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LUFTGRAV #40845C Luftwaffe Gravity Knife - Paul Weyersberg

This Gravity Knife has fine stainless steel mounts. The throat is in perfect condition, as is the activator lever and springs. The lever is stamped "83".

The marlin-spike retains the original tip has the usual stickbird "5" waffenamt stamped in the lower corner.

The grip plates are in excellent condition, with fine horizontal wood grain on the obverse plate. The reverse plate is slightly coarser and looks to have the name of the original owner on it, rendered with a series of dots. There also looks to be a number below it, colored with a purple background.

The blade has sharpening that extends on to the blade surface. It is possible, however, to see about 30% of the Weyersberg trademark and the blade is mostly bright.

Attached to the back ring is a belt loop with a "dog leash" catch. The loop is made of tropical web and has a buckle. It is possible this knife was used in a Luftwaffe unit based in the tropics.

An interesting example here, in fairly nice condition ignoring the blade sharpening.

Excellent. $695.00

LUFTGRAV #40557 Luftwaffe Gravity Knife - SMF

This Luftwaffe Gravity Knife shows some traces of wear and usage but still works well; it is a good, solid example.

The stainless steel mounts had quite a bit of "tap-tap" on them, which we were able to remove. They look much better since the restoration. The activator lever works well and is numbered "567".

The grip plates are the traditional walnut type. Both of the plates show signs of wear but are free of damage. The reverse plate has a good look to it, having a subtle tiger strip wood grain.

The marlin-spike looks to have the original tip. It has a waffenamt stamping in the corner, a stickbird with a "5" in his belly.

The blade of the knife is in fairly good condition, with a few signs of past sharpening. It is still fairly bright and although it has no crossgrain looks quite good. The blade drops and retracts with no problems. It is marked with the Seated King trademark of the SMF firm, as well as "Rostfrei".

A good, basic Gravity Knife here.

Excellent. $695.00

LUFTGRAV #34295C Luftwaffe Gravity Knife - F. & A. Helbig

This maker mark for a Gravity Knife is extremely difficult to find. I have sold a lot of gravity knives over the years, and I have only had one F. & A. Helbig example in the past. If there is someone out there that is specializing in gravity knife types, this example should be of prime interest.

Holding the knife next to the Weyersberg and SMF entries, it is interesting to note that the mounts are of a slightly different shape. The throat is different, as is the activator lever and also the grip plates are of a flatter nature than the other types. These aspects all make for a unique item here. The mounts are all nickel plated type, and they are in good shape throughout. There are no number stampings anywhere on this gravity knife. The activator lever spring works well, as does the marlinspike spring. I note also that the marlinspike appears thicker than the types used by the other makers.

This marlinspike is stamped on the corner with a waffenamt. The waffenamt is the standard stick bird with a "5" in his belly.

The grip plates appear to be walnut, but as stated above, they are flatter in nature than the more curved types used by other producers. These grip plates are in excellent condition throughout, having no flaws or problems.

The blade of this piece unfortunately has some fairly good edge sharpening. The sharpening does go up slightly also into the blade surfaces. In the areas not scarred by the sharpening though, the blade is still factory bright and has all of its crossgraining. The maker mark is very lightly etched on the reverse ricasso, being a double oval. The ovals contain the firm's name "F & A Helbig" and their location below. About half of the maker mark has been worn off by the sharpening. Below the maker mark is the word for stainless steel "ROSTRFEI".

An interesting example here, in good working order, and with a very rarely seen maker.

Excellent. $995.00