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Hitler believed German youth to be the future of his Third Reich. The Hitler Youth (Hitler Jugend) was formed officially in 1935, and, with the exception of intense Nazi indoctrination, was very similar to the Boy Scouts. Beginning at about the age of ten years, both boys (Hitler Jugend) and girls (Bund Deutscher Mádel) were enlisted in the Party-run organization.

The boys only were given HJ Knives after having passed state examinations. These knives had nickel-plated hilts with black checkered grip plates. The obverse plate was fitted with an enameled HJ swastika insignia. Through 1937, these knives were etched with the motto of the organization, Blut und Ehre! (Blood and Honor!). Examples produced after this date were made with plain blades usually bearing an RZM marking.

The Hitler Youth Leaders were professionals in charge of the training and NSDAP education of the German Youth. They wore a special dagger consisting of silvered hilt fittings with blue-black leather-covered scabbard. The grip was composed of tightly wrapped silver wire, over a wood base. The pommel cap featured an HJ diamond on top, complete with swastika. The upper scabbard fitting depicted an open-winged Hitler Youth eagle with swastika cut into the bird's chest. The blade was etched with the Hitler Youth motto, Blut und Ehre!.

HYK #28940C Hitler Youth Knife (RZM M 7/51/41) - Anton Wingen Jr.

This Hitler Youth knife despite its late vintage is a quality example. The hilt is a solid steel base, as Wingen did not use the usual pot metal we see on later pieces. The hilt has 100% nickel plating remaining and is in near full mint condition. The nickel plating appears to have a flash coat of brass below as there is a little bit of the plating missing where the pommel and quillon meet the grip plates. The plating still though is at 95%. The grip plates are a fine black checkered Bakelite having retainage rivets which are nickel-plated steel. The Hitler Youth insignia has excellent enamel to the diamond with its nice bright colors of red, white, silver and mobile black swastika. Nice hilt here! The scabbard shell is straight throughout. The obverse has some wear and minor age to the original paint. The reverse has also some age and wear but not quite as much. This scabbard is still very presentable as the areas where the paint has thinned have developed a fine age tone. The original owner has sculpted his initials in to the painted area on the reverse and they appear to be, "A.H." The leather hanger is a black color having excellent serviceability to the belt loop, retainer loop and working snap. In fact this leather shows little age and is still completely serviceable. The blade is an outstanding example. It still retains its original mirror finish and also has all of its cross grain. It is quite rare to see a blade in this condition. The keen eye will pick up just the slightest of sharpening at the edge but it is nothing. This blade is easily in near full mint condition. It is the style with short ricasso. On the reverse ricasso is the double open style RZM circle with the code, "M 7/51/41". This is the code for the Anton Wingen Jr. firm and "41" would be the year this Hitler Youth Knife was produced. The brown leather washer is in place and is in a new-like condition. A very fine HJ knife here.

Near Mint. $795.00

HYK #39288C Double Proofed Hitler Youth Knife Klittermann & Moog

This Hitler Youth Knife is a quality example with a steel hilt. The nickel plating throughout the hilt is in nearly perfect condition, with only the slightest bit of wear on the area of the lower pommel covered by the fastened retainer loop. Overall this plating is about 98% intact.

The grip plates are the early, closely checkered variety; they are in perfect condition, retained by nickel rivets with dressed obverse heads. The HJ insignia wiggles slightly to the touch as it should, with perfect, brightly colored enamel.

The scabbard is nice and straight. The reverse of the scabbard has all of the original paint, with just a bit missing near the tip. The obverse, however, shows quite a bit of wear and has only 40 to 50% of the plaint.

The scabbard is equipped with fine belt and retainer loops, the leather being supple throughout and the latter having a good working snap.

The blade of this knife is the style with a ricasso. It is in very good condition, with no sharpening and only slightly gray. There is no visible grain left in it, but as HJ knives go it remains in very fine shape. The reverse is interesting as it is stamped with the excellent Klittermann & Moog logo; a disembodied, spear-wielding arm. The firm's name and location, "Klittermann & Moog GMBH / Haan / Solingen", ring the belligerent limb in circle. Below this is an etched double RZM circle with a shaded center. The etching is a bit light on this RZM mark but it remains visible. Below the circle is the code "M 7/29 - 1938". The original brown leather blade buffer is in place.

A decent double proof example here, from a desirable maker.

Excellent Plus. $895.00

HYK #45192C Early Hitler Youth Knife by E. P. & S.

This Pack produced Hitler Youth knife is not in the best of condition which I realize but it does have interest to the collecting community as Pack had their own way of making these knives and they are rarely seen. This example has heavy steel based hilt fittings.

