Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria RLB (Reichsluftschutzbund) Daggers
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The Reichsluftschutzbund or RLB was the official air raid protection group for the state. It was established by Air Minister, Hermann Göring in 1935. RLB groups were kept busy training the German population for civil defense. Beginning in 1936, enlisted members of this organization were issued a dagger.

The dagger had nickeled mounts with black ebony grip and black painted scabbard. The short hanger was permanently attached to the scabbard. The 1st Model example had an applied grip insignia which features the organization's initials, RLB, in a blue enamel superimposed over a silvered sunburst.

The 2nd Model was issued in 1938. It was essentially the same dagger, however, the grip insignia featured a large black-enameled swastika, superimposed over a sunburst. The blades were a plain polished finish variety. The Officers of the RLB initially carried daggers with one scabbard suspension ring with early RLB lettered insignia on the grip. The dagger has silvered nickel mounts with leather covered grip and matching scabbard shell. A 2nd Officer Pattern was introduced in 1938. It was nearly identical to the previous type, except the new insignia of the RLB, a large black enameled swastika grip emblem, was substituted for the earlier RLB grip emblem. Additionally a center ramp was added to the scabbard to accommodate a more substantial two strap hanging method. Many existing 1st Model daggers were converted to 2nd Models during the period.

RLBALL #50771C Early 1st Model RLB E.M. Dagger by C. Gustav Spitzer

This RLB appears to be of initial production, It is equipped with all nickel mounts. The pommel is the derby-shaped device having an equator-like raised area running around the center of the fitting. The pommel is nicely toned and has no hit to the edges of the rim. The nickel cross guard features the stubby-winged eagle which clutches a solid plain wreath with a swastika raised out of the wreath. The wings of the bird appear to be hand-enhanced. The guards end with 45 degree angles symbolizing movement and are decorated with three enhanced lines on the obverse and reverse surfaces. The ebony grip remains in perfect condition. It is bulbous in the center and tapers on both ends. Affixed to the obverse surface is a fine RLB 1st style insignia. The insignia appears to have all of the silver to the surrounding sunburst. In the center are the blue enameled "RLB '' initials with matching swastika below. The enamel is all there with no repairs. A fine hilt here.

The scabbard is straight throughout. The original paint is still at near 100%, however, there is quite a bit of age crazing spread evenly throughout both sides. The upper mount is a throat device retained by a single flathead screw in the obverse. The nickel lower mount remains in fine condition, being retained by two headless side screws. At the upper right of the scabbard there is a metal loop which retains a triangular shape, wire-like fitting where the leather hanger is secured. The black leather remains in fine, supple condition. The nickel tab that retains the leather is held in place with four rivets. The nickel snap clip is marked, "A" and "DRGM".

The blade is as good as they come, being in mint condition. It is totally bright, has all of its factory cross grain and has a needlelike tip. The reverse is etched with a round circle. Printed around the outside of the circle is the producer, "C.Gustav Spitzer, Solingen". Inside the circle is a prancing lion with a flickering tongue and upturned tail.

A fine RLB E.M. here, in very collectible condition.

Mint Minus. $1,995.00

RLBALL #50537C 1st Model RLB Officer's Dagger by Paul Weyersberg

This RLB officer's dagger is in remarkable condition. The hilt fittings are all nickel and are beautifully toned, showing very little wear throughout. The pommel has no hits.

The carved wooden grip is covered in very fine blue Moroccan leather which remains in perfect condition. The grip button is the "1st style" that retains all of the original silvered finish, which is often worn off. The enamel portions remain perfect.

The scabbard shell is straight and is covered in matching blue Moroccan leather which is also in terrific condition. The scabbard mounts are the nickel type and they too have toned to match the hilt fittings. All of the headless screws are in place. Attached to the carrying ring is a very fine original hanger, with supple leather and nickel hardware. The snap clip is marked "A" and "DRGM".

The blade is one of the best you will see and is in nearly mint condition, with an odd bright spot on the reverse. The reverse is etched with the Weyersberg Wreathed Sword trademark, and the original blade washer is in place.

