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POTPOURRI #46640C Army Dog Tag From Artillery School

This army dog tag is issued in the normal zinc.

It comes from an artillery school and is marked “F. F. D. Sch. A. / 121 / 2 Teck Komp / 35”.

The dog tag has a black string threaded through the two upper holes which most likely has been added after the period.

A nice period dog tag here.

Excellent. $75.00

POTPOURRI #45404C SS Jäger Trophy with Boar’s Tusks

This trophy consists of a wood shield shape backing which beneath has a wreath of oak leaves and acorns. Applied to the obverse of the trophy are two sets of boar tusks. The lower set of tusks are larger than the upper set and both are positioned so that they run almost in a circle around the trophy. The opening between both tusks is the area where there is a presentation plate as well as a medallion with SS runes.

The presentation plate appears to be made of nickel and has the professionally done dedication “SS-T.D. Sturmbann I / “Oberbayern” / SS-Ustuf H. Kuechle / Bester Jäger 1937”. Basically this trophy was a presentation made to the best jager from the Oberbayern SS Sturmbann 1 group. The person awarded the trophy was SS-Untersturmführer Heinze Kuechle.

I looked Kuechle up in the SS Dienstaltersliste; his last name is spelled Küchle which is also proper German. Kuechle was a graduate of Bad Tolz in 1935 and had the ss degen as well as the honor ring. He is listed as being a member of the Oberbayern regiment and was an untersturmführer as of April 20th 1936 and became an obersturmfuhrer on September 12th 1937 right after this trophy would have been issued. I further looked into Kuechle and was able to find him on the Waffen SS 1944 rank list where he at this time had become an SS sturmbannfuhrer and is listed as being with SS-Geb Div “N”. This apparently was a SS mountain division which makes a lot of sense since Kuechle was obviously a Jäger and mountain troops often had Jäger people amongst their group. Kuechle was born July 6th 1911 and his SS number is 134 431.

Obviously with this information I have gleaned from the SS rank lists it should be a fairly easy matter to compile a dossier on the career of Kuechle. It would just be a matter of writing to the renowned researcher Ross Kelbaugh and get him to help you out here. This is kind of a neat item which could be used as a centerpiece in a collection developed around the awards Kuechle had retained such as an SS sword and if you were lucky enough you could even find a death’s head ring.There is no end to fun and the great collection that you could compile around this trophy as a centerpiece.

A very fine and interesting item here.

Excellent. $1,795.00

POTPOURRI #43914C SS Marked Barometer

This SS marked Barometer comes from the 2n SS Totenkopf Standarte of Brandenburg. It remains in working order, with a very good glass face. The needle and the pointer are both straight, and various weather conditions are labeled in German around the rim of the face. It is about six inches across, with a hanging ring at the top.

Cut into the wood on the reverse of the instrument are the words, "2 SS-Toten. - Stand. "Brandenberg". Attached to the center is a paper label which seem to indicate this piece was given as a Christmas gift. The label reads, "Dem St. - tottenf Wilh. ASCNE 2. SS / T / Stand. "Brandenberg / Orienienburg / Berlin / 25. Dez. 1936".

This is a very, very fine, working barometer with an interesting SS related provenance.

Excellent. $1,995.00

POTPOURRI #47250 Miessen Cased Porcelain Medallion

The case of this example is of all red leather having a piano style hinge. At the upper left obverse of the case embossed in gold is the Miessen symbol of crossed swords. The inner lid is of a off-white stain also having the Meissen symbol at the upper left. The lower inside of the case is recessed to accommodate the medallion.

The medallion is 2 and a half inches round and on the obverse it projects a raised symbol which seems to be some type of a memorial or possibly a government building and it has the raised wording Dresden Swinger. The Meissen proof mark also appears below the building depiction.

On the reverse it has “In Memory of the City of Dresden”, referring to Der Rat which means “The Council”. The precise meaning of this is unknown to me.

An interesting item here that may have some significance from the Third Reich period. The Meissen symbol is from the 1930’s so I assume that this comes from there. An interesting example that could use some research.

Near Mint. $295.00

POTPOURRI #47005 Silver Honor Bowl for International Star Flight 1936 Olympics

This round bowl is 11 inches in diameter having a deep center area reflecting mild peening and then an inch wide lip that runs around the outside.

In the center of the silver bowl is a interesting insignia consisting of one long wing with feathering having a mobile swastika at the initial portion of the wing. Deeply engraved into the lower portion of the bowl is in capital letters is OLYMPIADE * FLUG * BERLIN * 1936 EHRENPREIS * DES * AERO * CLUB * VON * DEUTSCHELAND.

This event was called the International Star Flight and it was held just prior to the 1936 Olympic Games. Although it was not part of the Olympics it was an event that was featured in conjunction with it. The event was sponsored by the Aero Club of Germany and it was an international affair inviting aircraft from many European countries. It was composed of a flight from Rangsdorf Airfield near Berlin from July 29th to 30th 1936 and it was only open to foreign participants. The competition consisted of all categories of land and sea machines of the 2500kg flying weight allowed. Each participant had to cover a minimum difference of 500 kilometers. The speed of the flight was not taken into account. The decisive factor was the longest total flight distance between the start of the and the end of the competition. The participants could take off for the competition on early July 29th and fly to Rangsdorf airport by any flight path where they had to land between 2 pm and 4 pm July 30th.

This trophy was presented by none other than Hermann Goring, the head of the Aero Club of Germany, to Swedish engineer and pilot Folk Simonsson. A dossier of Simonsson aeronautical exploits accompanies the bowl.

Near Mint. $3,995.00

POTPOURRI #46963C Period Straight Razor with Hitler Image

This straight razor has grip plates of off-white celluloid.

On the obverse plate there is a circled swastika over a standing image of Hitler dressed in NSDAP uniform with armband and below the image is “Adolf Hitler”.

On the other side is the maker mark Carl Melchior & Co. Solingen.

The razor blade itself is still in good condition throughout.

Excellent. $175.00

POTPOURRI #47144C Small Lead Plaque with Hitler Bust

This plaque measures 3 inches by 2 and a half inches and features the raised out profile of Hitler’s bust. Hitler looks to the viewer’s left.

The image is crude and there are also several surface holes in the lead which I do know whether they are part of the casting or if they happened later on.

I don’t know the purpose of this item and it is the first of its type I have seen.

Fair. $50.00

POTPOURRI #47139C Small Infantry Assault Demitasse Spoon

This demitasse spoon is of all silver being marked “900”.

It is quite a delicate item and has a very fine dark patina having never been cleaned. The bowl is that of a conventional very small spoon with a rather elaborate handle and at the upper portion of the handle it features a replica of an infantry assault medal. The detail to the medal is quite good throughout.

A very nice item here.

Excellent Plus. $150.00

POTPOURRI #47142C Black Painted Political Plaque

This is painted black and appears to possibly be a zinc base. It measures 5 and a half inches by 5 and half inches.

The plaque features a raised circle in the center with an open winged political eagle looking to the viewr;s left and clutching a wreath with mobile swastika. The areas around the eagle are pebbled.

On the outer sides of the plate raised out around the eagle in block capital letters is REICHKOMMISAR FÜR ALTMATERIALVERWERTUNG” which means “Reich Commissioner for Waste Material Recycling”.

There is a mount hole in each corner. The reverse is stamped RZM 254.

A good looking item here in choice condition.

Near Mint $350.00

POTPOURRI #46857 Hitler Plaque in Stamped Zinc

This plaque measures 12 inches by 8 inches and features in the center area a raised out Hitler bust looking to the viewer’s left. The detail is quite good throughout the image.

Below the head it reads, in German, “I believe in Germany and will fight for it today and tomorrow and in the future until we win.”

The reverse is marked GESCH GESCH and has modern mounting hardware that was obviously added in recent years.

A nice piece of period propaganda “art” here.

Excellent. $185.00

POTPOURRI #46870C Small DAF Plate

This plate is about 5 and quarter inches round and appears to be porcelain having two red circles around the rim.

On the lower part there is a DAF cogwheel with swastika in the center. There are some printed words beneath that appear to be Schonheit der Arbeit and there is also something above that looks like Mudell des Amtes. There is also a maker mark at the bottom which is rather illegible.

A nice item though to accent a collection.

Excellent. $75.00

POTPOURRI #47055 SS Food Drive Collection Can

This collection can is about 7 inches high and about 5 inches round.

It is all in red paint which is still in first rate condition not even having any chips. The top of the can has a lid which opens and is also affixed with a clamp and lock mechanism. There is a slot in the top for inserting coins and then on the edge of the top there is also a round slot for rolling up Reichsmarks and putting the paper money into the hole. It is printed Papier / Geld.

Attached to the can is its original paper label. It is hard to believe but other than yellow from age this paper label is still in near mint condition. It features a half open winged eagle clutching a wreath with stationary swastika. Printed in black across the red eagle is “SS Blast zum Sammeln / gegen Hunger u Kalt”. I assume that solicits the customer with the SS campaign for hunger. At the bottom area of the paper label is printed in red “Aus dem Dienst Fur den Dienst”.

Near Mint. $995.00

POTPOURRI #46817C Bronze Death Mask of Field Marshal Ritter von Leeb

I do not know why someone would make a death mask but apparently this was a tradition that was done for famous people during the last generation.

The death mask is mounted on a backing which is 21 and half inches by 14 inches. It is a wood frame with a patterned cloth type background. The death mask itself is of all bronze which actually does look like Ritter von Leeb except of course he is dead.

The bronze is extremely well done having a lot of old dust and dirt in the recesses but if anything it gives von Leeb a little bit of character to the blank face.

The piece is quite heavy as the mask is of all bronze material. There is a plaque below in black Formica or some similar material which states “Field-marshal Wilhelm Ritter von Leeb Born September 5th 1876 Died April 29 1956". Obviously this was made post war because von Leeb lived until 1956.

I do not know why something like this would be given up by a family but nevertheless it is available. It is not something for everyone of course but it may have some attraction to some of us out there. If nothing else it is very historical especially representing such a famous marshal as von Leeb. A highly skilled solider, he was involved with the French campaign as well as the Russian campaign. He had a turbulent relationship with Hitler, being fired repeatedly by the hysterical narcissist for the crime of failing to be a cowering lickspittle like so many other German generals. He was brought to trial in Nuremberg but was acquitted with time served as he was “not involved” in any of the war crimes.

A fantastically macabre item here, of great historical interest.

Excellent Plus Plus. $4,995.00

POTPOURRI #46816C Rudolf Hess Silver and Crystal Blotter & Letter Holder

This Hess owned blotter and letter holder were a gift from Edward Duke of Coburg on July 10th 1921. Coburg was head of the German Red Cross as well as other high political positions in the party. He was also an NSKK general and came from English blood. In fact he was ordered by Queen Victoria to go to Germany to fulfill his role as a British member of the royal family. He was in fact a grandson of Queen Victoria.

The blotter is quite impressive measuring about 10 inches long and about 3 inches wide. The bottom portion of the blotter is of all silver as are the portions which hold the crystal handhold at the upper portion. One side of the blotter is engraved with the initials “RH”. The engraving is all jeweler done of the best quality. Beneath the monogram are the silver hallmarks of the crescent lantern and 800. At the opposite end of the blotter it is engraved “Coburg, 10.7.1921” and this portion also bears the same silver hallmarks. The paper blotter section that would have been inserted at the bottom is gone to time.

Accompanying the blotter is a crystal and silver letter hold. The crystal letter hold is capped on both ends with silver trim. The silver trim also has the RH monogram and is also silver hallmarked. The blotter and letter holder fit into a silver holder to be rested when not in use.

This is quite an historic item here as Coburg was very friendly wit the growing Nazi Party during the 1920’s. In fact he helped Hitler with his campaigns at that time. So this artifact involves two very infamous people and should be of interest to most collectors. I understand the hallmark on the piece identifies the producer as Dresden silversmith Hermann Behrnd.

Excellent. $7,500.00

POTPOURRI #46651 Large Wellner Gnome Display Figure

This Wellner gnome display figure is the largest one that I have seen. It is all silvered and is about 8 inches high mounted on a white stone base.

The gnome of course familiar to collectors as he is portrayed in the Wellner ads carrying a Wellner knife or fork over his shoulder. The hand of the figure are all positioned in place with a slot on his shoulder meant for retaining the utensil. Everything is quite patinated and really looks great and would make a very rich display item for those of you out there collecting Third Reich silver. The Wellner name of course was very much used by the party and we see many party owned pieces marked with this company. This particular figure came from a collector in Holland where Wellner also had an officer.

A great item for any Third Reich silver collector.

Excellent. $795.00

POTPOURRI #46802C Brass Inkwell Presented to SS General and Protektorate of Bohmen und Mahren

This inkwell and pen holder measures in length about 11 inches and is about 7 inches wide.

It appears to be made of brass having stylized curled edges running throughout with attractive floral engravings. In the center area are two crystal inkwells having matching brass hinged lids.

In the center is a removable pen holder which is a bracket which stands upward with a fixture on the end with an opening for holding the point of an ink pen.

Below the pen holder is engraved “1943 / Protektorate Bohmen und Mahren Konstantine von Neurath / Deutsche Reich”. Von Neurath was a diplomat and held the rank of honorary SS general.

This inkwell appears to have been well used. It is interesting the inkwell is stated 1943 which is the same year von Neurath was permitted to resign. A very historic piece here which must have been in the presence of many infamous people.

Excellent. $2,500.00

POTPOURRI #46580C Cased Wehrmacht Engineers Surveying Transit

The case for this instrument is in outstanding condition made of all leather having an opening at the top which contains two straps that hook to buckles below.

The upper portion of the case is stamped with a waffenamt having Wa numbers and also a stamping of a circle having the name which appears to be Gebr. Wiegmann 6. The case is all velvet lined which protects the instrument.

The transit instrument seems to be all complete with its sight and settings. There is also a plumb bob that comes with the transit.

A great period optical instrument here.

Excellent Plus Plus. $2,495.00

POTPOURRI #46579C NOTEK Vehicle Mounted Night Running Light

This running light is extremely rare and was used by both civilian and military vehicles that had the need to be in motion at night.

The light is specially made so that it shines only on the ground below but not into the air above. It is very cleverly made and it is stamped with the maker's name NOTEK within a circle on the upper portion of it.

The lamp is complete with its original manufacturers plated which is riveted to the bottom resting stand. This plate has the NOTECK name on it as well as the word Tarnleuchte (which means "blackout light" in German) and it is also marked Luftschutz along with a number of serial numbers and wattage numbers.

I believe the lamp was converted for home use sometime after the war as it has an electric cord attached to it with the two prong round style plug used in Europe.

An interesting piece of period hardware here.

Excellent. $2,495.00

POTPOURRI #45278C Framed Document and 100th Anniversary Kaiser Wilhelm the First Medal

This document commemorates Kaiser Wilhelm’s 100th anniversary and is issued and dated 18 January 1898.

Accompanying the document is a fairly large medallion with loop commemorating Wilhelm the First 100th anniversary of birth.

There is also a small chain connected to the medallion.

An interesting item here.

Excellent Plus Plus. $170.00

POTPOURRI #45277C Framed Document and Kaiser Medal Celebrating Franco-Prussian War

This document is in nice condition and is made out to a Carl Schulz VII. It commemorates the Franco-Prussian War with a date of 1 August 1871.

Accompanying the document is a Franco-Prussian medal with small chain attached to it.

An interesting item here.

Near Mint. $170.00

POTPOURRI #46631 Glass Negative of Frederick the Great

This glass negative measures about 3 and a half inches by 4 inches and I assume it's something that could be put into a projector with a light similar to a slide machine.

