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JAPAN #42131C Japanese Hinomaru

This flag is a fairly good size, measuring 29 inches by 33 inches. It is constructed of cotton and has tow tie strings on the upper corners.

There are couple of tiny holes on the center as well as some age soiling, but the piece is still sound.

There are a large number of inked signatures on this flag; these are always of interest to flag collectors, and this one has quite a few!

A nice Japanese example here.

Excellent. $250.00

JAPAN #42132C Small Japanese Rising Sun Flag

This flag is constructed of cotton and remains in excellent condition, with no holes.

There are a pair of of the normally seen leather tabs on the top corners, with the original tie strings still in place. These strings are often missing so these are a real treat to see.

This flag measures 17 inches by 13 inches, which is a very good size for easy display.

A solid Japanese example here; these flags are much less common the the usual "meatball" type.

Excellent. $225.00

JAPAN #36343C Japanese Naval Dirk

This Japanese Naval Dirk is in exceptional condition. It is a wartime made piece but still does not lack in quality or workmanship. The pommel, grip and ferrule appear to be possibly one unit. It is also possible that they are made of a celluloid material but are colored to resemble separate pieces. The pommel has the chrysanthemum flower at the top and floral designs on the sides. The ferrule is pebbled with a flat border ring around the circumference. The grip gives the impression of being sharkskin. I notice though there is a line which runs down the edges of both sides which is normally associated with a molded device. The simulated sharkskin has excellent crisp pebbling and is also wrapped with twisted wire which again, is part of the mold. There is a chrysanthemum flower on each side of the grip which are also part of the mold. The crossguard has quillon ends which rounded with the left pointing upward and the right pointing downward.

The scabbard is a brown leather which is in exceptional condition throughout. This brown leather is an attractive rich color showing little age. Attached to the leather shell are an upper mount and lower mount which appear to be gilded brass. These mounts have fine pebbled surfaces and have raised out chrysanthemum flowers in the center areas with other areas being pebbled. There is an eyelet on each edge of the upper scabbard which is equipped with a round carrying ring. The blade is in the traditional Japanese shape and it remains in perfect condition with needlelike tip. The plating is not total high quality but it still remains at 100% and is bright. There is a leather washer that protects this near full mint blade. An extremely nice Japanese Naval Dirk here of late wartime vintage.

Near Mint. $995.00

JAPAN #41117 Large Hinomaru

P>This large flag is constructed from fine, off-white cotton. The hoist is intact and retains the original rope. It is quite large, measuring 8 feet by 6 feet.

The red sun is a separately stitched component. There are no holes on this flag, and only a few minor stains. By the look of them they might be blood stains, but I'm going to refrain from sending this piece to the forensics lab.

A good Japanese example here, in a desirable size.

Excellent Plus. $495.00

JAPAN #41155C Small "Rising Sun" Flag

This flag measures 14 inches by 10 inches, making a perfect size for display.

This flag is a printed example, in good condition with only a few very minor age holes.

A solid, basic Japanese battle flag here; these are less commonly seen than the "meatball" types.

Excellent. $250.00

JAPAN #41118C Small Hinomaru

This flag is constructed of tan cotton, measuring 14 inches by 10. The red sun is printed on the field.

This flag shows a slight amount of age discoloration but is otherwise in excellent condition.

A solid, basic Japanese flag here.

Excellent. $250.00

JAPAN #39851 Japanese Hinomaru Flag

This fine Hinomaru is of all silk construction and in nice condition, having only a couple of very minor holes. The flag is of white color silk with a red circle in the center.

The flag measures 3 feet by 3 feet. The two top corners are fitted with gold paper tabs, each having tie strings.

A good display example.

Near Mint. $200.00

JAPAN #37814 Japanese Model 1914 Naval Parade Saber

This Model 1914 Parade Saber has a basket hilt and a ray-skin grip. The pommel of the saber is decorated with a raised chrysanthemum, with more flowers and pebbling that tumble down the backstrap.

The “D” guard is of plain brass and has a stationary guard at the bottom. This guard is ornamented with a pair of chrysanthemums and leaves. The reverse has folding langet with a hole designed to accept a stud on the upper scabbard mount.

The grip is a fine white color and beautifully textured. It remains in perfect condition. It is wrapped with three strands of brass wire, the center strand being twisted.

The scabbard shell is of black leather. It has a pair of lines on the edges of both sides. There are three scabbard mounts, each with scalloped edges where they meet the leather shell. Each mount has a raised chrysanthemum and leaves on both sides. These brass mounts are in fine condition and exactly match the color tone of the hilt.

The blade is a curved saber type, with a fuller running about two-thirds of the length. It is unmarked and is heavily nickel-plated; it is completely bright and in full mint condition. It measures 25 inches long, and is protected by an in-place brown leather blade buffer.

