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The Party purchased several hotels in Germany during the 1930s, the Deutscher Hof in Nürnberg being the most famous, as this hotel served as Hitler's headquarters during the fall Parteitag rallies. The hotel maintained a suite for Hitler. Silver table pieces and flatware from the Deutscher Hof had the hotel name on the side of the piece and also the bottom of the piece was stamped with an oak leaf wreathed swastika. Since the Deutscher Hof was the first hotel owned by the Party, it received the honor of its name on the tableware. There were also other hotels owned by the Party. Rather than have the name of each Party-owned hotel specifically stamped on the utensil, as was done with the Deutscher Hof, it became practical for the Party to use a common stamping which encompassed all Party-owned hotels. This stamping was "Hotelbetriebsges.m.b.H.", which was the formal name assumed by the company that ran the hotels for the Party. The wreathed swastika stamped on the bottom was also used with this party-owned company name. We see many pieces with these stamping, and although we can not specifically identify each hotel by this name, we know that it was a Party-run establishment. Also. we see many table pieces come home from the war, brought from Berchtesgaten with this stamping. When this is the case, we can assume they come from the hotel Berchtesgartner Hof, also a Party-owned establishment.

NSDAPHOTEL #47597 NSDAP Hotel Silver Pebbled "Snack Bowl"

This bowl has never been cleaned and is nicely patinated. It measures 7 and half inches across by 3 inches tall. The interior has been nicely washed with a gold finish, which looks quite nice against the aged silver of the exterior.

Overall the bowl shows the normal wear and tear associated with metal items of this age. The bottom is marked HOTELBETRIEBS GMBHM, and also has the circular wreathed swastika.

This bowl was made by Gebruder Hepp, and is marked as such.

A nice item here.

Excellent Plus. $695.00

NSDAPHOTEL #48715 NSDAP Hotel Gravy Boat

This gravy boat is in outstanding condition, measuring 7 and a half inches across.

It has the usual handle and spout one would expect to see on a gravy boat.

The base is flared and marked Gebruder Hepp 90. On the inner bottom is the wreathed swastika allegedly associated with NSDAP owned hotels.

A very fine example here.

Mint Minus. $395.00

NSDAPHOTEL #49006 NSDAP Hotel Creamer

Initially I thought this was a tea pot, but since the spot is open at the top I now believe it is actually a creamer.

It is 6 inches tall, with a hinged lid. It remains in perfect condition, with good silvering.

The front is stamped HOTELBETRIEBS GMBH, as these hotel pieces typically are. The bottom is marked with a wreathed swastika and a capacity of 0.25 L. It is also marked "149" and "Gebruder Hepp 90".

A nice, functional hotel tea pot here.

Mint Minus. $325.00

NSDAPHOTEL #47953 Party Owned Large Serving Bowl

This serving bowl could have been used for nuts or other items or could have been used at a meal service also ‘cuz it is quite large. The bowl has a diameter of 9 inches and it is 3 inches tall. The top edges of the bowl are all scalloped and the bowl is completely peened throughout its silver finish. This bowl is in first class condition with no dents anywhere and looks really great. It is marked on the bottom with a large round wreath which contains a swastika. Below is the nomenclature for party owned hotel tableware Hotelbetriebsges. M. B. H. At the bottom is the maker Gebruder Hepp and the numeral “90” which most likely indicates that this bowl is silver plated. A great example here to add to a hotel collection. A rarely seen piece.

Near Mint. $895.00

NSDAPHOTEL #46151 NSDAP Party Owned Hotel Pitcher

This pitcher measures 4 and a half inches high and it is open at the top. It was most likely used for hot water for tea.

It has a conventional spout at the left and an ear-like handle at the right. On the left surface it is deeply engraved with the Hotelbetriebsgesellschaft mbH marking. It is further marked on the bottom with a wreath with swastika.

Beneath the wreath is the liter content “0.20’. The pitcher is marked on the base with the maker Gebuder Hepp 90. This pitcher still has quite a bit of the original silver finish remaining and is in nice condition throughout.

We believe that tableware with these markings come from the Berchtesgadener Hof.

Excellent Plus Plus. $295.00

NSDAPHOTEL #46153 NSDAP Party Owned Hotel Small Cream Pitcher

This small cream pitcher is 2 and a half inches high. It has a conventional spout at the left and an ear shaped handle at the right.

Stamped across the left surface is “Hotelbetriebsgesellschaft mbH”.

At the bottom of the pitcher it is stamped with the wreathed swastika as well as the liter amount “0, 05”. It is also stamped Gebruder Hepp 90 on the rim.

We believe that these hotel marked pieces come from the Berchtesgadener Hof Hotel.

Excellent Plus. $225.00