Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Shoulder Boards
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SHOULDERBOARDS #43255 Luftwaffe Sonderführer Shoulder Board

This woven shoulder board is a fairly rare item and quite good looking. The woven black cord of the board is shot throughout with aluminum bullion. There are also two aluminum bullion slides on the board.

Sonderführer ( or "special leader") was a specialist role introduced in the Wehrmacht of Nazi Germany in 1937 for the mobilization of the German armed forces. With the draft of Sonderführer to military service, the competence of civil experts and specialists could be exploited for military purposes.

A rarely seen board here.

Near Mint. $75.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #43258 Luftwaffe Signals Shoulder Board

This board is trimmed in with tan cord, indicating it was worn by a Signals NCO.

The center of the board is brown wool, with a button hole at the end. It has fine aluminum bullion tress running around the border.

A nice Luftwaffe board here.<.P>

Excellent. $30.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #43153 Pair of Imperial Forestry General's Shoulder Boards

These boards are extremely impressive, being General's rank from the Forestry division and going all the way back to Imperial times.

The boards have beautiful woven cord having green highlights. Atop each board is a silver cypher that I do not know the meaning of, as well as a brass button at the end.

The underside is covered in a very fine green felt. There is an elastic strap that must have been used to keep the boards in position.

These boards would make a tremendous addition to a collection of fine Forestry cutlasses. They are highest quality and very beautiful.

Mint. $595.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #42587 SA Shoulder Straps

These SA Shoulder Straps are thin, made of black and white bicolor cord on a black wool base. They measures 16mm wide and 16cm long. They both remain in perfect condition, with a button hole at the end of each.

These are the "sewn-in" type, and are quite difficult to find.

Excellent Plus. $150.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #41930 Land Customs Officer's Shoulder Boards

This matching set of boards are constructed from finely woven pale gray cord with green highlights and hash marks.

The backing is green wool which remains in perfect condition. There are sewn-on cross straps so that these board can be slipped on.

A good set of boards here.

Excellent Plus. $95.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #41276 Kriegsmarine / Coastal Artillery Shoulder Board

This single board is a slip-on type constructed of navy blue wool. It features a set of crossed anchors.

The lower area is green wool with a button hole.

This board would have been worn by a boatswain. A rare example here.

Excellent. $50.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #41368C Pair of Army Infantry Leutnant Shoulder Boards

This pair of boards has the usual gray cordage running throughout the surfaces. Beneath is white wool with straps to slip them on.

The boards do not quite match but they are very close. One board has a button hole in the strap and the other does not.

A decent, basic set of boards here.

Good. $40.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #40798C Pair Of Army Major Artillery Shoulder Boards

This set of Major's boards have a pattern of embroidered bullion at the top. The bullion is sewn to a red felt base that indicates the Artillery. There is a strap with a button hole on each.

Both boards match and each remains in excellent condition.

A fine set of Artillery Boards here.

Near Mint. $150.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #40822C Single Land Customs Official's Shoulder Board

This shoulder board has fine aluminum dual cords trimmed in brown running around the edges.

These look to be the sew-in style of board, constructed with a green felt body.

A good looking and scarce board Land Customs Board here.

Excellent Plus. $60.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #40068 Two SA Shoulder Boards

These two SA Shoulder Boards are for a ScharfŸhrer and a OberststurmfŸhrer.

The ScharfŸhrer boards has four cords on each side and a button in the hole. The board has a gray wool bottom and the original paper tag. The tag is marked "483602" and "185".

The ObersturmfŸhrer board has four sets of brown roping with aluminum decoration. The are of gray wool.

Excellent. $50.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #40074C Single SA General's Should Board

This SA board is quite impressive. It is constructed of black velvet with twisted cords of woven gold and silver.

This board would have been worn by the ranks of SA-BrigadefŸhrer up to a SA-ObergruppenfŸhrer.

A great looking board here, in choice condition.

Near Mint. $350.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #38032 Infantry Hauptmann Shoulder Boards

This set of Hauptmann Shoulder Boards consists of aluminum bullion cordage sewn together with the addition of two gilded pips. These cords have been sewn to a base of white wool, indicating that the original wearer was a member of the infantry.

These boards are the sewn-in type. They are lighter in tone in the area that was covered at the stitch as well as around the area where the buttons would have held them in place.

A good set of matching shoulder boards here.

Excellent. $95.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #38031 Infantry Leutnant Shoulder Boards

This set of Infantry Leutnant Shoulder Boards have fine aluminum bullion cords sewn together over a base of white wool. This would indicate they were meant for the infantry.

Applied to each board is the gilded number, “29”. These are sewn-in boards with the button hole at the opposite end.

