrapped about the hilt is what appears to be the original SS portepee. This portepee remains in fine condition throughout, showing only mild and minor traces of age.

The scabbard is a good, straight example and has excellent original black paint. This paint is in acceptable condition and remains mostly bright.

The 34 inch long blade has a high quality nickel plated finish and remains in mint condition. The obverse ricasso is stamped with the knight head trademark of the WKC firm and the original blade buffer is still in place.

A nice, untouched early piece here.

Excellent. $5,495.00

SSPOL #47883C Silvered SS “Blucher” Lion Head Sword by Carl Eickhorn

This lion head sword is identical to the standard BLucher produced by Eickhorn with the exception that it has an original silvered finish. The silvering throughout the hilt is in outstanding condition. The Blucher pattern features the fine lion head with lots of hand enhancing to the cats whiskers brows and mane which extends somewhat down the backstrap. The cat is equipped with faceted red eyes.

The backstrap features raised floral leaves which go over and under a raised out center blank oval having a acorn type device beneath it. The center grip tabs also have floral designs. The P guard has lots of oak leaves and acorns having fine hand enhancing. The crossguard extends into the Art Deco style eagle with open wings having lots of close checkering on the eagle's breast. The eagle clutches a wreath with swastika which is surrounded by raised leaves. The quillon extends downward in a teardrop having a dot pattern and a curl at the end.

I also notice that above the wreath between the eagle’s talons there seems to be an imprint made into the metal which may or may not be purposeful but I don’t know.

The carved wood grip has excellent black celluloid covering being in perfect condition. The grip is tightly wrapped with triple aluminum wire having twisted center.

Decorating the hilt is a SS portepee showing some wear and minor fray but it is not bad at all. It is in the standard tie reflecting the textured bullion having the dual black stripes that run down the entire edges of the strapping. There is a woven slide and then the rounded type stem with black circle and SS runes on both sides. The lower ball is in good condition with its bullion and the stuffing is the same as the strapping. A very fine hilt here.

The scabbard is straight throughout and is in outstanding condition. The paint of this scabbard is nearly full mint and still remains nice and bright.

The 33 and a half inch blade reflects highest quality nickel plating and remains in mint condition. It is stamped with the 1935 through 41 Eickhorn trademark. The leather buffer remains in place.

This sword is identical to the example I show in my SS book on page 318 upper. A great very collectible original piece here.

Near Mint. $6,495.00

SSPOL #47625C Police NCO Degen by Hermann Rath

This NCO police degn is in superlative condition with full nickel plating throughout and remaining nice and bright. The pommel cap is the flatter style on the top typical of NCO types. The D guard is in perfect condition swooping through the crossguard area and ending in a teardrop quillon. The lower ferrule is in very fine condition featuring the 6 standing oak leaves separated by acorns. There is fine pebbling in the areas separating the acorns as well as hand enhancing to the veins. The ebony grip is the type without wire and it remains in perfect condition. It has a flush set NCO aluminum police eage. The eagle features an open winged bird clutching a swastika superimposed over a wreath of oak leaves. A very fine hilt here. The scabbard is also a beauty. It is straight throughout having outstanding original paint. The obverse side is nearly full mint while the reverse only has some extremely mild carrying signs. The upper scabbard mount features the Wotan’s knot with good pebbling in the centers. There is little black in the pebbling. The obverse portion of the mount is retained by a screw while the reverse has no screw but appears that it never did. All there is there is a small set drill spot which was never penetrated. The lower chape of course has no mount having a built in chape. The blade is a very fine mint conditioned 33 inch long example. It has the usual matte finish. It is marked on the reverse “Herm. Rath Solingen”. The black leather washer is in place. An extremely nice NCO degen here.