A very fine example; it is hard to find these 1st Model pieces as they were typically converted to 2nd Model pieces during the period.

Mint Minus. $6,495.00

RLBALL #50566C Personalized 2nd Model RLB Officer's Dagger by Ernst Witte

This RLB officer's dagger is the later type which was made with aluminum hilt fittings as opposed to the earlier nickel-plated or silver types. The aluminum mounts remain in perfectly pristine condition throughout, showing no age or wear.

The reverse center of the crossguard is interesting as it has been beautifully engraved with the name of the original owner, which appears to be Willi Hyar. I don't know if there are records of RAD officers but I suppose you could take a shot at looking this man up.

The carved wooden grip is covered in lovely blue Moroccan leather which remains in perfect condition. The grip button is the "2nd style", with some wear to the silvering but none whatsoever to the fine enamel portions.

The scabbard is straight and has leather nearly on par with that used to cover the grip, and is exactly matching in color. There are some slight traces of usage but no nips, rips, tearing, or wearing. The nickel plated scabbard mounts are in pristine condition and the headless screws are all present.

The blade of this piece is mint. The reverse is lightly etched with the "Kroneck" trademark of the Witte firm, and the original blade washer is in place.

A very beautiful RLB piece here, and personalized to boot.

Mint. $2,995.00

RLBALL #50705C 2nd Model Enlisted Man's RLB Dagger with Leather Covered Grip

This RLB E.M. dagger is a mystery to me, but absolutely period. The hilt fittings are totally perfect, nickel-based mounts featuring the derby-shaped pommel and fine cross guard. The guard is equipped with the stubby-winged bird clutching a smooth wreath and swastika, having pebbled background to the wreath. The quillon arms are the usual line-decorated style ending in 45 degree angles. And, as nice as this hilt is, the grip is the most fascinating part. It apparently has the normally ebony base being bulbous in the center and tapering on both ends. However, it is covered with blue moroccan leather being the identical color, grain and texture of the leather used on RLB Officer examples. The workmanship is brilliant and totally period. This leather covering is in full mint condition. On the center obverse is the applied 2nd style RLB grip button. It has the silvering to the sunburst edges and the swastika in the center has absolutely 100% of the original black enamel and is flawless. Quite a sight here!

The scabbard is also the best you will see, having incredible full mint original black paint. The paint retains its original sheen as though it was done yesterday. Very beautiful to gaze upon this beautiful paint. The scabbard mounts consist of a choice nickel-plated upper throat and lower scabbard mount. The throat has a headless screw in the obverse and the lower mount is equipped with two headless side screws. Attached to the scabbard's triangular-shaped wire clip is the original black leather hanger. The hanger remains in complete mint condition still being stiff. The retaining nickel tab is new-like with its four rivets which connect the leather. The snap clip is a mint condition nickel-plated example marked, "A" and "DRGM".

The unmarked blade is in complete new-like, mint condition. It is totally bright and has all of its original cross grain. Oddly, there is no leather blade washer, and it does not appear that there ever was one.

It is possible this example was made as a sample that could also show-off the leather work that would have been performed on the officer models, but I don't know. It is also possible the original RLB owner ordered his piece equipped this way. Well, this is an example of never saying "never" about anything in this exciting hobby. A very beautiful, incredible original RLB here!

Mint. $3,495.00

RLBALL #48130 2nd Model RLB Officer's Dagger

This RLB officer's dagger has nicely patinated hilt fittings, with good silvering that shows only slight wear on the reverse.

The dark blue Moroccan grip leather remains in perfect condition, but the sunburst grip insignia is worn down to the copper base metal and has minor damage to the enamel swastika.

The scabbard shell is straight and the leather is good, with only a minor nip on the right edge. The scabbard mounts have patinated to match the hilt mounts and remain in good condition, retained by all of the original screws.

The unmarked blade is nice, bright, and nearly mint. The original leather buffer is in place

A fine, basic RLB Officer's Dagger here.

Excellent. $2,695/00

RLBALL #49026 2nd Model RLB Officer's Dagger by Paul Weyersberg

This Weyersberg piece is an early example with fine nickel mounts, including a pointed pommel. The silvering remains intact and is nicely patinated, and all of the leather used on this piece is exceptional.

