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SSJEWEL #42084C Original SS Honor Ring Award Document

This very rare original document has a fine Himmler singature, who personally signed off on all SS honor awards.

This example is date 9 October 1936, and was awarded to "SS-Obersturmführer Rudolf Denk / SS-NR. 11.577, 6. SS-Motorstandarte". The document has the proper hallmark, which appears to be "KOH. 1. Noor". It is also stamped with the Reichsführer-SS stamp, next to which Himmler's black ink signature appears. The signature is quite large, and there is no mistaking the penmanship.

There is a little minor wear to the edges but they are held firmly in place by a piece of parchment attached to the document.

In 1936 Denk was assigned to the "84th Station of the 5th Motor Standard". In October of 1944 he had been promoted to Sturmbahnführer and active in the SD. The SS-Deinstalterliste shows that he was indeed awarded an Honor Ring.

An extremely rare SS Honor Ring document; these are even more difficult to come by these days than a ring! An excellent and uncommon opportunity for the SS collector here.

Excellent. $4,495.00

SSJEWEL #40687C SS Totenkopf Honor Ring

This Honor Ring is of a huge size being size "12". Obviously it was a very big man that once carried it. The ring shows overall wear, although all of the runic symbols are still vaguely there - you can make out their shape easily. The skull has most of the nasal area and the teeth worn away, however, it still has the deep eyes and the bones alongside. This must have been an early award as it would take years of wearing to cause this amount of even wear throughout the ring's surfaces.

Apparently the original owner knew he would be in trouble as a possible war criminal, if he could be connected to this ring, as his name and the dedication has been ground out. The "H.Himmler" signature, however, still remains and is quite visible. Obviously, we as collectors, would have loved to have known the name of the bearer of this Honor Ring, but this will not happen unless there are scientific means to read ground out dedications, like the FBI can do with serial number-removed firearms.

At any rate, the ring comes with a Certificate of Authenticity signed by the SS Ring guru Don Boyle on 22 October 2013. Don says in the certificate, "the inscription ground out on the inside - you can still see the #2 and H. Himmler inside".

So, if you have always wanted an original SS Honor Ring, here is your chance. In my mind, the ring still has a lot of appeal, particularly with its immense size and although substantially worn, the majority of the ring details are still there. A real piece of history here if we could just figure which piece it represents!

Excellent Minus. $4,295.00

SSJEWEL #40976C SS Honor Ring

This ring is one the best-conditioned as well as the most interesting (in a dark way) rings I have handled, as it belonged to an infamous SD Officer in charge of the Security Police and the SD based in Reval (now Tallin) Estonia, beginning in November 1941. He was also the leader of Einsatzgruppe A in Luga with the task of combating partisans. While performing his "job", he ordered numerous "special treatment" murders, as well as participated in mass executions of Jews and Gypsies. The original owner of this ring was SS-Hauptsturmführer Heinrich Bergmann, SS #372 279, born 21 November 1902. Bergmann began as a policeman in 1923 and joined the Party in 1937, becoming a Chief Inspector of the Criminal Police in 1938. In 1939, he joined the Schutzstaffel. He rose quickly to Untersturmführer in 1940, Obersturmfüher in 1941, and in 1943 was promoted Hauptsturmführer, his final rank.

We have a entire dossier that cover's Bergmann's career with many document copies, historical research and even a xeroxed photo of Bergmann. Although Bergmann was absolutely complaisant with mass murder, somehow he avoided the hangman and was actually never formally charged. Initiations against him were discontinued due to "health problems" in 1970. His defense was the usual, "following orders". Luck was on his side, though, as was able to die in his bed in 1980. This ring came from his estate in 1982.

The ring is in superb condition with all details nearly all there. The skull is totally intact, even having hints of the leering teeth, All of the runic symbols on the edges are 100%, as are the lower symbols of the arrow and SS runes at the bottom. The dedication inside is completely perfect. It is engraved, "S.l Bergmann 21.6.44 H. Himmler". The late date of award most likely accounts for the fine condition of the ring. The ring is about a size "8". Not a large ring, but records show Bergmann to be a fairly slight man with a height of about 5 ft. 6 inches.

This is a rare opportunity to acquire a outstanding-conditioned Honor Ring belonging to an SD Officer with a researched career a mile long. The many documents that come with the dossier will keep the next owner occupied and captivated for many days dealing with the significance of the unpunished evil perpetrated by this man. The ring comes with a Certificate of Authenticity both from ring guru Don Boyle and SS ring book author Craig Gottlieb.

