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Miniature examples of most edged weapons were produced to be used as letter openers or desk ornaments. Frequently they are referred to as half-size or three quarter-size examples. The larger size examples are generally of higher quality. Many manufacturers purchased miniature weapons and had their name or name of their product etched on the blade. The miniature was then given to customers as gifts. Since miniatures were of a paramilitary nature they were not subject to the controls of their large counterparts. Frequently, miniatures will be encountered with evidence of a manufacturer's "artistic license".

MINI #48467 Luftwaffe One Quarter Size Sword Miniature By Alcoso

This miniatureLuftwaffe sword is in very nice condition throughout. The silvered nickel fittings still have their silvering and the sunwheel swastikas on the pommel and crossguard also still have their remaining gild. The details are exceptional throughout the same as the large counterpart. The crossguards slope downward and also have notches for the feathering. The Luftwaffe grip leather is in perfect condition throughout being blue Moroccan. It is tightly wrapped with dual brass wire one being standard and the other wire being twisted. The scabbard shell also has absolute perfect original leather. The scabbard is equipped with silvered nickel mounts the upper mount having the two rings to simulate the crescent device carrying areas. The blade on this example is in absolute full bright mint condition being quality nickel plated. Like the large counterpart the blade also has the fuller running down to about the halfway point on either side. Additionally the blade has a name and city engraved into the center surface. I suspect that this may be the name of a company but its possible that the original wear also ordered it that way. The name is in two line written in fine block capital letters WALTER HERZIG / MENDEN. Additionally on the upper scabbard fitting there is an engraving pertaining to the outfit the original wearer was with being “Kraftfahren” which I believe means that he was a driver and the unit is listed as 1. / L. N. A. I 19. I’m not sure what this unit represents but perhaps it is reconnaissance. This is the only Luftwaffe miniature bayonet that I have had with a unit marking on it and also with a name on the blade. It you’re a miniature collector this is a great item on its own or if you would just like to display this miniature next to a Luftwaffe dagger or sword I’m sure it would make a great compliment. A very very fine artifact here.

Mint MInus. $1,495.00

MINI #48535 Army Three Quarter Sized Miniature No Maker

This army half sized miniature although it is unmarked is most probably the work of the Hörster firm who seem to make most of the miniatures of this type. The pommel and crossguard appear to be silvered zinc base. The pommel is outstanding being totally realistic having its leaves running around the circumference. There is a realistic ferrule and the crossguard portrays the open winged eagle clutching a swastika. The grip is white celluloid example and it is highlighted by that fact that in between each rib there is age darkening which really makes the grip stand out to the viewer. The scabbard is a traditional army style having pebbled surfaces till being quite crisp and perfectly realistic. The carrying bands are also very nice with the overlapping oak leaves and carrying ring. The unmarked blade is a nice example still being bright throughout and only having a little bit of age towards the tip and a couple of minor specks in the center area. A very nice half sized miniature here measuring 7 and three quarter inches within the scabbard.

Excellent. $395.00

MINI #47818 RAD Officer Miniature With Orange Grip Plates by Alcoso

This Alcoso piece has a absolute perfect outside. The silvering is outstanding throughout the hilt. With these three quarter size Alcoso miniatures the parts are extremely realistic exactly mimicking the large counterpart. The pommel features the noble eagle head with high brow eye and well done beak. The four curved slots run down the reverse of the pommel. At the bottom is the ferrule that also has raised line section to enhance its looks. The grip plates are in absolute perfect condition and have toned to a beautiful light orange color. The crossguard features the spade with raised swastika positioned over wheat shafts. The scabbard is an exact copy of the large counterpart. It features the RAD curls at the top of both sides and at the bottom of the curls are the two touching wheat shafts. We also see these wheat shafts of the lower portion of the scabbard. The pebble pattern in between is still crisp throughout. The blade is still bright throughout with etched Labor Corp motto. The tip has a little sharpening on the reverse side of it but other than this the blade is in mint condition. It is marked with the 1937 through 39 style scales with the firm’s initials interspersed “ACS”. “Alcoso” is printed in block letters in an arch above. The original blade washer is intact. A really choice example here.