The depiction shows Frederick with his cane and mentions the fact that he lived from 1712 to 1786 and was in 4 wars in 37 years and fought Europe to a standstill in the 7 Years War.

Most collectors know that Frederick was regarded as one of Germany's finest regents.

Mint. $35.00

POTPOURRI #46630 Glass Negative of Hitler Bismarck and Frederick the Great

This glass negative shows the heads of Hitler, Bismarck and Frederick the Great.

There is a bit of spiel captioning the image, comparing the blitzkrieg tactics of the Nazis to strategy and tactics of Frederick the Great, and honks on about the "warrior spirit" of Germany.

An interesting negative here meant for a slide type projector. It measures about 3 and half inches by 4 inches.

Mint. $35.00

POTPOURRI #46632 Third Reich War Time Easter Card

This Easter card depicts, in color, a pair of rabbit hausfrauen having a conversation with a group of cheerful looking chicks who appear to be in possession of a bushel of vaguely sinister looking eggs... or eggs with sinister looks on their faces, which for some reason they possess. Some of the smaller chicks are on leads and one can only wonder how deep this rabbit hole goes.

The reverse is postmarked with a large eagle and swastika, looking to have been sent throughout the Feldpost.

It is addressed and there is some writing to someone apparently wishing them a happy Easter; I can't imagine they would be wishing them an unhappy one, but who knows? The penmanship on the card looks to be a reasonably legible species of Sütterlin, and is signed "Peter", although I doubt it was Peter Rabbit.

Kind of a neat thing here. You don't see Nazi Easter cards too often.

Near Mint. $20.00

POTPOURRI #46138 Original Wellner Mirrored Advertising Sign

This Wellner sign is extremely rare and has a great look to it. It would be a very special piece to add to the collection of those of you out there that are collecting Wellner tableware.

The mirror image simulates a frame that runs around its edges and is nearly perfect throughout. The mirror measures 12 and half inches by 9 and a half inches.At the upper left corner is the company initials "AWS Fabrik-Marke". These details are done in black to contrast with the mirror. At the bottom in a black rectangle in mirrored letters is "Bestecke / Originale-Wellner". Walking across the top of this rectangle are the three great gnomes each one carrying a piece of tableware being a table knife fork and spoon. Just an exceptional image here that has much eye appeal.

The reverse of the mirror is set up with a hinged-like cardboard device for using as a stand to display it. Also attached to the reverse is a statement in newspaper-like print from the Wellner firm. There is an eyelet at the back on each side which is designed for hanging the mirror if that is the choice used.

I can't say enough about this artifact as it has both intense beauty and its rarity is really up there and just great for a Wellner collector.

Near Mint. $1,695.00

POTPOURRI #46078 Imperial Cigarette Case with Christmas Dedication

This cigarette case is quite elegant and must have been fairly expensive at its time.

It has a beautifully peened finish on both sides of it and it is hallmarked 900 silver with a crescent and eagle. Additionally the opening button is a beautiful sapphire.

Applied to the lid with four rivets that go through the surface is an Imperial garde star. The enamel shows some wear and chipping but the Suum Cuique slogan of the garde de corps is still there.

The inside of the case is all finished in gilt. On the inside lid is a long dedication which starts out Weihnachten 1914 Ersatz-Abeteilung 5 / des Kraftfahr-Batallione Dusseldorf and then beneath that are the five names of the officers that were apparently involved with this battalion. Their names are Major von Heiligenstedt Oberleutnant Nickel Leutnant Schoppe Leutnant Herfurth and Leutnant Stisser. I assume Stisser was the recipient of the cigarette case as his name is also engraved on the obverse outside lower portion of the case. I know that a kraftfahr battalion would normally involves some type of vehicle. In 1914 I don't know whether these have been trucks or motorcycles or perhaps even bicycles but that can be left to the next owner of the case.

The original elastic is still on the opposite inner side of the case.An extremely nice example here of absolute highest quality. It must have been a welcome Christmas gift indeed.

Excellent Plus Plus. $895.00

POTPOURRI #46401C Table Medal for Service to Palatinate Economy

This medallion appears to be of a zinc base and it is 3 and a quarter inches round. The obverse is plain except in the center area it features three figures which have a working connotation to each one of them.

Below the raised figures is the monogram of the artist which is an M over an H. On the reverse there is a swastika over a four line dedication "Fur Langjahri / Gemitarbeite / im Dienste. Der / Pfalzischen / wirtschaft" and below this is another raised swastika.

I understand that this translates to service for the economy of the Palatinate area.

A nice item to display with your collection.

Excellent. $150.00

POTPOURRI #46396C Unissued Packet of Naval Brass Buttons

This package of naval brass buttons is still in its original tissue paper. The buttons have been pressed into cardboard to keep them in place and there are a total of 12 examples.

All buttons feature the naval anchor and are in pristine mint condition.

A nice item here to display with a naval collection or would be of use for someone who is short a number of buttons to complete a uniform although it would be a shame to break this up.

Mint. $110.00

POTPOURRI #46399C Cased Large Award Medallion for Siemens Company

The case of this item is quite impressive simulating brown alligator style skin. The case is in very fine condition having two brass hinges to open it from the front and there are also two hinges on the reverse. The case measures 9 inch by 9 inches.

The inside lid contains a padded silk covering and the inside base of the case is all in a rich blue velvet with a round cutout to accommodate the large medallion.

The round medallion is 8 inches at the diameter. In the center area it depicts the founder of the Siemens company raised out with excellent detail to his facial features. To the left of the raised figure is a raised mobile swastika. Raised out along the edges is printed "Haus Siemens als dank u. Anerkennung Vok". This dedication recognizes service with Siemens and most likely was an award for long term employment.

The reverse of the medallion is completely plain reflecting the pressing out of the medal portions for the Siemens figure and the dedication.

A very beautiful item here representing a highly successful company during the war and also a company that is in business today making many many products.

Near Mint. $550.00

POTPOURRI #46142 Gottlieb Hammesfahr Advertising Sign

This advertising sign is metal with a enamel-like finish. It measures 12 and half inches by 5 inches.

It has a off-white background with a lined border around it being in a slightly darker color. In the center is the firm's name in black letters with gold edges “Gottlieb Hammesfahr” and beneath “Stahlwaren” unlined in red and then to the left of lettering is a red circle and in the center of the circle overlapping it is a black lined pyramid with the plus mark in the center. Beneath the depiction is "Marke-Pyramide".

The reverse of the sign is of all metal showing folded edges and two rings for hanging the sign and there is also a built-in metal flap for sitting the sign on the table. There is some surface rust here on the reverse but it is not bad.

What a wonderful item would make displayed next to a couple of Gottlieb Hammesfahr SS daggers. An extremely rare offering here the first of which I have seen. A terrific original sign here.

Near Mint. $750.00

POTPOURRI #46143 Ed Wüsthof Advertising Sign

This Wusthof advertising sign measures 4 and half inches by 5 and a half inches. It is done in all metal with turned edges.

The sign has a red background and in the center area has a gold circle depicting the blue trident logo of this company. On either side of the trident is the startup dates "Gegr. 1832" and beneath the trident is a curved ribbon "Die Marke für Qualität" and beneath this the is company name "Ed. Wüsthof / Dreizackwerk-Solingen".

The sign has a black painted background and there is a small string for the hanging of this piece.

A wonderful exhibition here together with a Ed Wüsthof SA dagger. These advertising signs are ultra rare and I suspect possibly the only one that exists.

Excellent Plus Plus. $696.00

POTPOURRI #46132 Gymnastics Reichs Sports Certificate

This certificate remains in mint condition.

Judging from the text It would have been awarded to the second place contestant in a gymnastic competition. The document is of white parchment having an embossed sports eagle at the lower left corner. Attached to the bird is a red and white string and an aluminum oak leaf.

It has all the usual names, dates, and signatures one associates with this kind of document.

An interesting period document here, perhaps to display with some sports badges or the like.

Mint. $150.00

POTPOURRI #45969 Large 6 Inch Round Theatrical Medallion

This brass theatrical medallion is dated 1914-1915 and forged to commemorate art of tragedy of plays.

It measures 6 inch round and at the bottom area displays a musical instrument which is flanked by a tragic head and a remorseful-looking head. Typical theater stuff. In the center is a large raised head of a warrior with sword. Around the edge is raised, "Kunst für Forge 1914/15".

The reverse has two threaded studs for mounting.

Excellent Plus. $65.00

POTPOURRI #46274C Funeral Sash from Post-War Waffen-SS Organization H.I.A.G.

This 6 foot long funeral sash was placed on the coffin of a post-war fallen Waffen-SS man by the organization H.I.A,G. The sash is a black satin-like material bordered with an aluminum bullion and having a 1 1/2 inch aluminum fringe on each end. On one end of the sash is printed in slightly faded lettering "Unsere Ehre heisst Treue / Die Soldaten der ehem. Waffen-SS". On the other end is, "H I A G Kreisgermeinschaft / Stuttgart". Basically translated, "Our honor is loyalty - the soldiers of the Waffen-SS. From the H I A G war comrades organization of Stuttgart".

There appears to have been (but now gone) an Iron Cross-like cloth device on each end of the sash which probably was the logo of H I A G, which was composed of the initials of the organization printed on the iron cross. The H A I G was a lobby group and denialist veteran's organization that was founded after the war in 1951 by former high ranking SS personnel. Its purpose was to achieve legal, economic and historical rehabilitation of the Waffen-SS. The founders were former SS Gruppenführer Felix Steiner and Herbert Gille. Since the entire SS was charged as a criminal organization after the war, the H I A G fought to show that this was not the case and unjustified. The H I A G was somewhat successful in this cause, but was dissolved in 1992. An interesting sash here and quite historical, given its purpose. A rare item here.

Excellent. $495.00

POTPOURRI #45963 Leather Wrapped Sausage Style Hunting Horn with Presentation Plaque

This hunting horn is about 12 inches round and it is completely wrapped with leather except around the bell portion which remains open. The leather is still in good condition and very sound.

The bell portion is equipped with two presentations. One of dedications is one a separate plaque around the center of the bell and it is presented to a Graf but I cannot understand engraving of his name and I do see that it was given on December 24 1896. There is a further dedication on a rim that is fitted to the bell shape of the horn. This dedication is also very difficult to read but I can see that it comes from Breslau Germany. At any rate the next owner of this sausage horn can hopefully do a much better translation than I have done.

These hunting horns of course make great accents to a hunting forestry collection.

Excellent. $495.00

POTPOURRI #46004 Grouping of Items from Cruise Ships Monte Olivia and MV Wilhelm Gustloff

These two groupings of items are quite interesting for those of you that enjoy following the Strength Through Joy program where cruise ships were involved to take German workers on vacations.

The first grouping of items concerns the cruise ship the Monte Olivia. This ship was built in 1924 by Blohm & Voss in Hamburg. It was built as a passenger liner and spent many years carrying German people who wanted to immigrate to Argentina. On the trips back from Argentina the ship carried large cargoes. The ship was taken over by the Kriegsmarine in 1922 and used to house soldiers as well as a Red Cross vessel. Unfortunately it was bombed and sunk by the British at Kiel on 3 April 1945. The ship was raised in 1946 and scrapped in 1948.

The items concerning the Monte Olivia are a sailors cap band which is quite good looking. It features the name of the ship Monte Olivia in gild thread in the center and it is flanked by a flag representing the ship on the left and on the right is a swastika flag. Additionally there are a number of original photographs some of crewmen aboard the Olivia and some of passengers. The photographs all dated on the reverse and giving the names of the ship et cetera. There is also a fine photograph of the Olivia at sea. Also with this grouping are a number of badges and insignia that are connected with the German cruise lines. Really interesting stuff here especially if you look up the Olivia. Lastly there are two boarding card for the Monte Olivia. This is a great project for someone who wanted to study the history of this ship as it is most interesting.

The other grouping included with this offering consists of items relating to the MV Wilhelm Gustloff. As many of you may know the Wilhelm Gustaf was one of the “Strength through Joy” ships that took German workers on vacations. It met a miserable end when it was sunk by a Russian submarine in 1945 packed with Germans who were trying to escape the country at the end of the war. It suffered the greatest amount of casualties as a result of a submarine attack, with a death toll of over 9,000 souls.

There is a fine picture of the Wilhelm Gustloff there is also a menu from the Gustloff there is a postcard which appears to have been mailed picturing the Gustloff and lastly there is a nice folder describing the Gustloff and its events. The folder has a color picture of a Gustloff drawing flying the Strength through Joy swastika flag.

Interesting items here for the right person.

Excellent $295.00

POTPOURRI #45999 Letter from Reich Forest Master

This letter measures 8 and quarter by 6 inches and is printed at the top with the title "Der Reichsforstmeister" and also having his Berlin address. The letter is date 6 February 1941.

The letter will have to be translated by appears to be some bureaucracy notation and has two signatures of the powers that be as well as a rubber stamp with the eagle and swastika.

A nice item to add to a forestry collection.

Excellent. $35.00

POTPOURRI #45927 Straight Razor by H Böker

This straight razor measures about 6 inches long and is equipped with white celluloid grip plates. Both grip plates remain in excellent condition.

The straight razor is still in fairly rough condition, showing some age graying and with the heel of the blade gone entirely, but also still looks like it could be used. The ricasso portion of the blade is marked H Böker & Co on one side and on the other side it is marked Germany. There is also the stark tree that Böker used as their logo. The blade is also marked UNRIVALED and then underneath that it reads "Hollow Ground".

There are English words on the razor because this period piece would have been produced for sale to other countries.

Fair. $50.00

POTPOURRI #45780 Cased White Porcelain SA Ski Award

The case of this award is in very fine condition being of black leatherette with brass opening pushbutton. It measures about 4 and half inches by 4 and a half inches and inside it has a white padded satin inner lid and the bottom interior has a deep purple velvet cut out portion which accepts the recess of the porcelain award.

The award is quite beautiful featuring a winged eagle clutching wreathed swastika coming in for a landing and below is a SA man appearing to be a ski jumper. Beneath raised out is Schi-meisterschaft and beneath that is S. A. Gruppe Bayostmark / 5 Wiesel 1937.

On the reverse of the fine porcelain is the Rosenthal trademark.

A very fine item here that would display well with a SA dagger.

Near Mint. $695.00

POTPOURRI #45758C Imperial Iron Cross Desk Piece Mounted on Marble Base

This imperial piece features a replica of the Iron Cross done in brass.

The cross is of great intricacy with its serrated raised portion and having the Prussian crown at the top leg the “W” in the center and the date “1914” on the bottom.

The cross is mounted on a fine black marble base which measures about 4 inches by 3 inches.

A fine desk piece here in excellent condition.

Excellent Plus. $195.00

POTPOURRI #45745 White Porcelain of German General

This white porcelain depicts a German general standing at ease. The figure stands on a white round base and is 9 inches tall.

It depicts the general in full dress. His cap is very nicely done and the cap eagle is discernible as is the wreath and cockade. The general wears his parade uniform as the cuff appear to designate this waffenrock. There are also a number of medals visible in the porcelain to include an Iron Cross and what appears to be an imperial award. The general wears an aiguillette and brocade belt. He further is dressed in high points and riding pants. The porcelain is not marked on the bottom.

A nice item here that would nicely decorate an army dagger collection.

Mint. $495.00

POTPOURRI #45762 Jäger Shako Brass Desk Piece

This brass desk piece is not on a base and is in the formation of a Jäger shako.