The Moroccan grip leather remains in perfect condition. The grip insignia retains most of the silvering and shows only minor wear to the enamel swastika.

The scabbard remains straight and the leather covering exactly matches that used on the grip. The nickel scabbard mounts remain in perfect condition throughout, although one of the original screws has been lost to time.

The blade remains bright and in nearly full mint condition. The reverse is etched with the Paul Weyersberg Sword & Laurel Wreath trademark and the original blade buffer is in place.

A high quality example here.

Mint Minus. $2,895.00

RLBALL #37538 2nd Model RLB Officer's Dagger

This 2nd Model RLB Officer's Dagger is an early example that has never been cleaned. I couldn't believe it but a fellow Moorestownian called me up and asked me if I could take a minute a look at the dagger his father brought home from the war. Well, I thought I had cleaned all of the militaria out of Moorestown years ago, but it seems there is always one more stone to turn over. When the gentlemen brought the dagger in it completely lacked leather on the scabbard but the grip leather was nearly perfect. He had explained that it had been around the house for many years and no one cared about it so it was time to put the dagger into the hands of someone who could properly appreciate it.

This piece has an early pommel and crossguard and they have patinated to an almost black color, which is really nice if you like this look. I hope whoever buys this dagger doesn't clean these fittings; it would be a shame. The pommel is a beauty, with no signs of carrying damage and a good, crisp double rim around the center edge.

The crossguard displays the fine, Art Deco eagle. The bird looks to the viewer's right and clutches a wreath with an open, “floating” swastika within. The bird has hand detailing to his brow, eye, and beak. The wings also have two wide enhancements, simulated a feathered look. The quillon arms are triangular at the end, with three deep cut enhancement lines on each side. Like the pommel there is no sign of carrying wear to these quillons.

As mentioned above the grip is a beauty! The grip base is of carved wood, bulbous in the center and tapering towards either end. It is covered in fine, blue-black Moroccan leather which retains all of the original grain. There is a slight bump in the leather on the reverse but it is not bad. The RLB button is a nice one, with just a hint of the copper base peeking through the silvered surface of the sunburst. The enamel surface shows a little surface wear but overall it is in good condition with no breaks.

The scabbard shell is a steel based type. We have access to the original leather that was used to cover RLB scabbards, a fine grained Moroccan made from the skin of baby goats. This leather exactly matches the grip, and and with our professional installation and workmanship, I really would say that it was nearly impossible to tell we'd restored the piece. Both the grain and the color are identical. The scabbard mounts are in fine condition, with the exact same patination as the hilt fittings. These mounts are retained by headless side screws, all of which are in place and unturned.

The blade of this RLB is as nice as you will see. It is mirror-bright and has a needle-like tip. All of the original crossgraining is intact and other than a couple of extremely minute signs of age it remains in nearly Mint condition. The blade is unmarked but we often see this on RLB Daggers. The original leather blade buffer is in place, also matching all of the other leather components.

If you are looking of a first class RLB Officer's Dagger in outstanding, untouched and uncleaned condition, this piece is for you. It is priced somewhat lower than normal to take into account the scabbard recovering, although you would be very hard pressed to discern this repair. A beautiful, authentic example here.

Excellent Plus. $2,995.00

RLBALL #47646C 2nd Model RLB Officer by Paul Weyersberg

This Weyersberg example is in nice condition throughout. The mounts are a brass base having a nickel coating. The pommel shows some wear to the nickel at the upper portion but otherwise is in good condition featuring its enhanced groove that runs around its circumference. The crossguard still retains all of its silvering having just the slightest amount of age visible in the surfaces but peeling or problems. The bird features the stubby wing type clutching a plain wreath with swastika. The bird’s eyes beak and wings are hand enhanced. The crossguard arms are triangular shaped and feature three enhancement lines that run the length of the surfaces of both arms and on both sides.

The grip is a carved wood base with bulbous center. This grip has outstanding original Moroccan leather which remains in complete perfect condition having its original grain. The grip button is also a beauty having 100 percent enamel to the swastika with no repairs. The sunburst around the enamel swastika shows only traces of its original silvered plating being mostly down to the copper base.

