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The Luftwaffe Officer Degen was a new sword design first established in 1935, based on the cruciform style of medieval times. Due to its extreme good looks, few collectors are content to not have one. They are a satisfying compliment to a fine 1st Model Luftwaffe dagger, also of the same design.

The value of Luftwaffe Swords has seen much growth in recent years and they continue to be an excellent investment. The combinations of silvered nickel mounts with fine Moroccan-covered grips and scabbards are very difficult not to admire. We hope you enjoy this fine assortment of Luftwaffe Degen.

LUFTSWORD #31173 Early Luftwaffe Officer's Sword - Paul Weyersberg

This uncleaned Luftwaffe sword is in nice condition throughout, having good patination over the nickel mounts. The pommel has good edges with no hits and the stamped oak leaves and acorns that run around the pommel upper edge are all nicely executed. The medallion insert has fine brass sunwheel swastikas and all of the silvering still remains within the legs. The cross guard sunwheels are not the brass type and retain their nickel finish. The carved wood base grip has excellent Moroccan leather covering showing only mild usage. The grip is tightly wrapped with springy-style dual brass wire.

The scabbard is completely straight. It has outstanding Moroccan leather covering showing no wear and no flaws - a really fine scabbard here. The patinated nickel scabbard mounts are in fine condition, being retained by headless side screws. The original crescent hanger is in place and has good leather. It is missing the closed top clip. Studying the leather of the hanger, however, indicates that the box clip was removed for some reason, as there are no breaks to the leather from a wear-through problem. Perhaps the original owner choose to hang the sword with another style of clip and took the original example out?

The 29 1/2 inch blade is a mint beauty with its quality nickel-plated surface. The reverse ricasso is etched with the two ovals which contain the firm's name and location, "Paul Weyersberg & Co. / Solingen". In the center, is the sword placed between two wheat shafts. The ricasso is also Waffen-amted. The original blade buffer remains in place.

A very fine, untouched early sword here.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $1,695.00

LUFTSWORD #40011C 1938 Shooting Prize Luftwaffe Sword - E. & F. Hörster

This Luftwaffe Sword is quite a fine (and very rare) weapon; it was in fact the prize for a 1938 Luftwaffe shooting contest.

The sword hilt is equipped with early to mid-period hilt mounts, being the style with sunwheel swastika inserts. The brass of the sunwheels extends to the areas in between the legs of the swastika on both mounts, indicating the old silvering has worn. The edges of the pommel cap show a little wear, probably from admiring hands. The cross guard wings are in excellent condition with fine deep feathering.

The grip is of carved wood with an outstanding original Moroccan leather covering, which remains in perfect condition. It is complete with tight springy-style aluminum wire, which tends to apply to the vintage of the sword. An earlier sword would have had brass wire wrap.

The scabbard is straight throughout. It too has superb Moroccan leather covering, being totally perfect and with no real signs of being carried. The scabbard mounts are the nickel-silver type, having good plating. The screws are all in place and are unturned. The original crescent hanger is also in a mint state, having a nickel closed box clip.

The blade is a most impressive example, appearing to have a polished finish as opposed to the usual nickel-plating. Most likely this blade finish was used due to the etching and gray background that has been applied. This blade is 26 1/2 inches in length. It shows a little mild age around the ricasso area, but otherwise is in fine condition. It is also interesting to note that the blade has a waffenamt just above the trademark on the reverse.

The obverse of the blade is etched with a laurel design, floral leaf motif. It is an unusual motif I do not remember seeing before. In the center is a replica of the early Pilot/Observer Badge. It is well-done, displaying an oval wreath with a eagle appearing in the midst of flight, clutching a swastika. The backgrounds of the etch are a deep gray color, accenting the high points. The reverse of the blade displays an additional large panel that is supplemented with oak leaf and acorn sprigs. In the center of the panel are two ribbon images that contain the raised dedication, "Fur gute Scheissleistungen 1938/ D.R.D.L u. Ob. L". Obviously, the first part of the dedication is translated, "For good shooting performance 1938. The initials "D.R.D. L" stand for Der Reichminister Der Luftfhart, and the "u. Ob. L" work out to be "und Oberbefehlshaber der Luftwaffe". The reverse ricasso is matching etched with the double oval trademark containing the firm's name and location, "E & F. Horster, Solingen". In the center is the large "H" monogram with the sword and smaller "H" and "S" in the middle. The blade is buffered by a matching blue leather washer.

A very rare and one-of-kind Luftwaffe Shooting Prize Sword.

Excellent Plus. $6,995.00