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NAVYMEDALS #40495C Cloth U-Boat Badge

This Cloth U-Boat Badge is a bullion variant of the titular medal, on a backing of fine black silk

The bullion is woven into an slightly oval wreath of laurel leaves with a Naval eagle at the top, on a dark blue background. The eagle has open wings and looks to the viewer's left. The bird is set atop a depiction of a U-boat in a very close likeness to the standard medal. The detailing is very good for a cloth variant.

A fine, original cloth U-boat Badge here.

Excellent Plus. $250.00

NAVYMEDALS #39958C Early U-Boat Badge

This early U-Boat Badge appears to be one of the initial production types. It is in pristine condition and of the highest quality I have seen to date. It is constructed of Tombak, and retains the original gilded surface as well as the factory lacquer.

It features a wreath of overlapping laurel leaves topped with an open-winged Naval eagle, looking to the viewer’s left and clutching a bright gold swastika. The u-boat in the center has very bold detailing throughout the conning tower, deck gun, and superstructure; this badge is much more crisply detailed than we normally see. The gold swastika and submarine stand in very beautiful contrast against the more matte wreath.

The reverse of the badge also has almost all of the original lacquer. It has a double barrel hinge, a “Coke bottle” pin, and a thin wire catch. It is deeply stamped ‘Schwerin / Berlin 58”.

An exceptional example here. It comes with a letter from Lakeside Trader’s Paul Hogle who issued a guarantee of authenticity. If you are looking for the ultimate (as this badge is not cheap) this badge will be the highlight of your collection.

Mint. $1,350.00

NAVYMEDALS #41217C U-Boat Badge & Award Document Awarded to Kapitänleutnant Nicolai Clausen

This grouping is quite significant, having been awarded to U-Boat ace Nicolai Clausen.

His first three patrols were aboard the U-129, mostly in the Atlantic. These ended without success. It was not until his fourth patrol, this time in the Caribbean, did he strike pay dirt. Clausen and his men sank seven ships totaling 25,613 tons. It was during this patrol, in March of '42, that he was awarded the Knight's Cross. He was a Korvettenkapitän at the time.

The badge document shows some age but overall it remains in perfect condition, something that is rare to see with period documents. The document itself is decorated with the likeness of a U-Boat badge at the top and an Iron Cross at the bottom. It is made out to Clausen, dated for April of 1940 and signed by the captain of the flotilla.

The second piece in this grouping is the badge itself. It has been permanently mounted in a frame, so I have no way to give it a hands-on examination. It is plain to see, however, that it is a real beauty and absolutely authentic. The detailing throughout the laurel wreath, U-boat and open-winged eagle are simply fantastic and remain in choice condition.

Clausen is listed as one of the top U-boat aces, having sunk 24 vessels in total, one of them being a warship. He was awarded the Iron Cross 1st Class in June of 1940 and the Knight's Cross in March of 1942, the latter during an Atlantic patrol aboard U-129. He met is end aboard U-182, being lost when the boat ran afoul of depth charges launches by the Benson-class destroyer USS MacKenzie (DD-614) on May 16th, 1943, near Madeira. Clausen was posthumously promoted to the rank of Kapitänleutnant on April 5th, 1945.

A really outstanding grouping here, attributed to a highly decorated submariner and with a treasure trove of history.

Excellent Plus. $1,895.00

NAVYMEDALS #41135C High Seas Fleet Badge

This early High Seas Fleet Badge badge retains a good bronze finish.

The High Seas Badge consists of an oval wreath of overlapping oak leaves. At the top is an open winged eagle and swastika, and in the center is a highly detailed warship cutting through the sea towards the viewer. There is slight wear to the gray finish on the ship and the inner leaves of the wreath.

The reverse of the badge has a double barrel hinge with a flat, “Coke bottle” pin. The catch is a baseless type soldered directly to the badge. It is marked “Adolf Bock, auf Sonnerin / Berlin".

A very good early example here.

Excellent. $250.00

NAVYMEDALS #40495C Cloth U-Boat Badge

This cloth U-Boat Badge is a bullion variant of the titular medal, constructed with a black silk backing.

The bullion is woven into an oval wreath of laurel leaves with a Naval eagle at the top, against a blue background. The eagle has open wings and looks to the viewer's left. The bird is set atop a depiction of a u-boat.

A fine, original, cloth variant U-Boat Badge here.

Excellent Plus. $250.00

NAVYMEDALS #39557 2nd Style E-boat Badge

This E-boat Badge depicts a fine Schnellboot cutting through the waves, with the bow extending through the right hand side of a surrounding oval wreath of overlapping oak leaves. At the top is an open-winged eagle, clutching a mobile swastika. The boat is silvered and nicely detailed throughout.

The badge is finished in a dark silver color which has toned completely black on the reverse. It is marked “A” over “S”, and is fitted with a hinged horizontal pin. The catch is quite delicate. There is also a small catch that holds the medal in place when worn.

This is a fine, original badge. It shows some modest age and wear but the condition remains pretty nice overall. These badges are quite uncommon these days.

Excellent Plus. $795.00

NAVYMEDALS #31454 Naval Minesweeper Badge

This Naval Minesweeper Badge has most of the golden gray finish gone and it is pretty much the silver color of the medal. The badge is a double wreath of oak leaves and acorns in an oval. At the top of the oval, there is an open-winged naval eagle which looks to the viewer’s left and clutches a mobile swastika. Within the open center of the badge there is a simulation of the ocean with an explosion coming from beneath thrusting water upward.

The reverse of the badge is unmarked and it has a barrel hinge with coke bottle style straight pin with a cup hook which is slightly bent but attached directly to the badge.

Excellent. $225.00