Excellent Plus Plus. $1,395.00

SSPOL #47626C Police NCO Degen by Puma

This degen has excellent nickel hilt plating which is still in a fine bright condition throughout. The pommel is the flatter type used for NCOs. The D guard stretches around through the crossguard and ends in a teardrop quillon. The lower ferrule is an excellent example featuring the 6 standing oak leaves. Each of the oak leaves has been hand enhanced in the center with two veins and also has all of the leaves pebbled. The area where there were casting flaws has handmade acorns to cover this work. A very interesting to study ferrule here. The scabbard is straight throughout having original black paint. The paint shows some age crazing on both sides but the paint is still all there. The upper scabbard mount features the Wotan knot with pebbling in between and also some of the darkening still in place. This mount is retained by two round head side screws. At the lower there is no mount as the chape is built in to the scabbard. The blade is a fine example still being in mint condition and measuring 31 and a half inches. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the diamond featuring the cat head inside and beneath “Puma”. Beneath the diamond is “Solingen”. The original black blade buffer is in place. A fine NCO example here.

Excellent. $1,195.00

SSPOL #45944C Early Silvered SS Leopard Head Sword by F. W. Höller

This Holler sword is their model number 22 and a picture of this model can be seen on page 93 of the ancient Angolia sword book.

The hilt still has 98 percent of its silvered finish. There is some slight wear on the higher surfaces of the cat and the eagle langet. The cat is a panther head showing extra detailing to the cat’s whiskers where there is pebbling by hand and also hand enhancing to the brow and mane which runs partially down the backstrap. The mane also has some hand pebbling done. The remainder of the backstrap has raised oak leaves and acorns and it appeared as though the caps of acorns also have been hand enhanced. The grip tabs also have oak leaves and they are retained with screws as is a norm for Holler on this model sword.

The P guard has excellent raised out oak leaves and acorns and at the bottom of the guard there is additional hand enhancing with pebbling. The ferrule features oak leaves and acorns running its circumference. The reverse langet has a plain raised shield.

The crossguard quillon ends in a curlicue. The obverse langet features an open winged eagle with fine detail to its wings breast feathering talons and wreath. On either side of the talons are raised diamond shapes typical of this producer.

The grip is a hard carved wood base covered with black celluloid. The celluloid remains in perfect condition and is tightly wrapped with triple bras wire the center being twisted.

The scabbard is straight throughout. The paint is outstanding but I have a feeling that it is an old repaint. There are a couple of chips here and there in the paint but overall the paint is still at 98%.

The fine blade is a 31 and half inch length. It has outstanding nickel plated surfaces that are still newlike throughout. This mint blade is marked with Höller double ovals which feature the firm’s name within the ovals "F. W. Höller Solingen" and inside is the familiar thermometer logo. The original brown leather blade washer is in place.

This type of sword would have been ordered early in the period by an SS officer since there were no official degens until 1936 and even after that many SS officers did not qualify for a degen. A fine original example here.

Excellent Plus. $3,495.00

SSPOL #45642C Early Silvered SS Lion Head Sword by PD Lüneschloss

This lion head sword is most attractive having excellent silver plated surfaces. The lion head is the conventional style cat with long jaw. The whiskers have been hand enhanced as has the brow and the mane which flows downward. The mane also has a lot of nice pebbling to help bring it out. This early sword is the type that has the tang covered with a plug at the top which has been hand engraved to match the flow of the mane. The cat is equipped with two small faceted red eyes. The backstrap continues down in a interesting floral pattern featuring leaves and in the center a flower design.

The P guard is also interesting in that it features three different patterns. Coming out the the lion's mouth is a pattern of laurel leaves which is raised out and then there is in the center a floral design which encloses a raised heart shaped shield. Within the shield is delicately engraved the year “1933”. The P guard continues downward to a floral design which becomes raised dots as it goes into the crossguard. The obverse of the crossguard has a stubby winged style eagle which is unique to the Lüneschloss firm. The eagle is extremely well executed with lots of hand work clutching a large wreath with engraved swastika. Very nice work here! The quillon ends with a roaring lion lead.

The reverse langet is also most interesting in that it has laurel leaves around a raised oval panel. Within the oval panel is a set of engraved SS runes. The runes are very well done with shade lines in between the S letter formation. The ferrule is a standard type with overlapping oak leaves.

The grip is a carved wood base covered with black celluloid remaining in perfect condition. The celluloid is tightly wrapped with triple brass wire the center being twisted. An extremely fine early hilt here.

