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SIGNS #43210 Porcelain Sign Advertising Viennese Newspaper

This white background porcelain-over-steel sign measures 16 inches by 20 inches. Other than a small break in the porcelain on the left upper edge and the usual missing material around the four mounting holes, the white porcelain is in fine shape.

The left side corner edges have a red color accent line. Running from the center area to the top of the sign is an off-red and black mobile swastika shown from an angle. Below this in two lines of black Fraktur is, "Deine Zeitung" (Your Newspaper) and below in red letters being in the logo style of the paper is its name, "Der Kampfruf", which means the "The Battle Cry". In the right corner is the name of the Viennese sign producer, "BEHA-WERK, WIEN XIII". Because the sign comes from Vienna, I assume this was an NSDAP-sponsored Austrian newspaper. The reverse of the sign is black painted and shows some typical age and rust.

A great sign here to nicely accent a collecting room.

Excellent Plus. $995.00

SIGNS #42765 NSKK Auto Mechanic's Service Sign

I like this sign a lot; it's pretty neat in its simplicity. It measures 15 inches by 16 inches.

It is made of steel, with blue edges and a square white field. In the center of the white area is a red circle marked with a white double ended spanner.

At the top of the sign is a NSKK eagle, with open wings, wreath, and swastika, as well as the usual banner reading "N. S. K. K.".

The enamel is in perfect condition throughout and the colors remain bright. Other than the usual chips are the mounting holes there is only a small chip on the right hand side.

The reverse has some mild rust but remains sound.

I can't imagine a better way to let driver's know where to get their motors fixed! A perfect accent to your NSKK collection here.

Excellent Plus. $995.00

SIGNS #42411 Prussian Municipal Sign

This Prussian Police has a white enamel surface, with a black border and green text and iconography. It measures 16 inches by 14 inches. The enamel is perfect throughout the body of the sign, with only the usually seen wear around the mounting holes.

In the center of the sign is an open-winged, black Prussian eagle with a white swastika on its breast. The bird clutches a green sword and lighting bolts in its talons. In a ribbon above the bird is the slogan "Gott mit uns!"

Below the bird are the words "Amt des Schiedmannes". This translates to something like "Office of the Arbitrator"; I suspect this person was some sort of magistrate or the like, and his office probably not a place anyone enjoyed visiting.

The reverse of the sign shows only mild age and rust.

A great item to dress up your Police Bayonet collection here!

Excellent Plus. $795.00

SIGNS #42410 Veteran's Street Sign

This Veteran's Street Sign is quite interesting, being the first of the type I have had to offer. It is a steel example, with a white enamel finish. The text is done in black Gothic lettering, and there is some nice red detail work.

The sign measures 25 inches by 12 inches. At the top there is a likeness 2nd Style Veteran's insignia, in black, white and red. Below the insignia it reads, "Verkehrslokal Nationalsozialistischer Reichskriegerbund / (Kyffhäuserbund)". This translates to something like "Local Transport" or "Traffic Center" of the NSDAP Veteran's Association; I am not sure what sense of "traffic" is meant here, be it a meeting place, actual traffic, or what have you.

The enamel has a few minor rust spots scattered here and there, and the usual issues of chipping around the mounting holes. The reverse is black, showing only mild rust and age.

An interesting period sign here, and certainly rare.

Excellent Plus. $895.00

SIGNS #41279 Porcelain Adolf-Hitler-Platz Street Sign

This street sign is constructed of steel, coated in white porcelain with black text. It measured 35 Ω by 8 inches; as these signs go it is fairly large.

It reads, "Adolf-Hitler-Platz" in Fraktur/Gothic lettering. Beneath this are what appears to be a pair of directional arrows. The whole affair has a black line border.

The porcelain around the four corner mounting holes is chipped and rusted, something we typically see with these signs. There is also some minor chipping on the edges and on the surface, but these are relatively minor.

The reverse of the sign is black and shows minimal age.

Just about every city in German had a street or plaza named for Hitler, and these signs made excellent war trophies for our victorious soldiers. A great addition to any collection here.

Excellent Plus. $1,395.00 (#080918)

SIGNS #41257 Porcelain Hermann Göringstrasse Street Sign

This Göringstrasse sign is done up in blue porcelain over a base of steel, with white lettering. The outwardly jovial and gregarious Göring was quite popular with the German people and as such had many streets named for him.

The sign reads, "Hermann Göringstrasse". The font is a conventional one, which leads me to believe it was produced after 1941 when the more traditional fonts were beginning to be set aside.

