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SSMEDALS #38935C SS Presentation Quedlinburg Award

This SS Award is not a conventional medal meant to be worn, but rather is in the form of a boxed presentation medal that intended to be displayed by the recipient. These presentation medals were ordered specially by Himmler and as such are very rare.

The Quedlinburg Award was originally designed to commemorate the death of the great German king Heinrich der Vogler, who lived from 919 through 936. Himmler (ridiculously) fancied himself a descendant of this man, and was quick to incorporate him into the ham-handed pastiche of Teutonic mythology that he liberally slathered over the SS.

There was apparently an SS rally of some kind in Quedlinburg on July 2nd 1936 which is commemorated by this award.

This example is in very choice condition, having a raised profile of Heinrich with a church in the background. To the right of the profile is a set of SS runes. Around three of the edges of the medal are the words, “Quedlinberg Heinrich Konig der Deutschen 919-936”. The award is stamped “835” on the reverse.

This award is accompanied with a certification issued on February 23rd, 2008 by SS Honor Ring specialist/guru Don Boyle. This certificate was drawn up for the late Matt Caldrone, who sadly passed away last year.

This rare piece represents an outstanding opportunity for the serious SS collector.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $7,800.00

SSMEDALS #43059C SS 8 Year Loyal Service Medallion & SS Loyal Service Stickpin

This Service Medallion is a fine bronze strike.

The good looking medallion features a raised, immobile swastika with a set of raised SS runes in a detailed wreath.

On the reverse is a raised "8" with the words "Für Treue Deinst in der SS" superimposed.

The medal has the proper oblong loop with a blue grosgrain ribbon.

Accompanying the medals is a SS Loyalty Stickpin. This stick features an immobile swastika and a set of wreathed SS runes.

A very fine SS set here, and a great addition to any collection.

Excellent Plus. $975.00

SSMEDALS #39735C SS Four-year Loyalty Medal with Ribbon

This SS Medal is constructed of fine bronze and is about the size of a US fifty cent piece. It has a nice heft.

The obverse of the medal features a wreathed sort of raised SS runes.

The reverse of the medal is marked with a raised "4" with four superimposed lines which read, "Für Treue Deinst in der SS". On the obverse is a raised set of SS runes set in a wreath of crisp oak leaves.

Attached to the specially shaped loop is a blue grosgrain ribbon.

This medal is an outstanding early original and still in collectible condition.

Excellent Plus. $1,095.00