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NSDAPMEDALS #38422C Party Membership Badge

This Party Membership Badge is in perfect condition throughout, having very fine enamel.

The full name of the party, “Nationalsozialistische D.A.P.”, rings the circumference of the badge.

The center of the badge has the usual white enamel field and black enamel swastika.

The reverse of the badge is silvered and marked “RZM” on one side, with the code “RZM M1/72”.

A good example of the type.

Near Mint. $150.00

NSDAPMEDALS #38262 NSDAP Membership Badge

This Party Badge shows some usage throughout, as well as having a chip around the “n” in “ Nationalsozialistische”.

The center of the badge has the usual white enamel field and black enamel swastika.

The reverse of the badge is marked “RZM” with the code “E4”. It has a standard safety pin mount.

Excellent. $70.00

NSDAPMEDALS #38183C 1929 Nürnberg Partietag Badge in Bronze

This Bronze Partietag Badge is the stamped, hollow backed type. The bronze surface of this badge depict the turreted cityscape of Nürnberg with the name of the city below.

In the center of the shield shaped badge is a early Imperial style helmet with a swastika as well as an eagle resting on the top. Next to the bird we see “1914” and “1919 NSDAP”. Below the helmet the badge reads “Partie / Tag / 1929”.

These 1929 Party Day Badges were very popular with members of the party, the the '29 Party Day marked the first time German industry came forward and contributed money to the campaign of NSDAP. This influx of capital played no small role in catapulting the Nazis to power four years later.

Excellent Plus. $695.00

NSDAPMEDALS #38059 Two Kriestag Days Badges

This two Day Badges are constructed out of some sort of plastic material. One badge has gold and gray backgrounds, the other has gold and white. There are otherwise the same.

The are in the shape of shields, with an open-winged Political eagle at the top. Superimposed over the swastika is a nude figure holding a raised sword. The edges of the badges read “Kriestag NSDAP Bergish Gladbach 1939”.

These badges are both marked on the reverse. One of the badges is missing the safety pin mounting.

Excellent. $35.00(#061416)

NSDAPMEDALS #38048C SS Quedlinberg Juli 2nd 1936 Medal

This SS Quedlinberg Medal is the copper-clad style. This medal celebrates the 1000th birthday of King Heinrich, aka Henry the Fowler, who reigned from 919 to 936 AD. Himmler was convinced that he was the reincarnation of Heinrich and as such venerated this king of old. There was a large SS function held on July 2nd, 1936, to commemorate this anniversary.

The medal depicts Heinrich raised out in the bottom left, positioned over a church. The date, “2 Juli 1936” is next to the church, as well a a set of raised SS runes and oak leaves at the bottom right. At the top we see the city “Quedlinberg”, and below the name “Heinrich”. On the side we see, raised out, “Koenig der Duetschen 919-936”.

The reverse of the medal is equipped with a safety pin mounting.

A very scarce medal here, one that will no doubt be of interest to SS collectors.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $795.00

NSDAPMEDALS #37663 RDB Stickpin

This RBD Stickpin features a stubby, open-winged eagle clutching a mobile swastika. Raised out across the breast of the bird are the initials “RDB”. These initials stand for “Reichsbund der Deutscher Beamten” or “Reich Government Official”.

The pin is marked “Ges Gesch” on the reverse.

This is the first pin of this type I ever seen, and I assume it must be quite rare.

Excellent Plus. $95.00

NSDAPMEDALS #36726 NSDAP Westmark (Lothr) Badge

This Party Badge is slightly larger than the standard type. It has an outer rim of black enamel, which bears the words “D.V.G WESTMARK (LOTHR)”.

In the center is a white enamel field with a red enamel swastika. The enamel throughout this badge is in perfect condition.

The badge has a safety-pin style closure on the reverse, and is marked “M9/312”.

Excellent. $145.00

NSDAPMEDALS #36296C Eagle Order First Class without Swords with Neck Ribbon

This Eagle Order is a spectacular looking medal. These Eagle Orders with the neck ribbon are extremely rare. This beautiful example features a white enamel Maltese cross having a half closed-winged eagle in each of the four openings between the legs. The birds all look to the right and they clasp a mobile swastika within an oak leaf wreath. The area around the wreath is of all white enamel matching the enamel of the legs. The detail to each and every one of these birds is of highest jeweler quality. The medal is the same on both sides. At the top border of the Maltese cross there is a bracket which is in the shape of a flared floral device. A ring is attached to the top and then a loop is attached to this ring. The ring is marked, “900”.

Attached to the loop is a full neck ribbon with proper tie strings on each end. The ribbon is quite wide being of red lined satin having stripes of white, black and white on the edge of both sides. The ribbon does not appear to have been worn and the condition of the Order itself also indicates this status. A most beautiful original Eagle Order. This Order is the 1939 version.

Mint. $4,995.00

NSDAPMEDALS #36298C Eagle Order Third Class with Ribbon

This Eagle Order consists of a Maltese style cross with beautiful enameled legs on each side. The enamel is in perfect condition. Between each of the legs of the cross is an eagle with half open wings clutching a wreath with mobile swastika. The swastikas have enamel around them matching that of the legs. There is a flared device at the top of the cross’s leg which contains a loop. This loop is marked “900”.

Attached to the loop is a fine red satin lined ribbon. The ribbon has stripes on both edges of white, black and white. The reverse of the ribbon is complete with the original pin device. This Eagle Order shows little to no usage and is very, very beautiful.

Near Mint. $1,895.00


This Party pin differs from the norm having the following printed along the borders, “D.V.G. WESTMARK (LOTHR)”. This border is in black and on the inside is a white field with a red mobile swastika.

