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NSDAPMEDALS #50083C German Cross in Gold, Cloth Variant

This is a very fine example of a cloth German Cross. Condition-wise it is tip-top.

The order consists of a star badge, containing a swastika. It had a diameter of 6.5 cm and was worn on the right-hand side of the tunic.

From June 1942 the gold version was officially available in cloth form, for easier wear on the combat uniform. This had the same dimensions as the original decoration, with the wreath circling the swastika, the only metal part of the badge. The backing cloth reflected the arm of service: field gray for the army, or navy dark blue or air force pale blue. This one looks to be an Army example, with a wrinkled field gray backing stamped with some sort of maker's mark.

A very nice looking award here.

Mint Minus. $695.00

NSDAPMEDALS #28351 10 Year NSDAP Service Award without Ribbon

This10 Year NSDAP Service Award unfortunately does not have a ribbon. The bronze finish is about 70%. It shows some minor age and wear but nothing serious.

If you should happen to have a 10 year ribbon lying around, you can have yourself a decent medal.

Good Plus. $90.00

NSDAPMEDALS #47130 1936 Partietag Pin

This pin represents the 1936 party day rallies in Nuremberg.

It is about the size of a silver dollar and appears to be made in a zinc base.It depicts an open winged eagle and swastika at the top positioned over three soldiers that appear to be sitting in chairs holding shields and weapons.

The reverse is marked W. REDO SARR.

Excellent $75.00

NSDAPMEDALS #46107C Order of the German Eagle with Ribbon

This impressive badge has a fine round medallion featuring a Maltese Cross raised out with a half open winged political eagle and swastika between each leg.

On the reverse the badge is raised out "Deutsche Verdienst / Medaile".

Attached to the badge is fine satin striped ribbon being red with edges of white and black. The original pin is on the reverse of the ribbon.

A very nice example here of a rarely encountered medal.

Excellent Plus. $895.00

NSDAPMEDALS #46473C NSDAP 15 Year Long Service Award

This NSDAP long service cross is a real beauty having fine enamel throughout and trimmed in silver with silver bursts between the legs of the cross. In the center is a silver wreath which features a superimposed open winged political eagle clutching a swastika.

The reverse of the medal is also in fine condition with good enamel.

The original ribbon is there consisting of blued lined satin with dual white lines on both edges.

An impressive example here.

Excellent Plus. $595.00

NSDAPMEDALS #46474C NSDAP 10 Year Long Service with Parade Ribbon Backing

This 10 year service medal is of all zinc and has a patina evenly spread across its surfaces.

It features a Maltese Cross with bursts between the legs of the cross and in the center is a raised out wreath with open winged political eagle and swastika. The reverse indicates the term of the medal.

The medal is connected to a parade dress mount consisting of ribbons of brown having white edges. The reverse has a brown felt covering and is equipped with the original pin.

Excellent. $250.00

NSDAPMEDALS #46479C Order of the German Eagle with Swords 2nd Style

This German order is quite beautiful being a medallion about the size of a 50 cent piece.

The medallion has a raised out Maltese Cross with a closed winged eagle and wreathed swastika between each leg. Above the medallion and connected to it are crossed swords.

The reverse has the 2nd style dedication in standard lettering "Deutsche Verdeinst Medaille". The ribbon remains very crisp being red with edge lines of red black and white on both sides.

A rarely seen medal and quite beautiful indeed.

B>Excellent Plus Plus. $1,495.00

NSDAPMEDALS #45578 Gau Party District Honour Badge

This impressive badge remains in choice condition and is a rarely seen original. These badges were awarded under a Gauleiter to reward recipients for services during "the time of struggle". It consists of a finely-detailed, stamped round wreath of overlapping oak leaves, to which a large enamel swastika is superimposed. In the center of the swastika is the date of "1923". The enamel is an interesting brown color and remains in perfect condition.

The reverse of the medal shows that the enamel swastika is riveted to the oak leaf wreath, having "donut" style rivets. On the reverse center of the swastika it is marked, "A. Wächtler & Lance/ Mittweida" and below, "800" indicating the medal is silver. The markings are raised-out, rather than being stamped. The pin is an odd shape that seems to be unique to these Gau Honor Badges, being a long straight pin that is bent over at the half, with the other ends being 90 degree-turned to insert into a barrel-style hinge. There is also a catch which appears soldered to the medal.