The little shako is nicely formed having a separate chin strap and also the cockade decoration at the top.

It is hollow and quite sturdy. It would make for a nice addition to an Imperial collectors desk; it would make a fine paperweight as it is stoutly constructed.

Excellent Plus. $155.00

POTPOURRI #40168C Aluminum SS Totenkopf Eyeglass Case

This eyeglass case is constructed from aluminum. It has a opening tab on the front and an pier hinge at the back. It shows lots of age in the surfaces but is free of damage.

Engraved on the front of the case is a tremendous SS skull and bones. The detailing to this skull is extraordinary, particularly throughout the checkered eyes and the teeth. The crossed bones are also finely rendered.

Beneath the totenkopf is the engraving, "SS/T. St Dachau". Obviously this case was once owned by one of the SS men of the Dachau Totenkopf division. Studying this engraving there is no question it was professionally applied a long, long time ago.

The interior of the case retains the original felt lining. The upper interior is marked "Julius Grünwald". Below this is the word "Baden".

A really rare item here, which is absolutely guaranteed to be original.

Excellent. $850.00

POTPOURRI #39579C Pair of Army Cavalry Spurs

These Army Cavalry Spurs are constructed from solid brass, and retains the original leather belting and brass buckles.

The ends of the spurs have free-spinning stars, used to coax your recalcitrant mount along a given stretch of bomb-cratered road, body-strewn killing field, or Parisian boulevard.

These spurs show show a little bit of age in the form of some green patina here and there, but remain in good condition overall. The leather is not rotted, which is remarkable given the kind of exposure these things were forced to endure.

A fine relic of the German Cavalry here.

Excellent. $195.00

POTPOURRI #43049C Kriegsmarine Porthole Clock

This porthole clock has survived the war in grand style, still running great with its eight day wind. The clock outside is of all polished brass being staged outward from the crystal area to the rear of the clock. There are no dents or dings anywhere. The clock crystal is hinged to exactly fit over the face and has a locking mechanism that is secured with the same key that winds the clock.

The black numerals are all in Arabic, having matching black second timer digits above. The hands are black metal with arrow-like heads, together with a sweep second hand. On the left center face, the clock is marked with a an open-winged Kriegsmarine eagle with swastika placed over the letter "M", standing for "Marine". On the right side is the number of the clock, "12408", which was used to designate the ship to which the clock was assigned. It would be nice to know if these clock companies or the ship yards ever kept records of these numbers after the war, wouldn't it?. Beneath the numeral is the capital letter "N", which stood for the harbor of "Nordsee", also known as Wilhelmshaven. It is interesting to note that the brass rim of the crystal housing is also stamped with the matching ship number, "12408".

This clock is a terrific artifact that can be used for many years and fun to install with your Naval collection on a wall - I have two of them with my collection. An Imperial marked example and a 3rd Reich marked example. I have been looking for a Weimar example for many years, however, I have never found or seen one. Perhaps there was no money for new ship clocks during this terrible period in Germany? It is also interesting to note that the elevator within the mountain that carries the passengers to the Eagle's Nest on top, is also equipped with an exact 3rd Reich Naval clock.

These clocks are rarely offered, and this example is really nice.

Excellent Plus. $3,495.00

POTPOURRI #45604C Pair of Naval Candlestick Holders with Third Reich Eagle

I have had many candlestick holders over the years many of them being naval but this is the first set I can recall having that feature an open winged eagle clutching a swastika at the crossguard. The hilts are typical naval types with fine brass mounts all with good gilt remaining. The cat’s head has nice detail throughout and is the style that has eyes done without the glass inserts. The mane flowing backward is nicely detailed and turns into a series of floral devices surrounding a center oval for monogram purposes.

The P guard is a fine example featuring oak leaves and acorns. As I said the crossguard features an open winged eagle showing very fine detail to the feathering head wreath and swastika. The reverse crossguard features a raised panel for purposes of initials. The ferrule features oak leaves and acorns running around its circumference. The quillon ends in a ball being retained by swirls.

The grip is of carved wood having excellent white celluloid covering. The celluloid has turned a fine ivory color and has good eye appeal. The grip is tightly wrapped with twisted brass wire.

The candlesticks are meant to be set with the pommel portion downward and therefore attached to the top of the lion’s head is a round seating platform for setting the candlestick firmly in place. There is a short blade stub coming out of the hilt which has the candle holder section attached.

A fine set of rarely seen Third Reich naval candlestick holders which would greatly supplement a naval collection.

Excellent Plus. $1,195.00

POTPOURRI #45611C DAF 25 Year Award Folder

A Third Reich Deutsche Arbeitsfront (DAF) Ehren-Urkunde portfolio for their 25 years of work award.

The DAF was the National Socialist trade union; this organization consolidated and replaced the various trade unions of the Weimar Republic.

The DAF originally issued these folders, which included a booklet celebrating 25 years of the DAF, this one does not. Still in great shape.

Mint. $75.00

POTPOURRI #45576 2 Political Post Cards

These postcards are in choice unissued condition.

The first card has an orange color background and features a replica of the 1939 Spange award shown over a 1st Class Iron Cross. The card has not been used and is blank on the back.

The second card features a color image of Hitler looking slightly to his left. He wears his NSDAP uniform complete with swastika cross belt tie pin Iron Cross and wound badge. The reverse of the card is quite interesting as it has a Hitler stamp on the reverse and it is also postmarked with a DJ runes type insignia and dated on Hitler’s birthday 20.4.1942.

A fine pair of cards here.

Near Mint. $115.00

POTPOURRI #44112C Unissued SA Runes Button

This SA runes button remains in crisp condition having fine enamel and the copper backing.

On the reverse of the button it has the original post which retained it within the grip.

If you are missing an SA button this is an excellent opportunity to acquire a replacement.

Mint. $35.00

POTPOURRI #45390 Silver Award Tray from the Officers of the Kaiser Wilhelm Infantry Regiment #116

This tray is quite beautiful being an oval shape and 15 inches in diameter at the center area. The edge has a lot of raised decorations all which resemble the letter M with raised dots in the center.

In the middle of the tray is beautifully professionally engraved the Kaiser’s imperial crown complete with orb and cross at the top with the domes running around displaying the eagle and cross alternatively. The crown also has two ribbons hanging down from it. Below that is the Kaiser’s cypher “W2”. The cypher is also beautifully rendered.

Below this a four line dedication in gothic style very fancy engraving “Dem offizerkorp des Inf. Rgmts. / Kaiser Wilhelm (2) “Gr. H.” No. 116 / Ostern 1907. / Carl & Louis Lotz.”. Obviously the officer corp of the Kaiser Wilhelm #116 regiment which was Hessian and was named the first grand ducal Hessian #115 gave this tray to Carl and Louis Lotz. Since there is no military designation it is hard to say the reason for the gift. Perhaps these men were owners of buildings or mayors of towns or something important to the regiment to justify the gift. Either way it is of the highest quality throughout and is hallmarked on the reverse “45228 I “800” with a crescent and a crown.

This tray could use some research by the next owner as it could have been for a very important deed or important event. Either way it makes for a wonderful display item.

Excellent. $795.00

POTPOURRI #45333 Silver Cigar Clipper

This silver cigar clipper is quite elegant measuring about 6 and half inches long.

The cigar cutter is hallmarked 800 and also "HB" which I understand stands for the producer Hermann Bauer.

The cigar cutter works well and has the usual two size cutting devices on it with a excellent blade. On the opposite end is a tool that can be used for cleaning a pipe bowl. The clipper has a pebbled style surface on both of its front and reverse edges. At the bottom of the obverse edge is the monogram of the original owner "KR". The initials are intertwined and done quite fancy. These initial could also be a regiment abbreviation because there is the number "17" below them. Also the date of the gift is engraved 5.5.38.

A great handsome cigar cutter here that for the right cigar smoker out there could be fun device to use with our habit and also makes for a great presentation while smoking outside at a show. A very fine artifact here that could be even nicer if its pedigree could be traced.

Near Mint. $695.00

POTPOURRI #44897C Two Mounted Postcards Being First Day of Issue and Done on April 20th 1938 on Hitler's Birthday

The first card is addressed in pen and ink with a Hitler stamp and a postmark from Braunau which of course was Hitler's birthplace with his birth date below.

The second postcard has four Hitler stamps all of which are stamped three times with Berlin and dated 20 April 1938.

they are beautifully displayed and very very nice collectibles.

Mint. $150.00

POTPOURRI #44895C Munich Picture Booklet

This booklet is a very fine example of the beautiful buildings that decorated the Munich area during the Third Reich. It has the logo of Munich with the monk in front of the castle on the cover.

Many of the pictures are very stirring especially those of the Brown Haus the Koenigsplatz the Feldhernhalle Mahnmal the Haus de Kunst the castle at Nymphenborg and many other scenes.

It is a nice booklet because it was probably printed about 1936 or so and shows the buildings the way they were then.

Excellent. $15.00

POTPOURRI #44891C Hans Bauer (Hitler's Pilot) Autographed Photo

This outstanding photo measuring 6 inches by 4 inches portrays Hitler's pilot Hans Bauer smiling in his full dress Brigadeführer SS uniform. He is shaking the hand of a smiling Hitler.

The photo is dated 1938. It is signed by Bauer on the obverse and on the reverse Bauer gives a dedication to the person that must have requested the photograph and dated it 30.5.86. Bauer lived to be in his 90's and for during his later years gave lectures and so forth concerning his years flying Hitler around Germany.

A very nice original photograph here.

Excellent Plus. $395.00

POTPOURRI #44890C Viktor Lütze Autographed Postcard

This postcard comes from the 1936 Winter Olympics which were held in Garmische-Partenicirchen.

The obverse of the postcard shows a rather comical scene with two boys on skis and a elf in between. The reverse of the postcard is bold signed in pen and ink "Viktor Lütze". It is an absolute original signature here.

It would seem to me that possibly Lütze attended the 36 Winter Olympics and someone was able to take advantage of his presence and get him to sign the back of this postcard.

A fairly rare signature as we do not see a lot of Viktor Lütze photographs.

Excellent. $995.00

POTPOURRI #44838C Pair of Naval Sword Candlesticks

These candlestick holders are of highest quality featuring the hilts of naval swords turned upside down and fitted with a candle bracket at the top and a matching brass base at the bottom.

The swords themselves are nicely detailed being in the lion head format and the cat is fitted with a pair of red faceted glass eyes. The celluloid over carved wood grip is in good condition throughout being tightly wrapped with triple twisted brass wire the center example being of large proportion.

These candlesticks can be a great way to show off a naval collection or if you just want them to use to hold candles that'll work too! Nice items here!

Mint Minus. $750.00

POTPOURRI #44677 Large Medallion Commemorating Zeppelin First Flights

This all bronze medallion is larger than a silver dollar and may have at one time been in a cases and used as a table medal but I do not know. The medal is quite interesting as it was obviously was made to commemorate the effect that Zeppelin was successful with his first flights with his dirigible invention. Zeppelin first achieved flight in one of his rigid air ships on July 2n 1900. The ship only flew less than four miles but it stimulated him to invent more power and better steering and he continues to build ships for testing. Some of the successful ones are commemorated by this coin. The reverse of the coin has German printing around the edge which indicates that it is commemorating the Nüremberg zeppelin day. The coin has a fancy squared arch around the zeppelin names "Z2 30 Mie 1909 Z3 27 August 1909 to September 1909 and beneath this is a German eagle. Apparently these are the tree dates when Ferdinand Zeppelin was able to successfully demonstrate the flights of two of his proteges. Apparently the flights were from the stadium in Nüremberg which was named after him. On the opposite side of the coin it depicts in the center a raised replica of the globe and it pictures the stadium with crowds of people with flags waving and a zeppelin airship flying overhead. Zeppelin related items are quite rate. One can only imagine what thrilling events this must have been to watch these airships successfully get off the ground and have successful flights. Zeppelin continues to improve his designs and by June 1910 he had the worlds first commercial airship. A very interesting man here and anything related to Zeppelins is quite rare. I would think that this large medallion would be of interest to collectors of these long gone airships.

Excellent. $495.00

POTPOURRI #44604C Brass Electric Socket Cover from Göring's Berchtesgaden Chalet

This electric cover is made of brass and since it has a hole on one side of it and hook on the other it was screwed over the electric socket with apparently a bracket for the hook to be retained to. The items comes with a period tag written in pen and ink from the veteran that brought the item back. The ticket says "Light socket cover from Hermann Göring's home Berchtesgaden". The ticket is very old and the writing is in pen and ink and there is no reason to believe that this item is anything other than what is stated. I would think it was the perfect thing for a veteran liberator to grab as a souvenir of Berchtesgaden as it easily would fit into his pocket to take home. An interesting little trinket here.

Excellent. $325.00

POTPOURRI #44475 Set of Hitler Youth Miniature Castles

This set of four handsome handmade castles looks to have been made by HJ (or possibly DJ) boys for a Winterhilfswerk drive, presumably to be sold or possibly given out to less fortunate children. This is just a guess based on the paper labels seen on the backs of of them, but we'll get to those in a moment.

Each of these castles are completely hand made and make a fantastic display when set out side by side. When we acquired them they were a little rickety from age, but we've done our best to shore up or repair any minor age related wear they might have had.

There are four castles in the grouping, each slightly larger than the last. They are constructed primarily of reclaimed wood and what looks to be the sort of heavy card that was used as a backing for framed pictures, all nailed, tacked, and pasted together with varying degrees of skill. Each follows the same basic design template; a wooden "hill", complete with a ramp, leads up to a gate house complete with a working drawbridge and opening to a courtyard surrounded by the castle walls. They have been textured by means of sand mixed with paste, and then painted with what looks to be oils.

There are all sorts of little details on these castle, from crenellations to climbing ivy, arrow loops, painted (and parchment) windows, doors and portcullises, dry brushed texturing, drawbridge chains and dark caves, with a swastika or two appearing here and there. They range from a rather simply painted small fortress in basic colors to a gloriously festooned schloss topped off with a miniature cloth flag. Given the differences in the quality of the work I suspect boys of different ages were working on these.

One of the castles has an old white label pasted on to the back, marked with a HJ insignia over "DJH / Reichverbands". Another has a similar label that reads, "Spielzeug-spende / des WHW an den / NSD Kindergarten / Wolfhagen 1941". Another has been tagged "Spielzeug Spende des / WHW Kurhessen an / den NSD Kindergarten / der Stadt Wolfhägen Weinachten 1939. One final tag reads "Speilzeug spende des WHW an den / NSD-Kindergarten Fierenberg 1940".

These four castles are wonderful period handicrafts, and if you are looking for an interesting addition to your HJ collection (or any collection, really) look no further.

Excellent. $1,995.00

POTPOURRI #44317 Wehrmacht Motorsports Award for Motorcycle & Sidecar

This Motorsports Award ward is made of heavy bronze and is 4 inches round. Raised out of the bronze in the center is a highly detailed Wehrmacht eagle. The bird looks to the viewer's right and has outstanding detail to his head, breast and wing feathering, talons, wreath and raised swastika. Across the top of the award, in two lines, is "Der Oberstbefehlshaber / der Wehrmacht" and then, underneath the eagle, are the words "Dem Sieger", or "The Winner".

The reverse of the medal has a raised triple overlapping beautiful oak leaf wrath around the edges and in the center is the raised out text, "Meisterfchaften / im Wehrmacht- / Kraftfahrsport / 1938" and below this it reads, "Krad m Seitenwagen", or "Motorcyle and Sidecar".

