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SIGNS #45165 Reichsbahn Railway Sign

This sign is quite large measuring 21 and a half inches by 17 inches. It was a sign that would have been posted in a trainyard indicating the area where empty wagon cars were to be stored.

The sign is of all yellow enamel over steel being vaulted in the center. Printed on the sign at the top is a black open winged railway eagle clutching a wreath with mobile swastika. Below in two lines is Deutsche Reichsbahn / Kraftwageng├╝terstelle. The verbage is all done in Gothic letters.

The sign also shows some darkening around the lower area which I believe to be old railway soot. The signs has the usual chips in the corners but otherwise the enamel is in very nice condition. The reverse of the sign is printed in three lines "Ferro-Email Robert Dold, Offenburg I. B. 1937".

This would be a terrific sign to display with a railways collection. A great example here.

Excellent. $1,295.00