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SSJEWEL #40270C SS Honor Ring

This SS Honor Ring is in very choice condition, easily being in near mint. In fact most of the teeth are still there, as well as all of the detail to the bottom runes consisting of SS runes and an arrow figure; usually this area is the first to wear. All of the edges of the ring still display full detail and the original factory background darkening is all still there. Rare to see a ring in this condition. The ring also comes with a Don Boyle certification dated October 1999.

The ring is engraved, "S. lb. Meinhardt". Apparently the original owner had the ring enlarged to fit properly, and during the period-done enlargement, the last two letters in his name and also the date were lost to the repolishing function. The Himmler signature, however, still remains. This enlargement is noted by Boyle on the ring certification and he says, "Ring is in near mint condition with nice seams behind the skull and two nice resizing seams".

The ring was issued to SS-Sturmbahnführer Dr. Albin Meinhardt in October of 1944. (The late date of the issuance no doubt accounts for the fine condition of the ring). At the time, Meinhardt was assigned to the SS hospital near Berlin, "SS Lazarett Holychen". Prior to this time, he was attached to the SS Fuhungshauptamt and transferred to SS-Totenkopf division from 1941-1943. Prior to the war Meinhardt was an Army doctor beginning in 1936. He transferred to the SS in June of 1938 beginning as an SS-Untersturmführer. Meinhardt's SS number is "162 244" and he was born 11.7.07 in W. Prussia. Meinhardt held the 2nd Class I.C. and the 1st Class War Merit Cross with Swords.

There is a small dossier that goes with the ring as well as the Boyle certificate, but I would think that some one like the professional researcher, Ross Kelbaugh, could do wonders with coming up with lots of records on Meinhardt and maybe even a picture. An outstanding-conditioned example here and something you can enjoy for a lifetime.

Near Mint. $11,995.00

SSJEWEL #39692C Hitler Youth Ring

This rarely seen Hitler Youth Hitler Youth Ring is constructed from silver. It has an internal hallmark of "800".

This ring bears a black enamel mobile swastika set within a silver diamond-shaped area, with edges done up in red enamel. The edges are plain but for some individual scribe lines.

The ring shows quite a bit of wear. It is not completely round anymore but this would be easy to rectify. It is a size 8.

A nice item to display next to a fine HJ knife.

Excellent. $495.00

SSJEWEL #39567C SS Honor Ring

This SS Honor Ring is about a US size 9. It is extremely well worn; most of the runic detailing has been completely lost to time. The skull is still fairly good, although the nose, teeth and jaw have obvious wear. In the main, however, this ring still looks quite formidable.

The good part about this ring, though, is that it still has a very crisp dedication on the interior surface. This dedication reads, “S. lb. Scholz 20 4 37 H Himmler”. Unfortunately this surname is fairly common which makes nailing the original owner down a challenge. I suppose all of the officers with this name listed in the SS rank list could be combed through to find which of them had a ring as of 1937. This would be an interesting (if somewhat daunting) research undertaking.

If you just want an original SS Honor Ring and don’t care about researching the pedigree, however, this one is as good as gold and priced over-the-top. This ring comes with a SS ring “guru” Don Boyle certificate of authenticity.

An original and rare SS Honor Ring here, at a reasonable price.

Good Plus. $3,995.00

SSJEWEL #36508C SS “800” Marked Silver Chain Link Bracelet

This bracelet is a most beautiful item, albeit in a most fearsome way. It features seven links, each designed directly after the chain links found on an SS Dagger. I believe the links, however, are jeweler-made, as they are all silver and not nickel as we see on standard, early SS Daggers.

The seven links alternate between the Sig rune and the skull and bones. The detail to each of the links is really outstanding, with fine, high relief and pebbled backgrounds. The teeth of the skulls show just a slight amount of period wear, but they are still intact.

The links are connected with some beautifully made connector tabs. These tabs are actually rounded blocks of metal which have a hole drilled into end, with the link secured through the hole. This arrangement makes for a very fine wearing design as the tabs themselves freely move with the wrist and the links. The tabs, of course, have the cut-in line which runs throughout the center.