A rare example here seldom offered. I have seen other badges where the enamel is black, but this enamel is definitely brown and was made that way.

Near Mint. $3,295.00

NSDAPMEDALS #44892C Party Badge Variation On Stickpin

This party badge is just slightly smaller than the regular types. Written around the outside of the badge on black enamel is "Reichsverband der Wirtschaftleiter".

There is a red enamel center with white swastika and superimposed over the swastika is what appears to be a black building with a flag. I am not familiar with this type badge and feel that it is a fairly rare item.

The reverse of the badge is raised out with maker "Rob. Neff Berlin".

Near Mint. $225.00

NSDAPMEDALS #44666 Gau Baden Gold Badge

This gold version of the Gau Baden badge is extremely rare. It features a oval design with overlapping oak leaves which is open in the center. Superimposed across the middle area is an early political style eagle having open wings and looking to the viewer's right. The bird grasps a detailed wreath with swastika in its talons. At the lower portion of the badge the area is smoothed and is engraved "Gau Baden". On the reverse there is a hinge style appointment with a straight pin which attaches to a catch which has head similar to a safety pin. The reverse of the badge is maker marked "Priklett Karlsruhl". This is a very rare badge and a great piece for those of you out there collecting political awards.

Excellent. $2,495.00

NSDAPMEDALS #40804C NSDAP Alsace Lorraine Sympathizer Badge

This badge is relatively rare. Apparently they were made late in the period given the zinc finish and a lack of paint. These badges were worn by NSDAP supporters in the Alsace Lorraine region.

The badge has a raised, mobile swastika in the center. Above and below respectively are the words "Opferring" and "Elsass".

The reverse is fitted with a standard pin and is maker marked "R. Hauschild / Pforzheim".

If you are collecting party badges this is probably a key piece.

Excellent. $100.00

NSDAPMEDALS #40401C Golden Party Badge Belonging to SS-Obergrppenführer Friedrich Hildebrandt

Considering the original owner, this Golden Party Badge is an extremely desirable collectible. It was issued to SS-Obergrüppenführer Friedrich Hildebrandt, who was also the Gaulieter of Mecklenberg. It is interesting to note that in the SS Deinstalterliste Hilderbrandt appears as #29! Obviously he was one of the the initial Party players and obviously of some importance. Hildebrandt was also awarded a SS Honor Ring and a SS Honor Degen. As of 1942 he was still on Himmler's staff.

The badge is accompanied by a large book (in German) which has a large amount of information about Hildebrandt and his very long career, which came to an abrupt end in 1947 when he was executed by the Allies.

The Badge itself is the smaller type that would have been worn on a lapel. It is equipped with a screw-back mounting, which is rare in and of itself. The oak leaves on the border are still in good shape, showing some mild wear but nothing too bad. The enamelwork on the front of the badge remains in very fine condition.

This badge is not maker marked on the reverse, but I have it on good authority that it was in fact produced by the prestigious firm of Deschler & Sohn, Munich. It is clearly stamped with Hildebrandt's Party Number "3653"; this number matches up with the Deinstalterliste.

A very fine Golden Party Badge here, with an infamous pedigree that only makes it even more collectible.

Excellent Plus. $8,995.00

NSDAPMEDALS #36298C Eagle Order Third Class with Ribbon

This Eagle Order consists of a Maltese style cross with beautiful enameled legs on each side. The enamel is in perfect condition. Between each of the legs of the cross is an eagle with half open wings clutching a wreath with mobile swastika. The swastikas have enamel around them matching that of the legs. There is a flared device at the top of the crossís leg which contains a loop. This loop is marked ì900î.

Attached to the loop is a fine red satin lined ribbon. The ribbon has stripes on both edges of white, black and white. The reverse of the ribbon is complete with the original pin device. This Eagle Order shows little to no usage and is very, very beautiful.

Near Mint. $1,895.00