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The Luftwaffe Officer Degen was a new sword design first established in 1935, based on the cruciform style of medieval times. Due to its extreme good looks, few collectors are content to not have one. They are a satisfying compliment to a fine 1st Model Luftwaffe dagger, also of the same design.

The value of Luftwaffe Swords has seen much growth in recent years and they continue to be an excellent investment. The combinations of silvered nickel mounts with fine Moroccan-covered grips and scabbards are very difficult not to admire. We hope you enjoy this fine assortment of Luftwaffe Degen.

LUFTSWORD #39696C Early Luftwaffe Sword with Smith-marked Damascus Blade

This Early Luftwaffe Sword is quite a treasure, with hilt components of fine, silver-plated nickel. The excellent sunwheel swastikas are in brass, and most of the silver appears to be between the legs.

The pommel has good, crisp edges and the top portion is stamped with fine oak leaves and acorns. The crossguard sunwheels are in the same crisp condition as those seen on the pommel. The guard is in the characteristic tripartite “wing” style, nicely down swept and with detailed feathering throughout.

The grip is constructed of wood covered in perfect original Moroccan leather. This leather is in a beautiful dark blue color and is tightly wrapped with a pair of twisted silver wires.

The scabbard shell is straight throughout and is also covered in beautiful blue Moroccan leather. This leather covering remains in choice, perfect condition throughout. The scabbard mounts are of silvered nickel, in fine condition and retained by headless side screws. The upper rings of the scabbard are fitted with a very nice blue leather crescent hanger. This hanger has a closed nickel clip at the top.

The mint blade is a hand-forged work of art that measures 28 ½ inches long. It features a very prominent “Maidenhair” Damascus pattern and could not be more beautiful. It is interesting to not that the tang of the blade is faintly stamped “Etcher” and, after that, with a bolder “Damast”. On the opposite side are the initials “PH” and “07”. It is worth noting that the pommel, grip and guard are all marked “07”.

The “PH” would be the initials of one of the six Damascus smiths active during the Third Reich period, in this case Paul Hillman. We don’t hear of Herr Hillman very often, so I assume his output was rather limited. I think it is very exciting to see his mark on a blade.

This is beautiful, high quality Luftwaffe Sword in the best of condition, one that is sure to be the highlight of any collection.

Near Mint. $14,995.00

LUFTSWORD #40011C 1938 Shooting Prize Luftwaffe Sword - E. & F. Hörster

This Luftwaffe Sword is quite a fine (and very rare) weapon; it was in fact the prize for a 1938 Luftwaffe shooting contest.

The sword hilt is equipped with early to mid-period hilt mounts, being the style with sunwheel swastika inserts. The brass of the sunwheels extends to the areas in between the legs of the swastika on both mounts, indicating the old silvering has worn. The edges of the pommel cap show a little wear, probably from admiring hands. The cross guard wings are in excellent condition with fine deep feathering.

The grip is of carved wood with an outstanding original Moroccan leather covering, which remains in perfect condition. It is complete with tight springy-style aluminum wire, which tends to apply to the vintage of the sword. An earlier sword would have had brass wire wrap.

The scabbard is straight throughout. It too has superb Moroccan leather covering, being totally perfect and with no real signs of being carried. The scabbard mounts are the nickel-silver type, having good plating. The screws are all in place and are unturned. The original crescent hanger is also in a mint state, having a nickel closed box clip.

The blade is a most impressive example, appearing to have a polished finish as opposed to the usual nickel-plating. Most likely this blade finish was used due to the etching and gray background that has been applied. This blade is 26 1/2 inches in length. It shows a little mild age around the ricasso area, but otherwise is in fine condition. It is also interesting to note that the blade has a waffenamt just above the trademark on the reverse.