Excellent Plus Plus. $2,195.00

MINI #47819 Three Quarter Size Army Officer By Alcoso

This Alcoso produced piece is an exact duplicate of the large counterpart. It has a fine Alcoso style pommel featuring the oak leaves that run around its perimeter. The crossguard is a eagle that was used early on with Alcoso and the format was not changed on the miniatures. The eagle is in good condition showing only minor usage. The grip is the same as the large counterpart being celluloid and remaining in perfect condition. It is a darker orange color on the front and slightly lighter on the reverse. The ferrule matches the other parts perfectly. The scabbard is straight throughout and is identical to a large army type. The pebbled panels are in good crisp condition and the carrying bands feature oak leaves which show some minor enhancing. The throat is retained apparently by pressure as there are no screws holding it. The blade is a fine example being nickel plated and still remaining in perfect condition. It is marked with the 1937 through 39 style scales with the firm’s initials interspersed “ACS”. “Alcoso” is printed in block letters in an arch above. The original blade buffer is in place.

Excellent Plus Plus. $1,195.00

MINI #45518 Miniature Bayonet Letter Opener SMF

We see a lot of these type bayonet letter openers. They are a fairly large size measuring overall ? and a half inches. The hilt has flat finished pommel which simulates the side view of an eagle’s head. There is also a fine crossguard with teardrop shaped quillon. The grip plates are close checkered Bakelite in good condition and both plates are retained by two steel rivets.

The scabbard is completely straight and has 100 percent of its original black paint. This scabbard is in remarkable condition and easily rates mint.

The blade is a typical bayonet shape even having a fuller on each side. The blade is nickel plated and in fine mint condition. The blade is marked with a distributor on the obverse with the name of Stoeker and Germany beneath it. On the opposite side of the blade is the SMNF seated king with the initial below and Solingen. This is absolutely a period price as SMF was not in business after the war. A very nice example here.

Near Mint. $395.00

MINI #47294 RAD Officer Miniature by Alcoso

This Alcoso miniature is a beauty and these originals are very difficult to come by. The hilt is identical to the large size only scaled to about three quarter size.

The grip plates are an off-white celluloid both of which are in perfect condition and having nice age toning to them. The scabbard is straight throughout. It has a very fine silvered finish and remains in perfect condition.

The blade is a beauty having very fine nickel plated surfaces. It has the groove that runs partially at the upper portion and ends in the bowie-like tip. The motto is nicely etched into the blade and has maybe 50 percent of the original darkening. The reverse ricasso is marked with the 1937 to 1937 Alcoso trademark.

An extremely nice and very difficult to find miniature.

Excellent Plus. $2,195.00

MINI #46991C Miniature 1st Model Luftwaffe on Marble Base

This Luftwaffe is marked E. & F. Hörster. It has silvered fittings to the pommel and crossguard with good sunwheels on both fittings. The silvering is still excellent. The crossguard has the three segmented wings that run on a downward slant.

The grip on this example is quite large being a leather covered type and is wrapped with twisted silver wire.

The scabbard is an all metal type which has struts on the bottom which are fastened to a marble base. The scabbard has the crackle finish which simulates leather and the shell is all painted blue with good paint remaining. The scabbard mounts are also silvered Luftwaffe types. They are in good condition throughout and are fitted with eyelets and carrying rings.

The blade is a nice example which is near mint showing just a little bit of age around the ricasso. The reverse blade is marked with the familiar E. & F. Hörster trademark.

The marble base is quite nice measuring 6 and half inches by 4 inches. It has a pinkish glow to it with lots of marbling sections within the base. It has its original gray felt on the bottom.

Overall this miniature measures 9 and three quarter inches in length.

A nice example to put on your desk.

Excellent Plus. $1,295.00

MINI #46719C DLV / 1st Model Luftwaffe by E. & F Hörster

This 9 and a half inch miniature is a good looking example having white metal type mounts. The detail to the sunwheel swastikas on the pommel and crossguard is excellent as are the grip segments of the crossguard ends.

There is a nice blue grip having rib segments which run downward from right to left. The grip is also wrapped with twisted silver wire.

The scabbard shell is all metal but has a pebbled type finish to simulate leather. It has a good rich paint which is still all there.

