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Fritz Sauckel as Gauleiter of the Thuringen and member of the Reichstag was an important leader in Nazi Germany, based in Weimar. In 1939, Hitler made Sauckel Plenipotentiary of Allocation for Labor. Sauckel ran what turned out to be the largest slave trade industry in history. Although he claimed he was only supplying people for jobs, he used the example at Nuremberg, "It was like a seaman's agency. If I supply hands for a ship, I am not responsible for cruelty that may be exercised aboard the ship without my knowledge"...

His judges didn't buy it and Fritz Sauckel was hung at Nuremberg as a war criminal on October 6, 1946. A man this powerful had great need for entertaining as there were large numbers of Party officials around his presence, so he had an adequate silver service using the unique Thuringen eagle for the pattern. Sauckel's silver is pattern is considered quite striking by collectors and is a very popular collectible.