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IRONCROSS #47148C Boxed 2nd Class Spange with Ribbon

The box for this medal is black cardboard and still remains in excellent condition. The inside lid of the box is marked “LDO”.

The spange is a fine looking example having the majority of the frosted silvering on the eagle and its wings. The wreathed swastika and 1939 date have the silvering without the frosting on it.

The medal is pinned to the ribbon consisting of a black ribbon having white stripes on the edges.

A fine looking example here.

Near Mint. $250.00

IRONCROSS #32234 Imperial 2nd Class Iron Cross

This 2nd Class Iron Cross shows some age and some wear throughout. The finish is worn on the high points but still appears to be good throughout the lower surfaces. The serrations are relatively crisp. The cross depicts a Prussian crown over a “w” in the center and the “1914” date below.

On the reverse is an additional Prussian crown over the initials “fw”. In the center is an oak leaf sprig over the date “1813”. There is no ribbon on this loop.

Excellent. $95.00

IRONCROSS #32918C Imperial 2nd Class Iron Cross

This imperial 2nd class Iron Cross has a nice patination throughout and is still quite crisp and in nice condition. The serrations are still excellent and the surfaces still have almost all of the original finish thinning a little on the high points. The obverse depicts the “W” in the center with a Prussian crown at the top leg and the date, “1914” at the bottom. On the reverse there is a set of raised oak leaves with a Prussian crown over the letters, “FW”. At the bottom is the date, “1813”, the year the Iron Cross was introduced. The loop on this example is marked, “KO”. Unfortunately there is no ribbon. A nice example though if you can get a ribbon for it.

Excellent. $105.00

IRONCROSS #43355C 1st Class Spange

This 1st Class Spange shows period wear but remains in good condition overall.

The 1939 plaque is the type with the ends cut at 45 degree angles. The reverse is fitted with a barrel hinge, tapered pin, and soldered catch.

A good, original example here.

Excellent $695.00

IRONCROSS #43356C 1st Class Spange

This 1st Class Spange is in nice condition throughout, with good detailing to the bird and wreathed swastika. The 1939 plaque is the type that is cut at 45 degree angles at the ends.

The reverse has a small barrel hinge and a tapered pin. The catch, however, is broken off. It could be repaired by someone with the know-how.

A decent spange here, with some condition issues.

Good. $595.00

IRONCROSS #37895 1st Class Spange with Screw-back

This 1st Class Spange shows some wear and patination on the right wing as well as the swastika. The detailing is good throughout the bird and wreath. It sits atop a plaque marked “1939”.

The screw-back is a round, fluted concave type. There are serrations for easy turning. It is marked “Deschler & Sohne”.

This is a fine original which would pair wonderfully with a tunic; this is a great opportunity to acquire a rare, authentic Spange.

Excellent. $795.00