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The National Political Educational Institute (Nationalpolitische Erziehungsanstalt) was an SS-run organization established for the purpose of training future leaders for the Reich. A number of NPEA schools were set-up throughout Germany and many of its occupied countries, with most leaders and instructors coming from the SS.

There were three forms of Political daggers associated with the NPEA. The Student version, the Staff Leader and the Chained Leader. The Student version (produced by Karl Burgsmüller and WMW) had no insignia in the SA style wood grip. The crossguards were solid nickel on early versions and aluminum on later types. The scabbards were an all steel version painted olive drab. There were no mounts on the scabbard.

The blades were etched with the motto of the NPEA, Mehr Sein als Scheinen or "Be more than You Appear". The Staff Leader versions were produced by Eickhorn, and were identical to the Student, except there was a National eagle design in the grip. The Chained Leader (produced by Burgsmüller, Eickhorn and WMW) was worn by instructors and leaders of the NPEA. The dagger itself had the National eagle in the grip but was otherwise the same as the Student version. The scabbard was olive drab, having three nickel plated mounts. The upper and center scabbard mounts carry a chain hanger.

NPEA #40582 Chained NPEA Leader's Dagger - Karl Burgsmüller, Berlin

This nice conditioned NPEA Chained Leader's piece was produced later in the period. It is textbook throughout and identical to the example shown in color on Page 15 of the Weinand NPEA Book. The cross guards and tang nut are the nickel-plated type. The plating remains in excellent condition having some uncleaned patina evenly spread across the surfaces. The grip is in perfect condition on the obverse. The reverse grip has a couple of surface sliver-style chips on the lower area probably caused by an over-tightened tang nut in the past. The grip eagle is the later aluminum type. It is the style with "high neck" showing a slight amount of surface wear to the surfaces of the bird, but most detail still remains. The grip nicely fits the cross guards. A good hilt here.

The scabbard shell is straight throughout. It has excellent original olive drab paint being nearly 100%. The paint shows a little mild attic crazing, but not much. The nickel-plated scabbard mounts show some mild age patina, but the plating is still all there. The lower mount has a good never-dropped ball. The center mount is the classic Burgsmüller type having good rolled edges. This mount is retained with no screws and would have been put on while hot originally. Both the top mount and the lower mount are retained by dome head screws. (On earlier examples the screws retaining the lower fitting were the style without heads.) It is also interesting to note that these screws are made of aluminum. The two ramps attached to the center and upper scabbard mount retain an aluminum chain being the same as was used on 1st Model Luftwaffe daggers. There are five upper ringlets and seven lower ringlets. The two chain assemblies are attached to a matching aluminum snap clip being marked "OLC" and "Ges. Gesch". It is interesting to note that the weight of the dagger being carried during the period has worn slightly into the inner surface area of the upper clip - talks to you!

But, as nice as the dagger's outside is, the blade is really where it's at on this piece. This blade is in a full mint state. It is mirror-bright and still has all of its factory grain with needle-like tip. The NPEA motto is crisp and darkly etched into the blade surface, "Mehr sein als scheinen.". The reverse blade is also mint and is etched in the ricasso area, "Karl Burgsmüller/ Berlin". The original tan felt blade buffer is in place showing only nominal age.

These daggers are very seldom offered and are a true asset to any advanced collection. This example has the condition and looks to be a welcome addition to the next owner's bidding. A fine example here that should have fine prospects for the future.

Excellent Plus, Plus, $5,995.00

NPEA #40358 NPEA Student's Dagger with School & Graduation Engraving - Karl Burgsmüller

This NPEA Student's Dagger is in completely untouched condition. It has a very heavy patina across the nickel mounts. It is a classic Burgsmüller piece. The tang nut has never been off this dagger. The crossguards, although deeply patinated, remain in good condition, with very deeply cut accent grooves.

