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Every once in a while we get a grouping of exceptional artifacts that come from one advanced collector source and I like to feature all of the items together. This way they get the attention they deserve and be truly appreciated by those of us out there that know how difficult it is to acquire pieces with both mega-interest and the best of condition.

This grouping of artifacts come from advanced collector and good friend, Craig Jacksland. Craig has a successful insurance agency in Upper New York State and continually looks for the best of the best and every once in a while decides to sell-off some items so that he can go on to even bigger things.

I hope everyone will enjoy reading the descriptions and viewing my son Robbie's professional photographs of these goodies. Each and every piece is of investment quality and guaranteed original.

SPECIAL #38817C Early Model 1933 SS Service Dagger - Jacobs & Co.

This trademarked Jacobs dagger is one of the rarest of the "standard" early SS daggers we see. Jacobs made very few of these, and over the years, I do not think I have sold more than two or three of them. This dagger is in 100% original, untouched condition and does not even appear to have ever been opened.

The crossguards are constructed of solid nickel, having good smooth surfaces, crisp edges and precise accent grooves. The lower reverse guard is district marked, "III".The tang nut appears darker than the other mounts, and is magnetic, indicating that it is made of steel. It does not appear to have ever been moved, so is original to this dagger.

The obverse of the ebony grip shows some some signs of surface wear here and there, but it remains in perfect condition. The reverse grip has some slivers of wood that have come out, just at the area where the grip meets the upper reverse mount. It's not bad, though, and a commonly-seen fault. There is also a tiny "flick" of wood that is missing at the lower grip area, but it is before the point where the grip meets the guard, so was caused by something hitting the immediate area. It's not bad though, and only mentioned because I want everyone to know the exact condition of this ultra-rare piece.

The scabbard shell is totally straight. It has 100% of the original "anodized" surface. In addition, there is about 50% of the original factory lacquer still clinging to the finish - a very fine scabbard here. The nickel scabbard mounts are also in good condition. The lower ball has one minuscule tap at the very bottom left side, but it is nothing. The four original nickel screws are in place and are unturned.

There is an outstanding conditioned early vertical hanger in place. The leather is completely sound to the coffin-shape reverse area and to both of the cross straps. The upper strap is fitted with a nickel-plated square buckle. The nickel snap clip is marked, "A" and "DRGM". Completing the hanger is a black leather belt loop with "D" ring.

And now for this rare blade; it remains mirror bright and appears to retain all of its fine graining. The SS motto, "Meine Ehre heisst Treue!" is deeply etched. This motto has the exclamation mark behind it, being the only maker-marked dagger to have this rare treat. The motto letter backgrounds have all of the factory frosting. A mint blade here and quite a sight to behold for the knowing collector! The blade shoulders perfectly meet the lower cross guard contour.

So, if you are a serious SS "type" collector, it is doubtful that you will see another maker-marked Jacobs for sale, especially in this fine condition. An opportunity to forever fill a void you could look for over a lifetime.

Near Mint. $8,495.00(#072116)

SPECIAL #38820C Early Model 1936 Chained SS Dagger

This early Chained SS dagger is of initial production and has everything going for it.

The crossguards and tang nut are of nickel silver. The tang nut does not appear to have ever been removed. The guards have outstanding smooth surfaces with crisp edges and precise accent grooves. Although I have not looked inside, they appear to be the "P.A" marked variety.

The ebony grip is a choice example showing no repairs and perfect condition. It fits the crossguards like a rubber glove. The runes button is perfectly placed from north to south and has fine, untouched enamel surfaces. The nickel grip eagle is the type with "beak that points upward slightly". The details to the bird's head, breast and wing feathering, talons, wreath and swastika are still there.

There is a fine 42cm aluminum portepee which appears original to the piece. It is in unfrayed, top condition throughout. The portepee is tied in the manner we see a lot of them being; a single loop at the top and a double loop at the bottom of the grip. The loops seems nicely set in place.

The straight scabbard shell is one of the best I have seen as far as original paint goes. This paint still has its original factory sheen. The paint remains at 100%, having only a few small crazing cracks, which we expect to see on old paint. It is very difficult to find a chained scabbard in this condition, given the fact that the chain can easily be slammed against it during wear, or worse, the dagger could be roughly laid on the chain - somehow this beautiful piece has escaped any of these potential harms - a miracle! The matching nickel scabbard mounts are also in nice condition. The lower ball has a couple of slight taps, but I guess we can't have everything. The taps, though, are very minor.

The center ramp is the early type having the very crisp edges. It features the three intertwined swastikas on both sides and has most of the original factory darkening in the backgrounds. Basically, the ramp looks the same as the example I show on Page 140 of my SS book. The Type II chain is a classic example and appears the same as the one on Page 135. The chain is of total nickel construction having the alternating links of skull and cross bones with SS runic symbols; always a great look! The dental work on the skulls is all 100% and all deadly smiles. The nickel link connecting tabs are also in great condition with none showing stress and all being connected on the reverse. The first upper reverse link is lightly stamped with the SS Kulturzeichen inspection mark. It looks the same as the stamping on Page 138. The clover leaf connector at the top is the closed style and the snap clip has good working spring.

The unmarked blade is the one to write home about. It is bright, mint, has all cross grain and the SS motto, "Meine Erhe heistt Treue" is crisp and has all of the factory darkening; it just doesn't get any better than this. The blade shoulders perfectly meet the lower crossguard contour.

This is one of the best SS Chained daggers that I have handled. If you are looking for an early example in the best of condition, I do not think this example could be upgraded. It is of investment quality.

Mint Minus. $10,500.00