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SSJEWEL #30928C Aluminum WWI Ring With Iron Cross Motif

This aluminum WWI ring has the dates 1914 and 1917 on either side of the center area.

In the center, there are two iron crosses depicted, each one having colored dots positioned around it.

There is little wear to this ring and there are no internal markings.

Excellent Plus Plus. $65.00

SSJEWEL #43066C Eastern Front Ring

This Eastern Front Ring looks to be made of silver.

It has a square center with a raised out rising sun with a mobile swastika over it. At the bottom is the word "Ostfront". There are no marking on this ring.

This ring looks to be about a size 12, and shows some minor wear and age. The details, however, remain quite clear.

An impressive period private purchase ring here.

Excellent. $325.00

SSJEWEL #43178C Two Third Reich Vintage "Thor's Hammers"

The first of these Hammers is made of amber and retains the original tag. The piece measures about 1 inches long, with a single "S" rune inscribed in the center. The amber is quite beautiful, with interesting internal colors. The original paper tag reads "N. B. I. Nord Deutsche Bernstein Industrie", "bernstein" being the German word for amber. The hammer has a fitting so it can be hung on a chain.

The second hammer is very heavy, being made of solid bronze. This hammer is nearly two inches long, decorated with a vaulted cross strap and what appears to be riveted hardware. The top of the hammer has a hole to accept a chain. You'd need a stout chain to wear this hammer as it is quite heavy.

Two very interesting and rarely seen pieces here.

Excellent. $1,395.00

SSJEWEL #28927C War Merit Cross-style Ring

This ring appears to be made of zinc or pot metal and it is plain throughout except at the top where it has an applied miniature insignia resembling a war merit cross with swords.

The center area though, instead of a swastika, has a head of a goddess. This may mean that medal is for some other country other than Germany, but if it is I do not know the pedigree.

Someone out there that wants the ring may very well know its correct identification.

A good looking period ring here.

Excellent. $25.00

SSJEWEL #36439C Unusual Silver Skull Ring

This ring is quite dramatic, with a long skull that has "jeweled" eyes and a nose with a similar look. The top of the skull has the initials "WPME", The skull is retained by serpents at the sides, which form the ring portion.

It is not hallmarked but obviously silver. It is marked "FELGER".

A striking fantasy piece here.

Excellent Plus. $295.00