A fine conditioned Japanese Parade Saber here.

Excellent Plus. $795.00

JAPAN #37341 Japanese Police Parade Sword

This Japanese Police Parade Sword has fine, all brass hilt. The hilt has a pommel cap which acts to retain a nut which in turn secures the tang of the blade. The backstrap and grip tabs are decorated with chrysanthemum flowers, with the balance of the surfaces being nicely pebbled. The “D” guard curves downward to a pierced basket hilt, and is decorated with the same floral pattern. The quillon end tapers to a teardrop that is decorated with a lined design.

The grip of this sword is of hardwood, and is highly ribbed. The ribs are wrapped with a skein of brass wires, the center strand being twisted.

The scabbard is a nickel-plated example. The plating shows wear in a few places, but overall it is still in pretty good condition. There are a couple of dings on the obverse facing down towards the tip.

The blade is quite an interesting example, being about 31 inches long. It is nicely nickel-plated, and the tip is in the usual Japanese geometry. The blade shows the temper marks, or hamon, often seen on Japanese swords. There is a fuller that runs all the way to the tip. The blade is in nearly Mint in condition and is very, very nice. It is buffered by a leather washer.

A decent Japanese piece here, in nice condition and priced to sell.

Excellent. $395.00

JAPAN #37527 Japanese Model 1899 Cavalry Sword

This Japanese Model 1899 Cavalry Sword has a interesting hilt in that the grip is of wood with a metal backstrap. The wood is probably is very hard, and has been nicely checkered. The checkering continues right through on to the metal backstrap, giving a very interesting effect.

The pommel is smooth and round, with a spanner type flush mounted nut which most likely acts to retain the tang. There is also a screw and spanner that is retaining the grip.

The “D” guard runs downward into a small basket hilt. The sword is constructed of steel and does not appear to be plated. There is a blade lock which is installed within the grip, the mechanism retaining the scabbard by means of a bracket on the scabbard throat. A pretty neat hilt here.

The scabbard is a heavy duty steel example which exactly matches the steel used to construct the hilt. The scabbard is perfectly straight throughout, with a single carrying band and ring. It is stamped “119540”, matching the stamp on the blade.

The blade is a large proportioned example, measuring just over 30 inches long, and possessing the usual Japanese style geometry. It is nicely finished and remains in Mint condition. There is a fuller that runs the entire length of the blade. The reverse is stamped “119540” on the reverse ricasso.

A very nice example here of the 1899 Cavalry Sword.

Excellent Plus. $495.00

JAPAN #37432 Japanese Naval Landing Forces Helmet

This Japanese helmet was apparently worn by members of the Naval Landing Forces, the equivalent of a US Marine, and is quite rare. It retains a fine olive-brown hue that was used specifically by landing forces.

On the left side of the helmet there is some minor damage to the rim, but barring this the rest of the helmet is nearly perfect. The front of the helmet has an applied metal insignia in the shape of a star superimposed over an anchor.

The interior of the helmet has a dark brown leather three pad liner which is in excellent condition. There is also a drawstring and a leather liner band which has a few small tears where it is affixed to the helmet. The chinstrap is in a light brown ripcord, as is the strap seen at the rear of the helmet. The number “28825” can be seen on the interior crown, written in white ink. The front of the inner rim has some kanji which translates to “Sakihama 72 Fujie”. We believe that Sakihama could be the unit commander with 72 being the unit and Fujie most likely the owner's name.

A great helmet for the serious collector of Japanese militaria. It comes with a Certificate of Authenticity dated July 13, 2010 from Bill Shea of the Ruptured Duck. We also unconditionally guarantee this helmet.

Excellent. $1,695.00

JAPAN #36936 Japanese Army Parade Saber

This Japanese Army Parade Saber has an all brass hilt. The pommel is a smooth oval at the top, and below it features floral designs with a chrysanthemum in the center. The rest of the backstrap is plain barring the two grip tabs which also are adorned with chrysanthemums.

The “D” guard loops to a small basket-style crossguard. The guard is pierced on the obverse and features a number of chrysanthemum flowers. The quillon turns downward in a teardrop and has curls engraved into the metal.

The grip appears to be produced of a hard black wood. The ribs are wrapped with a narrow triple skein of silver wire; the wire is still all there.

The scabbard is a steel example, which appears to have probably had a blue finish. Most of the blue is gone, and the metal has turned to a deep tone but it is not rusted.

The blade of this example measures about 29 inches. It looks very much like a European blade, having a narrow fuller and being silver plated. The plating is still in good condition and retains a good finish. It shows only minor age, and grades at Excellent Plus.

A good, basic Japanese Army Parade example here.