The scabbbard shell is straight throughout. This scabbard is also covered with fine Morocco having matching color and grain of that of the grip. The scabbard mounts are a steel base having good nickel plating. The upper mount has a couple of extremely minor dings in the surfaces but they are not noticeable especially when the hilt is in place. The center ramp and lower mount are in fine condition. All mounts have their original screws. The blade is in just about full mint condition with needlelike tip. It still retains its original crossgrain and is in really nice condition. The reverse ricasso is marked with the dual ovals which contain the firm’s name and location Paul Weyersberg & Co Solingen. In the center is a wreath with downward pointing sword in the middle. The original blade buffer is in place.

A nice 2nd RLB officer here.

Mint Minus. $3,395.00

RLBALL #47676C 1st Model RLB Officer - Ernst Witte

This 1st model RLB is a rarely seen dagger and is in nice condition throughout. The hilt mounts are all of solid nickel with fine silvered finish. The pommel is in nice condition showing a little minor wear at the top but the accent line that runs around the circumference is still nice and crisp. The crossguard features the stubby winged eagle looking to the viewer’s right and clutching a plain wreath with swastika. The eagle reflects hand enhancing to the bird’s eyes beak and wings. The crossguards are triangle shaped having three sets of accent lines on each quillon arm at the front and the rear.

The grip leather is in still nice condition showing some very minor usage signs but no cuts or problems. The leather still retains its original grain and is done with two pieces as the usual norm for these examples. The grip button is the fine 1st model type with starburst in the backgrounds and the enamel letters RLB in the center with a blue enamel swastika beneath the letters. The enamel is still quite good with only a small amount missing in the “R” letter. All of the silvering still remains on the sunburst. The scabbard shell is straight throughout and also has outstanding original leather. This leather shows only the most modest signs of usage and remains in near perfect condition. The scabbard mounts are a steel base having nickel plated surfaces. The upper mount is in fine condition on the reverse and on the obverse shows a little age towards the lower right hand side but nothing that is a problem. The lower mount is in nice condition throughout. The four scabbard screws are all intact. Connected to the carrying ring is the rarely seen original short carrying strap. The leather is still in excellent condition throughout being retained by an oval shaped disc on both sides being rivet held. The snap clip is a nickel example and is stamped OLC on the reverse.

The blade is an extremely fine example still being bright throughout and having its original grain with needle tip. There is just the slightest amount of sharpening noticeable on the blade edges but it is very minor and does not rise up into the blade itself. This blade other than the sharpening is in mint condition. The reverse ricasso is marked with the etched diamond having the crown above the word Kroneck and below that is the initial W. Below the diamond is the firm’s name and location Ernst Erich Witte Solingen. The original leather washer is in place.

An extremely nice rarely seen 1st model RLB officer here.

Mint Minus. $5,495.00

RLBALL #46649C 2nd Model RLB Officer's Dagger/B>

This example is of later vintage having the aluminum hilt mounts.

The pommel is in good condition showing some wear and still retaining its pointed tip and accent line running around its perimeter.

The crossguard features the stubby winged RLB eagle which looks to the viewer’s right. This eagle has been hand enhanced to the eye beak and wing area. The eagle has a tiny tip that’s missing from the left wing. The bird grasps a plain style round wreath with floating mobile swastika.

The grip is of carved wood base having a bulbous shape in the center tapering on both ends. The leather is done in two pieces and this Moroccan still remains perfect throughout with fine grain. The RLB button is also in very nice condition having most of the silvering to the background sunburst and all of the enamel remains in the swastika.

The scabbard shell is straight throughout. It is covered in matching Moroccan leather having the same grain and this leather is also in perfect condition. The steel based silver mounts reflect quite a bit of patina and do not look to have been ever cleaned. They are retained by headless side screws.

The unmarked is blade is still bright throughout but does have some age spots concentrated around the center area. It has its original needlelike tip.The blue blade washer is in place.

This dagger was recently purchased by me from the son of a veteran. It has never been in a collection nor has it ever been cleaned.

Excellent. $2,295.00