Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Luftwaffe Medals
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LUFTWAFFE #38067 Gold Squadron Clasp

This Squadron Clasp is a great looking medal, being fairly wide. It has two “wings” of overlapping oak leaves that stretch about 3 inches across. In the center there is a ring of laurel leaves with an immobile swastika at the bottom. Positioned in the center is a winged iron bomb, complete with tail fins. The gilded surfaces throughout the medal are intact, the base being of fine bronze and not the cheaper zinc.

The reverse of the medal is marked “G.H. Osang” on the left. There is a rivet in the center reverse that acts to retain the bomb insignia. The medal has a horizontal flat “Coke bottle” pin and a barrel hinge. The catch looks to have a period repair, but it is so minor it almost completely escapes notice.

A very fine, original medal here that is increasingly scarce.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $695.00

LUFTMEDALS #37779 Luftwaffe 4 Year Service Parade Ribbon and Medallion

This Luftwaffe Service Medallion is silvered, and features a closed-winged eagle and swastika on the obverse. The reverse has the number “4”, indicating that it was given for four years of service. It is about the size of a quarter.

The accompanying parade mount shows some soiling and fading. It has an early droop-tail eagle clutching a mobile swastika. There is a pin on the reverse of the parade mount.

A good example for a Luftwaffe uniform.

Excellent. $95.00

LUFTMEDALS #36568 Late Wartime Parachute Badge

This Parachute Badge appears to be of zinc construction and was made well into the war. The badge depictions a wreath of overlapping oak leaves on the right side, and overlapping laurel leaves, complete with berries, on the left side. There is an eagle which is applied with rivets across the badge on a 45 degree angle, given the appearance of diving. This eagle grasps a mobile swastika in its talons. The detail throughout this bird is quite good. There is about 70% of the original gilding remaining in the recesses of the wing feathering.

The reverse of the badge features two dome-head rivets which retain the obverse-mounted eagle. The eagle is stamped on the reverse at the upper section, “B&N” over the letter “L”. The pin has a brass hinge assembly, and is a straight style pin. A brass catch is at the lower portion.

A decent original Parachute Badge here.

Excellent. $695.00

LUFTMEDALS #35740 Parachute Badge

This Parachute Badge looks to me like a late-war issue, as it appears to be constructed entirely of zinc. The depiction features an oval shape with overlapping laurel leaves decorating the left portion, and overlapping oak leaves on the right side. Riveted to this wreath is a downward pointing eagle, positioned at approximately a 45 degree angle. The eagle has some old gilding visible in the recesses of it's design, but the higher portions show bare zinc. Despite the late war look of the piece, the detailing to the bird's head and feathering is outstanding. The bird clutches a mobile swastika in his talons.

The reverse of the badge reveals that this bird is retained by two rivets, each fairly small and with rounded heads. The pin is a straight type, with a standard barrel hinge. The catch is the pedestal type, and is soldered directly to the outer edge of the piece. it appears as though the solder has been touched up a long time ago, so I would imagine that this is a period repair.

A good original example, recently coming from a coin shop in Florida.

Excellent. $795.00

LUFTMEDALS #26594C Bomber Flight Clasp in Bronze

This Bomber Flight clasp is produced in a zinc base and most of the bronze finish has gone to time. It consists of an open circle in the center which is decorated with overlapping laurel leaves with an immobile swastika at the bottom.

Outward going from the circle in a wing-like fashion are triple sets of overlapping oak leaves. In the center is a silvered bomb which is pointing downward, having wings on the bomb's edges and the bomb's rudder. The reverse of the badge has a rivet holding this bomb device.

The reverse is marked "C.H. Osang/Dresden". There is a barrel style hinge with "Coke bottle" shape pin with center ridge line and cup hook. Good details to this badge, despite the fact thefinish is gone.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $650.00

LUFTMEDALS #25708 Late Parachute Badge

This Parachute Badge is of zinc construction, and it is a wartime late made example. The details throughout, though, are extremely crisp and this badge appears to possibly have been unissued. The badge consists of an oval wreath, which half is composed of overlapping oak leaves, and the other half composed of laurel wreathing. The oval is open in the center.

Crossing on a 45 degree dive angle is an eagle, which clutches an open swastika in his talons. The detail to the bird, head, feathering, and other features is outstanding.

The reverse of the badge has a barrel hinge, with straight pin and catch. The rivets which retain the diving bird are the style which are not dressed on the back. (This is typical of the late issue pieces). This badge is unmarked. A fine original example here.

Mint Minus. $595.00

LUFTMEDALS #26592C Heavy Dive Bomber Clasp in Gold

This Heavy Dive Bomber clasp is a good looking medal. It is of quality construction. It features a circular motif in the center made of overlapping laurel leaves. At the bottom is in immobile swastika. Wing-like arms go outward on both sides and they are made of triple overlapping oak leaves.

In the center open area, there is a bomb in silver which has wings on both sides and also wings on the back pin. The reverse of the medal is not marked. All of the gilding remains on the reverse and there is a rivet which retains the bomb part. The hinge is the barrel type and the pin is a horizontally mounted "Coke bottle" shape with cup hook. A fine looking original example.

Near Mint. $950.00

LUFTMEDALS #30800 Luftwaffe 4 Year Service Medal with Ribbon

This Luftwaffe 4 Year Service Medal with Ribbon is the silver coin like medallion being about the size of a quarter. The medallion depicts a Wehrmacht eagle clutching a swastika with closed wings and looking to the viewer’s right. There are words around the circumference which cite that the medal was for time in the service. On the reverse there is an oak leaf wreath and in the center is the numeral “4” indicating four year service.

There is a parade mount style blue ribbon to which the medallion is mounted. Above the mounting is an early droop tail Luftwaffe eagle flying to the right and clutching a mobile swastika. The eagle shows just the slightest bit of wear to the high edges but the silvering is still about 90%. The parade mount backing is a red velvet which shows some mild mothing. There is a brass pin on the rear for attachment to the original wearer’s uniform. A nice parade mount here!

Excellent. $150.00