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REDCROSS #39374 Red Cross Nurse’s Helper Badge

This Red Cross Nurse’s Helper Badge is about the size of a US 25 cent piece. The badge is beautifully enameled, and the surface is in perfect condition.

The center of the badge is white with a fine Red Cross. The edges of the badge are in black enamel and contain the words “Deutsches Rotes Kreuz Hilferin”. The words are separated by two mobile swastikas.

The reverse of the badge has a safety pin catch and is marked “Ges Gesch”.

A great looking Red Cross badge here, in fine condition.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $110.00

REDCROSS #34216 Boxed 2nd Class Red Cross Leader Medal with Ribbon (1922-1934)

The box of this 2nd Class Red Cross Leader Medal with Ribbon is a white cardboard having a gold rim running around the top edge. The inside lid is printed with the maker “Godet/Berlin”. The name is within a circle which is within a 6-sided figure.

On the inside of the box the original tissue paper is still in place, and this beautiful medal is positioned on top of the accompanying ribbon. The medal is all white enamel on the front and back sides, having a gilded border. On the obverse, there is a circular design in the middle of the enamel having a black background and the wording for the German Red Cross in gold going around the black circle.

On the inside is a white field with red cross in the center having a gilded border. The enamel is absolutely perfect throughout this fine badge. The ribbon is a satin style having a large orange center and trimmed with white border on both Sides.

Mint. $495.00

  • SOCIALWELFARE #28775 Social Welfare Medal with Ribbon

    This medallion style Social Welfare Medal appears to be a silver plate over zinc base. It is about the size of a silver dollar. It features a cross on the obverse with a half open-winged eagle looking to the left and clutching a wreathed swastika.

    On the reverse, the reason for the medal is in three lines, “Medaille / für deutsche / Volkspflege”. Literally this means, “Medal for German Social Welfare. Attached to the carrying ring is the original ribbon. This ribbon is white in the center and has stripes of red being all the same size. The metal is of satin and has a ribbed construction.

    A Nice looking medal here.

    Excellent. $125.00

  • SOCIALWELFARE #29604C Social Welfare Medal

    This Social Welfare medal is a gray medallion about the size of a silver dollar.

    There is a cross in the center with a Wehrmacht eagle clutching a swastika. On the reverse is written the purpose of the medal. There is a loop at the top but the ribbon has gone to time.

    Excellent. $85.00

  • SOCIALWELFARE #30578 Social Welfare Medal with Ribbon

    This medal is fairly large, being slightly smaller than a silver dollar. It is a silvered medal having a brass base. There is some wear to the silvering high spots, revealing the base metal beneath.

    The medallion features a cross in the center, and superimposed is a Wehrmacht-style Eagle looking to the left with half-closed wings and clutching a mobile swastika. On the reverse is a 3-line raised verbage indicating the purpose of the medal, “Medaille/für beutsche/Volkestflege”. This would indicate the award was given for helping German people. The loop at the top has the original ribbon enclosed. It is red in the center with borders of white stripes.

    Although showing some wear, this is still a nice example of a Social Welfare medal and would display great with a Social Welfare Officer’s dagger.

    Excellent. $125.00