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Exploring The Dress Daggers Of The German Luftwaffe

This 431 page, dust jacketed hard cover reference is the second volume in the Wittmann "Exploring" series. It is a real beauty, full to bursting with high quality, full color photos.

The easyto understand text includes over 100 color photos alone, with another 400 plus black and white examples. The photography throughout is the best the reader will see in any reference work. The printing is crystal-slear high resolution, enabling the reader to study photo detail through a loupe, if desired.

An extraordinary adventure in blade collecting awaits the collector with this second volume. Wittmann covers in complete detail the DLV long daggers, the DLV and NSFK Glider Pilot, the mysterious Transitional Luftwaffe, DLV and 1st Pattern Models, early, mid period and late aluminum 1st Luftwaffe examples, the DLV Ranking Sword, The Luftwaffe Sword, the 2nd Model Luftwaffe Officer dagger and finally, the Luftwaffe General Degen is examined for the first time. All chapters are in-depth, designed to teach both the beginning and advanced collector this great hobby. This series of books will be a must for every serious collector of German edged weapons.

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Exploring The Dress Daggers Of The German Navy 1848/1945

Volume III of the "Exploring" series is a 550 page, hard cover title with dust jacket. There are more than 700 professional photographs with over 100 printed in full color. The text follows the development of the Naval Dress Dirk after it was first introduced by Prussia as an official pattern in 1848.

The book details the wearing tradition of the dirk as it continued to be carried by the German Navy for the next century, finally ending with the defeat of the Kriegsmarine in World War II. All periods are supplemented with rare in-wear photographs. With each buoyant era of German history the Naval Dress Dirk was altered to reflect changes in government status and the mood of the times. The book addresses all patterns together with the multitudes of beautiful and fascinating variations appearing over the one hundred year wearing time. To give life and perspective to each pattern, the history of the apropos period is covered with each chapter. There are a total of 28 Chapters. No reference has ever be written to equal this massive culmination of research: common and ultra-rare examples, Imperial, Weimar and 3rd Reich. This epic work is over 15 years in the making!

In addition to Naval dirks, the impressive gilded swords and detailed miniature types from all periods are also included. There are separate chapters dealing with the special dirks and swords of the Imperial royal family; the magnificent Naval Diamonds Honour dirks awarded to U-Boat heroes and retiring admirals, Presentation and Prize dirks of the Kriegsmarine; in-depth studies of the signature fittings, blade etches and scabbards attributable to specific manufacturers; rare maker and scant variation production; the impressive custom-etched, gold and blue inlay and damascus blades of all periods; the personal dirks of several U-Boat commanders, Imperial Blue Max winners and Knight's Cross recipients.

All known current information is covered within this reference. Contributors include the world's foremost collecting community.Accuracy has been confirmed through intensive chapter-by-chapter review and consul with prominent Dutch Naval expert, Jan Pieter Puype. The complicated and tenuous editing function has once again been favorably tackled by William Warda, Jr. insuring a pleasurable, understandable read for all collectors - advancedor beginning. This quality reference will stand the test of time. No expense was spared in the printing, binding or dustcover. Satisfaction unconditionally guaranteed.

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Exploring The Dress Daggers Of The German SS

Volume IV of the "Exploring" series is the first hardback reference to deal specifically with the edged weapons worn by the SS. The book is printed in highest resolution 200 line screen, using the best quality gloss paper stock - the result is a very heavy, compelling book that is destined to enjoy a prominent position in all militaria libraries. To set the stage and properly introduce the reader to the era of the SS and the 3rd Reich period, the illustrated Preface penned by advanced collector David Hohaus, succinctly answers the mystery of how the Nazi’s first came to power - a frequent query of students interested in this period.

The immense 775 page volume comprehensively covers the SS subject matter in 23 Chapters. The edged weapons of Himmler’s notorious organization are explored in a riveting and in-depth manner. The book appeals to the beginning and the advanced collector, detailing all SS edged weapons types, details, and nuances. The spellbinding pages are lavishly illustrated with hundreds of photographs, most by acclaimed photographer Charles Jenkins, III. The majority of artifacts are shown for the first time in print with many appearing in full color. In-wear period photographs document the text and captions. As in the past, the editing is handled by fellow collector and word master William Warda, Jr. assuring easy comprehension. The study covers the SS Model 1933 and 1936 patterns; the Röhm and Himmler dedications; Personalized, Serial numbered and Dedicated pieces; Honor and other Damascus examples; RZM marked blades; Lionhead and other silver hilt swords, Degen types for SS and Police; the one-of-a-kind Himmler Birthday Degen patterns; SS Prototypes; and even SS attributed Bayonets, Miniatures and Fighting Knives. There is a chapter devoted to the Accouterments used by the SS with close-up front and rear shots of dozens of rare vertical hangers, short hangers, frogs, teardrops and portepees. An intriguing chapter compares the etch patterns used by SS blade producers.

And if all of this were not enough, there is a well-illustrated, fascinating chapter dedicated to the Nazi martyrs, shrines and propaganda events so successfully used by Hitler and Himmler to whitewash lies and false values on the German population. This effort is Wittmann’s largest to date, continuing in the unprecedented tradition of quality established in his previous three volumes. It is loaded with dynamic close-up photos, authenticity facts, and advice on collectibility. As an added feature, there is a center fold-out spotlighting eleven of the Himmler gold inlay damascus SS degen blades forged at Dachau and presented to some of the most notorious villains of Hitler’s 3rd Reich. This breathtakingly beautiful book, complete with elegant dust cover, should appeal to not only blade collectors, but to all who have an interest in 3rd Reich militaria.

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