Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Poletops
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POLETOPS #39745 Party Political Pole Top

This Party Pole Top is a fine item in nice overall condition. It consists of a nickel Party eagle with open wings and looking to the viewer’s right. The bird clutches a wreathed and pierced mobile swastika in his talons. The swastika has been painted black to afford some contrast.

The bottom area has a screw where it would have been affixed to a mounting cylinder.

An extremely fine item here, and perfect for display.

Excellent Plus. $895.00

POLETOPS #39022 Political Eagle Pole Top

This Political Eagle Pole Top looks to be made of nickel-plated brass. It is about 8 inches tall and roughly eight across the wings.

The eagle is open winged and looks to the right. The bird clutches a wreath of oak leaves with a floating, mobile black painted swastika in the center.

Below the swastika is a flared fitting that would have fit into a mounting of some kind. We have mounted this piece on a wooden plaque so it is easy to display.

A nice period eagle pole top here.

Excellent. $795.00

POLETOPS #37490 Bakelite Veteran's Pole Top

This pole top measures just about 10 inches in length. It is constructed out of Bakelite and has been coated with a gold finish. I believe it is related to the Kriegerbund Veteran's Organization.

On the obverse facing is a Roman-like sword pointing upward with an overlapping wreath of oak leaves around the lower section. On the crossguard of the sword is a disk having an immobile swastika in the center. Written around the border of the swastika are the words “Symbol Wird Waffe” or “Symbol Becomes Weapon”. Someone has written “1945” on the blade of the sword, probably a GI.

On the reverse the pole top is the same except the center area has an nicely detailed Iron Cross complete with serrations, a vaulted center swastika, and the date of “1939” on the bottom leg. There is a ribbon device on either side of the iron cross that bears the date of “1940”.

The bottom portion of the pole top is cylindrical with four mounting holes. I understand that this is a very rare pole top; I've seen reproductions of it that were made of metal. There originals were Bakelite and are often broken. This example is all intact and in very good condition.

Excellent. $895.00,/P>

POLETOPS #37489 NS Kriegerbund Veteran's Pole Top

This pole top is quite large, measuring about 12˝ inches overall. The base metal is probably brass as it is extremely heavy. The entire piece has a nickel plating which shows some usage but is basically intact.

This particular piece is an early variant of the design, and is maker marked "GES GESCH/OTTO GAHR". It is in the form of an oval wreath of overlapping oak leaves which enclose a Roman-like sword which is pointing upwards. In the center of the sword blade is black painted Iron Cross with a large mobile swastika in the center, having red highlights around the legs.

The mounting cylinder at the bottom has two hole on one side and a third on the other for mounting it to a pole.

A very nice pole top here, in good condition.

Excellent. $895.00