There is an engraving on the upper guard which reads, "N. P. E. A. Spandau Ostern 1937". The lower guard is very deeply stamped with the Spandau school markings, "S. P. 159". The person that stamped this number hit it so enthusiastically the guard is slightly bent in! It is interesting to note that there is a nearly identical Spandau piece in the Weinand NPEA book, on page 49. The piece in the book has the same style engraving as this piece, as well as the rather extreme pounding of the stamping. The similarities are unmistakable.

The grip of this dagger is the type with no insignia. It is a very pleasing shade of brown, with thick subsurface wood grain. There is a tiny sliver of wood missing on the upper left obverse but is is very minor.

The scabbard is dent-free, although it shows much age and has only about 5% of the original olive-drab paint left intact. It might be a good idea for the next owner to have this scabbard painted, but I myself kind of think it looks good the way it is when compared with the rest of the dagger. The lug is the small, Hörster type, with a pair of decorative grooves at the top.

The original brown leather NPEA hanger is still attached to the scabbard. The hanger shows some age and wear, and is the type with a lot cut into the side so that it could be used on a standard dagger with carrying rings, This hanger has a center-placed rivet on the reverse.

The blade of the dagger also shows age, but is more staining than discoloration. It has never been cleaned and might come up with a little bit of work. The tip is needle-like and the motto, "Mehr sein als scheinen", is nice and crisp. The original Burgsmüller brown felt blade washer is in place. The blade is trademarked "Karl Burgsmüller Berlin Charlottenburg 5".

If you are looking for a genuine NPEA with every possible feature this is the dagger for you. Granted it has some condition issues, but it is what it is and very rarely seen.

Good. $3,895.00

NPEA #40420 NPEA Student Leader's Dagger - Carl Eickhorn

This NPEA Student Leader's Dagger is the Eickhorn version of the NPEA Student Dagger. I say this because Eickhorn always put an eagle into all of their dagger grips, where are Burgsmüller old did with their Leader variant. This must have been a matter of expediency and efficiency for Eickhorn.

The crossguards are nickel plated. The plating remains quite good, showing a little mild age and freckling but really not bad at all. It is nearly 100% intact. The tang nut is a matching plated steel variety.

The grip is a High Center Ridge type with a sort of greenish-brown wood. It fits the guards perfectly and is equipped with a nickel grip eagle. The eagle is the "High Necked" version and shows some wear throughout the center of the bird. The wings and swastika, however, remain quite crisp.

The scabbard is straight throughout. It is equipped with the late production lug used by Eickhorn. The throat is retained by a single screw in the obverse center. This scabbard looks to have been repainted in recent times. The paint job is quite good, however, and the original color was matched perfectly.

The blade has turned slightly gray and does have some age marks here and there, but it is not bad. It has a needle-like tip and the motto is crisp and mostly dark, incorporating Gothic "S" characters in "sein" and "scheinnen". The reverse is matching etched with the post-1941 Eickhorn "Over the Shoulder" Squirrel trademark. The blade shoulders perfectly meet the lower crossguard contour.

A good Eickhorn NPEA Dagger here, not in mint condition but not bad at all.

Excellent Plus. $3,695.00

NPEA #39930C NPEA Student Leader’s Dagger – Carl Eickhorn (“Over the Shoulder” Trademark)

This late production Eickhorn NPEA Dagger is a fine original. The crossguards have good nickel-plated surfaces, almost entirely intact and showing little age. The tang nut is also in good condition, showing no signs of being taken down.

The grip of the dagger is a late production type, having the high, RZM style ridge in the center. It is a pleasing brown color with a nice looking vertical grain. This grip is in perfect condition, nicely fitting the plated guards. The grip eagle is constructed from zinc, something we see on these late Eickhorn pieces. Eickhorn even used zinc eagles on the Chained SA High Leader pieces they made at this time. The zinc bird doesn’t show much detail and the surfaces have greyed, but it is what it is and completely original.

