Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Postal Protection Dagger Section
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POSTAL #40925C Postal Protection Official's Dagger - Paul Weyersberg

This Postal Protection Dagger is in top notch condition. It is an early example with nickel mounts.

The pommel cap has no hits on either the upper rim or the crisp equatorial band. The crossguard "Totem Pole" eagle upper collar, with good handwork on the brow, eye and beak of the eagle. This section is built into the guard. The quillons have been enhanced with accent lines in the center of each and the ends are cut at 45 degree angles. At the center of the guard, on both sides, are medallion insets which contain mobile swastikas. Each of these swastikas have perfect enamel surfaces.

As we see on the early Postal daggers there are numbers and the organization stamp below the crossguard. The guard on this example is stamped "982" and "DRP".

The ebony grip is a beauty and in perfect condition. The center of the grip is set with a nickel Postal insignia; an open winged eagle looking to the left and clutching a wreathed swastika. Above the wreath are a series of Signals style arrows, three on each side.

The scabbard is straight throughout. The original period paint is about as nice as you will see, with only a tiny chip on the lower left. It is rare to see paint this good, especially on daggers that also have a chain hanger assembly. The mounts are solid nickel and exactly match the hilt. These mounts are perfect and factory bright, retained by unturned flat head side screws.

Attached to the hanging rings is a fine Postal chain. This chain retains all of the original nickel plating on the ringlets. There are nine upper and twelve lower ringlets, attached to a an outstanding Postal snap clip. This clip retains all of the original nickel plating and has a cast-in "DRGM" marking on the reverse. It is rare to see a Postal clip in this kind of condition as they are constructed out of pot metal and usually lost their plating.

Attached to the clip is what appears to be the original belt loop. It is a black leather example with a pebbled aluminum "D" ring.

The blade is a true wonder. It is totally mint and bright, with 100% of the crossgrain and a needle-like tip. The reverse ricasso is darkly etched with the Weyersberg Sword & Wheat Stalks trademark, and the original black leather blade buffer is in place.

A very fine Postal example that is in outstanding condition.

Mint. $6,395.00

POSTAL #40883C Postal Protection Leader's Dagger - Paul Weyersberg

This Postal Protection Leader's Dagger is one of the early examples, having outstanding nickel mounts throughout. The plating remains in perfect condition.

The pommel is very nice, with no wear to the rims and with a crisp equatorial band. The crossguard has the usual "totem pole" eagle with a beak that juts out to the left side. The eye and brow of this bird show hand enhancement, which is normally the case with these daggers. The original factory blacking remains intact in the backgrounds of this hand work. The guard arms are straight with a single accent line. The ends are cut at 45 degree angles, presumably to impart a dynamic look. The underside of the guard arms are stamped "DRP" and "1352".

Applied to the center of the guard on both sides is an applied nickel medallion featuring an enamel swastika. All of the enamel on these medallions is intact and in perfect condition.

The ebony grip is in choice condition, thicker in the center and tapering towards either end. The obverse center has been fitted with a nickel Postal eagle insignia, topped with lightning bolt arrows. The detailing to this bird remains very good.

The scabbard shell is straight on the reverse, but the obverse just a slight ripple below the center band. It is not serious but can show as the dagger is moved in the light. The original factory paint is in terrific condition, still being bright and with only minor carrying signs along the edge. The matching nickel scabbard mounts are in very fine condition, showing little wear. They are retained by headless screws in the edges.

The center and upper ramp are equipped with rings that retain an outstanding postal chain. This chain has nine upper and twelve lower rings, with all of the nickel plating. The snap clip is in choice condition, with 100% of the plating. This is rare to see, as these clips are made from cheap pot metal. The reverse of the clip is marked "DRGM" within a triangle.

The blade is a very fine, bright example, with a needle-like tip. It shows just a tiny bit of age here and there but is basically near mint. The reverse of the blade is etched with the Weyersberg Wreathed Sword trademark, and the original black leather blade buffer is in place.

An outstanding Postal dagger here.

Mint Minus. $5,995.00