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PHOTO #40286 Luftwaffe Unteroffizier's Photo Album

This period Photo Album is in nice condition throughout. It has a canvas cover and measures 12 inches by 8 inches.

All of the 20 pages in this album are separated with onionskin, and about 100 photographs in all. In terms of subjects these range from Luftwaffe machine gun practice, buddy photos and meeting with officers, and the usual slice of life shots. The same officer appears many times so we can assume this album belonged to him. Unfortunately there are no names or captions.

I can tell looking at these pictures that some of them may have writing on the back, but since they have been glued into place it is impossible to get more information without ruining the whole album.

A wonderful study in photographs here, especially if you are interested in the Luftwaffe. These albums are very humanizing things, and really can transport you.

Excellent Plus. $295.00

PHOTO #36993C Army Photo Album with Additional Loose Photographs

This Army Photo Album has finely grained leather cover, and measures approximately eleven inches by eight. The album has black pages with onionskin separators.

There are approximately fifty photographs in this album, as well as 22 loose photographs, some of which may or may not be part of the album which have come undone from their mountings.

Many of the photos show a group of Army personnel, and appear to be taken during wartime. Most of the shots were taken during off-duty hours, with several NCO's included in each. There are shots of howitzer crews, and lots of horses in use. There are also some winter scenes which appear to have been taken during the campaign in the East.

I'm sure that once the photographs are studied, the viewer will be able to identify a number of the individual faces and begin to make some sense of this album.

A great collection of fine period photos here; this would make for a fine project for those interested in viewing what the war was actually like for the men doing the fighting.

Excellent. $495.00

PHOTO #37003 Original Photo of Downed German Plane with Interesting Nose Art

This is a small original photograph which measures 2˝ by 3˝. It depicts a downed German plane, most likely in the trackless African desert.

The plane has had some artwork painted on the fuselage, apparently by the 8th Army. There is a picture of Hitler in the center, which is flanked by two painted swastikas. Above and below Hitler is painted the charming phrase “Shithouse Boss”.

There is a small portion of the horizontal stabilizer swastika which can be seen in the picture, as well as some type of stand that is in front of the wreck.

The reverse of the photograph reads, in ink, “Typical trick of the Desert Rats (8th Army)”.

An interesting photo here for those are into this kind of thing.

Excellent. $75.00