This award was, apparently, given out for excellence in motorsports, specifically as it pertains to the motorcycle and sidecar! I'm going to assume there was some sort of competition involved, but this is speculation. The award is dated 1938, so the "Commander in Chief of the Wehrmacht" mentioned on the obverse could have either been von Blomberg (1935-1938) or von Brauchitsch (1938-1941), depending on exactly when it was given out, which is unknown. In either case this award was sanctioned by the men at the very top.

This medal most likely was originally in a box but alas that has gone to time. Still, a really rare item here, of highest quality.

Excellent. $600.00

POTPOURRI #44486C Cased Kriegsmarine Rangfinder - Carl Zeiss

This rangefinder is quite a piece of optics and is still contained in its original transportation wooden case measuring 34 inches by 9 inches. The rangefinder is Kriegsmarine Model 0.7 Rf. The optics are still in perfect condition and they adjust focus as well have elevation radicals in both eyes. There are tinted eye inserts as well as extension eye cups. The leather carrying strap is in perfect condition as are the end bumpers. There is also a threaded handle that screws into the rangefinder for single handed use. The rubber sun shield looks to be lost to time. The leveling plate called the Justierlatte is also included but it shows its time in the war. it has some surface rust as it is made of steel and appears to have been shut in the lid perhaps during combat. There are also six threaded light bulbs three of which are broken. The transportation case itself is in very fine shape measuring 34 inches by 9 inches and aside from having rounded corners which were banged up form battle war. The Carl Zeiss original lock key is still present and works.

A very fine, period coincidence rangefinder here.

Excellent. $2,959.00

POTPOURRI #44018 Bakelite Soldier Plaque

This plaque measures 6 ½ inches around and appears to be made of Bakelite. The reverse is fitted with a wall mount.

The plaque is shaped like a dish, with the raised-out profile of solder in the center. He wears an Imperial helmet with vent holes and a chin strap, and his face is nicely rendered. His uniform has what looks to be a NCO's shoulder board.

I am not sure if this plaque is of Imperial or Weimar vintage, but whatever the case it is a very good looking, military themed piece.

Excellent Plus. $85.00

POTPOURRI #40684C Edda Göring Birth Announcement

As we all know Hermann became the proud father in 1938, much to the shock of many who made fun of "Der Dicke" thinking that he was not capable. Well, he showed them, and if you have ever seen a picture of little Edda, there is no denying her as Hermann's own stock. This document is the official birth announcement which says, "Ministerpräsident Generalfeldmarschall Göring and Frau Göring announce the birth of their daughter Edda in Berlin on 2 June 1938" or something very close to that.

Along with the original announcement is a telegram sent to one "Herrn Dr Labougle" (who was apparently the ambassador to Argentina) from Göring thanking him for his kindness. Presumably an appropriate gift was sent for the momentous occasion. The telegram is dated June 8, 1938. These two documents appear to have been a scrap book or the like as there is black paper residue on the reverse of the announcement.

A fine original artifact here that makes history come alive!

Excellent Plus. $650.00

POTPOURRI #44015 Skinning Knife for Hunting Cutlass Scabbard

Many times we run across a hirschfanger that have a pocket built into the scabbard for a small skinning knife but 9 out of 10 times the skinner is missing. This particular example looks to be a long lost skinner.

The blade is just shy of three inches long, with a 4 inch stag handle and a nickel cap. The blade is slab sided, with a ricasso and a single edge. It does show some minor age but not bad.

If you have a similar hirschfanger it might be worth a shot to see if this knife will finish your piece.

Excellent. $150.00

POTPOURRI #44016 Small High Quality Skinning Knife - J. A. Henckels

This skinning knife is a very beautiful little item, measuring six and one half inches long. The grip is mother of pear that remains in perfect condition. The blade and ferrule are nicely gilded, with much of the original finish still intact.

The blade is single edged and is in nice condition. It is marked with the Henckels Twins trademark, along with "Rein Nickel". I think this means "Purely Nickel". IIt is possible this knife was part of a larger, elaborate hirschfanger with the same motif.

A very nice piece for your Hunting collection here.

Excellent Plus. $250.00

POTPOURRI #43817C Nüremberg Congress Hall Pocket Knife

This pocket knife is in choice as new condition. It has dark blued style grip plates. The one on the reverse is plain. The one on the obverse depicts in very fine detail in silver the Nüremberg Congress Hall famous from the annual Nüremberg rallies. The detail is absolutely outstanding of the building and in the center area depicts and open winged eagle with wreathed swastika. At the top of the building at the left and right areas are the silvered words "Kongressbau" and "Nüremberg". The knife is equipped with two blades both of which are in fine condition and are marked SMF with the king logo. This is a very rare item here and the first of which I have seen. This identical knife is pictured in Tom Johnson's Volume 4 on page 170.

Mint. $750.00

POTPOURRI #43676C 1970's Russian Banner with Medals

This Russian Banner is made of red crushed velvet and measures 20 inches by 14. There is a 4 inch fringe of yellow yarn at the bottom.

The flag features an image of Lenin in the center, set about three lines of Cyrillic script. Pinned to the banner are 16 assorted Russian medals and insignia that I think are from the 1970's.

The flag has a tunnel hoist, a steel hanging rod, and a yellow hanging cord.

A fine conditioned Soviet item here.

Near Mint. $395.00

POTPOURRI #43765C Porcelain Grenadier

This porcelain figure is apparently from the Imperial era. It depicts a crouching Austrian soldier holding a stick grenade and readying it to be thrown.

The figure stands on a small base marked "Tyrol 1915/16". It stands about 7 inches tall and is hollow.

A very fine accent piece here, in perfect condition.

Mint. $795.00

POTPOURRI #43768C Porcelain Solider on Motorbike

This porcelain figure is quite good looking, depicted a fully outfitted soldier astride his motorbike, all attached to an oval base. The figure is about 9 inches tall and 7 inches long.

Both the soldier and the cycle both highly detailed, the latter having everything from saddle bags and a license plate. The soldier is also fully rigged up with a rifle and gas mask, and is portrayed in the act of peering through his binoculars.

The bottom of the base is marked with a crowned Imperial eagle and "1894", which is most likely a model number.

A fine display piece here.

Mint. $995.00

POTPOURRI #43766C Porcelain Kriegsschule Dresden Plate

This white porcelain plate is 9 ½ inches across, with very fine blue detailing. There is a very beautiful gold eagle, clutching a wreathed swastika.

Above the bird the plate reads, "Kriegsschule Dresden", while below we see "KS / D". The letters are done in a fancy Gothic script, and the plate is trimmed with fine oak leaves.

A very fine piece of period porcelain here.

Mint. $595.00

POTPOURRI #43664 Meissen U-9 Porcelain Plate

This porcelain plate is quite beautiful being ten inches round. The center of the plate displays the famous U-9 World War I u-boat crashing through the waves with two spotters in the conning tower and flying the Imperial flag. The ocean is seen to be very rough and there are some great clouds in the background. Beneath the image on the rim of the plate is raised out in blue "U-9". The plate is marked on the reverse with the Meissen crossed swords and also has a number 5 which may have been a model number.

The U-9 submarine was extremely famous as it was the first u-boat to prove that submarines were an effective weapon. In 1914 this u-boat under the command of Weddigan sunk three British warships (the totally obsolescent British Cressy-class armoured cruisers HMS Aboukir, HMS Hogue, and HMS Cressy, sardonically nicknamed the "Live Bait Squadron") one by one. It was an "amazing" feat and gave instant credibility to the effectiveness of submarine warfare. Weddigan won the Pour le Mérite for his efforts but unfortunately was killed during the war, his boat (then the U-29) being unceremoniously rammed, sliced in two, and reduced to flotsam by the rampaging HMS Dreadnought after he bungled an attempt to torpedo the HMS Neptune.

The U-9 legend lived on well into the Third Reich and was a symbol of success that was cherished by all submariners of the day. This plate is in full mint condition and is set up on the reverse with a wire hook for hanging on the wall. It is all set to help show off your naval collection.

Mint. $750.00

POTPOURRI #34342C 1940 Commemorative War Christmas Plate - KPM

KPM Commemorative War Christmas Plate dated 1940. This plate is 9 1/2" and contains a nice colored fir branch bearing pine cones.

This plate commemorates the war within Gau Bayer Ostmark. Plate shows minuscule wear and has no chips. A nice piece of porcelain here ready for display.

Mint. $395.00

POTPOURRI #43365C White Porcelain Grenade-Throwing Soldier

This all white porcelain portrays a Wehrmacht soldier dressed helmet, tunic and boots. The National Eagle and swastika outline can been seen on the breast eagle of the uniform as well as the four pocket flaps and the shoulder boards.. The soldier is readying to throw a stick grenade grasping the weapon in both hands at his right side. There is an additional grenade tucked into each boot. The soldier is positioned on a base which portrays a couple of tree branches beneath him. The porcelain measures 15 inches high. The lower base is maker-marked with a stick-like subject having the letters, "ENS". A great-looking example here sure to enhance a collection.

Mint. $895.00

POTPOURRI #40894 Imperial Brass Match Safe

This Imperial Match Safe is in nice condition, made of stout brass.

Applied to the obverse is an applied circular border enclosing the slogan "Gott Mit Uns", as well as a wreath of laurel leaves. In the center is a Prussian helmet, which is slightly pushed in but the damage is not too bad.

A nice Imperial example here.

Good Plus. $95.00

POTPOURRI #40893 Deluxe Imperial Brass Match Safe

ThisMatch Safe is constructed of much heavier brass than we typically see, and also has the inner edges folded over to better retain the box of matches inside.

Applied to the front of the case is a silvered image of Jeanne d'Arc, in a round, coin-like shape. On the reverse is an applied "Gott Mit Uns" slogan, along with a wreath of laurel leaves and a Prussian crown. Flanking the design are a pair of artillery shells.

A heavy, high quality Imperial piece here.

Excellent Plus. $150.00

POTPOURRI #43372C Luftwaffe Porcelain Vase Award

This vase looks astounding and is a great item for the Luftwaffe Collector. It measures about 7 ½ inches tall, with a wide throat, extending down to a bowl-shaped bottom.

The vase is white porcelain with a gold floral / oak leaf design around the upper portion. There is one tiny chip in the bottom of the rim but it is barely noticeable.

The bottom of the vase has a rich blue color and large floral designs in three panels. The whole affair stands on three legs decorated with gold floral designs. At the center area is the the presentation "3rd Kampfgeschwader 54". Running around the center of the vase are 4 Luftwaffe eagles clutching swastikas and pierced with swords. In between each bird is large black mobile swastika. The overall look is just outstanding.

The vase is maker marked underneath the glaze but I can't quite make out the words. A splendid item here, and most likely one of a kind.

Excellent Plus. $1,995.00

POTPOURRI #43417 Fender Mount Postal Pole & Flag

This item is quite rare and is the first one I have seen.

It consists of a nickel plated hollow pole which would have mounted on a car fender and above this is a circle with an open mobile swastika. Attached to the pole at the top is a device which retains a Postal flag. The device is triangular shaped and displays a Postal horn and next to the horn are six lightning bolts that are part of the Postal insignia and something dagger collectors will be familiar with as these are the images that appear on the grip insignia of a Postal dagger. This fender pole is about 33 inches high.

The flag which attaches to the pole is 10 inches by 12 inches. It is of a red silk-like fabric and is double sided. Unfortunately much of the silk fabric has come loose and separated over time but it is still all there. In the center is separately applied white field and separately applied swastika on both sides. The flag has a 1 inch gold fringe that runs around the sides and the bottom. AT the top there are four bullion strap connectors that attach the flag to the pole. Below the swastika on both sides of the flag is woven "Fachschaft / D. R. P.". Assumedly this was the term used for the German Post Office.

A really great display item here which is quite rare being the first example I have seen. The pole comes with a post-war pole and stand that we made up so that the piece can stand on its own.

Excellent. $1,395.00

POTPOURRI #43427 50 Year Service Plaque from J. A. Henckels

This impressive plaque measures 11 inches by 12. It is made of wood, covered in a fine blue velvet that remains in perfect condition.

Recesses into the velvet is a 9 inch metal disc fashioned in the shape of the famous Henckels Twins trademark. The twins themselves are done in gilded brass and affixed to the circular portion. On the 13th of June way back in 1731 Peter Henckels registered the "Zwilling" (German for "Twin") logo with the Cutlers Guild of Solingen, making this one of the oldest trademarks in the world.

Affixed below the twins is a seven line presentation which reads, "Herrn /Walter Albrecht / In Dankbarer Anerkennung von 50 Jahren Erfolgreicher / Arbeit für den Zwilling / J. A. Henckels Solingen, Den 1 August 1953". This translates to something like "(To) Mr. Walter Albrecht, In Grateful Recognition for 50 Years of Prosperous Work for the Twins". On either side of the presentation are the dates 1903 and 1953, obviously representing Herr Albrecht's term of employment

A must for the die hard dagger and knife collector here, especially for those who appreciate the long tradition of Henckels quality.

Mint. $895.00

POTPOURRI #43368C Wehrmacht Cigarette Case

This Wehrmacht Cigarette Cases 3 ½ inches by 3 ½ inches and about an 1 ½ inch thick. It looks to be made of either nickel or have a light silver plating. The edges are all plain.

In the center of the lid is an image of a fully equipped solder, looking out over a town. The soldier is equipped with a K98 rifle, a gas mask, ammo pouches and the like. He is very detailed; it is just possible to make out the eagle on his tunic and the insignia on his helmet.

Surrounding this image is a series of immobile swastikas bordered in raised, overlapping oak leaves that cover the rest of the lid.

When opened we see the usual gold washed interior and a wood liner at the bottom. This helped to keep the smokes from drying out.

A nice case in very fine condition.

Near Mint. $895.00

POTPOURRI #43181C Two Original Wrought Iron Lighting Fixtures from Ordensburg Vogelsang

These two light fixtures come from the famous Ordensburg Vogelsang "political education" complex. Apparently a member of the Belgian Army absconded with them at some point in 1950's. Initially I was confused why the Belgians would be lurking around in Germany at this time, but apparently the entire area area was turned over to them in 1950, and they remained there until 2006! These fixtures were recovered by the consignor's grandfather, a military man assigned to postwar Germany in the early 1950's. Apparently they were going to be thrown out during the remodeling of the compound.

Ordensburg Vogelsang is a former Nazi estate located in Eifel National Park in North Rhine-Westphalia, used by the NSDAP between 1936 and 1939 as a a sort of education center for future leaders. This project was enormously important to Hitler, so it is somewhat baffling that he placed infamous drunken, stuttering pinhead Robert Ley in charge of the massive project. In spite of Ley's erratic, schnapps-soaked "leadership" the site was rapidly transformed into a grim, sprawling complex that epitomized both National Socialist ideology as well as their design aesthetic.

The first fixture is a brutal looking affair, constructed entirely of very heavy wrought iron; it would honestly not look out of place in a dungeon, torture chamber, or the lounge of your local Elk's Lodge. Eight thick, curled flaps, extend down from a central hub, each roughly peened. The whole affair is topped with a heavy suspension chain that looks similar to something you might use to restrain a bull elephant. At the bottom of each of these flaps is a huge, triangular black spike, also of wrought iron. You would need to make sure this lamp was hung well up near the ceiling, as one of these spikes could make short work of your average skull. There is an internal stiffening ring that makes this already solid piece even more sturdy. This example has a good deal of rust and surface age but this only adds to the extremely intimidating appearance rather than detract from the look of the piece.

