Wittmann Alder Wittmann Antique Militaria Castle Klessheim Silverware
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The below table service comes from Klessheim Castle. This castle was located over the border from Obersalzberg, looking over the border from Obersalzberg in Austria. The Klessheim Castle was located near Saltzburg. Many of the dignitaries, that were waiting to see Hitler, were housed at Kleissheim Castle, as it was not far from the Burghof. This castle was maintained as a government residence, and therefore, had its own flatware pattern that was used for meal service. The below pieces come directly from Kleissheim, and they bear the markings of the Arthur Krupp firm, located in Berndorff. These pieces are silver plate, and they are marked on the reverse “50” and “90”. I believe that the “90” marking, found on silver plate, designates that 10% of the material was the silvering, and the “90” would have been a mixture of metals for the base material.

KLESSHEIM #28310C Castle Kleissheim Dinner Fork

This large size dinner fork measures about 8¾ inches.

The fork is decorated on the handle with the engraving used at Kleissheim Castle, consisting of a closed winged Political style eagle looking to the viewer’s left. The bird clutchesa mobile swastika in a plain wreath. The design is somewhat simple and very Art-Deco.

This fork is the silver plated type, and it is marked on the reverse “90” and “45”. Additionally, it has the maker mark of “Art. Krupp Berndorf”. There is also the logo that appears to be a circle with a bear in the center. This fork is nicely patinated, and in excellent condition.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $295.00 (D,E, F, G, J, K)

KLESSHEIM #28311C Castle Kleissheim Demitasse Spoon

These small Klessheim Demitasee spoons were used for drinking expresso coffee.

They only measure 4 inches in length, and are extremely dainty. The handle has the Kleissheim Political eagle engraved onto the surface. It consists of a closed winged Political eagle, which looks to the viewer’s left, and clutches a plain mobile swastika in a wreath.

The reverse of the spoon is marked in a circle “12 “ and “90”. Additionally, the maker’s name and town is marked, “Art. Krupp Berndorf”, and there is a logo of a bear within a circle. These little spoons are in great condition, having a very fine dark patination.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $295.00 (E, F,G, H, I, J, K)

KLESSHEIM #28312C Castle Kleissheim Tablespoon

These tablespoons are fairly substantial size, and are 8½ inches in length. The spoons have an outstanding patina across their surfaces, and the lower handles are engraved with the half winged Political eagle, which looks to the left. The eagle grasps a plain wreath, which has a mobile swastika inside.

These pieces are marked on the reverse in a circle “45” and “90”. Additionally, they are marked with the producer’s name, “Art. Krupp Berndorf”. Additionally, there is a bear within a circle logo. Outstanding condition here, and a great item for enjoying breakfast at home.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $295.00 (B, C, D, F, G, H, J, K)

KLESSHEIM #28313C Castle Kleissheim Cheese Knife

This small dinner knife is unmarked, but it is definitely produced by the Art. Krupp company of Berndorf, as it came with other items marked accordingly. The knife has the regular standard sized handle, with just a very short blade, measuring about 2¼ inches. The blade has a cutting edge, and also is purposely holed at about the one-third portion. This hole may have been a way to relieve pressure if the knife was used for cheese, or something of this nature.

The handle has the standard Kleissheim identification, being the Political half closed winged eagle, which looks to the viewer’s left. The bird clutches a plain wreath with mobile swastika. The handle has outstanding black patination. The knife blade is marked with the German word for stainless steel, “Rostfrei”.

A very unusual and fine looking piece of table flatware.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $295.00 ( E, F, G, H, I, J, K, L)