The blade is an outstanding example with a rich nickel plated surfaces having needle-like tip and etched with a Hörster trademark.

A nice higher quality example here.

Excellent Plus Plus. $895.00

MINI #46747C Miniature Lion Head Army Sword No Maker

This miniature sword measures 9 and three quarter inches overall.

The brass hilt depicts a nicely detailed lion head with good P guard and crossguard actually being the type that has the small lion head at the quillon end. The obverse langet features crossed cannon simulating a artillery example.

The brass grip is pebbled and painted black and has simulated wire.

The scabbard is of all black paint in fairly good condition having a chape at the bottom.

The 7 inch blade is nickel plated with a fuller running down the top edge and retains its needlelike tip. The blade is still in mint condition.

A nice army miniature sword.

Excellent Plus. $250.00

MINI #46739C Half Sized 2nd Model Luftwaffe by SMF

This SMF miniature measures 9 and a half inches overall. It is fitted with outstanding aluminum hilt fittings which directly resemble the large counterpart. They have very fine detail throughout.

Additionally there is a celluloid grip of light egg yolk color. The grip is wrapped with twisted brass wire. There is a chip on the first rib right above the ferrule in the reverse.

The scabbard is the typical flatter type SMF style. It has good pebbling throughout its surfaces and fine oak leafing at the bottom. The upper carrying band is in place with its ring. Unfortunately the lower carrying band and ring are gone to time.

The blade is still nice and bright throughout having a couple of ripples towards the tip but the plating is still all there. There is also an advertisement that is etched along almost the entire center blade area "Scholler-Bleckmann-Phoenix-Edelstahl".

The reverse is marked with the seated king trademark and DRGM beneath. The original leather washer is in place.

Fair. $595.00

MINI #46738C Three Quarter Sized 2nd Model Luftwaffe by Alcoso

These Alcoso pieces are the most realistic of all of the miniatures. This example measures 10 inches overall.

The pommel and crossguard are extremely well done being identical to the large counterpart. The grip is also a fine example being made of celluloid and having ribs properly running downward from left to right. The grip is perfect except for a very very minor chip at the very bottom rib but there is a portepee on this piece which nicely covers this flaw.

The realistic scabbard has an excellent silvered finish showing only modest age. It has the fine pebbled pattern of the full size example together with finely detailed carrying bands.

The blade shows usage throughout but overall it is still in good condition. The ricasso is marked with the last trademark used by Alcoso being the AC over S within the scales and then Alcoso Solingen printed to the right of it. There is a small washer in place within the crossguard recess.

All in all a decent 2nd luft here that would probably clean up quite nicely.

Excellent. $1,095.00

MINI #46740C Half Sized 2nd Model Luftwaffe by SMF

This SMF piece is in very fine condition measuring 9 and a half inches in length.

It is fitted with fine aluminum pommel and crossguard which are identical to the large counterpart. In addition there is a very attractive orange celluloid grip which has twisted brass wire wrap.

Decorating the hilt is a small bullion portepee with a metal end in an acorn shape.

The blade is pristine mint and being of highest quality nickel plated surfaces with needlelike top. The obverse blade in the center has an advert which is etched in the shape of a a pair of crossed mining hammers. It also has the initials JH at the top and LLG at the bottom and center of the hammers.

The reverse has the usual seated king trademark with the DRGM underneath. The original blade washer is in place.

An extremely fine miniature here.

Mint. $795.00

MINI #46741C Half Sized 2nd Model Luftwaffe by SMF

This Luftwaffe miniature measures 9 and a half inches overall. It is equipped with realistic aluminum pommel and crossguard. The details to these two mounts is excellent.

The grip is a very fine orange celluloid being just slightly lighter on the reverse. It is tightly wrapped with twisted brass wire. There is a aluminum portepee wrapped about the grip but the acorn portion has gone to time.

The scabbard is the traditional flatter type used by SMF. It has good detail to the pebbling on both sides as well as the oak leafing at the lower area. The upper carrying band and ring are in place and in good condition. The lower ring of the scabbard has been lost to time.

The blade is nice and mint throughout having high quality nickel plated surfaces. It is an advertisement etched into the center area of the obverse "Bernhard Spanholtz". The reverse ricasso is marked with the seated king trademark and the DRGM initials. The original leather washer is in place.