The second fixture is a bit less medieval. It is circular, spoked design, not unlike a ship's wheel. The ring of wrought iron that makes up the body of the map is twisted along the entire length. Six spokes just out from a central hub (also of twisted iron) each ending in a bulb socket enclosed in a wire cage, and the hub itself is topped with a cup-shaped ceiling mount. The spokes end in turned, tulip-like curls, and the wiring for the bulbs looks to have been run through tubes soldered to the top of each. The bulb cages have been covered in with interesting shades made out of what looks to be celluloid panels, each joined together with heavy whip stitching. These shades have taken a lot of abuse and are in a state of disarray, but given how fragile the material is this isn't a huge surprise. We've done our best to clean them up and they do look better, but they will probably need to be replaced at some point.

Neither of these fixtures are functional and would need to be completely rewired to work, but this might be a worthwhile project. I have a similar lamp from Wewelsberg Castle that I had rewired and it is among my favorite pieces.

All in all a really great pair of period fixtures here, from one of the most noteworthy sites in all of the Third Reich. Perhaps one day they will shine down on your collection!

Excellent. $2,400.00

POTPOURRI #42767C Wooden SS Standarte "Deutschland" Plaque

This very eye catching wooden plaque is shaped like a shield, measuring about 8 inches tall and 5 across.

Applied to the upper corner of the obverse is a brass rectangle decorated with raised SS runes. Below this is the profile of a German soldier, complete with helmet. Further down is a set of raised oak leaves and detailed acorns. All of these embellishments are detailed and of high quality.

The reverse is very fascinating. Affixed to the reverse is piece of typed paper identifying the owner of this plaque as "SS Oberscharführer Sepp Mayr / München 20 April 1939". Below this is a rubber stamp on the wood which reads "Zur Erinnerung / an die Dienstze / der SS Verfügungstruppe / SS-Standarte Deutschland". This plaque was obviously purchase by (or for) Herr Mayr in memory of his time in the SS-VT. The reverse surface has an oval cutout to allow hanging.

A very interesting, original SS item here, with a fantastic personalization.

Excellent. $995.00

POTPOURRI #43065C 1935 Schützenkönig Medallion & Chain

This medallion is quite elaborate being made of silver. It features a Prussian style crown positioned over a silver ribbon and attached to the ribbon via two small chains is a cross-like shaped award. The cross is quite elaborate with the edges having pebbling and in the center there is a raised diamond-like surface to which is engraved "Schützenkönig 1935". Attached to the bottom leg of the cross structure is some type of a seal.

On the reverse of the cross there is an additional diamond shaped silver diamond which is marked in four lines, "Präsident / des / Herman W. Göring / Reichstages". Apparently Göring who was indeed president of the Reichstag in 1935 may have had a small shooting contest for the entertainment for members of the Reichstag and perhaps this medallion was given as an award for the event. Stamped on the reverse lower area of the medallion is the marker mark and location which is "Bollig / Dusseldorf". Below this is stamped the silver content of the medallion "800".

Attached to the upper portion of the medallion is a fine neck chain which appears to be made from wither silver or nickel links. It has a catch at the top.

An interesting item that would make a great display addition to hunting shooting collection.

Excellent Plus. $1,895.00

POTPOURRI #38239 Austrian Passport for Rosa Schenner

This Austrian Passport was issued to a woman named Rosa Schenner. Schenner was born on 28 December 1915. The passport has a picture of Rosa as a fairly young girl, being issued in Cologne on 17 March 1931.

There are not a lot of entries in this passport, but I do see markings dated 1941. The interesting part of this piece is the number of letters contained within. There are nine or ten both to and from Rosa. She must have gotten married at some point as her surname changes over the course of the entries. The letters are run from the 30's all the way up to 1945. Rosa had excellent handwriting and this could be easily read by someone fluent in German.

There is also a postcard from the 1936 Reich Party Day; Rosa must have supported the Party or she most likely would not have saved this card.

A very interesting item here, especially for those who enjoy researching.

Excellent. $100.00

POTPOURRI #31847 Army Gebirgsjäger Death Card

This Army Gebirgsjäger Death Card was issued for a man named Ludwig Golling. Golling who was an NCO with an Army mountain regiment; he was killed on 16 September 1941.

It's a pretty standard example of a Death Card, with a picture of the dead man and what I can only assume are the edited highlights of his demise. Hopefully he dies bravely in battle and didn't simply wander off a cliff or take a kick to the head from a mountain goat.

A good (if rather morbid) collectible card here.

Excellent. $45.00

POTPOURRI #27027 Fallschirmjäger Death Card

This Fallschirmjäger Death Card has the picture of a fallen (pun intended) paratrooper, whose name was “Wilhelm Kaulmann”.

This NCO was killed on “1 July 1941” in “Krete”; the details are on the obverse. Did he meet a valiant death in furious combat, or did he accidentally land in a vat of olive oil? Only those who read German will be able to unravel this mystery.

The reverse has some species of religious verse, festooned with doves and crosses.

Excellent Plus. $65.00

POTPOURRI #42549 American Hindenburg Watch Fob

This watch fob is pretty interesting. It features a leather strap and brass buckle which remains in good condition.

The strap retains a medallion set in the center with an enamel covered photograph of Paul Hindenburg. Around the photo are Prussian eagles and other nationalist iconography. Around the medallion, in English, are the words "In Memory of Our Heroes". At the bottom it reads "Pro Patria 1914 / 1916".

The reverse has block go very tiny text that is rather difficult to read, but upon closer inspection reveals itself to be no other than an excerpt from Lincoln's 2nd inaugural address! It reads, "With malice toward none, with charity for all, with firmness in the right as God gives us to see the right, let us strive on to finish the work we are in, to bind up the nation's wounds, to care for him who shall have borne the battle and for his widow and his orphan, to do all which may achieve and cherish a just and lasting peace among ourselves and with all nations." Classic Lincoln here, and a perfect quote for an item of this type.

Apparently these things were sold to German Americans who stood in support of Germany throughout the early 20th century... at least until the outbreak of the war, when this sort of thing would most likely be hidden in a sock in the back of a drawer.

Excellent. $50.00

POTPOURRI #42521C Imperial Dagger Watch Fob

This Watch Fob is a very elegant looking little item, with a tiny dagger and sheathe made of steel. The dagger is very finely detailed throughout, and can be removed from the scabbard.

At the top of the sheathe, on both sides, is a perfect likeness of the Iron Cross, complete with the date and the "W" cypher. The whole affair is topped with a clip to secure a watch.

A very, very fine looking Watch Fob.

Excellent. $150.00

POTPOURRI #33565C Lot of Three Arbeitsbuch

All three of the Arbeitsbuchs in this lot remain in very fine condition, with none of the usual wear and tear we normally see on period paper items.

These look to have been issued to what I can only assume to be a married couple, one Joseph and Anna Stiegler. They contain all the usual stamps, Party eagles, arcane lists, and cryptic numbering that we associate with these books. It is interesting to note that Joseph uses a fairly conventional, loopy sort of cursive for his signature, while Anna opts for a rather sloppily executed Sütterlin. She was mostly likely younger and raised with this new script.

A fine set of Arbeitsbuchs here.

Excellent. $95.00

POTPOURRI #33564C Lot of Four Wehrpasses

Three of the four Wehrpasses included in this lot remain in surprisingly good condition, with only minor signs of age. The fourth, however, looks to have been extensively damaged by exposure to moisture. While this last book is rather beat up it is still legible, however.

All of the photographs are intact, picturing a quartet of unremarkable looking German gentlemen. Of course the books are loaded with all of the usual stamps, cyphers, notations, and inscrutable abbreviations that we normally see in this type of thing. I'm sure the avid collector of period documents could have quite a fun time pouring through the pages.

A good set of Wehrpasses here, princes to sell.

Excellent. $150.00

POTPOURRI #42339 Weimar Ashtray

This ashtray is constructed of fired clay and is about 6 inches across. The upper section of the ashtray has been fitted with a fine silver rim. Engraved on the rim is a dedication and a number of facsimile signatures.

The dedication reads, "Dem Kammandanten "V1" zum 29.6.1927 / 1-A.N. und Seine Kapitäne". Underneath this is a number of facsimile signatures, including "Röhm", "Epp", "Bülow", "Vogel", and "Kempe". It is possible that this could be some sort of early Party memento, as Ritter von Epp and Röhm were involved in the early days of the Party.

Unfortunately this ashtray was broken at one time and has been repaired. The bottom is marked "Cadinen".

An interesting piece here that I'm sure could be a lot more interesting with some research.

Good. $495.00

POTPOURRI #30653C Set of 42 World War II 8x10 AP Photos

This set of black and white photographs all have captions and were taken by the news organization “Associated Press”. The quality of the compositions is very good, with some very interesting subject matter.

The photos cover both the Pacific and European Theatres, and feature many photographs of exciting events, admirals, generals, and troops; all the usual fare, but it never gets old! I had not seen any of the photos before, so perhaps a lot of these have never been published and could be of interest to collectors.

A very nice selection of period photographs here.

Excellent. 250.00

POTPOURRI #33569C Lot of First and Second Class War Merit Cross with Swords Documents to Same Individual and Police Dienstausweiss

This grouping of period documents is most interesting, consisting of some prisoner of war papers as well as the documents for the award of the 1st and 2nd Class War Merit Cross with Swords. These documents were awarded to a man by the name of Heinrich Winzinger.

Additionally there is a police Dienstausweiss passbook which has a oil skin type cover with photograph of the original carrier, a policeman by the name of Strobl.

A very fine lot of period papers here, worth it for the medal award documents alone.

Excellent Plus. $250.00

POTPOURRI #33570C Various Documents to Stürzer Family

This grouping of period documents has at least twelve different items issued to members of the Stürzer family. I notice there is an RLB booklet, a few copies of what looks to be some species of ration stamps and the associated pricing book, a color postcard... the list goes on and on and on.

It's really a grab bag of many other items which should be of interest to people who are paper fanatics.

A nice grouping here. This kind of period ephemera is just loaded with interesting information, should you care to ferret it out.

Excellent Plus. $150.00

POTPOURRI #33669 Imperial Match Safe

This Imperial Match Safe is constructed from fine brass. It is mostly plain, with the exception of a Prussian Crown design on the front. The crown sits atop sprigs of laurel leaves and in contained in a rope-like circular border.

Above the crown is the familiar motto, "GOTT MIT UNS". The detailing throughout remains quite good, even after 100 years.

A nice Imperial example here. Matches of course were a valuable commodity in the trenches and warranted sturdy protection such as this!

Excellent Plus. $75.00

POTPOURRI #28394C Pair of Period German Documents

This pair of German documents are quite interesting and would be nice with an appropriate collection.

The first document is in the pair is a marriage certificate that was issued on July 21, 1939 and signed by the local Burgermeister. The second document in the pair is a ticket which allows the holder into a general NSDAP meeting for the citizenry. This meeting was held on November 15, 1942 and represented the Gau of Berlin Kreis III.

An interesting set of period documents here to be sure.

Excellent Plus. $65.00

POTPOURRI #42107C Kriegsmarine Bulkhead Clock

This is the first clock of this type that I have offered, and I must say it is a very high quality instrument. It was sold by a firm named "Doxa", but was actually manufactured by the Swiss company "Brebet" circa 1935.

The clock itself is quite small, measuring only 4 ½ inches across. There is a screw device on the reverse that acts to mount the clock. It is an eight day wind-up type.

The face has standard numerals and a second hand dial on the upper portion. At the center left is a Kriegsmarine eagle and swastika and "M", for Marine. On the right side is the code "6424 / N". This indicates the clock was used on a ship out of Wilhemshaven.

According to the consignor the clock was serviced back in 1948. I've had it on my desk for a few weeks and can attest to the fact that it runs great!

A very fine Kriegsmarine clock here.

Excellent Plus. $1,095.00

POTPOURRI #42112C National Hunting Association Cigarette Case

fine cigarette case is a silvered example; the catch is marked "Alpaca", the German term for silver plate.

It is quite thin and measures 4 inches by 3. It has a nice front cover decorated with a checkered pattern in the center and line patterns towards the sides. The stag head of national Hunting Association insignia appears in brass, but probably was silvered when it was new. The reverse of the case is entirely checkered.

Opening the case reveals an interior finished with a gilded wash on both sides. The lower portion has been engraved with the name of the original owner, "Lukas Scheffler / 1939". There is also a silver hallmarking and a "Gesch Gesch" stamping. One of the original bands is missing, but the other is sound.

This case does not appear to have been cleaned since the war and is absolutely original.

Excellent. $495.00

POTPOURRI #42095C SS Ausweiss ID Card

This SS ID Card is in nice condition, bearing the issue number "213 991". The card was issued to man named Alfred Beutling, who has a SS number of 215 865. Apparently he was an SS man with "M / II / 54 Standarte".

The card bears Beutling's signature and a fined raised stamping. The reverse is marked with his personal details, a rubber stamped Himmler signature, and some Party related stampings.

These cards are quite rare these days.

Excellent. $695.00

POTPOURRI #42096C SS Ausweiss ID Card

This SS ID Card is numbered "19 198". It was issued to a man named Alfred Krebs, who has a SS serial number of "243 465".

Krebs was apparently an SS man with "Stab 27 Standarte". HIs picture and signature appear on the card.

The reverse of the card lists Kreb's personal details. It also has a facsimile Himmler signature, a genuine signature of some sort of SS official, and an orange Party stamp.

A nice, uncommon card here.

Excellent. $695.00

POTPOURRI #33566C Lot of Four Führerschein and One Kennkarte

This group of various identification booklets include assorted documents and photographs of five different Third Reich individuals. Honestly I do not know much about these kind of things but they look to be quite interesting, especially with all of the various photographs and dates. In terms of condition they have held up well over the years.

Some good batch of period ephemera here; these should probably be of interest to those with a inclination for research.

Excellent. $100.00

POTPOURRI #41994C Dagger with Porcelain Female Figure Grip

This dagger is very beautifully made and measures 14 Ω inches long. The grip is constructed of fine white porcelain, rendered in the form of a stylized woman holding her arms above her head. It remains in perfect condition.

The pommel is a simple, cone-shaped affair constructed from brass, while crossguard looks to be constructed from aluminum.

The blade looks quite old and measures about 8 inches long. It has a short ricasso, double edges, and a pronounced center ridge on both sides. It shows wear, has some nicks and is slightly gray, but overall it is still quite good looking.

I believe this piece dates from the 30ís given the design, but I am not sure.

A fine decorative dagger here.

Excellent. $1,395.00

POTPOURRI #41252C Imperial / 3rd Reich Destroyer Cigarette Case

This cigarette case is quite impressive, measuring 6 inches by 4 inches by 1 inch. There are no hallmarks on this case and I suspect it is constructed of silver plated brass.

The surfaces have a very nice nice peened look throughout. The lid is vaulted and is decorated with a pattern of lines on the right and left. There is a catch located on the edge of the lid. The obverse of the case is engraved "Der Nr 1 In Anerkennung und zur Erinnerung / an die Fahrzelt auf G 10 / Kommandant u. Besalzung". This basically translates to a remembrance given to a member of the crew of the G10 (a German destroyer that saw action at Jutland and who was not scuttled until '45) from the commander and crew.

The lid also has what appears to be an original E Boat Badge. The pin, hinge and catch looked with have been removed and it was firmly soldered on.

A most interesting case here, and one that could probably be researched.

Excellent. $1,195.00

POTPOURRI #41146 Hitler Life Studies Plaque

This plaque is constructed of bronze and measures about 4 by 5 inches.

At the upper portion is a profile of Hitler's head. To the right of his neck are the initial of the artist, which appear to be "MM".