Near Mint. $14,995.00

SSJEWEL #40947C Reichsführer-SS Heinrich Himmler Monogrammed Cuff Links

This set of cuff links are phenomenal and 100% original. Imagine being able to own the links that closed the cuffs of one of the most infamous personages in world history. I would think that these links are "gotta-haves" for a serious collector out there.

The links are rectangular, with rounded corners and each side measures about 5/8ths of an inch by 3/8ths of an inch. The obverse side of one link displays the engraved monogram, "HH", done with one letter positioned over the other, with the top letter "H" being slightly off center to the left. The reverse side of the links is engraved with a set of SS runes. Looking at the engraving, it is obvious that it was done by a master jeweler craftsman. The reverse of the monogram link is stamped at the upper area with a small encircled set of runes. The lower area is stamped, "Gahr/ München". The "M" letter in the city appears to be double stamped - it is only noticeable through an loupe. The other link is stamped, "900" and "Silber". The front and reverse two links are connected together with a small three-piece chain link which connected to a matching chain link attached to the reverse of each cuff link. Both cuff links are stamped identically to include the double "M" stamping; it is possible that this second "M" was purposeful and possibly represented the initial of the man that made the cuff links.

As most collectors will know, the Gahr jewelry firm in Munich was Hitler's personal jeweler. They are responsible for the production of the Deutschland Erwache silver standard eagles, the silver hilts for the Himmler Birthday Honor Swords and all of the SS Honor Rings. They also produced many custom-made items for Hitler, Himmler and other high Party members. Obviously Herr Himmler had a very good relationship with Otto and Karolina Gahr.

So, here is your chance to acquire something truly outstanding and one-of-kind. I believe there is a set of these links in a collection, the difference being that the fore-mentioned set is produced of gold, but bear identical proof markings.. Since the SS (and certainly Himmler) had silver as their motto color, I am sure that these links offered would have served a more popular usage than the gold examples. A rare opportunity here to acquire something great!

Excellent Plus, Plus. $4,995.00

SSJEWEL #40535C Eva Braun Signet Ring

This Eva Braun Signet Ring originally was purchased from a veteran that had another Eva Braun ring and monogrammed napkin, as well as a cigar clipper from Göring's yacht, the Carin II.

This ring is quite delicate, very feminine and rather small. It is formed of 18K gold and has a heart theme on the top. Beautifully engraved into the heart are the initials "E. B.".

The ring shows normal wear throughout. The interior is marked "585".

An absolutely original item here.

Excellent Plus. $2,995.00

SSJEWEL #36509C Silver Reichsmark Coin Bracelet

This bracelet is extremely well made, being constructed of six five Reichsmark coins. The coins feature Paul von Hindenburg on the obverse and the German eagle on the reverse. One of the coins just off center features the German eagle grasping a swastika.

The coins have all been slightly curved to lay properly against a wrist. They are connected together by way of eyelets, two located on each side of the coin. These coins all have varying dates, running from 1934 through 1939. There is a catch on one end of the bracelet, with a push button that connects to a sliding catch on the far end. The catch is marked, “800”, indicating silver construction.

There is a small safety chain with an opening eyelet which also acts to secure the bracelet in the event that the main catch opened inadvertently.

A most beautiful design here, and prime example of fine period craftsmanship.

Excellently. $395.00

SSJEWEL #28927C War Merit Cross-style Ring

This ring appears to be made of zinc or pot metal and it is plain throughout except at the top where it has an applied miniature insignia resembling a war merit cross with swords.

The center area though, instead of a swastika, has a head of a goddess. This may mean that medal is for some other country other than Germany, but if it is I do not know the pedigree.

Someone out there that wants the ring may very well know its correct identification.

A good looking period ring here.

Excellent. $25.00

SSJEWEL #36441C Silver "Totenkopf" Ring

This silver ring is internally marked "835". It depicts a skull and bones flanked by floral motif.

It shows substantial wear but most the detailing is still visible, and comes with a reproduction SS ring box.

A good look fantasy piece here.

Excellent. $495.00

SSJEWEL #36439C Unusual Silver Skull Ring

This ring is quite dramatic, with a long skull that has "jeweled" eyes and a nose with a similar look. The top of the skull has the initials "WPME", The skull is retained by serpents at the sides, which form the ring portion.

It is not hallmarked but obviously silver. It is marked "FELGER".

A striking fantasy piece here.

Excellent Plus. $295.00