The scabbard is straight throughout but studying its painted finish it appears to be an old repaint. The paint still remains at about 99 percent and looks fine.

The blade is expertly nickel plated and remains in full complete mint condition being mirror bright. This blade is marked on the reverse with the fire helmet having a sword running through the center. This was the early marking used by the PD Lüneschloss firm.

The original brown leather blade buffer is in place.

An extremely nice original early SS sword here being one of the first issued well prior to the 1936 year when the official degen was introduced.

Excellent Plus. $5,495.00

SSPOL #43276C SS Panther Head Sword with "Das Reich" Etch - F. W. Höller

This Panther Head Sword is the aluminum version, having a gilded finish. It is the F. W. Höller Model #22.

The gilding throughout the hilt shows wear on the high areas and is probably about 80% intact. The panther head is fitted with faceted red glass eyes and retains fine detailing throughout the muzzle, brow, and mane. The backstrap is decorated with raised oak leaves raised oak leaves and acorns, with the tabs extending into the grip.

The "P" guard has fairly good gilding and features additional oak leaves and acorns. The same is true of the ferrule.

The obverse langet features a Höller style open winged eagle, looking to the viewer's left. The bird retains good detailing throughout. The quillon ends in a teardrop swirl. The reverse langet is quite curious, made with a raised shield that is part of the casting. The shield has a set of raised SS runes, which were gilded against a factory darkened background. It shows some wear but is all there and is quite a sight to see. This is the first time I've seen this treatment on an early SS sword.

The carved wooden grip is covered in black celluloid. This celluloid remains in decent condition, although it is slightly worn through. It tightly wrapped with a skein of three brass wires with a twisted center strand.

Wrapped about the hilt in the standard tie is the original SS portepee. This portepee is completely set in place and does not appear to have ever been removed from the sword. It shows no fraying, only normal age toning that we would expect to see. The stem has a set of bullion SS runes on both sides, and the bullion ball stuffing matches the strapping.

The scabbard is straight throughout and retains the original paint. It shows some age and has a few signs of wear; overall this paint is about 85% intact.

The blade is nickel plated and measures 32 inches long. It has a fine, factory etch that is extremely rare and is indeed the first of the type I've ever seen. It is etch with the SS regiment "Das Reich", which is flanked by oak leaf springs. On the left of the etch is a shield bearing a set of intertwined runes, while the right has a set of SS runes and a circle. The original backgrounds are starting to fade but overall it is not too bad. The blade shows some age in the surfaces but I have made no attempt to clean it up. The reverse ricasso is marked with the early Höller Thermometer trademark, with 16 digits on either side of the mercury as opposed to the 11 digits used later in the period. The original black washer is in place.

An extremely rare, original SS sword here.

Excellent. $7,500.00

SSPOL #40294C SS NCO's Degen - Peter Dan Krebs

This SS NCO's Degen is in untouched condition. The nickel plated parts are in excellent condition and show little age.

The pommel cap is the flatter NCO type. On the top is a fine set of raised SS runes which retain complete background darkening. There is no sign that this cap has ever been removed.

The "D" flows nicely through the crossguard area and ends in a teardrop quillon. The lower ferrule is decorated with six standing oak leaves separated by acorns. Both the leaves and the acorns have feine details and are nicely hand-enhanced.

The ebony grip is a very fine, high quality example, remaining in perfect condition. Some of the original lacquer remains in the recesses.

Wrapped about the hilt of the sword is a SS NCO's troddel. This troddel has the same strapping as an officer's model, with a textured center and two sets of dual black stripes that run the length. The stem and slide are of aluminum bullion with a "V" weave that is accented by black thread. The black is a black and bullion with an insert that matches the strapping. This knot shows little wear. The scabbard shell is straight throughout. The original paint shows some wear but remains at least 90% intact. The finish retains a bit of shine as well. The lowe chape is the style that is built into the shell, somethig we see on NCO swords. The upper scabbard mount is in the "Wotan's Knot" configuration. It looks as though much of the darkening has worn from this knot, although it may not have been there in the first place. There is also some age on this mount but it could be cleaned up with a little effort. It is retained by a pair of dome head screws, one in each of the lower loops. Unusually this scabbard is not stamped with the SS-Kulturzeichen marking, although this is not unheard of.