The the head the plaque reads, "Die Voraussetzung zur tat ist der Wille†und der Mut zur Wahrhaftigkeit", which translates to something like, "The prerequisite for action is the will and the courage to be truthful." Below this inscription is a raised mobile swastika.

Hitler had these plaques made up early in his career as commemorative/promotional items. The reverse has a small mounting bracket which could be a replacement.

These plaques are quite rare.

Excellent. $495.00 (#082318)

POTPOURRI #28027 Series of Nine Photo Negatives of German Soldiers

This series of negatives contains each photograph within a paper sleeve. Written on the paper sleeve in most cases is the name of the soldier as well as the date. These negatives were found in the drawers of an old photographer in Sweden.

Most of the photographs are dated 1943. There are photographs of Army, Naval and Luftwaffe personnel. Quite interesting stuff here, and you could easily develop these negatives for first-rate portrait pictures. They measure about 6æ" by about 5".

A great little grouping here.

Excellent Plus. $225.00

POTPOURRI #40829C WW1 Imperial Trench Armor

This massive set of trench armor is nearly a quarter inch thick; the entire assembly weighs at least 25 pounds.

The armor consists of a cuirass style breast plate designed to distribute the weight of the plating on the wearer's shoulders. Attached to the the lower edge of the breastplate are three overlapping, segmented plates, affixed to the main plate by means of stout thongs. These extend protection down to just below the groin while still affording some freedom of movement.

An impressive set of armor here. These suits were worn by standing sentries, assault troops (although they most have been more of a hindrance in this case, given the awkwardness and weight) and machine gunners, this last group being be biggest adopters. Given that a machine gun crew was static, to to mention singled out with particular hatred, these suits would have provided a measure of very welcome protection from incoming rifle fire.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $7,995.00

POTPOURRI #40423 Six Rolls of F. W. Höller Naval Sword Grip Wire

These bundles were one of the finds I made at the recent MAX Show and I must say they utterly fascinated me.

Imagine my surprise to see six separate rolls of neatly bundled brass wire, the twisted type that was must likely used on Naval Sword grips given the gauge. The wire is in perfect, new-like condition, and each spool is individually wrapped. All six rolls are in turn bundled by a larger piece of wire. This main wire has a paper issue tag that reads "F. W. Höller / Solingen", along with "16722" in red pencil. This must have been the stop number of these parts. Additionally there is a metal Höller tag marked with the trademark of the firm.

I think these bundles are extremely collectible. It would be a shame if they were used to fix sword grips, but if you demand absolutely period materials for your restorations you will do no better than this wire. It is unbelievable that these managed to survive all these years in this kind of mint condition.

Mint. $750.00

POTPOURRI #40201 Adolf Hitler Memorial Wreath Sash

This beautiful Wreath Sash was designed to be lain in a memorial wreath by Hitler himself. It is constructed of a very fine, lined red satin, the same as the material used to make the AH funeral sash.

At the top of the sash is a standard bow. Behind the bow are a pair of matching satin strings designed to secure the sash to a wreath. Extending out from the bow are the "arms" of the sash, each about 6 inches wide. These measure about 26 inches long, with a fine 2 inch gold bullion fringe at the end. All of the fringe material is intact.

The left sash is decorated with one of the most beautiful of Third Reich eagles, the Funeral Pattern. This choice bird is rendered out of both matte and shiny bullion, with the excellent detailing being enhanced by the contrasting materials. The eagle looks to the right, with the breast area lined in black to accentuate the fine feathering; the wings have the same treatment. The wreath has a symbolic ribbon at each quadrant, rendered in fine bullion. The black velvet swastika within the wreath is mounted on a lined white field. The entire eagle is mounted on a background of red wool.

On the other sash is a bullion rectangle fitted with a piece of transparent celluloid. This arrangement acted to hold and display Hitler's calling card. When we received the sash it did not have a card in place, but we made an exact copy of an original we had on had and placed it in the slot. It reads, "Adolf Hitler Deutscher Reichkanzler".

A tremendous item here, and quite beautiful. This piece would make for a really fantastic display if it was mounted on a proper wreath. This is an extremely rare item, being the first I've had to offer.

Near Mint. $2,995.00

POTPOURRI #39755 Luftwaffe Eagle-marked Wallet with Veteran Medals

This wallet is constructed of smooth brown leather and measures approximately 6 inches by 4 inches, in a bifold style.

It is interesting to note that one side of the wallet is embossed with a Luftwaffe eagle. The bird flies to the viewerís right and clutches a swastika in his talons. Much of the original embossing is worn by it remains very discernible.

Opening the wallet we see that it has compartments on either side, in the usual manner. On one side of the wallet the veteran has added some "souvenirs", much like we see on WW1 "hate" belts. The medals that have been added are a Veteranís medal, a British Womanís Land Army medal, and early NSDAP cap insignia and an aluminum Wehrmacht cap insignia. These medals have all been neatly sewn into the leather.

There is also an old bill in one of the pockets, an "Eine Rentenmark". The Rentenmark was a currency issued on October 15th, 1923, in an effort to stop the hyperinflation crisis of 1922 and 1923 in Weimar Germany. It was introduced at a rate of one Rentenmark equalling one million million old marks, with an exchange rate of one United States dollar equaling roughly four Rentenmarks. The bill adds a nice touch, I think.

A nice little item here that has a lot of appeal to me, and an interesting Luftwaffe item. The leather must have been top notch as it is still very soft and supple.

Excellent. $195.00

POTPOURRI #39586 Dr. Fritz Todt Funeral Sash

This Funeral Sash is constructed of blue and gold silk cloth, with the colors being split down the center. It measures approximately 40 inches long and has gold bullion fringe at either end. It shows some minor traces of age here and there but remains in basically good condition.

At one end is the symbol the Todt organization; a gold, closed-wing eagle with a swastika set in a toothed gear wheel. Below this, in gold, is the name of the presenter, who was none other than the "Oberburgomeister der Reichsmessestadt Leipzig". On the other end of the sash is the crest of the city of Leipzig, also in gold.

Todt was the armaments minister prior to being killed in an airplane accident at Rastenberg, He also was involved in the construction of the Autobahn and the Siegfried Line, among other things.

A rare item here.

Excellent Plus. $495.00

#39597C NSDAP September Party Rally Postcard

This NSDAP Party Rally Postcard is in unissued condition. It is a printed type, with a Hitler head stamp printed in the right corner.

On the left is a great shot of the Zeppelin stadium with the three large NSDAP banners in the air and throngs of standing people greeting Hitler.

This card was never used and remains in the original state.

Mint. $295.00

POTPOURRI #35747C Silver Cigarette Case from the SS Gneisenau

This beautiful Cigarette Case is of all silver construction, and has a motif of lines that run through the lid and back section. In the right corner of the cover section is a brass, naval-style button applied to the case by a rivet. The case was made in Japan for a German customer, and as such is marked in the Japanese style of silver identification, "Silver 0950".

The inner lid of the cigarette case bears a five line dedication. It reads, "Zum andenken au meine reise nach-Japan 1937 / un bord / S.S. "Gneisenau" Rudolf Weilund". This dedication was done by the person who purchased the case, Rudolf Weilund, and roughly translates to, "In memory of my journey to Japan in 1937 aboard "SS Gneisenau" / Rudolf Weilund".

The bottom section of the cigarette case has a very clever metal holding mechanism, which is lightly spring-loaded. This differs from the usual German style elastic band, and is extremely well done.

The SS Gneisenau was a German transport liner. Built by AG Bremen, she was laid down in 1934 and launched 17 May, 1935. Until the outbreak of the war, she ran the express route between Bremen and the Far East. She was taken over as transport in June of 1940. The Gneisenau met her end at the hands of a British mine laid by an RAF aircraft, sunk on the 2nd of May, 1943.

Researching Herr Weilund might prove difficult, but with all technology available today I'm sure something can be found out. Either way, an outstanding cigarette case here.

Excellent Plus. $300.00

POTPOURRI #39339C Schellenbaum ("Jingling Johnny") Eagle

This most impressive eagle is highly detailed throughout its wing feathering and head. The bird has a wingspan of 14 inches. This eagle originally was installed at the top pole of a beautiful "Jingling Johnny" carried at the forefront of German military bands.

We have mounted the eagle on a post-war base of the same style finish metal and honestly, it really looks good, and is a great way to display and enjoy this rarely seen eagle as a central part of a collection. With the mounting stand the bird stands about 10 1/2 inches high. The eagle has a built-in ring at the birds upper shoulders that was used to hook decorative streamers.

A very rare and desirable item.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $6,995.00

POTPOURRI #34492 German Air Raid Blackout Bicycle Lamp Cover

This small cover was used on a bicycle lamp during the blackouts ordered in Germany during the war. I can't imagine a bike lamp being bright enough to be seen from a bomber, but I suppose the Germans weren't in a position to tempt fate. I'm guessing that this item was a very small comfort to the poor soul ordered on to his bike in the middle of an Allied bombing raid.

The cover itself is a gray camouflage color and measures 3 1/2 inches round. There a slot in the center that would permit just a sliver of light to shine through, presumably enough to let the cyclist avoid the potholes rapidly being created by the 500 pound bombs.

An interesting piece of history here, and a great item for someone with a period Army bicycle.

Excellent Plus. $85.00

POTPOURRI #39295C Handwork Knife Sharpener

This Knife Sharpener is quite curious, constructed from an assortment of parts that will instantly recognizable by anyone who collects daggers.

The grip is made from a 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger. It remains in perfect condition, with no chips or problems. This grip has never been holed to accept grip wire. The pommel is made from an Army ferrule topped with a brass cap soldered to it. The lower ferrule is a standard tapered type with some floral decorations on both sides.

The blade sharpener is a narrow piece of steel, typical in design. After the war many of the factories were looking for ways to make money and use up old dagger parts, a problem they solved by knocking up this sort of thing to sell to GIís. This is doubtlessly a product of this initiative.

A very interesting item here.

Excellent. $295.00

POTPOURRI #38811C Hungarian Shield Medallion

This Hungarian Shield Medal could possibly have been on a car radiator during the 1930's, or was intended for a purpose now known only to the ghosts of long dead Hungarians. Whatever the case it is finely constructed from some species of non-magnetic gray metal.

The medallion is in the shape of a shield and features a Hungarian crown set over the Double Cross. Around the edges of the cross are a series of overlapping oak leaves. The reverse of the medallion is unmarked.

A good looking mystery piece here.

Excellent. $50.00

POTPOURRI #38219 Boxed Personal Effects of POW Luftwaffe Officer

This offering is quite interesting, consisting of the original cardboard box used to gather the belongings of a Luftwaffe Officer that was detained in the camp in Trinidad Colorado. Along with the various items there is a letter that was written by the Red Cross concerning this POW parcel, coming from Geneva Switzerland.

It names the prisoner as Lt. Wolfgang Matheus. Matheus was given the prisoner number A767015. The lid of the box also has this name and number written in pen and ink. There is also some other some other writing beneath it which I really can't make out.

Inside the box is a beautiful Luftwaffe Officer's brocade belt. The brocade is in strikingly good condition, still new-like and with no soiling. It is constructed of fine textured aluminum bullion, having twin gray stripes that run the length and a thin red stripe down the center. The inside of the belt is covered in the later gray canvas. The two slides are still on the belt and in the same exceptional condition. The leather adjustment piece is in good condition, complete with the matching aluminum catch. The buckle is a very handsome oval example with raised overlapping oak leaves around the border. Inside it is pebbled and has a gilded Luftwaffe eagle clutching a mobile swastika. The detail throughout is exceptional.

Also included in the box is a single Luftwaffe Leutnant's collar tab. It has a red velvet background indicating artillery, and is bordered with gray cord. Inside there is a fine woven set of oak leaves with a single gull above. On the reverse is the usual burlap backing.

There is also two sets of shoulder boards, the first being the sewn-in type. This pair of boards has a red wool backing. There is some moth damage to both of the undersides. The second is pair of slip-on Leutnant's shoulder boards as well, also having the red wool. The wool on the this set is in perfect condition.

There is also some type of old pen in this box.

This is a very interesting grouping, something that could quite possible be researched given the amount of information included about the original owner.

Excellent. $795.00

POTPOURRI #19995 Silver Frame with Blue Leatherette Case

This very beautiful set was brought back from the war by 82nd Airborne T-4 Sergeant Max Fine, and comes with paper attesting to this fact. The artifact was discovered in the Reichschancellory at the end of the war.

The presentation box measures approximately 12 inches by 15 inches with a depth of 2 inches. The blue leatherette covering has fine graining, and shows only nominal wear throughout. One of the scallop shaped, shell-like, catches is missing, but the other is intact. They are both brass and have holes, which go over pins. The lid lifts upward from the front. The inside lid is a beautiful white silk, having padding within. The bottom section of the case is a dark blue velvet, having a cut out which recesses the silver frame.

The frame itself measures approximately 10 x 11 and 1/2 inches and is approximately 1/2 inch thick. This silver frame is hallmarked, "800" along with maker symbols. The reverse of the frame is fitted with leatherette sliding mounts, which would retain a photograph. Also there is a standing flap device attached. The backing is retained through the use of four silver clips held by screws. The top half of the retainage portion is hinged.

Although there was no photograph in this presentation package when liberated, it does have a printed example of Grand Admiral Raeder currently. This may or may not have been the original purpose of the device, but the fact remains it was found in the Reichschancellory, and was definitely produced for the photograph of a most important individual.

This frame and box are very collectable in their own right and would add greatly if someone possessed an original autographed Raeder or perhaps Admiral Dönitz photograph. It is also worth mentioning that I have an original Raider autographed photograph period mounted in a nearly identical silver frame, the only difference being, it is about one inch bigger all around.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $3,495.00

POTPOURRI #38118 Piece Black Marble Desk Set with Dedication Plaque

This Marble Desk Set was presented to an officer by his staff, probably to commemorate a promotion or retirement. It is quite an impressive set, constructed from black marble with gold and white veins that run throughout the surfaces.

The inkwell/pen rest of the the set has a marble cover with a silvered M17 helmet set on top. This helmet is beautifully detailed, with the "Frankenstein" air vents and a good rolled edge around the bottom. The helmet is used as lever to open the hinged marble cover which protects the two ink wells inside. The inkwells are drilled directly into the marble. The front of the piece is grooved to hold a pen.

There is a matching marble-based envelope holder with this set. It consists of two inverted "U" shaped brass sections that project from the marble base, perfect for holding envelopes, paper, or what have you.

A fine blotter completes the set. The body and the handle of this blotter are constructed out of matching marble. The lower portion of the blotter is of curved wood, which would have been fitted out with blotter paper.

On the front of the set base is a brass dedication plaque. Engraved on the plaque we see, "Dem lb. Kameraden / A. Rogofl / zur Erinnerung gew. v. d. / Uffz. Korps. Hacketau". This translates, roughly, to "To Our Admired Comrade, A. Rogofl, given in memory from the Under Officer's Corps Hacketau".

It is interesting to note that Hacketau is connected to the 1920's Freikorps. It is possible that this desk set goes back to that time, and if this indeed the case it certainly adds interest to this very fine desk set.

Excellent Plus. $995.00

POTPOURRI #37936C One-of-a-kind Damascus Letter Opener

This striking Damascus Letter Opener measures about 11 inches overall. It has a beautifully shaped dark wood handle with fine grain. The handle has been formed with a flat center edge and tapered edges on both sides. Decorating the handle is an silvered oval embellishment similar to an edelweiss flower. This flower has been enhanced with small berries around the leaves and a large berry in the center.