The obverse of the blade is etched with a laurel design, floral leaf motif. It is an unusual motif I do not remember seeing before. In the center is a replica of the early Pilot/Observer Badge. It is well-done, displaying an oval wreath with a eagle appearing in the midst of flight, clutching a swastika. The backgrounds of the etch are a deep gray color, accenting the high points. The reverse of the blade displays an additional large panel that is supplemented with oak leaf and acorn sprigs. In the center of the panel are two ribbon images that contain the raised dedication, "Für gute Scheissleistungen 1938/ D.R.D.L u. Ob. L". Obviously, the first part of the dedication is translated, "For good shooting performance 1938. I am not sure what the initials afterward mean, but maybe there is a Luftwaffe expert out there that could let me know. The reverse ricasso is matching etched with the double oval trademark containing the firm's name and location, "E & F. Hörster, Solingen". In the center is the large "H" monogram with the sword and smaller "H" and "S" in the middle. The blade is buffered by a matching blue leather washer.

A very rare and one-of-kind Luftwaffe Shooting Prize Sword.

Excellent Plus. $7,995.00

LUFTSWORD #39848 Early Luftwaffe Sword – Puma

This Luftwaffe Sword is a real beauty. It is in untouched condition and has a lovely patina throughout the fine, nickel silver mounts. This sword comes from a long time collector friend of mine who looking to part with some his best pieces.

The pommel of the sword could not be nicer. It has no hits to the rims and the sunwheel swastikas have a beautiful burnished look that shines like searchlight against the dark patination. 100% of the silvering remains intact between the legs of the sunwheels. The same is true of the sunwheels on the guard.

The guard is in the characteristic down swept, tripartite “wing” design. It is interesting to note that on the reverse of the guard butt plate are the tiny, stamped numbers “01”. A matching number can be seen on the reverse scabbard edge. These numbers are so small that they are extremely easy to miss.

The grip is an outstanding example covered in fine, original leather. This leather remains in nearly perfect condition, with some visible grain. The grip is tightly wrapped with twisted springy brass wire.

The scabbard shell is as straight as an arrow and covered in very fine, original leather. There are some minor traces of wear on this scabbard but it is totally free of cuts or problems. It is rare to see an early example such as this one with leather in this kind of condition. The scabbard mounts are also outstanding, constructed of matching silvered nickel. The silver finish is in place and has developed a fine, even patina. The mounts are retained by headless screws on each side.

Attached to the two upper rings is the original blue leather crescent hanger. It is in good condition throughout, with a matching closed clip at the top.

The blade is of highest quality, being flat out, stone mint. It measures 28 ½ inches long and has the best-of-the-best nickel plating. The reverse ricasso is marked with the fine Puma Cat trademark. Above the trademark is an early, stickbird waffenamt with a letter “L” in his belly, as opposed to the usual numeral. This is most interesting and the first time I’ve ever seen it! The original leather blade buffer is in place.

A truly outstanding early Luftwaffe Sword here, with the kind of superior quality we expect from Pumawerks. If you are looking for a great sword that you would be proud to ow and display, look not further.

Near Mint. $1,795.00

LUFTSWORD #39764C Aluminum Luftwaffe Sword – SMF

This aluminum Luftwaffe Sword is a fine example. The mounts have a new-like look to them; it is amazing how aluminum ever seems to show age!

The sunwheel swastikas retains a good percentage of their original gilding but they are evenly fading throughout to a darker color. The pommel edges are in nice condition, with just one small hit on the obverse facing at about 9 o’clock. It’s not bad, though.

The crossguard is in the characteristic down swept, tripartite “wing” design, with fine detailing throughout the feathering.

The grip is of carved wood covered in fine Moroccan leather. This leather is excellent, showing little wear. The grip is tightly wrapped springy aluminum wire.

The scabbard shell is straight throughout, with very choice Moroccan leather. There are a couple of minor traces of wear but no nips, cuts, or problems. The tow matching aluminum scabbard mounts are in perfect, pristine condition, each retained by flat head side screws.

Attached to the hanging rings is the original leather crescent hanger. It is in good condition, having a matching aluminum closed box clip.

The blade of this example is a fine, nickel plated type. It is bright throughout and in mint condition. The reverse ricasso of the blade is marked with the Seated King trademark of the SMK firm, and the original blue leather blade washer is in place.

