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The National Political Educational Institute (Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalt) was an SS-run organization established for the purpose of training future leaders for the Reich. A number of NPEA schools were set-up throughout Germany and many of its occupied countries, with most leaders and instructors coming from the SS.

There were three forms of Political daggers associated with the NPEA. The Student version, the Staff Leader and the Chained Leader. The Student version (produced by Karl Burgsmüller and WMW) had no insignia in the SA style wood grip. The crossguards were solid nickel on early versions and aluminum on later types. The scabbards were an all steel version painted olive drab. There were no mounts on the scabbard.

The blades were etched with the motto of the NPEA, Mehr Sein als Scheinen or "Be More Than You Appear". The Staff Leader versions were produced by Eickhorn, and were identical to the Student, except there was a National eagle design in the grip. The Chained Leader (produced by Burgsmüller, Eickhorn and WMW) was worn by instructors and leaders of the NPEA. The dagger itself had the National eagle in the grip but was otherwise the same as the Student version. The scabbard was olive drab, having three nickel plated mounts. The upper and center scabbard mounts carry a chain hanger.

NPEA #42633C NPEA Student Dagger with Grip Eagle - Carl Eickhorn

This Student NPEA dagger is fitted with a grip eagle as was the case with all examples produced by the Eickhorn firm. They did not issue NPEA daggers with no eagle in the grip as did their competitor Burgsmüller, so what we used to call a "Student Leader" dagger, is a plain Student example when produced by Eickhorn. This Student piece is equipped with nickel-plated cross guards> The guards are in excellent condition with fine plated surfaces. The grip is a very fine example, still having its original varnished finish with fine crisp center line running the length. The mint grip shows little to no usage. It is fitted with a fine nickel eagle being the style with point behind the head. The bird shows only minor wear to the breast feathering, but the other details to the eagle remain crisp. It nicely fits the cross guards. A fine hilt here.

The Eickhorn scabbard is the earlier version having slim-line lug with two sets of twin accent lines. (The later Eickhorn style lug had no accent lines in the surface). This lug is identical to the example shown in the outstanding Weinand NPEA Book on Page 24. The throat is also retained by two side screws. (Later scabbards had only one center-mounted example.) The scabbard shell remains straight throughout, having the magnetic ball at the tip. This scabbard appears to have been repainted. The repaint appears to have been done years ago and is the exact olive drab tone as was used. It is possible that this paint could be a period job. The scabbard is equipped with a fine brown leather frog which appears original to the piece. The frog is the style that has a slit in the right edge for use on vertically-worn SA daggers where the ring was removed and the slit accommodated the remaining eyelet. The frog is the exact width and size to accommodate this NPEA shell. The frog has five-rivet construction, four rivets being on the two edges and one in the center upper area. The frog has a period hole in the reverse leather where the original owner apparently hung the dagger from a nail in a wall when not in use. (Have seen this same "hanging method" hole many times on past daggers such as RAD's and Police Bayonets)The reverse of the frog is stamped, "RZM L2/44/39/ Kernstück". I have had frogs like this in the past and they have been found on other NPEA daggers. - this one appears to have always been there.

The blade remains bright throughout, showing some usage, but not bad. It rates at about excellent plus and some of the original factory grain remains in place. The motto, "Mehr sein als scheinen." is crisp etched, still having 95% of the factory darkening in the letters. The "s" letters in the motto are the special Sutterlin type, resembling the letter "f". The reverse ricasso is matching etched with the "over-the-shoulder" squirrel trademark with the three quality words below, "Original/ Eickhorn/ Solingen". The blade shoulders perfectly meet the lower cross guard contour. I took a look at the tang, and per Weinand's book, on Page 24, the tang is marked with an "H" having the letters "C" and "A" placed within the letter "H" - these were the tang maker's logo and are seen frequently on Eickhorn daggers as well as other brands.

A fine original example here showing some usage of the period, but a very difficult dagger to acquire today.

Excellent Plus. $4,495.00

NPEA #42596C NPEA Student's Dagger with Bensberg School Stamping - Carl Eickhorn

This outstanding NPEA dagger is one of the original examples ordered from Eickhorn by the Bensberg School and is very desirable. The dagger type is virtually identical to the example pictured in the outstanding NPEA book, authored by Ron Weinand, appearing on Page 98. (We have these books in stock, if you would like to order one - they are a massive educational research effort by Ron. The book is loaded with very rare in-wear NPEA photographs and color pictures of all the different types of NPEA daggers. The book should be the last word on NPEA daggers).