The catch at one end of the bracelet is beautifully made, also in the form of a connecting tab; the only difference is that this tab is hinged and opens, having a snap on one side. The catch is marked “800” on the inside, indicating that this bracelet is over silver construction. I would think that this bracelet was probably purchased by an SS officer as a gift for his girlfriend or fiancé. It is of outstanding construction, and is absolutely period all the way.

This piece would make a fantastic addition to any SS collection. If you have a daring girlfriend or wife who also shares you interest in the hobby perhaps this would make an unforgettable gift.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $1,500.00

SSJEWEL #39053 SS Honor Ring

This SS Honor Ring has an outstanding exterior, having only minor traces of wear to the base runes at the edge of the ring. All of the other runes and the fine skull are in choice condition; a couple of the teeth in the skull remain distinct. There is a visible seam beneath the skull.

The ring is fairly small, being a size 8. It has a striking look about it, retaining most of the original factory darkening in the recesses of the runes and the skull.

Unfortunately (but not surprisingly) the original owner of this ring had his name ground off of it. The Germans are generally a pragmatic people, so it makes sense that the “Treue” of this particular SS man might not have included a voluntary trip to the gallows. The rest of the inscription remains, however, including the date of presentation (21+12+43) and the facsimile Himmler signature.

This ring comes with a certificate of authenticity from SS ring guru Don Boyle. It is a shame that the name of the original recipient is obscured, but the thinking here is certainly understandable; the world at large did not look kindly on members of the SS after the war, and that's putting it mildly. A great many SS men destroyed their rings after the defeat of Germany for just this reason, so it is something of a minor miracle that we have any to study today.

A very fine looking (and thought provoking) piece of history here, and a must-have piece for the ardent SS collector.

Excellent Plus. $4,495.00 (#110716)

SSJEWEL #38185C 10 Karat Gold Swastika Pin with Diamond

This small Swastika Pin would have been a very nice accessory for the wife of an NSDAP member. It has been tested and is in fact genuine 10 karat gold, with a fine luster to it.

In the center of the swastika is set with a small diamond, nicely cut and with good fire to it. The reverse of the pin has a standard straight pin and catch.

A very fine piece of jewelry here.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $450.00

SSJEWEL #36509C Silver Reichsmark Coin Bracelet

This bracelet is extremely well made, being constructed of six five Reichsmark coins. The coins feature Paul von Hindenburg on the obverse and the German eagle on the reverse. One of the coins just off center features the German eagle grasping a swastika.

The coins have all been slightly curved to lay properly against a wrist. They are connected together by way of eyelets, two located on each side of the coin. These coins all have varying dates, running from 1934 through 1939. There is a catch on one end of the bracelet, with a push button that connects to a sliding catch on the far end. The catch is marked, “800”, indicating silver construction.

There is a small safety chain with an opening eyelet which also acts to secure the bracelet in the event that the main catch opened inadvertently.

A most beautiful design here, and prime example of fine period craftsmanship.

Excellently. $395.00

SSJEWEL #28927C War Merit Cross-style Ring

This ring appears to be made of zinc or pot metal and it is plain throughout except at the top where it has an applied miniature insignia resembling a war merit cross with swords.

The center area though, instead of a swastika, has a head of a goddess. This may mean that medal is for some other country other than Germany, but if it is I do not know the pedigree.

Someone out there that wants the ring may very well know its correct identification.

A good looking period ring here.

Excellent. $25.00

SSJEWEL #36441C Silver "Totenkopf" Ring

This silver ring is internally marked "835". It depicts a skull and bones flanked by floral motif.

It shows substantial wear but most the detailing is still visible, and comes with a reproduction SS ring box.

A good look fantasy piece here.

Excellent. $495.00

SSJEWEL #36440C Silver "SS Viking" Ring

This ring is not marked, but looks to be silver and is well made.

It features a grimacing Viking head complete with horns. The left edge of the ring has a set of SS runes, while the right has a sun wheel swastika.

A sharp looking fantasy piece here.

Excellent. $195.00

SSJEWEL #36439C Unusual Silver Skull Ring

This ring is quite dramatic, with a long skull that has "jeweled" eyes and a nose with a similar look. The top of the skull has the initials "WPME", The skull is retained by serpents at the sides, which form the ring portion.

It is not hallmarked but obviously silver. It is marked "FELGER".

A striking fantasy piece here.

Excellent Plus. $295.00