A fine matching set of Leutnant boards here.

Excellent Plus. $95.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #37300 Army NCO Shoulder Board

This shoulder board (and its missing twin) would have been worn by an Oberfeldwebel. The board has is of green felt with an aluminum tress that runs around the border.

There are two pips affixed to this board. One of these pips is slightly oxidized and the other is slightly rusty. Underneath is a piece of wool strapping with a button hole.

This is a slip-on style board.

Excellent. $25.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #37156 Unissued Pair of Slip-on Oberst Shoulder Boards

This set of Oberst Shoulder Boards comes with the original tag still affixed to them with a thread and a securing metal stamp. The tag bears the date “1943” and also has, below, “187.SETEC” and “Olav.”.

The tabs themselves are a fine set of bullion colonel's type all interwoven through each other. There are two gold pips which decorate the tabs, indicating a full colonel.

The backing below is of black velvet and has the tab with a button hole, indicating that these are the slip-on type. These bullion boards some some age to the gold pip, but are otherwise in choice unissued condition.

A great set of display boards here, or, should you have a colonel's outfit lacking boards these should do the trick. I believe that the black color would indicate a Pioneer branch.

Near Mint. $250.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #36664C Imperial Shoulder Boards and Swallow's Nests

This pair of shoulder boards have red wool tops with a gray base. Woven onto the tops of the boards is a Hessian crown over the cypher “EL”. This cypher is the monogram of Grand Duke Ernst Ludwig of Hesse. The boards are the style that are sewn-in, with a button hole at the end. Both are in very fine condition.

Accompanying the shoulder boards are a pair of Life Guard Infantry Regiment 115 Hesse Swallow's Nests. These swallow's nests are in excellent condition, and connected to the shoulders of a musicians uniform. Since the boards and nests come from the same original owner, they are being sold as a unit to keep them together.

A fine grouping here.

Excellent. $295.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #26936 Unknown Shoulder Boards

These shoulder boards are of a very thin bullion type, having a green stripe running through each half. The shoulder boards are composed of aluminum bullion, having two strands which, where they bend in the center and make the buttonhole, makes a total of four separate pieces of bullion.

The upper and lower strands have a green decorative line running through. These sewn-in style boards are unknown to me. They still have the original tie string around the center and are in unissued condition.

Unissued Mint. $55.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #29405 Single Initialed Land Customs Shoulder Board

This Initialed Land Customs Shoulder Board would have been worn by an agent with the rank of, “Collbetriebs-Assistent”. The shoulder board is a combination of green and bullion cords and off the center area is the initials, “RSV” and there also is one pick.

This shoulder board is the slip-on type and has a good green base below.

Excellent Plus. $60.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #33053 Naval Officer’s Shoulder Board

This Naval Officer's Shoulder Board is for a low officer rank, having rows of silver bullion. The bullion is mounted on a dark blue wool background. This shoulder board has a snap on the bottom end portion which must have mated with a male counterpart on the tunic.

The shoulder board shows mild patination to the silvering but otherwise is in excellent condition.

Excellent Plus. $50.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #29175 Army Transport Boards

This pair of Army Transport Boards are the slip-on type, and in perfect condition. They have beautiful rows of bullion on the top and the bottom consists of a rich blue wool color. This color would translate to the medical branch.

These boards are the slip on type. They are in pristine condition and would display very nicely.

Mint. $100.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #31967C Imperial Enlisted Man’s Artillery Sewn In Shoulder Boards

These Imperial Enlisted Man’s Artillery Sewn In Shoulder Boards consist of a fine field green wool showing no mothing. They are the sewn in type. The boards are piped with red cord being an indication that they were worn by a soldier in the artillery branch. The regiment of this enlisted man was “36” as this was the number sewn on the top of each of the boards.

A fine matching pair here which would be great for display.

Excellent Plus. $150.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #31959C Army Hauptmann Artillery Shoulder Boards

This set of Army Hauptmann Artillery Shoulder Boards have aluminum bullion cord at the upper and a red felt base at the lower. There are two metal pips which are retained by prongs on the surfaces of both of these shoulder boards.

These boards are the sewn in type and they appear to have been on a uniform at one time. These boards show some age and some usage.

Excellent. $95.00

SHOULDERBOARDS #31965C Imperial Flyer’s Sewn In Boards

This set of Imperial Flyer’s Boards are quite attractive. It features bullion cord with specks of purple and white sewn into the motif. In the center is an applied winged propeller. The propeller is a silver plated type. Below the boards is a fine regal purple color velvet. The velvet shows age and some wear but it is still mostly all there.

A fine set of original flyer’s shoulder boards.

Excellent Plus. $675.00

Excellent. $40.00