A fine Luftwaffe Sword that is all there.

Excellent Plus. $1,095.00

LUFTSWORD #39674 Aluminum Luftwaffe Officer’s Sword – Carl Eickhorn

This Eickhorn Luftwaffe Officer’s Sword has fine aluminum mounts, with a new-like look to them as aluminum seems to never show its age. The mount are in excellent condition throughout, with gilded sunwheels on both the pommel and the crossguard. The gilding is starting to thin slightly but it does remain visible throughout.

The pommel shows a couple of age spots here and there, but remains in generally fine condition. The top edge is engraved with a detailed pattern of oak leaves and acorns. The guard is in the characteristic tripartite “wing” style, nicely down swept and with detailed engraved feathering throughout.

The grip is constructed of wood covered in perfect original Moroccan leather, with a fine graining. This leather is in a beautiful dark blue color and is tightly wrapped with a pair of springy copper wires.

The scabbard shell is nice and straight throughout. When we received this sword the shell was missing half of the original leather so we opted to recover it. The new leather is the identical to that used during the period, and the installation was executed flawlessly. It is doubtful anyone would ever guess it was restored, perfectly matching the blue leather grip. The scabbard mounts are of matching aluminum. The lower mount has a small split in the back of it, but this does not show from the front and is not in jeopardy. The upper mount is in perfect condition. Both mounts are retained by flat head side screws.

The attached crescent hanger was also broken when we received this sword, but we managed to mend it and it looks very good now.

The blade is 28 inches long and very striking. It has a perfect nickel-plated finish of the highest quality. The reverse ricasso is etched with the iconic 1935-41 Eickhorn Squirrel trademark, and there is a blue leather blade buffer in place.

A good sword here, with some minor restoration but priced accordingly.

Excellent Plus. $995.00

LUFTSWORD #39028 Early, Uncleaned Luftwaffe Officer’s Sword – E. & F. Hörster

The hilt of this Luftwaffe Officer’s Sword has never been cleaned and is completely black with patination. It does not look to have been touched since the war.

The obverse of the pommel is in excellent shape, looking to still have the silvering between the sunwheels; there could even be some gilding beneath all of the dirt! The reverse pommel sunwheel has a slight ding on the 6 o'clock leg. This pommel is free of dings or damage to the edges.

The crossguard is in the usual tripartite down-swept “wing” design. These quillons have been nicely hand enhanced. The obverse sunwheel retains traces of silvering (and perhaps a touch of gilding) beneath the grime, while the gilding on the reverse sunwheel has been totally rubbed away.

The grip leather is in excellent condition. This original Moroccan leather covering retains fine grain is tightly wrapped with dual strands of springy copper wire.

The scabbard shell is nice and straight throughout. The original Moroccan leather retains all of the original grain and perfectly matches the grip. This leather shows some mild signs of wear but is free of cuts or nips. The scabbard mounts are heavily patinated and exactly match the hilt mounts.

The original crescent leather hanger is in good condition, equipped with a closed nickel box clip.

The blade of this sword is a beauty, with highest quality nickel plating. This blade measures 38 ½ inches long and is in nearly mint condition. The reverse ricasso is etched with the familiar Hörster “H” logo.

The original leather blade washer is intact and in place.

If you are the type of collector that loves untouched relics this sword should really appeal to you. It is unusual to find one that has survived this long without being cleaned.

Excellent Plus. $1,195.00

LUFTSWORD #32655 Early Luftwaffe Officer Sword - Carl Eickhorn

This Luftwaffe Officers Sword has not been cleaned since the war and has a complete black patination throughout its surfaces. The pommel still has good, crisp edges. The sun wheel swastikas do not appear to have any gilt remaining on their surfaces. On these early Eickhorn swords, many times this firm did not use the brass inlay type sun wheels and this is one of those examples where the sun wheel is a nickel silver base. The obverse portion of the pommel has just the slightest of a depression in the center of the sun wheel whereas the reverse is okay. The cross guard sun wheels have just a slight amount of gilt still in place, looking to be maybe about 10%. The cross guard arms are the downward sloping type being in three tiers and carved with lines to simulate feathering. These quillon arms still have good, crisp edges.

