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We at Wittmann Militaria offer a vast array of Imperial, 3rd Reich and other medals. Many of the medals we offer come from the families of veterans, as well as through other collector sources. We endeavor to carry only original examples and if we have any doubt about a particular piece, we seek out experts in the subject, all of whom are well known to the collecting community. Our prime area of expertise is edged weapons, but in order to offer a full service website, it is necessary to handle and offer many other varied collectibles. Sometimes the collecting of medals can be a minefield, as there have been many generations of reproductions passed around the community for many years. We are familiar with most varieties and do our utmost to avoid reproductions.

All the medals our site are money-back guaranteed. You will never lose your money if one of our medals is declared a reproduction, whether it be after you purchased it, or a decade later. We stand behind what we sell. Should you see a medal on our site that you feel is not correct, please let us know and we will make further inquiries and if necessary, remove it from the site. So, enjoy our medals offering and know that you can buy with confidence.

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