The porcelain coating remains in excellent condition, with the usual rust and chips around the corner mounting holes. There are a few very minor rust spots on the surfaces and edges, but these are almost trivial. It measures 27 Ω inches by 6 inches.

The reverse has been painted black, with quite a few rust spots scattered about.

A perfect highlight to your Luftwaffe collection here.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $1,295.00 (#080918)

SIGNS #41259 White Porcelain NSDAP Sign

This large white porcelain sign measures 20 inches by 20 inches. It is beveled with a vaulted center.

The white porcelain is quite good, with the typical traces rust on the edges and around the four corner mounting holes. There is also a rather large list spot on the left edge and another around the "D" in "NSDAP".

The sign features a black open winged eagle clutching a wreathed swastika. Beneath the bird are the initials of the Party, "NSDAP". The bird and text font are quite different than those we normally see; the eagle is a very stylized (rather simplistic) geometric design, and the text has an almost cursive quality to it, with exaggerated serifs. This sign comes directly from Poland and I suspect this has something to do with the styling. The whole affair is bordered in with a double black line.

The reverse is coated in black paint, with some traces of rust.

A great looking and unusual NSDAP Sign here.

Excellent. $895.00 (#080918)

SIGNS #41265C Hitler Salute Porcelain Propaganda Sign

This sign is an almost new-like condition, only showing some rust on the lower edge. The edges are not damaged as they typically are on this type of sign, which leads me to believe it was either carefully removed or perhaps not used at all. It measures 19 inches by 13 inches.

This sign reads "Unser Gruß ist "Heil Hitler!" which, in English, translates to something like, "Our Salute is "Heil Hitler!". This text is black, on a white background. On the left of the slogan is a large black mobile swastika. A black border completes the face of the sign.

These propaganda signs were most likely liberally applied to anything that held still long enough when Hitler came to power, lest anyone forget which way the wind was blowing.

A very striking propaganda sign here, speaking loudly of the rigid conformity prized by the NSDAP. This very sign was featured in the May 2015 Hermann Historica auction catalog, item 7147.

Near Mint. $995.00

SIGNS #41256 Deutsche Reichsbahn Porcelain Sign

This porcelain DR Sign is quite large, measuring 21 Ω inches by 17 inches. It is constructed of steel covered in yellow porcelain, with a vaulted center.

In the center of the sign is a black Railway Eagle clutching a wreathed swastika. Below the bird the sign reads, "Deutsche Reichsbahn / Kraftwageng¸terstelle" or "Motor Vehicle Freight Station".

This sign has some chips to the enamel at the corners but the rest of the sign is nearly perfect. The reverse is coated with black paint and has some areas of rust here and there.

An outstanding addition to a Railway collection here, and quite rare.

Excellent. $1,295.00

SIGNS #40900 Skull and Bones Achtung Sign

This menacing little sign measures 6 inches by 7 3/4 inches. It is constructed of steel covered in an orange porcelain.

In the center of a sign is grinning, black eyed skull, complete with crossed bones and a mouth full of pearly whites. This sinister character is done in white, with heavy black edge lines that really make him pop off the surface of the sign.

Flanking the skull are a pair of heavily skewed red lightning bolts, each tipped with an arrow. These bear a passing resemblance to Signal Corp arrows, but I suspect that it simply a coincidence.

Below the skull, in black capital letters, is the word, "ACHTUNG", which literally translates to something like "attention" in German, but I think "DANGER" is a better transliteration given the leering skull and blood red lightning bolts.

The orange porcelain around the edges of the sign is almost uniformly damaged and rusted, but remains sound. A few small rust spots also dot the fact of the sign, but these do not obscure anything interesting.

The reverse is olive drab in color. It is interesting to note there is the faint outline of Wehrmacht style eagle in the lower left corner, complete with wreath and swastika.

A real eye-catcher here. These signs are always crowd pleasers!

Excellent. $595.00 (#080918)

SIGNS #41195 Adolf Hitler Street Sign

This sign is constructed of heavy steel coated in porcelain. The front of the sign is dark blue, with raised out white lettering.

The sign reads "Adolf-Hitler/Strasse" bordered in white.

This sign measures 23 ½ inches by 12 inches. There is some rust and chipping here and there, especially around the corner mounting holes. The reverse is covered in rust and age but remains sound.

This sign is ready to hang above your collection.

Excellent. $1,195.00 (#080918)