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LUFTGRAV #44290 Luftwaffe Takedown Gravity Knife

This takedown example shows period wear but remains in good, collectible condition, with sound springs. The finish is mostly worn down to the steel.

The grip plates are in good condition, with fine wood grain. The marlin-spike is marked with a stick-bird eagle with a "5" in his belly. The point looks to be original but these things are hard to tell.

The activator lever is marked "393" and the butt plate of the throat is marked "224". Normally these numbers do no match on gravity knives.

The blade of this knife shows age but is free of sharpening, which is nice to see. It probably had etched Luftwaffe issue numbers on it but if it did they've been lost to time.

A good gravity knife here, with honest period wear. This piece was a direct purchase from a veteran family.

Excellent. $850.00

LUFTGRAV #43347 Luftwaffe Gravity Knife - SMF

This Gravity Knife has good stainless steel mounts throughout. The activator lever is marked "131".

The marlin-spike is in good shape, with the original point and marked with a stickbird "5" waffenamt.

The dark walnut grip plates are in fine shape. One plate is hand carved "John Rapp", who is most likely the GI who brought this knife home.

The blade remains in nice condition, still bright and free of sharpening. It shows wear here and there but some grain still remains. The reverse ricasso is marked with the Seated King trademark of the SMF firm.

A nice Gravity Knife here, with good springs and one that should last for many years into the future.

Excellent. $695.00