This dagger is a Student's model despite the fact that it has a grip eagle. Eickhorn production Student NPEA's were all produced with grip eagles. In the beginning years of collecting daggers, we all thought that since there was a grip eagle in these Eickhorn daggers, they were Leader's pieces. Not the case, however, the eagle was only the reflection of the manner in which Eickhorn did their NPEA dagger production. The dagger is equipped with nickel-plated cross guards. The upper guard is in nice condition with full plating intact. The lower guard shows some minor flaking on the obverse around the cross guard meeting area with the grip and slightly more in the same location on the reverse. Interestingly, the tang nut is a solid nickel example indicating the firm used the parts that were available during this time of transition. The lower reverse guard is stamped, "B 65", indicating that it belonged to the Bensburg School. The stamping is identical to the example appearing in Weinand's book on Page 98, the "B" letter having a larger top portion than the bottom half of the letter. The book piece carries the stamped number "68", and it is obvious comparing the "6" numbers on both daggers, that the same die stamp was used to identify both pieces. It is also kind of neat to see that these two daggers are only three numbers apart, so it is a reasonable conclusion that both daggers were issued at the same time. Great stuff here! The grip is a fine darker wood, being in perfect condition and nicely fitting the grip. The grip has a sharp ridge to the center area. The grip eagle is the nickel type, being the style with beak which points upward slightly. All details are crisp throughout the bird's features as well as the wreathed swastika. A fine NPEA hilt here!

The Eickhorn scabbard is the same as the example appearing in Weinand on Page 17. It is straight throughout and has excellent original olive-drab paint. The paint is about 98% on the obverse of the shell and about 95% on the reverse, where there are a couple of minor chipped areas in the paint. The steel lower ball is in perfect condition. The scabbard lug is the plain type used by this firm. The throat is retained by a single screw in the center obverse, located below the throat. This scabbard is equipped with its original NPEA brown leather frog. The frog shows some wearing time, but it is still in fine serviceable condition, being the style with single rivet in the reverse. A fine textbook scabbard here.

The blade of this dagger remains bright throughout, still having its factory cross grain. There is a little minor smudge here and there, but overall, this dagger is in near mint condition. The NPEA motto, "Mehr sein als scheinen" is crisp and retains all of its black in the backgrounds of the etch. The "s" letters in the words "sein" and "scheinen" have the look of "f" letters to us, as they are the old Sutterlin style. The bright reverse blade is matching etched with the 1935-1941 Eickhorn trademark featuring the squirrel with downward-pointing sword. The blade shoulders perfectly meet the lower cross guard contour.

A very fine textbook example of the rarely-seen Bensberg NPEA version. A truly great collectible here and with interest in NPEA daggers never having been so high, I am sure this dagger will have excellent investment potential.

Excellent Plus. $5,495.00

NPEA #42595C Chained NPEA Leader's Dagger - Karl Burgsmüller, Berlin

It is always exciting to be able to offer one of these NPEA Chained Leader pieces, and this example is no exception. The cross guards are the aluminum variety. . The tang nut matches, also being aluminum. There is a little circular scoring of the upper guard surfaces where some one misused a take-down tool in the past, but it is nominal. The grip is a fine example having rich full wood color and pleasing vertical grain pattern. This grip shows no usage signs and fits the cross guards perfectly. The grip eagle is the nickel variety being the type with the beak which points upward slightly. Full details remain throughout the bird, with just the slightest of wear visible on the breast feathering area only. A fine NPEA hilt here.

The scabbard is straight throughout. The original olive-drab scabbard paint remains at 100%, having a little minor crazing here and there in the surfaces, but if anything, this attests to its originality. The nickel-plated scabbard mounts are in fine condition, still being 100%, and only having modest age signs. The lower ball has a tiny split just at the bottom area and is not visible from the sides. The area has become highly patinated over the years and is hardly visible. The upper mount has standard screws which appear to be the nickel type. The screws in the lower scabbard fitting are the headless type, a quirk we often see on Burgsmüller pieces, but not all of them. (Probably these headless screws are found on pieces made during a certain time period during the run of these Leader daggers). The center ramp is in excellent condition held in place with no screw, most likely installed when the fitting was hot, and when the metal contracted during the cooling process, it remains tightly in place. There were no screws used on these Burgsmüller center ramps, a feature often neglected on reproductions of these scabbards. The upper and center scabbard mounts are equipped with ramp tabs that were holed in a rectangular shape to accommodate the chained hanger. The nickel chain hanger consists of five rings at the upper and seven at the lower. The two chain assemblies are retained to the mounts with simple copper strip tabs which were soldered at the seam. The assembly is connected to a pot metal snap clip being marked on the reverse with the cast in letters, "DRGM". As is often the case, the "press-in" section of the clip is not seated behind the assembly. (Best to never try to press this portion of the clip inward into the fitting, as these fittings are very brittle and could break.)

The blade is a very fine example remaining bright throughout and easily in near mint condition. The motto, "Mehr sein als scheinen" is nice and crisp and has 100% of the darkening in the letter backgrounds. The reverse ricasso is matching etched with the producer, "Karl Burgsmüller" in arch shape letters, and below, "Berlin". There is a brown felt washer in place, being in good condition.

A very fine original example missing from most collections. These NPEA daggers were never "beautiful", but when you know what they are and appreciate their rarity, they can suddenly almost become "elegant".