The crossguard and combination ferrule also have leaves that resemble an edelweiss. They are beautifully raised out and has small, berry-like beads. The ferrule flares outward, with more bead-like ornamentation, to form a an oval guard.

The blade is quite beautiful, being hand forged Damascus in the Large Roses pattern. The pattern is perfectly executed throughout and very distinct, still remaining in full mint condition. The reverse ricasso is marked, in raised letters, "Echt Damast" while the obverse has a raised maker's name "Krusius Solingen". Crusius is a name well know to SA collectors, as once in a while we see one of their brand names on a SA Dagger, as well as their Gazelle logo.

This piece comes with a leather sheath which is definitely original to the piece. The leather is well shaped and remains in very nice condition with just a hint of age cracking in the surface.

If you would like to have something you could admire every day while you open letter at your desk, this would be perfect for you. This looks like it would have been a high-end retail item and is definitely a period piece.

Near Mint. $2,795.00

POTPOURRI #38000C Handmade Pontoon Bridge Presentation Plaque

This plaque is truly extraordinary and simply must be totally unique. It consists of a mounting board that measures 14 inches by 9 inches. Attached to the board are two handmade scale model pontoon boats holding up a finely detailed bridge of planking.

The bridge is reinforced with two steel beams. Each beam is retained by a working clamp which is attached to a slot on the upper portion of each side of the float. The craftsmanship throughout these parts is just amazingly realistic.

At the bottom of the plaque there is a painted dedication. First we see a red seal with a rearing horse. Then, in black lettering, it reads "Unserem Chef zur". Next we see, in red capitals, "VERMƒHLUNG". Following this is "GIWIDMENT. 2. KOMP. PI. BTL. 254" in black. This is followed by a rectangle with an arrow and a "2" at the right. Beneath this in red capital letters we see "RUSSLAND IM." and another word which has become obscured.

This appears to be a wedding present to the Chief of the 3nd Company Pioneer Battalion 254, if you can believe it. I'm not sure the bride would have been too thrilled with this model, but I'm sure most collectors would feel differently. This is a fantastic piece of Pioneer memorabilia, and very interesting in and of itself; truly a one-of-a-kind thing. The consignor values it highly and has set the price accordingly.

Excellent Plus. $4,995.00

POTPOURRI #37772 Cased Magnifier

The case of this magnifier is quite solid, with a covering of black leatherette. It is dual hinged with a flap coming over the front which secures the lid.

Inside is the magnifier, which is meant to be placed on a printed image and peered through; I imagine it would have been used primarily to look at aerial reconnaissance photos, but I supposed it could have been plopped down on a map as well.

The device is in good working order and would make a perfect addition to a collection of period field gear, or perhaps just reading the newspaper or legal fine print.

Excellent Plus. $150.00

POTPOURRI #37650C NSKK Travel Medallion

This heavy medallion appears to be of bronze with a gray plated surface. Some the gray is beginning to wear off on the edges of the medallion, but overall it is still about 90% intact.

The medallion is quite striking, having an open-winged NSKK eagle with a wreath and swastika on the upper portion, surrounding by the inscription "Der Motorstandarte 78". Around the rim of the medallion we see "7. Orientientierungsfahrt 1937".

In the center of the badge is the image of an NSKK man seated in a 30's open-topped touring car looking at a map with a NSKK man on a motorcycle. The motorcycle has tremendous detail throughout; the headlight, handlebars, motor, et cetera are all present. The number "220" appears on the cycle, the number assigned to him for the excursion.

What is really amazing in this depiction is the fact that the helmeted NSKK driver is clearly wearing an NSKK dagger at his side! This is a rare image here, and extremely interesting to me and should be to other collectors. What a great item to display next to a NSKK dagger.

The medallion is marked with the maker "C. Balmberger / N¸rnberg". A fine piece of NSKK memorabilia here!

Excellent. $395.00

POTPOURRI #37689 RAD Desk Plaque

This RAD Desk Plaque (or possibly a paperweight) is a most interesting decorative item. It consists of a black piece of marble which is 5 inches by 4 inches, and about æ inch thick. The marble has some nice white veining in it, giving it a good look. There are a couple of chips around the edges of the marble but nothing too bad.

Applied to the surface of the marble is a silvered RAD Officer's Cap. The cap is extremely well detailed, showing the insignia and with a simulated crease on the front. The cap sits atop a sprig of laurel leaves complete with berries. This depiction has been silvered and lacquered, and retains 100% of the original finish.

There is a green felt buffer on the bottom to keep the item from scratching the desk. We installed this felt ourselves and it looks quite good.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $195.00

POTPOURRI #37275 Miniature Imperial Anchor on Wooden Plaque

This wooden plaque measures approximately 3 inches by 5Ω. It is constructed of oak, with rounded corners and beveled edges, and is painted black. There is a fixture at the top of the plaque rigged with a chain and regain hook. This holds the attached anchor in place.

The anchor itself is either of nickel-plated brass or of solid nickel; it is not immediately apparent. The anchor is extremely clever, having a movable ring at the top of the shaft which is connected via a screw device. Further down there is an articulated "U" shaped device that is about even with the plows. At the bottom is another articulated rig. These articulations would have acted to release the plows from the muck when the anchor was pulled up, presumably via ropes or chains. Apparently Imperial anchors were rigged this way; if you think about it, getting an anchor that has bitten into the seabed to release is no easy feat. A real mechanical wonder here!

In the lower corner of the plaque is a cutout, complete with glass, which encloses a picture of the original seaman that originally owned with anchor.

Accompanying the plaque is a card with a photograph of the Imperial ship "S.M.S. Kınigsberg", Below, written in red pencil, is "1911". To the right of the ship is written, in ink, "Prosit-neujahr". Beneath is more writing and also the signature of the writer. Unfortunately I cannot make out the writing, but maybe some of you German language experts will be able to figure it out. The signature seems to read "C. Pzepka". Beneath this a rank which appears to be "LTF. MTR". Again, it would take a German expert to translate this card.

A very neat item here for the Kaiserliche Marine enthusiast.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $295.00

POTPOURRI #37238 Painted Metal Child in SA Garb

This painted metal child figure is about 6 inches high. It is entirely of solid metal, and is made in the shape of a young boy in an SA uniform complete with a swastika armband. The details to the cap, belt, shorts, socks and shoes as well as the armband were, at one time, all realistically painted. Much of the paint has worn off but there is about 70% left. The child is either waving or giving the Hitler Salute; the latter seems more likely.

The reverse base of the figure is marked "D.R.G.M." in raised out letters. Protruding from the bottom of the base is a length of threaded rod, indicating this piece was mounted on something at one time.

A very rare and desirable piece here; it would make a good addition to an SA collection.

Excellent. $750.00

POTPOURRI #37071 Sheet of 50 Unissued Adolph Hitler Stamps

This sheet of 50 Hitler Stamps is unissued and in the same condition as "liberated" from a 3rd Reich post office at war's end. The glue on the reverse is still in perfect condition. The stamps are gray in color and are the larger size type. Each stamp is for 2 Pfennigs.

The top border is labeled "GENERALGOUVERNEMENT . DEUTSCHE POST OSTEN". The label is flanked by open-wing eagles with swastika in wreath.

The border label on the right side of the stamps is printed, "STAATSDRUCKEREI WIEN", indicating the stamps originally come from the Vienna Post Office. An interesting and historical original item that will show well with other 3rd Reich memorabilia.

Mint. $95.00 (#37073)

POTPOURRI #37004C Wooden Newspaper Holder

This wooden newspaper holder is a popular item in Europe and is still used today. It was designed to allow a number of people to read the same newspaper at once while preserving the integrity of the paper.

The rack is about 28 inches long, and is constructed of wood and is an orange color. On both sides of the wood stick is painted "Das Reich". Das Reich was a popular NSDAP sponsored newspaper that was published by propaganda master Josef Goebbels. It has a hook at the top so it could be hung up when not in use, and there are two wing nuts which open are used to secured the slats which would hold the paper in place. I notice that, on one side of the wood near the handle section, there is a "DRGM" stamping.

A very interesting artifact here for those of you out there that may have period newspapers, particularly issues of Das Reich. This would certainly make the whole process come alive!

Near Mint. $995.00

POTPOURRI #36988C Lineol 88cm Flak 36 Cannon with Carriage

This toy 88cm Flak is absolutely fantastic looking in terms of construction and attention to detail. I don't know what the exact scale of this cannon is, but overall it is fairly large, measuring about a foot in length.

It is precision made throughout, complete with functional wheels, spoked rims, and fenders, not to mention a host of other details. The heavy duty tires are marked "Lineol". Mounted on the top of each rear fender is a tow cable spoon, free spinning and with nicely simulated cables.

Both front and rear wheel assemblies can be removed from the gun, to simulate a fixed artillery emplacement. They are held in place over top of the large forward and reverse outriggers with a clever locking system, complete with a pin and dummy chain. The forward outrigger leg is equipped with a folding barrel support.

There are two more working, spring-loaded and hinged outriggers attached to either side of the gun carriage, each with a wire catch to secure them while raised.

The gun itself is nicely detailed and fully actuated, with working elevation and traverse wheels. The action of these wheels is really fantastic; the gun can be elevated, depressed and traversed throughout the whole range of motion available to an actual gun.

As an added bonus the cannon is actually fully functional! From what I can tell these toys originally came with a supply of pellet "shells" to fire, although this example doesn't have any remaining with it. In any event it has a very clever breech loading firing mechanism. The simplified breech block is spring-loaded, and can be cocked with a little effort. A pellet "shell" would be inserted, and then gun itself can then be fired by means of a simple vertical trigger mounted next to the breech. The mechanism itself is very sound even after all these years, surviving the both the war and the often brutal attentions of a Junior Artillery Officer!

The cannon has the original olive drab paint, still in perfect condition. It is an amazing little device, and outstanding additional to any toy or military collection. If I were a little kid I'm sure I could spend hours happily blasting away with this cannon, and I'm sure those of you out there who enjoy this sort of piece could do the same. Just an amazing, highest quality toy here, which works as good today as the day it was made.

Near Mint. $1,695.00

POTPOURRI #36965C Imperial Silvered Austrian Cigar Box dedicated to 1st Hussar Regiment Commander

This silvered cigar box is of highest quality construction and craftsmanship and remains in remarkable condition.

The box measures approximately 7 inches by 5, and is about 2 inches high. The lid of the box curves downward throughout the edges, and has rounded corners. The borders of the lid are all scalloped. The sides of the box are equally fluted throughout. The lower portion of the box has a small border that encloses the lower wood of the interior, which appears to be some sort of mahogany. The lower portion rim has two hallmarks, one which is not distinguishable, while the other appears to have the initials "PJ" within a square. The same hallmarks appear on the lip which serves to open the hinged lid.

The lid of the cigar box has an applied oval shape to a series of overlapping laurel-style leaves. Each of the diameters has decorative embellishments; flower on the east and west edges, and a ribbon at the top. In the center is a small medallion with the likeness of the Emperor of Austria, Franz Josef, who looks to the viewers right and attired in a military uniform with medals.

Above the image of the King is engraved, in block letters, "1. Husaren Regiment". Below the image of Franz is the engraving to the recipient, "Oberst Freih Ernst Unterrichter / Von Rechtenthal". At the bottom right corner there is an indication that the box was presented on Christmas 1908, "Weinachten 1908".

Von Rechtenthal was the commander of the elite 1st Hussar Regiment under Franz Josef of Austria. He held this command from 1903 until 1908. Looking into the regiment it was entitled "Hussars Regiment Emperor #1"". This regiment was of cavalry, and was attached to the personal command of Emperor Franz Josef. I believe that there could be a great amount of research done of Von Rechtenthal, as he was obviously an important Austrian officer.

This box was not used much, if at all, as it still remains in nearly full Mint condition. The interior of the box has a wood liner, what appears to be mahogany, and is separated by a wood partition. I believe it held the small, narrow cigars that were smoked in that day.

This box is a real treasure for the right collector.

Near Mint. $2,495.00

POTPOURRI #36497 Porcelain KPM Box given to Opera Singer Lotte Lehmann by Hermann Göring

I acquired this porcelain box several years ago from a gentleman who informed me that his mother was the maid of famed opera singer Lotte Lehmann. The box was given to his mother by Lehmann, and she had saved it all these years, finally passing it down to her son.

The porcelain box comes in the original, tan colored case. The case is of finely grained leatherette, and shows some wear along the edges, and a small spot has worn through to the base on the obverse corner. The case is opened via a brass push-button catch. The interior of the case is lined with a tan satin material, and is recessed slightly at the bottom to accept the porcelain box.

The box has a white, vaulted lid, which flows downward along the edges, and is bordered in gold leaf. Pictured on the lid of the case is the Berlin Opera House. Beneath this image is the German name, "Staatliches Schauspielhaus". This is a most beautiful building, which was restored after the war and still exists today. On the inside of the lid, written in gold, can be seen, "WEIHNACHT 1934". The lower portion of the box is similarly gold-leafed around the rim. On the reverse is the hallmark of the KPM Porcelain firm, and below this the initials, "KPM".

Contained within the box is an early calling-card from Hermann Göring. The card has since torn in two, and is missing the left corner. The card is printed in fine Gothic script, "Hermann Göring" and then below, "Reichminister f¸r die Luftfahrt und Reichstagspr‰sident/Preussicher Ministerpr‰sident/General der Infanterie". This exhaustive title is of course composed of all of the offices held by Göring in 1934. Hermann's wife, Karin, had died in 1931, and at this time Göring was active with many ladies of the Reich. As we know, in 1935 he did go on to marry Emmy Sonnemann. However, in '34, he was (apparently) still very much available. Apparently Göring knew Lehmann, as was seeing her at this time.

Lehmann was a very well know opera singer in her day, born in 1888 and dying in 1976, in Santa Barbara, California. Extremely popular, she was known for her performances in various Wagner operas. In fact, she debuted in the US in a production of Die Walk¸re. She returned to the US several occasions, and toured in South America as well. She eventually was forced to emigrate to the US, as her step-children were at least partially Jewish.

A most captivating item here! I'm sure someone else out there will appreciate this fine KPM box, not to mention the history surrounding it!

Near Mint. $1,995.00

POTPOURRI #36098 Large Table Medallion for Pioneer Battalion

This large medallion measures about 5 inches round and is made of steel. It is quite impressive having an open-winged eagle clutching a wreath with mobile swastika posionted over a shield which depicts a pioneer insignia. The shield depicts a set of crossed hammers that are positioned over what looks like the opening to a mine. Around the edge of the medallion is the raised out designation, "F‹R BESONDERE VERDIENSTE PIONIER LEHR BATAIALLON Z.B.V.".

The center border area separates the words on both sides with a small wreath of laurel leaves. There is some age and rust that have formed around the letters and the raised out figures but if anything it gives the medallion some good character. Items associated with pioneer battalions are quite rare. A very nice artifact here!

Excellent. $495.00

POTPOURRI #31609C Political Leader's Companion Pennant with Canvas Carrying Case

This Political Leader Companion Fender Pennant measures approximately 12 inches by 12 inches. This pennant would be displayed on the left fender of a Political Leader's vehicle with the traditional Political Eagle on the right. The pennant is double sided and consists of bright red cotton fabric with a separately sewn lined off-white circular field having a bevo style black sewn swastika in the center. The pennant is covered with a celluloid material which is bordered with a red leather.