This pin is marked on the reverse, “W. Redo Saarlautern”. The badge has a safety pin style catch on the reverse. I’m not sure what these pins represent but obviously they have something to do with being a member of the Party in this particular district.

Near Mint. $150.00

NSDAPMEDALS #33661 1924 Stahlhelm Breast Badge

This 1924 Stahlhelm Breast Badge is a beauty. Rendered in silver and black enamel, it features a WWI steel helmet embossed with an Iron Cross and “Der Stahlhelm” over pair of crossed oak leaves and the year 1924. The enamel is flawless, and there is only some minor wear evident to the date and oak leaves.

The reverse of the badge is marked with the date "24.2.24", the unit identification of "IV. Mi. 1245" as well as the 935 silver hallmark. It is also marked "Ges. Gesch. on the outer edge. The "Coke bottle" pin is in place and is still quite sturdy after all these years, with very little play. A nice badge her for collectors of Bund der Frontsoldaten memorabilia.

Near Mint. $295.00

NSDAPMEDALS #32989 Late NSDAP Member’s Badge

This NSDAP Member’s Badge is slightly larger than the type we normally see. It is the zinc based type having the painted surfaces. Unfortunately most of the original paint is gone from this badge. There are only a couple of traces of the red and the white paint. I don’t see any of the original black paint in the swastika.

The badge also is unusual on the back as it has an extended pedestal with two small prongs. It is possible that this badge was meant to be mounted on something and not worn. I don’t know. It is marked on the back, “RZM M 1/42”. Perhaps it is something for someone out there if you know its original purpose.

Good. $25.00

NSDAPMEDALS #31615 Adolph Hitler Commemorative Medallion

This gilded medallion appears to be a brass base. It is about the size of a silver dollar. It is a stamped item with excellent detail. On the obverse, there is the head of the Führer looking to the right. The details to his pensive look are outstanding. Below the Führer’s neck is an artist’s name"W.Voss”"33”. Around the Führer’s head is his name"Adolf Hitler”.

On the reverse, there is a stubby-winged political style eagle with his head pointing to the right. The bird has the date"1933” stamped on his breast and he is holding a large wreath with a swastika in the center. Around the rim of the coin is"gemeinnutz eigennutz”. On either side of the wreath is the calendar day"30” and"jan.” This, of course, is a reference to the date that Adolf Hitler was elected as Chancellor to Germany January 30, 1933. A nice coin here, the likes of which I have not seen before.

Excellent Plus. $195.00

NSDAPMEDALS #30953C Neck Chain with NSDAP Long Service Awards

This neck chain appears to have been made up probably by the original wearer to display his NSDAP service awards while in civilian dress. The chain is a brass coated type which appears to have a steel base. Attached at the bottom area is a 15 year long service award. It is the type with Maltese cross, having blue enamel in the legs of the cross and also behind the open-winged eagle and swastika wreath in the center. Between the legs are rays to give effect. On the reverse the cross also has blue enamel and in the center has the purpose of the award, “Treue / für Führer / und Volk”. This of course means “Loyalty to the Führer and the People”. This medal is in excellent condition throughout with no breaks or damage to the enamel.

Attached at the upper right of the chain is a miniature for the 10 Year Bronze Award and at the left is a miniature for the 25 Year NSDAP award. This miniature has all of the white enamel in place on front and back and is an extremely rare medal. This chain may have been worn with a tuxedo or possibly a dress civilian uniform. These medals are quite rare and miniatures are almost never seen.

Excellent Plus. $995.00

NSDAPMEDALS #30950C NSDAP Ten Year Service Cross

This NSDAP Ten Year Service Cross still has all of its fine bronze finish throughout. The only lacking is that the original ribbon is gone to time. The cross has outstanding detail and features Maltese style arms with rays in between. In the center there is a round raised out oak leaf wreath and a superimposed open winged political eagle. The eagle looks to the viewer’s right and clutches a wreathed swastika.

The reverse is the same except in the center area is the raised out four line purpose of the award “Treue / für Führer / und / Folk”. I do not know how difficult it would be to find a ribbon for this medal but it is priced accordingly.

Excellent Plus. $195.00

NSDAPMEDALS #28351 NSDAP Ten Year Service Medal

This Ten Year Long Service Medal has most of the original bronze coating still clinging to the white metal base. I would say it is somewhere between 70%-80%. The medal itself is a Maltese-style cross, having sunbursts between the legs along with a set of crossed swords. Superimposed over the center area is a round wreath of oak leaves with an open-winged, Political eagle. The eagle looks to the wearer’s right and clutches a wreathed, mobile swastika. The detail is quite good throughout this medal.

The reverse is the same except that the swastika is replaced within the wreath with the purpose of the medal, “Treue, Führer und Volk.” This award is complete with the carrying ring but there is no ribbon attached. It is rare to see any plating on these awards, let alone the amount still existing on this medal.

Excellent. $185.00

NSDAPMEDALS #31117C NSDAP Ten Year Service Badge with Ribbon

This NSDAP Long Service Badge has a bronze plated surface. The bronze is still in excellent condition, showing a little bit of age in the surfaces but the plating is still all there. The medal consists of a Maltese style cross having serrations within the leg borders and there are sun bursts in between. Superimposed over the center is a wreath of oak leaves with an open-winged eagle and swastika. The reverse has the purpose of the medal"Treue/für Führer/und/Volk”. Attached to the loop above is the original ribbon. This ribbon is a brown lined silk and both of the edges have two thin white lines. A fine example.

Excellent Plus. $295.00