Excellent Plus, Plus. $7,295.00

NPEA #42180C Chained NPEA Leader's Dagger - Karl Burgsmüller, Berlin

It is not often that we have one of these very rare NPEA Chained Leader's daggers to offer, and this example is a beauty. It has never been on the market and comes fresh from the collection of an older gentlemen we are currently dealing with. The dagger was a gift to him many years ago by a work-mate - quite an exciting gesture, especially since the recipient knew what it was (sort of) and the generous donor apparently did not! Well, that was all many years ago, and sometimes time can be of great benefit, especially with German edged weapons.

This NPEA has very fine nickel-plated cross guards. The plating remains bright throughout. showing only the slightest of age being just on the edges where the guards meet the grip - nice. The nickel-plated tang nut is also in fine mint condition, not having ever been turned. The appealing grip could not be in better condition. It shows absolutely no wear what-so-ever, having a most attractive furniture-like grain that runs lengthwise on both sides. The grip fits the guards like a rubber glove. The NPEA daggers, of course, have no runes button in the upper portion of the grip. The aluminum grip eagle is the style with "high-neck". It shows no wear having all complete details to the bird's head, breast and wing feathering, talons, wreath and swastika. You will not see a better hilt! Great thing here!

The scabbard is also something special, being in choice condition. The shell is completely straight. The original olive drab paint is 99.9% complete, having only a couple of places where there are tiny scratches - hard to believe, but true. Great Paint here! The matching nickel-plated scabbard mounts are the steel-based variety. The upper and lower (including the never-dropped ball) mounts are perfect, still having their original factory sheen to the plating. These mounts are retained by steel-based dome head screws. Remarkably, the plating is still there on all of the screw heads - a very reliable sign of this dagger's condition. The center ramp is virtually the only scabbard part that shows any age. There is a minor plating lift on the right lower obverse area and there is a hint of freckling in the rear plated surfaces, but it is not bad. The upper scabbard mount and the center mount are equipped with steel ramps on the right edge which are rectangular-holed to accept the dagger's chain hanger. The hanger is the aluminum Luftwaffe type. It consists of 5 upper ringlets and seven lower ringlets. The ringlets are attached to an aluminum snap clip which is marked on the reverse, "OLC" and "Ges' Gesch". Looking at the inside upper carrying area on the snap clip, there is no wear, attesting to the condition of this dagger.

Examining the blade is a real pleasure as the viewer's eyes size up its condition as it slides out of the scabbard. The blade is mirror bright and easily retains 100% of its factory grain in the surfaces. The NPEA motto, "Mehr sein als scheinen" (Be more than you appear to be), is perfectly etched into the surfaces. 100% of the factory darkening remains in the backgrounds of the letter fonts. This blade remains in mint condition. The reverse ricasso is etched with the trademark, "Karl Burgsmüller/ Berlin". The original brown felt buffer also remains in perfect, new-like condition. (Usually these felt buffers can be moth-eaten or worn out from time, so this is another sign of the superb condition of this dagger). The blade shoulders perfectly meet the lower cross guard contours.

Well, if you have been looking for one of these daggers to enhance, or to complete your collection, this example will make the grade. Highest quality piece in superb condition. If you have a copy of Ron Weinand's superior NPEA book, Ron shows an identical example in color on Page 13. (If you don't have this book, you have a major failing in your collector library). Can't say enough about this NPEA dagger. I don't think it will last long, so if it is for you, don't do too much head-scratching or procrastination.

Mint Minus. $7,495.00

NPEA #40420 NPEA Student Leader's Dagger - Carl Eickhorn

This NPEA Student Leader's Dagger is the Eickhorn version of the NPEA Student Dagger. I say this because Eickhorn always put an eagle into all of their dagger grips, where as Burgsmüller only did this with their Leader variant. This must have been a matter of expediency and efficiency for Eickhorn.

The crossguards are nickel plated. The plating remains quite good, showing a little mild age and freckling but really not bad at all. It is nearly 100% intact. The tang nut is a matching plated steel variety.

The grip is a High Center Ridge type with a sort of greenish-brown wood. It fits the guards perfectly and is equipped with a nickel grip eagle. The eagle is the "High Necked" version and shows some wear throughout the center of the bird. The wings and swastika, however, remain quite crisp.

The scabbard is straight throughout. It is equipped with the late production lug used by Eickhorn. The throat is retained by a single screw in the obverse center. This scabbard looks to have been repainted in recent times. The paint job is quite good, however, and the original color was matched perfectly.

The blade has turned slightly gray and does have some age marks here and there, but it is not bad. It has a needle-like tip and the motto is crisp and mostly dark, incorporating Gothic "S" characters in "sein" and "scheinnen". The reverse is matching etched with the post-1941 Eickhorn "Over the Shoulder" Squirrel trademark. The blade shoulders perfectly meet the lower crossguard contour.

A good Eickhorn NPEA Dagger here, not in mint condition but not bad at all.

Excellent Plus. $3,695.00