When I received this dagger it did not have a scabbard. I was fortunate enough to have an appropriate Eickhorn scabbard in my parts bin, which I have included with this dagger. The scabbard is of slightly early vintage than the dagger, but there is no reason why it can’t be used. The scabbard has two side screws which act to retain the throat. The lug is also fairly long and slim, with two sets of dual ridges. This Eickhorn scabbard is identical to the example shown in the excellent Weinand NPEA book on page 24. Unfortunately this scabbard has no paint on it, so we opted to do the job as best we could. It does not look too bad and hopefully will be acceptable by the next owner.

The blade of this dagger shows some surface age and looks as if it has been cleaned in the past. This cleaning was not done as well as it could have been, but nevertheless the blade looks reasonably presentable, if a little over-buffed. It is what it is, however. The blade has the Eickhorn-style motto with the special “S” letters used by this firm. The reverse ricasso is stamped with the post-1941 “Over the Shoulder” style Eickhorn Squirrel trademark.

The blade shoulders perfectly meet the lower crossguard contour.

This is an opportunity to acquire a very rarely offered NPEA Student Leader Dagger at a substantially reduced price.

Excellent. $1,695.00

NPEA #37712C NPEA Student Leader Dagger – Carl Eickhorn

This NPEA Student Leader Dagger shows signs of age and traces of usage but it is still all there and completely original.

The crossguards are constructed of nickel-plated zinc. The nickel finish is lifting on the straight areas where the crossguard meets the grip. This lifting is not bad, and the finish on the guards is still about 95% intact. The tang nut has lost all of the original plating and has a nearly black tone.

The grip is a fine Eickhorn example, constructed of dark wood with good subsurface grains that run vertically on both sides. The grip is a pleasing coffee brown color. It is in perfect condition throughout and nicely fits the crossguards. The grip eagle is the nickel type, indicative of a mid-period dagger. This eagle is the style with a beak which points slightly upward. All of the detailing throughout the bird's head, breast and wing feathering, talons and wreathed mobile swastika is intact and crisp.

The scabbard is an interesting example as it is an Eickhorn type that we do not see too often. It is straight throughout with only a couple of mild signs of wear. Nearly all of the original olive-drab paint is present, rating at about 99% intact. There are a traces of old attic crazing but not much. The throat of this dagger is the thicker type used by Eickhorn. It is interesting to note that the lug on this example is not the usual unadorned, stubby type used by Eickhorn. This lug has twin enhancement lines at the top and bottom, in addition to being longer and thinner than the usual Eickhorn lug. This lug and scabbard are identical to the piece shown on page 97 of the Weinand NPEA book. The throat is retained by two dome head side screws, also atypical of an Eickhorn design. Usually there will be a screw in the reverse. The Weinand piece also has screws identical to this example.

The blade shows normal “in-and-out” marks and hints of old sharpening here and there, but nothing bad. Overall the blade still has most of the original brightness although I do not see much graining left. The NPEA motto, “Mehr sein als scheinen”, is nicely etched and retains about 90% of the original background darkening. The motto uses the Fraktur style font with a medial “s”, which looks very much like an “f” without a bar. This differs from pieces distributed by firms such as Burgsmüller, who employed what looks to be the more conventional Saschenwald font.

The reverse ricasso of the blade is etched with the 1935 through 1941 Eickhorn Squirrel trademark. I would think that this piece was probably made about '37 or '38. The blade shoulders perfectly meet the lower guard and is the norm with Eickhorn dagger no blade washer was used.

We in the hobby call this dagger a “Student Leader” because it has an eagle in the grip. Since all Eickhorn NPEA daggers have the grip eagle, it is the conclusion of the collecting community that this form was used for students as well as student leaders. This same dagger also would be found as a Chained Student Leader piece.

This is a opportunity to acquire a very rare original NPEA Student Leader Dagger; these do not come up very often and this piece is priced to sell.

Excellent. $3,695.00(#102517)