Good. $595.00

MINI #46733C Half Sized 2nd Model Naval Dirk No Maker

This little naval piece is quite nice and very highly detailed being 7 and a half inches in length.

It features the 1938 Third Reich eagle pommel with wreath and swastika. The details to the pommel are quite good.

The crossguard is the standard type with dual fouled anchor center block acanthus leaves to the quillion arms and button end with nipples in the middle. There is also a nice bullion portepee wrapped about the crossguard.

The grip is an off white celluloid type which has ribs that run horizontally around the grip rather than curved downward as the original large counterparts would have.

The scabbard is a lightning bolt variety it has palmettes over and below the carrying bands with lightning bolts and acanthus leaves at the bottom. The carrying bands are in the shape of the earlier style having figure 8 type rope-like windings.

The unmarked blade is a very fine example having ricasso and being double edges with one center ridge. The original red velvet is in place.

A nice original naval example here.

Excellent Plus. $795.00

MINI #46319 Three Quarter Size 2nd Model Luftwaffe Miniature by SMF

This SMF miniature is in nice condition throughout. The hilt is equipped with the realistic pommel and crossguard each of which displays the swastikas. The crossguard eagle flies to the viewer's left. The reverse of the crossguard still has 99 percent of the airplane grey coating which is an indication of little usage. The ferrule portrays slanted oak leaves which run around its circumference.

The perfect conditioned grip is a fine deep orange celluloid on the obverse and is slightly lighter orange on the reverse. The grip is tightly wrapped with twisted brass wire.

The scabbard is a steel base having pebbled panels which run the length and sets of standing oak leaves at the bottom chape area. The scabbard shows a few signs age and a little bit of rust activity but basically it is still in good condition with most of its original gray coating. The scabbard is equipped with the carrying bands eyelets and two rings.

The fine blade has a bright nickel plated surface. There is one age mark on the obverse but it is very minor. The blade has a two line advertisement on it which features the name and company and the type of business "Wilhelm Dick & Co Nüremberg" and then beneath "Kohlengrosshandlung", which is something to do with the coal trade. In addition there is a set of crossed hammers at the left.

The ricasso is marked with the seated king trademark with the firm's initials below and then at the bottom is the so-called "patent pending" marking. D.R.G.M. (or sometimes DRGM) is not now nor has ever been a mark of a German patent. It was instead a way for inventors to register a product’s design or function in all states within Germany.

The original buffer is in place.

A nice miniature here.

Good Plus. $750.00

MINI #46115 Three Quarter Size RAD EM Hewer

This RAD hewer is one of the neatest miniatures I’ve ever seen. It’s not really a miniature however and may well be some sort of a salesman’s sample piece. The piece measures 10 inches in length and is very heavy as it is made of all of the same materials that a full size example would be.

The hilt has the usual beak at the pommel portion which is extremely well formed. The ferrule and crossguard are also exactly the same as the large size and are all of the same metals probably being a nickel silver base and being silver plated. The piece is highly patinated and never looks to have been cleaned.

Accenting the hilt are two stag grip plates. These plates are also the same as the large size. Both grip plates have very fine brown and darker coffee brown colors and the edges where they were trimmed have all turned a golden color. The grip plates appear to be retained similar to the large size. The face plate has screws which never appear to have been turned and on the reverse there are also screws which have not been turned.

The blade is an exact duplicate of the large size having the bowie style end. This plate has been quality nickel plated and has the fuller on both sides and the labor corp motto etched into its surface “Arbeit Adelt”.

This is a tremendous piece here the first of which I have seen. It is in totally untouched condition never having been cleaned and is a remarkable example for those out there that are collecting high quality miniatures. Absolute 100 percent original piece!

Excellent. $2,495.00

MINI #43318C 3/4 Size Handmade 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger

This miniature Luftwaffe Dagger is an interesting piece of work, the likes of which I have never seen before. It looks to have been completely hand made.

It measures 8 ½ inches long. The pommel is spherical in shape and totally devoid of any embellishment, with a "neck" area that connects to the grip. It looks to be made of solid nickel.

