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#38217C Postal Protection Dagger – Paul Weyersberg

This Postal Protection Dagger is the early version having all nickel mounts.

The pommel of the dagger is in excellent condition, showing only the most modest traces of carrying time and having the “derby” shape. There is an equatorial band that runs around the pommel.

The complex Postal crossguard features a stylized eagle head that acts as a ferrule. This bird has a sharp, jutting beak and his eye and brow areas are hand enhanced with the original blacking intact the the recesses. Below the eagle head is a round medallion that bears a black enamel mobile swastika on both sides. The enamel is still in perfect condition. The quillon arms curve outward in opposing directions, each being enhanced with a decorative groove. The bottom of the guard is property stamped “DRP” and numbered “1221”.

The ebony grip of this dagger is a beauty, being bulbous in the center and tapering toward either end. The wood is in very fine condition showing very little wear. In the center is an applied Postal eagle insignia. This insignia depicts an open-winged Political eagle which looks to the viewer's left. The bird clutches a wreathed mobile swastika flanked by lightning bolt style arrows. The detailing throughout this insignia remains crisp and perfect with no trace of wear.

The scabbard shell is straight throughout. The original black paint still has a good sheen, and although there are a few signs of wear throughout there are no problems whatsoever. This paint is at least 98% intact. The nickel scabbard mounts are in choice condition throughout, retaining their original brightness and exactly matching the hilt. These mounts are retained by flat head flush mounted side screws.

Attached to the carrying rings by means of nickel tabs is a fine nickel ringlet hanger. There are nine upper ringlets and twelve in the lower length. These chains are attached to a DRGM marked snap clip. The snap clip retains the original plating on the obverse, but does show mild wear on the reverse. This snap clip has a extremely well executed repair which appears to have be done during the period. As often happens with these clips the curved upper section had broken. These clips were made of cheap pot metal and were none too durable.

In this case a replacement aluminum example has been fitted to the original clip. It is extremely well done and one of the best period repairs I've seen to to one of these flawed snap clips.

The blade of this dagger is a beauty. It is completely factory bright throughout, retaining both the original grain and a needle-like tip. This blade is fully mint. The reverse ricasso is etched with the trademark of the Weyersberg firm; a set of double ovals containing the firm's name and location, “Paul Weyersberg & Co Solingen”, with a downward pointing sword flanked by wheat stalks. The original black leather blade buffer is in place.

An extremely nice Postal Protection Dagger here. These daggers are becoming very difficult to find and I rarely have the opportunity to offer them these days.

Near Mint. $5,995.00