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POSTAL #46353C Postal Protection by Paul Weyersberg

Postal daggers as most collectors know are very elusive and very much in demand as they have great beauty and represent an organization that was run by the SS after 1941.

This example is a very fine early piece having beautiful nickel mounts. The pommel is the derby shape with an extended equator that runs around the circumference. The edge of the top portion of the pommel shows no hits and no wear. The plating is perfect throughout.

The crossguard area features the totem pole style eagle head which acts as an acceptance area for the grip. The eagle beak is still crisp at its ends and has fine detail to the bird's hand engraved eye. Below the bird head on both sides is a applied medallion of matching nickel having perfect conditioned enamel swastikas on both sides. The crossguard quillon arms extend outward having rounded 45 degree angles the one on the left extended downward and the one on the right extending upward. There is a hand cut decorative line cut through the center of each crossguard arm on both slides.

The group is of ebony and is bulbous shaped in the center tapering on both ends. This grip remains in fine condition throughout. On the center obverse is applied the postal eagle which consists of an open winged political style eagle looking to the viewer's left and clutching a wreathed swastika. Coming out of the talons of each side are four arrows. The crossguard areas at the bottom are stamped with the "DRP" identity and the accountability number of 1734.

The scabbard is as straight as an arrow. The original factory paint is just unbelievable being in full mint condition throughout and having its original shine. You will not see a better scabbard shell. The scabbard mounts are also of a nickel base having very fine matching plating. These mounts remain in perfect condition and all three are retained by unturned side screws.

Attached to the center ramp and the upper ramp eyelets is a fine carrying chain. The chain has 9 ringlets at the top and 12 ringlets at the bottom example. The plating to the chain is in perfect condition exactly matching all the mounts. Connecting to the chain is an outstanding snap clip. It has the DRGM built into the cast which is on the reverse of the clip. Remarkably all of the plating remains across this snap clip.

The blade is absolutely the best you will see. It is in complete perfect new-like condition with full crossgrain and needle-like tip. This beautiful blade is etched with the maker mark being dual ovals containing the firm's name and location Paul Weyersberg & Co. Solingen. In the center are two wheat shafts with a downward pointing Roman-like sword. The original black leather blade buffer is in new-like condition.

If you are looking for a sensational postal this example should be very pleasing for you. They just don't come any better.

Mint. $6,495.00