The guard is also nickel, with engraved details. The obverse has an Göring-style Luftwaffe eagle clutching a mobile swastika, with full detailing, while the reverse has a border similar to a standard size dagger. Unlike the full size counterpart there is no pebbling.

The grip is very eye catching, being made of some type of celluloid. It is bulbous in the center and tapers towards either end. This celluloid is a shade of red, wrapped with nickel wire. This wire has been completely inset into the celluloid; some great workmanship here! The ferrule is completely plain, just like the pommel.

The scabbard is also solid nickel, tapered in the same way as a standard 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger. It has the three segments at the chape but is otherwise smooth and plain. Engraved into the obverse center are the words "Zur erinnerung / Antwerpen 1942". I did a little research to see if the Luftwaffe was involved in anything important in Belgium at this time, but couldn't find anything. Perhaps the original owner was simply stationed there. It is anyone's guess, really.

The blade is a standard miniature type, showing some minor age and wear but with a needle-like tip. There is a leather washer in the recesses of the pommel.

A great little miniature here, and absolutely period.

Excellent Plus. $1,495.00

MINI #40374C Cased Miniature 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger - SMF

This miniature 2nd Model Luftwaffe Dagger was produced by SMF and is a three-quarter sized example. It is in nice condition. The mounts are of aluminum, with fine detailing on the pommel and the crossguard. The guard has a name engraved on the reverse, "Paddi". I assume this is the original owner, but I can't say anything for sure.

The grip is a most beautiful dark orange, fading just slightly on the reverse. It is interesting to note this example has the correct Luftwaffe ferrule below the grip; most have Army ferrules which were used for the sake of expediency. There were no official regulations governing these miniatures.

The scabbard is a fine, airplane gray example, in choice condition. It has a good pebbled panel and the oak leaves are nicely raised out.

The blade is nice and bright, with a good tip. It is nickel plated. The obverse has the name of the company engraved on it, "Boecker & Kraft / Hagen-Halden". Was this company nice enough to gift this miniature to Herr Paddi? Your guess is as good as mine.

The reverse of the blade is marked with the Seated King trademark of the SMF firm. It is also stamped "DRGM" indicating this item was a protected patent.

The case is really special. It is of blue and black leatherette and remains in nice condition, with just a little wear to each of the corners. The inside lid is padded with horsehair-backed satin. It is interesting to note that the hilt of the miniature has imprinted itself into this satin backing, clearly showing both the outline and the swastika detailing! The lower portion to cut out to accept the miniature and is covered in blue velvet. It is bordered in fine white cord, and has a similar impression of the dagger pressed into the velvet.

A really great miniature here, complete and ready to display with your Luftwaffe collection. It has much, much more finery that one would expect from a letter-opener!

Excellent Plus, Plus. $995.00

MINI #31992C Miniature Stag Gripped Bayonet

This miniature Stag Gripped Bayonet is of highest quality construction throughout, and I do not think it ever had a scabbard. It measures approximately 7½ inches in length. The hilt fittings are nickel-plated and are in the exact contortion as the large full size pieces. The nickel plating throughout is still in bright perfect condition. The eagle head pommel, which faces to the left, has a simulated button and mortise lock on the front and rear respectively. This simulation is done with engraving the likeness of the hardware into the metal. The lower quillon is exactly the same as the large counterpart and the upper part of the crossguard has the curve in the lip to simulate the clearance for the rifle barrel.

But if this is not enough there has been a fine genuine set of grip plates cut from stag antler and perfectly fitted to this beautiful piece. These grip plates are an impressive dark brown and tan with very nice graining throughout. They are yellow on the edges from exposure time. These fantastic grip plates are retained by two steel rivets having dressed heads on one side only. The blade is the same as a full size example having a single edge ricasso and fuller on both sides. The blade is nicely tapered at the end and has highest quality nickel-plated surfaces. The blade still remains in near full mint condition showing only the most modest of age. There is a red felt buffer which is still in place.

This is one of the greatest looking miniature bayonets I have seen. It is also in first rate condition. A very rare item here and a top piece for the serious miniature collector.