The blade is a very fine example in mint condition. It has a standard matte finish and measures 33 inches long. There is a white leather blade washer in place, a hallmark of Krebs pieces.

A good example here, in untouched condition.

Excellent. $3,195.00

SSPOL #39849 SS NCO’s Degen – Alcoso

It is fairly unusual to see an SS NCO’s Degen by Alcoso; apparently this piece was a custom order. The degen has the usual silvered Alcoso mounts, namely the ferrule and the upper scabbard fitting. This degen comes from a collector I’ve know for some thirty years. He purchased it from a veteran many, many years ago and is now ready to pass it on.

The pommel is most unusual. Most NCO pommels with be the type with raised SS runes in the top. This degen has a standard flat pommel on which the SS runes have been professionally engraved. The engraving is superb, with double scribing and fine shading lines. A very striking, original enhancement here.

The “D” guard has good nickel plating and a fine curvature which runs through the center area and ends in a teardrop quillon. The ferrule is the silver type, with outstanding detail to the standing oak leaves and acorns. The mold lines on the ferrule have been concealed by means of hand engraved oak leaves and acorns.

Since this is an Alcoso piece there are no SS proof marks on the hilt or scabbard throat.

The grip of the degen is of fine ebony and is in perfect condition. A little of the lacquer is worn here and there and some of the raw wood is visible, but this is normal wear for an SS Degen.

The scabbard is a fine, long example, being straight throughout. It has good, original paint that shows minor traces of age and attic crazing. In the main, however, the paint is still quite good and is somewhere between 90 and 95% intact. The lower drag is the built-in style, as we see on NCO models. The upper mount is in the standard “Wotan’s Knot” configuration, with no darkening in the loops of the knot. It doesn’t look like it every had any. The two screws which retain the mount are in place on the lower loops and are the large size we associate with Alcoso.

The blade of this degen is an extremely long and a real monster. It measures 35 ½ inches long, a full half inch longer than the largest production model. It has a very fine, matte finish and shows virtually no age. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the last trademark used by Alcoso; a set of scale with the initials “ACS” intertwined, along with the name and location of the firm. There is a fine black leather blade washer in place.

An outstanding and interesting SS NCO’s Degen here, one that would make for a fine addition to any sword collection and of particular interest to the avid “type” collector.

Excellent Plus. $2,495.00

SSPOL #37676C SS Officer's Dachau Type Degen

This SS Degen was recently brought in by a consignor who acquired the sword back in the '70's at a San Antonio show. There are a lot of armed forces bases in that area; those of us collectors who used to do shows in the vicinity can vouch for the amount of militaria that would crop in these venues.

This Dachau Degen is in nice condition throughout. It has a stainless steel “D” guard with separate upper and lower ferrules. The “D” guard is completely textbook, with a teardrop quillon end. The lower ferrule has fine standing oak leaves separated by acorns. As is the case with the Dachau versions there is no background darkening to this design.

The tang nut is a standard, nickel-plated steel type, showing mild traces of age but nothing bad. The reverse cover plate is also nickel-plated steel.

The grip is a fine ebony beauty, being in perfect condition. This ebony has outstanding tight nickel wire. The runes button is also stainless as we see on these degens. This button has fine, raised SS runes with a good background darkening.

The scabbard of this degen is not the slimmer type we usually see with these swords, but rather is the standard size. What makes it a definite Dachau piece is the fact that the upper scabbard mount with the Wotan's Knot is also made of stainless steel. It is retained by two headless side screws. The lower mount is a conventional style which still has the darkening in its decorative lines and is retained by two dome head screws. The scabbard shell is straight throughout and has fairly good original paint. This paint shows some crazing here and there and a little bit of wear on the reverse center. Overall, though, it is at least 95% intact.

The unmarked blade is in choice condition, measuring 32 inches long. It has the conventional fuller and good, crisp edges. This blade remains in Mint condition. It has the standard Dachau type brown leather washer.

A nice Dachau Degen here, one that would fit well into any SS collection.

Excellent Plus. $5,995.00