The grip is a fine Moroccan leather covered carved wood base. This leather is in choice condition throughout and still has its original graining in the surfaces. The grip is tightly wrapped with a copper springy-like wire.

The scabbard of this example is also straight throughout. It has some signs of being carried here and there and there is a very small scuff on the left edge where there is a slight amount of leather missing. The amount of leather missing is about the size of a piece of corn. Since it is on the edge though, it is not noticeable from the forward or backward view. Other than this, the leather is all there. The scabbard is equipped with upper and lower matching darkly patinated mounts. These mounts are in fine condition and are retained by headless, flush mount screws which are all in place. The original matching leather crescent hanger is also in place with no signs of rot. This crescent hanger is equipped with a closed matching nickel box clip.

The blade of this example measures about 28” in length. It has high quality mirror finish nickel plating. The blade, at first glance, looks to be mint but, unfortunately, there are some sword fighting nicks to both edge sides. If it were not for these nicks the blade would be in mint condition, but the sword is priced accordingly. The reverse ricasso is deeply etched with the 1935-41 squirrel logo. The animal holds a downward pointing sword and above him is the word “original”. Below is the firm’s name and location “Eickhorn Solingen”. Just below the logo is a waffenamt stamping. The stamping is that of a stick bird having a number "5" in his stomach. The original matching blue leather blade buffer is in place.

A pretty nice sword here, having minor deducts for the small leather flaw and for the blade edge nicks. If you can live with these flaws, you have a great looking sword here.

Excellent. $1,295.00

LUFTSWORD #33823C Early Luftwaffe Sword with Damascus Blade

This early Luftwaffe Sword is of initial production. It has very fine nickel silver mounts throughout. The mounts are patinated and do not look to have been cleaned in many years, if ever.

The pommel is a fine example still having good crisp edges around the rim. There are very fine oak leaves and acorns which are stamped on the flat rim surface. The stamping is outstanding and there has been pebbling put over the leaves surfaces to give a look of relief. The brass insert medallions are in choice condition with the sunwheels still having all of the silvering between their legs. The same is true of the crossguard sunwheels and in fact there is still some gilded surface remaining on these crossguard swastikas. I would say that there is about 70% on one side and maybe 50% on the other. The crossguard arms gently flow downward and have outstanding feathering which appears to have some hand enhancing.

The grip is a carved base with ribs which flow from left to right running downward. The grip is covered with fine Moroccan blue leather still having a majority of its graining. This leather remains in fine condition with no hits or bruises. A fine hilt here!

The scabbard shell is straight throughout. This shell is covered with matching blue Moroccan. There are a couple of wearing signs here and there on this leather but there are no cuts or problems. On the rear of the surface about two-thirds down there is a bruise which appears to have been polished over sometime in the past but it does not appear as though the leather was broken. The scabbard shell is fitted with matching silvered nickel mounts. These mounts have fine patination and they are in perfect condition. The mounts are retained by flathead flush mount screws which are all present and are unbuggered.

The original crescent hanger is in place showing some age to the leather but still appears to be sound and is complete with the nickel box clip at the top.

The 28 inch long blade is most impressive being a most beautiful hand forged Damascus. The patterns seems to be the Maiden Hair style with a mixture of the Small Roses style here and there. The blade fuller is perfectly done running around a third of the way down. The patterns of the Damascus are extremely bold and are in perfect condition being still bright throughout. The blade retains its needlelike tip and is in full mint condition. The blade is protected by an in place blue leather buffer.

I took a look at the tang since there is no maker mark on the blade. The tang has the numbers which appear to be “388” stamped into one of the edges. The lower crossguard is fit tightly against the blade shoulders and it would be a shame to loosen this so I couldn’t look any further. It is possible there may be other details hidden by the crossguard but we can leave that up to the next owner if he so wishes to examine the area. I personally do not feel that it is worth knocking this crossguard out of place in order to achieve this view as the way the blade is made and fitted this is surely a period piece.