Mint Minus. $1,495.00

MINI #8372 2nd Model Luftwaffe Sword Miniature Mounted on Propellor

I have seen many Luft miniatures on the casted propeller, but this is the first I have seen on a finished wood prop. The wood appears to be a mahogany. It has fine grain and is finished with a varnish or shellac. There is a black felt base on the bottom. The 2nd Luftwaffe miniature is also unusual. It is a one-piece, casted style, having really outstanding detail. The swastika pommel and crossguard feathering are just the best. Even the simulated grip wire is easily distinguishable. The blade is also a nice one. It is fashioned after a Luftwaffe sword as it has the center fuller - guess the manufacturer probably made these in the sword variation too, utilizing the same blade. The scabbard is mounted to the prop via two struts. It has fine pebble pattern, carrying rings, and if not in the right perspective, could easily be mistaken for the real thing. A fine item here, most likely missing from even an advanced collection. Very rare item.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $750.00

MINI #28267 Forestry Miniature - Alcoso

These three quarter size deluxe forestry cutlasses by Alcoso are among the rarest of all miniatures. If you do not know what these pieces look like, you can see a nice example in Johnson’s Volume IV on Page 276 or if you have a copy of Skipper Greenwade’s book “Solingen Made Me”, you can see a very fine example on Page 228. This piece looks as good or better than the above two mentioned examples. If features choice silvered hilt fittings throughout. The top pommel is a curved oval variety having oak leaves which run around its circumference. The oak leaves look to have been all hand-enhanced and they are not perfect looking, but they do give a quality look about the piece. Atop the center area is a tang nut which is in the shape of an acorn. In this instance, the cap of the acorn is positioned against the pommel. The ferrule is very similar to that of an army dagger, having oak leaves overlapping each other running about the surface. The cross guard is a fine example, having a center block of oak leaves on both sides and then stretching out are two branch-like quillon arms which also have leaf-like oak leaf detail throughout. These quillons end in rounded shapes. This example has a clamshell positioned beneath the cross guard. The clamshell depicts a large stag lying between two females. There is a forest glen which surrounds the three animals. The silvering throughout these pieces is in excellent condition and does not appear to have been cleaned in many years. The grip is made from a portion of genuine stag. It has nice, pleasing colors of tan and brown and has graining which is raised out and runs lengthwise. This grip is in perfect condition and is very nicely fitted to these hilt pieces.

The scabbard is a shell made of green leather over a composition material . This leather has very fine grain and is decorated with twin lines running down both of the edges. The leather is in excellent condition, showing some minor age but still very pleasing to the eye. The mounts of this scabbard are silver plated matching the hilt. The upper mount is decorated with a acorn which would have duplicated the lug fitting. This acorn has nice detail to its cap and a good point at the lower area. The throat is a built-in fitting. The edge of the mount is scalloped, matching that of the lower mount. This lower example is extremely elaborate, depicting a panel with a forest glen. Standing proudly within the glen under a tree is a very large stag with well-pointed rack. Below this magnificent animal is a panel featuring three oak leaves. The reverse of the lower and upper mount are plain. The chape is a ball-like shape having some engraving around its edges.

The blade of this example shows a little bit of usage, being a double-etched, single edge type. This blade has forest scenes etched on both sides. The etching on the obverse shows a dog sniffing around in a forest, a fox looking to his left and at the end there is a panel of floral plants. The reverse side depicts a couple of stags fighting with each other with a tree in the center for protection and on the end is a fence within a forest and more floral scenes. This fine blade has a ricasso and it is nickel plated, having good frosted backgrounds to the etchings. The point shows a little use from opening letters, but other then that the blade is in good shape and is still bright, having all of its plating. It easily rates in near mint condition. The reverse ricasso it etched with the trademark used by this firm from 1937-1939. It consists of a set of scales having the firm’s initials interspersed “ACS”. Above, in an arch being block lettered, is the name of the firm “Alcoso”. Below is the city location “Solingen”. There is a nice green felt buffer which protects the blade. This is an outstanding miniature and is the first one of these types that I have had the pleasure to offer in many years. This miniature in the scabbard measures just over 9 inches in length. This is the ultimate example for the miniature collector or a great piece to also put with a collection of hunting forestry daggers.

Excellent Plus $2,995.00