Excellent. $495.00

JAPAN #28379C Japanese Navigators Wrist Compass

This interesting Wrist Compass is mounted on a leather strap. As one might expect of a compass, it has lots of numerals and the two dials are still present.

I do not believe that the compass is working as the dials do not seem to be floating. The strap and compass itself show some wear indicative of use.

This is apparently a rather rare item.

Excellent. $300.00

JAPAN #33991C Japanese Type 90 Combat Helmet

This Japanese Type 90 Combat Helmet is a light brown color having no dents or dings and the paint finish is still pretty good being about 98%.

Applied to the obverse of the helmet is a five pointed metal star. The original liner is missing from the helmet and there are two shards of material still attached that may have originally belonged to the headliner.

A very fine Japanese helmet here.

Excellent. $750.00

JAPAN #33997C Japanese Signal Flag

This Japanese Signal Flag was taken from an aircraft carrier and it measures 21 inches by 30 inches.

It has cotton material with separate colors sewn of blue, yellow and red. There is a canvas hoist as well as a couple of tie strings which are still with the flag.

The flag measures 21 inches by 30 inches.

Excellent Plus. $295.00

JAPAN #33998C Japanese Signal Flag

This Japanese Signal Flag was taken from an aircraft carrier and it measures 21 inches by 30 inches.

This flag is constructed of cotton material with separate colors sewn of blue, yellow and red. There is a canvas hoist as well as a couple of tie strings which are still with the flag.

The flag measures 21 inches by 30 inches.

Excellent Plus. $295.00

JAPAN #32776C Japanese Model 1937 Army Field Cap

This Japanese Army Field Cap is made of an olive drab color rip cord/wool material. There are three grommet style vents on each side. The center obverse area has a sewn on gold 5-point star with an olive drab background. The original olive color leather chin strap is in place. The brim of the hat is in matching wool color.

The inside is not lined and has a checker style pattern. The sweatband is still all there, although it shows some age and quite a bit of wear in the obverse area. The reverse of the hat is fitted with 6 grommets which have a pull string to be used with sizing. There are no holes in this hat or any mothing, it just has age and a little bit of crushing throughout. It could stand to be on a head rest which should smooth out some of the wrinkles over time.

Excellent. $395.00

JAPAN #32178 Japanese NCO Visor Cap

This Japanese Visor Cap is made of an olive drab cotton material. There is a strengthening material which runs around the circumference of the top of the cap which keeps it round and in firm condition. There are no insignia on the peak of the cap but on the band there is a gold five pointed star in the center. The cap band is a black patent leather having two adjustable leather slips. The cap cord is retained by small gold buttons both having a raised out flower.

The visor is a patent leather style and it has lots of age cracking across the surfaces but all of the material is still there. The inside visor is a black color with checkering and there is a black leather like sweatband inside which has one tear at the reverse. The inside of the cap is lined in a black fabric. This cap could use some straightening as the peck tends to sag down. All in all though a good conditioned Japanese visor cap.

Excellent. $195.00

JAPAN #32506C Japanese Hinomaru Flag

This all-silk Hinomaru flag (often called a "meatball" flag by hobbyists) is in nice condition, having no holes. It features the "meatball" sun in the center with white field surrounding it. This example measures 25” x 31”.

This flag has one single signature on it. There are triangular reinforcers on the two hoist corners and they are equipped with silk tie strings.

A good looking example here.

Excellent Plus. $285.00

JAPAN #30652C Three Japanese Military Rubber Stamps

These Japanese Rubber Stamps look quite different from the type used by the European armies or the American armies.

These stamps are a rectangular pieces of wood, each which has a groove on the obverse side that represents the position the stamp should be held in. The rubber is on the bottom like normal, and it has a series of Japanese characters.

These stamps do not look like they have been used very much. Interesting items here, and there are three of them.

Excellent Plus. $100.00

JAPAN #30651C Japanese Cotton Bag and Small Book

This cotton bag is of a tan color, and it has two small holes in the bottom of it. There is a square box printed on one side which has many Japanese characters on it, and the other side has two lines of Japanese characters with some zigzag lines printed across the top.

The bag has a pull string to keep it closed. I do not know the purpose of this bag. Coming with the bag is a small book with dark brown oilskin type cover. There is gilded Japanese writing on the cover, and the book itself is filled with Japanese writing going straight up and down. I do not know the purpose of this book. The bag and book are sold as one unit.

Excellent. $100.00

JAPAN #28700 Japanese Hinomaru Flag

This all silk Hinomaru (or "meatball" flag, is you are given to colloquialisms) flag is in choice condition throughout. It has no hole, fraying, or problems and looks quite good.

The field is free of stains and soiling and the center sun color is still nice and bright. The flag measures 37 inches by 26 inches and has two leather corners with the silk tie string still attached.

A fine example here.

Near Mint. $195.00