A very beautiful edged weapon here and it would certainly make a great addition to an advanced collection.

Near Mint $8,500.00

LUFTSWORD #31237C Early Luftwaffe Sword - SMF

This early Luftwaffe Sword has highest quality nickel silver mounts. They do not look to have been cleaned in many years and are developing a desirable patination. The pommel has excellent crisp rims and very nice stamping to the oak leaves and acorns which run around the circumference. The medallion insert sun wheels are really beauties, having great brass finish which really sticks out against the darkness of the patinated silver behind them. The silvering is still 100% between the legs of the sun wheels. The lower cross guard sun wheels also look really good, having intact silvering also between their legs. The crossguards are nice and crisp and they both have good detail to the feathering of the downward pointing quillons. One side of the lower cross guard is engraved “I/G Hdba.” This same light engraving appears on the upper scabbard fitting just below the throat. There is no crescent hanger here so I assume that the engraving is on the real throat area.

The grip is a wood based type having outstanding original Moroccan blue leather covering. This leather is in choice condition throughout and still shows all of its fine graining. The grip is wrapped with twin copper springy wire. A very fine hilt here!

The scabbard shell is nice and straight. The original Moroccan blue leather here is also in good shape. There are no cuts or nips; the only signs of age are a few bruises in the surfaces of the leather but this is to be expected on any Luftwaffe sword. This leather is all there! The scabbard mounts are a fine matching solid nickel silver. They are in perfect condition and they are retained by headless side screws. The blade of this example is quite long for a Luftwaffe sword. It measures just over 30”. Most Luftwaffe swords are 27” or 28” in length. This must have been a tall man that wore this sword. The blade has an outstanding nickel plated surface and it is easily in full mint condition. This fine blade has a waffenamt stamping in the fuller area just above the trademark. The trademark features the etched king holding an upward pointing sword. The king is sitting on the firm’s initials “SMF” and is positioned above an arch shaped town location “Solingen”. The leather washer is in place and is a lot fatter than we normally see but it seems to be the original washer.

An extremely nice early sword here. I do not know what the markings mean, so this could be a good research project for the next owner of this sword.

Near Mint. $1,995.00

LUFTSWORD #36352 Early Luftwaffe Sword – F&A Helbig

This Luftwaffe Sword has never been cleaned, and as a result the solid nickel mounts do show quite a bit of patination. The pommel is an excellent example, having no hits to the rim edges. The rim is stamped with a fine decoration of connected oak leaves and acorns, and it has the medallion insert style sun-wheel swastika. It appears as though there is no silvering left between the legs of the swastika.

The crossguard has the same medallion inserts, although in this case it appears as though the silvering is intact. The guard is the three section variety, which slopes downward and bears good, enhanced feathering.

The grip is a carved wood base, and is covered with a fine blue Moroccan leather. This leather shows quite a bit of usage with some scuff here and there, but be covered in with Meltonian leather cream and it cleaned up quite nicely. The grip is tightly wrapped with springy copper wire.

The scabbard shell of this piece is straight throughout, and is also covered in Moroccan leather. The obverse of this scabbard is in fairly good condition, showing no scuffs to the leather, while the reverse, despite some age and signs of wear, is in a decent state. The scabbard mounts are the matching nickel-silver types, in good condition. They are retained by headless side screws. The original crescent hanger is in place, in good condition and equipped with a matching nickel-silver box clip.

The blade of this piece is a 26½ example. It is a real beauty, being in stone Mint condition, with highest quality nickel-plated surfaces. It is marked on the reverse ricasso, “F&A Helbig / Steinbach”. Above the trademark is a waffenamt, consisting of a stickbird with a number “5” visible in his belly. The original blue leather blade washer is in place, in good condition and showing only minor wear.

A nice Luftwaffe example here, being in good condition and direct from a family in California.

Excellent. $1,295.00