On the hoist end of the pennant there are two metal brackets which have cylindrical shaped ends which would have slipped over the original fender staff. The celluloid has shrunk some on one end causing it to break free from the leather trim. This is just on the bottom side however. The rest of the celluloid is still in good condition and on the hoist side is complete with its original working red snaps. The pennant does have a couple of extremely minor bug nips on both sides but they are very negligible. The pennant comes with its original army drab color canvas carrying case which is also fit with working snaps. A very nice NSDAP Party fender pennant here, and not something that you will see too often.

Excellent Plus. $1,395.00

POTPOURRI #34883 Grouping of Ausweiss Cards with Photo to SA Member

This grouping consists of two Ausweiss cards which were issued to the same individual. The second card is actually a work card which has the work stamps on the reverse. The Ausweiss is a canvas like, folded document in a tan-brown color. It is issued to Heinrich Schroder, who was a member of SA Marinesturm 32-35, from the city of Bad-Lauterberg. Schroder was born on June 28, 1914 in Kassel.

Opening the Ausweiss card, there is a photograph of Schroder in his Marine SA uniform, complete with peaked cap. There are other details, stampings and signatures on the inside of the card. On the reverse of the card there are many stampings from the years starting in 1937, and running up to the year 1942. This is an interesting set of cards here, as SA Marine items are quite rarely encountered. A great addition for those who like to collect documents.

Excellent Plus. $495.00

POTPOURRI #35215C Railway Shipping Contents Forms

This collection of German Railway documents consist of a whole tablet of assorted forms which may consist of about twenty examples. This sheaf of forms is quite large, measuring 16" x 12".

The forms included detail all of the considerable amount of information that the was required by the Third Reich government shipping freight by rail. These documents are quite interesting, as they are great example of the type of paperwork that was required during the 1930's.

These are sure to be of interest to a collector of period documents, or perhaps even railway enthusiasts!

Excellent Plus. $650.00

POTPOURRI #31570 Elaborate Schützen King Shooting Necklace

I have had a number of Shooting Necklaces over the years, but this example certainly takes the prize as far as one with the most medallions on it, and also for the most magnificent appearance. This necklace has about 35 different medallions and they are all connected professionally and strung properly so that the necklace can hang in an arch form to look its best.

The necklace is currently mounted in a beautiful handmade oak box with glass opening and a black velvet background. It is all set for hanging on your wall, and I can tell you it will make one great looking appearance. The necklace stems from the first shooting medallion in 1898 and runs up to 1939. So, this fine artifact actually covers three periods of German history, being The Imperial Times, The Weimar Period, and also The Nazi Period right up to the beginning of World War II.

At the top portion of the necklace there a beautiful medallions that are produced of green background enamel, having an eagle positioned over a target with crossed rifles. This enamel scene is circular and the details are in gold. These circular shooting medallions are mounted in a silver background and there are 9 of these that make up the upper section of the necklace. All 9 are connected with matching silvered chain. The medallions encompassing the necklace are all connected to the bottom portions of this dual chain. The shooting medallions are all different and some of them are really quite elaborate. Many feature silver star-like backgrounds with applied hat over shooting target with wreath around the depiction. All have the dates that they were won, as well as the name of the town and the name of the shooter.

The way these shooting contests worked, each year a town or group of towns would get together and have a target shooting contest. The winner of the contest would receive a medallion with his engraved name, date, and city, and the medallion would be applied to the shooting chain necklace which normally would have been established over the years. It was then the honor of the current "Shooting King" to wear the necklace either for a brief time, or in some cases, he could keep it until the following year. These shooting contests were traditional events, some stemming back 400 and 500 years. They are very important to the towns that sponsor them, and normally the contests will bring out the entire village for support. Needless to say, it is also a great time for good fellowship and good beer drinking!

At any rate, on this necklace there are names, dates, and towns on the reverse, as I stated above, and I'm going to give you as many as I can practically transcribe so that there is a record of what's on the necklace and it would be easier on the next owner. The below are some of the names, towns, and dates engraved on the medallions.

T. Schulz, Schanardou 1898 / T. Glutte, Bredenbock 1912 / Wilh. Ottels, Metzingen 1936-37 / H. Schul, Schmellau 1907 / H. Barge, Govelin 1910 / O. Schulze, Tellendorf 1927 / Herm. Gl¸he, Tellendorf 1935-36 / Otto M¸ller, Tellendorf 1923 / W. Wettsaok, Metzingen 1931-32 / A. Stallbohm 1926 / Johann Lange, Metzingen 1932-33 / W. Schutz, Larckem 1930-31 / Heinrich Brahms, Tellendorf 1934-35 / A.Schoop 38-39 / W. Gr¸tzmaihen 1929-30 / Wilhelm Carstens, Tellendorf 1905 / Willi Grutzmacher, Tellendorf 1908 / H. Schröder Betten 1914.

There are additional names, dates, and places that I may have missed, but I think I've got most of them. There is also in the center a really great looking Hitler portrait, which is a large medallion bigger than a silver dollar. On the reverse of it, it is named to the person I mentioned above, "Johann Lange". There are also swastikas on two of the shooting medals. I can’t overestimate how great looking this necklace is, and really how historically important it is too, because it makes a permanent mark of an event that truly was important to this particular area that encompassed these towns. A great piece of history here as well as a very spectacular view to add to your collecting room.

Near Mint. $5,495.00

POTPOURRI #34155C Period Letter Opener with Damascus Blade

This period letter opener is about ten inches in overall length. The grip appears to be made of a black celluloid material, having an interesting rounded pommel shape, that transcends into an eight-sided, handheld grip below. The obverse panel of the grip contains an edelweiss flower with stem and leaves. The flower is cut into the celluloid and is colored white. It is a most attractive decoration, probably meant for female consumption. The crossguard and ferrel are a nickel material, the ferrel having raised serrated decoration, and the crossguard being short with ball-like quillons on each end. The scabbard is a black leather shell, having twin line decoration on the edges of each side, and sewn up the middle. It has a plain nickel upper mount, and probably had a matching one at the bottom, but this lower mount has gone to time.

The attention, though, of the user is immediately focused when the blade is pulled from the scabbard. This beautiful 5 3/4" blade has a double fuller design on both sides, running about 2/3 of the way. The blade is forged of a remarkable patterned Damascus. This Damascus has maidenhair style on the right side of the blade and the left side of the blade has a series of small roses. It is really a fantastic mating of patterns. There are also some lines that run perpendicular down through the blade, breaking up the patterns of maidenhair and roses. I do not know how a pattern like this was achieved, but it is extremely beautiful and unbelievably impressive. The tip is still needle-like, and the blade remains in mint condition. The letter opener is held together with a screw-like pommel at the tip of the grip. This does not seem to want to turn, so I am hesitant to take this piece apart in order to see if there is a Damascus smith named on the tang. I guess it doesn't really matter, because whoever made this blade was a true genius of the trade. A remarkable artifact here, and something that you will get great enjoyment out of each day if you use it on your desk to open letters. Absolutely beautiful piece of Damascus here!


POTPOURRI #35133C Das Neue Soldaten Liederbuch (The New Soldiers' Songbook), Volumes 1 and 2

This pair of small softcover songbooks each bear the impressive subtitling of "Die Bekanntesten und Beliebtesten Lieder Unserer Wehrmacht" or "The Best-Known and Best-Loved Songs of our Armed Forces".

The covers depict two Wehrmact soldiers singing with apparent gusto. They are published by B. Schott's Söhne, Mainz, and are undated, but were probably printed about 1939. They contain lyrics and scores of military marching songs, as well as music for the piano. These are fantastic pieces of Wehrmact ephemera, and only uncommonly seen as a set.

Excellent. $75.00

POTPOURRI #35132C Large Wehrpass Holder

This Wehrpass Holder was meant to carry papers for its original wearer. The folder is made out of heavy canvas with sewn border, and inside are two sewn border celluloid slots for holding the papers. The original owner's name is embroidered on the cover, "ALOIS SCHLIPFINGER, PASSAU".

Additionally, there is a cloth crest sewn to the center of the cover, consisting of red, white, and red colors . A good, original holder here to keep collectible Wehrmacht or Hitler Youth papers.

Excellent. $75.00

POTPOURRI #34528 Silvered Fireman Helmet on Marble Base

This paperweight features a fine black marble base having a swirled design. The base is 3Ω inches by 4 inches approximately and is covered on the bottom with its original felt. Positioned on the top of the marble base is a silver firemanís helmet which is complete with the neck shield at the reverse and also a chinstrap at the obverse.

The depiction is very well done and probably was the kind of thing that a fireman would have purchased for his desk at home making for a fine paperweight. It will serve the same purpose for its next owner.

Excellent Plus. $150.00

POTPOURRI #34529 Bronze Fireman Helmet on Marble Base

This paperweight features a marble base which is about 3Ω inches by 3Ω inches having swirls in the grain and the lower portion covered in the original purple velvet. Applied to the marble block is a bronze firemanís helmet complete with the simulated leather neck shield and chinstrap.

This depiction is quite good looking and obviously would have been a nice gift to a fireman to use on his desk as a paperweight. A good example here that will nicely decorate your desk.

Excellent Plus. $125.00

POTPOURRI #34494 Grab Bag of Miscellaneous Militaria

This grab bag contains the sort of random, miscellaneous (and often rather odd and/or unidentifiable) items that tend to get accumulated by collecting over the years. Honestly it is such a random collection of objects I just don't know what to fo with it! So, to that end, I've put it all together and am offering it up. Perhaps there is something that you could use in this material, consisting of some US and some German insignia, medals, and accoutrements. There are also some horsehair plumes that look like they come off some American spiked helmets.

If you have a use for any of this stuff, or simply are a packrat or collector of odds and ends, then this should be a terrific value.


POTPOURRI #34239 1920's Naval Dirk Hilt Paperweight

This Naval Dirk Paper Weight is an outstanding item that most likely was used by a Weimar-period officer. The paperweight is composed of an actual naval dirk hilt from this period. The hilt has outstanding fittings to the pommel and crossguard, both mounts being gilded brass. The pommel depicts fine cattails and reeds and has a cresting wave that runs around the bottom collar. The crossguard depicts the usual fouled anchor motif on both sides of the center block with nicely detailed acanthus leaves decorating the quillon arms. The button ends are nicely grooved and have far out nipples in the center. Much of the original gilt still remains throughout these mounts.

The grip is a carved wood base having a celluloid covering. The celluloid is in totally perfect condition having a nice off-white tone with tightly wrapped twisted brass wire. There is seventy or eighty years of residue still in the grooves trapped by the wire. This hilt is mounted onto a mirror like nickel base. This base has shaved edges to give it a deluxe look and it is covered on the bottom with a green felt which appears original to this piece. A great opportunity here to acquire a fine paperweight for either your desk at work or at home. A beautiful item here in top condition.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $695.00

POTPOURRI #33230 Period Carved Wood Replica of RAD Hewer

This RAD Hewer is an exact carved replica of the large sized piece. Apparently, it was done by an RAD member during his off time, as his identification appears on the reverse of the hewer. I will get to this further down in the description. The hilt portion of the hewer has been carved to near exact specifications exactly simulating the bright nickel parts of the hilt, being the pommel, beak, ferrule, spine and back strap as well as the cross guard. These parts have an old silver painted finish. The grip plates have been simulated in wood, having grain carved into them and they have a coat of brown paint on them. Even the screws have been replicated through the installation of original metal screws into the wood.

The scabbard portion which is attached to the hilt ñ this is a one-piece construction ñ is exactly simulated. The upper scabbard fitting has the complicated RAD curls along with the dock pattern at the border where it meets the scabbard shell, and the lower fitting has the pebbling at the border. It appears as though a possible genuine RAD insignia consisting of shovel with swastika on the center resting over two wheat shafts has been placed onto the wood and painted to match. This insignia has been countersunk so at first glance it looks like it is hand carved. I also see a nail head at the shovelís end area which may be the way this device is held in. The scabbard shell also has a texture to it and is painted black.

There are round head nails put into the sides of each fitting to simulate the screws. The hanger bracket is simulated with two eyelets. Pretty neat design here! On the reverse, the carver of this RAD hewer has carved into the upper fitting area "RAD/1/188 /1939". At the bottom of the intertwined initials cut in. "OH". At the center of the reverse scabbard shell there is an old period label which is printed "Arbeitsmann/Heuer, Otto/R.A.D. Abtlg. 1/1" and the rest of the paper is torn, but it is probably matching the RAD assignment number carved in above. This is a great example of period "trench art" and would look pretty neat displayed next to other RAD things. I think it is a great item and worthy of preserving.

Excellent. $250.00

POTPOURRI #28242C Portrait and Banner Grouping of US Sergeant Herman J. Mischke

This grouping consists of a large banner painted on canvas by a German POW. The POW apparently painted the banner for his capture, Sergeant Herman J. Mischke. There is also a portrait of Sergeant Mischke which comes with the banner. I do not know much about American units, but on the banner there is a large eagle which is holding a star which has patches on all 5 of the points. I recognized the big red one as one of the patches, but there are others which consist of a tank, a shield with a horse on it, a 7 pointed star with the roman numeral "VII" in it and also a downward pointing arrow which has chain links next to it. Surrounding the star and army patches are mountains, a battleship under fire and in the center is Sergeant Herman J. Mischkeís name block lettered. The canvas is signed "P.W.V. Kopic 1945". Below this is the word "Hrvatska" and also something that resembles a Croatian symbol.

This painted canvas is about 36 inches wide by about 48 inches high. A long with the canvas is a period framed portrait of Sergeant Mischke. The portrait appears to have been done in pastels and it is extremely well executed. The Sergeant has his stripes on his shirt and wears a patch which appears to be a pussycat over some type of equipment. Once again, the American collectors out there can probably readily identify the purposes of all of this. The portrait of the Sergeant is about 12 inches by 14 inches and with the overall frame and mounting, it is 19 inches by 21 inches. A nice grouping here which definitely needs research. If this canvas were framed, it would make a great centerpiece for an American collection.

Excellent. $495.00

POTPOURRI #27285C SS Blade with Exclamation Point (RZM M7/29)

This original blade was produced by the Klittermann & Moog Company. It is the type that has the exclamation point after the SS motto and, as most collectors know, is a very desirable example. This blade is still nice and bright and has much of its original cross graining visible in the surfaces. There is some mild age, which is very, very slight, over the surfaces. The one flaw that the blade does have, however, is that there is a bad pit that is about 2 inches up from the ricasso on the right reverse edge. This pit is fairly large, being about a half-inch in round. A little bit of it stretches onto the edge of the other side of the blade. Apparently, some acid or some type of destructive material wound up on this blade somehow. It is a shame, but perhaps with a little work some of this could be rubbed out and even if it couldn’t, it would still make for the key piece of a very desirable dagger. This blade is absolutely real and authentic and is identical to the example I show in my SS book on Page 679, lower. The backgrounds in the SS etch are at least 98%. The reverse of the blade is matching etched with the large double RZM circle, the center being shaded. The circle is positioned over the code “M 7/29". This blade could be displayed just as it is with an SS collection, or if there is some enterprising craftsman out there, this blade could be used to build your own exclamation point motto SS dagger. I can tell you exactly what you need. The parts involved would be a set of solid nickel cross guards with no group marking on the reverse. Further, these cross guards are usually internally marked “e.w”. The grip should be a standard SS ebony type with nickel grip eagle. The scabbards on these pieces are generally found to have a period painted shell with the use of nickel upper and lower mounts. So there you are, if you can find these pieces there is no reason why you couldn’t have your own SS exclamation point dagger. These daggers generally sell in the $5,000. to $6,000. range, so there is your incentive. A good blade here, if you can do something with the large pit.

Excellent. $2,595.00