The pommel shows lots of usage and there is plating gone around the upper edges. The crossguard also has most of the plating done on the quillon area as well as the center areas.

The grip plates are a very wide checkered Bakelite entirely different from normal Hitler Youth knives. Unfortunately the center section of the reverse grip plate has broken off and is gone to time. As we see on these Pack made youth knives the grip plates are retained by a rivet with a screw out spanner on the reverse. So technically if a grip plate could ever be found this knife could quite easily be repaired as the spanners just screw out. The insignia in the grip has all of its enamel and is in good condition.

The scabbard is straight throughout however it does have even age spread throughout both sides of it. The original black leather hanger is in place and the retainer loop is there but is positioned within the loop and not over the knife as we normally see it. Someone could choose to change this if desired in the future.

The blade is the style with a ricasso which I’m not sure whether Pack made their very early pieces with a ricasso or without like other producers. The blade itself does not have the HJ motto on it and never did. The blade is not in bad condition the obverse being extremely nice and the reverse also being nice but does have a spot near the tip. The obverse ricasso is stamped “Gesch Gesch” and the reverse ricasso is stamped “E. P. & S. Solingen”. The maker name is next to the hammering Siegfried figure. The original washer is gone to time.

Since there is no RZM mark on this piece it can be assumed that it is an early piece but then again why is there no motto on the blade? This is a great piece for study by you avid HJ knife collectors out there. A very interesting example here and I just wish it was in better condition however it is what it is.

Good Plus. $995.00

HYK #46639C Mid Period Hitler Youth Knife Double Proofed Carl Heidelberg / RZM M7/65 1938

This Hitler Youth knife remains in an untouched condition. The plating to the hilt shows some mild wear at the area beneath the leather strap. The rest of the plating appears to still be okay. The hilt is a steel based type.

The grip plates are in good condition and are retained by steel rivets having dressed heads on the obverse. The grip insignia is in excellent condition.

The scabbard is straight throughout. There is little to no paint remaining on this scabbard. The leather hanger is in good condition with good retainer loop and working snap.

The blade is the style with ricasso and has turned somewhat gray. It also shows signs of minor sharpening. The reverse is double proofed stamped with the twin beer bottle logo within a circle with the firm’s name to the right being Carl Heidelberg Solingen. At the ricasso is an open double RZM circle and to the right is the code M7/65 and below the date “1938”. The original blade washer is in place.

A good example here.

Good Minus. $495.00

HYK #45190C Mid Period Hitler Youth Knife by Geb. Gräfrath

This Gräfrath made Hitler Youth knife is quite nice throughout. The hilt is a fine example having a pot metal base however all of the plating is still intact and mostly in superb condition.

The grip plates are the black checkered variety being in perfect condition. The HJ insignia has fine enamel with its nice colors of red white gold and black swastika. The grip rivets are the steel type with dressed heads still having the plating on the heads.

The scabbard shell is extremely fine having 100 percent of the original paint. Really a nice scabbard here. Attached to the scabbard is a very fine brown leather hanger complete with its retaining loop and working snap. This leather is still supple and has the majority of its original finish.

The blade is also outstanding. It is the type with ricasso and its grain is still very prevalent in the areas which escaped some sharpening at the bottom. Unfortunately the original teenage owner elected to sharpen the blade but fortunately it is not the entire blade it is mostly around the edges and still leaves the fine mint finish where sharpening had not occurred. The reverse of the blade is marked G. Gräfrath in an arch over Solingen. The letter W is between the two words. The ricasso is marked RZM M7/30 with the date of 1936. The 1936 date seems strange to me as the blade would normally have a motto at this date and also the hilt would be of a steel base metal which it is not. I believe there perhaps was a mistake on the date stamping as this piece appears to be 1938 rather than 1936. The original washer is in place.

It is also interesting to note that the etch is flawed with the line separating the 7 from 30 and also the 9 in 1936 is flawed with some of the numeral missing so I have a sneaky suspicion that probably a little bit of the etching is missing in the 6 number whereas it may have been truly an 8 being 1938. This makes the most sense of this example being that it is purely an acid etch problem here.

A very fine original example here.

Excellent Plus. $895.00

HYK #39357 DJ Knife

This DJ Knife has the usual aluminum hilt. It is in good condition, with mild traces of wear but nothing detrimental.

The grip plates on this knife are the black checkered variety, in perfect condition. These plates are retained by a pair of aluminum rivets with dressed heads.

The scabbard is a good steel shell. It is free of dents and has about 99% of the original paint. This paint shows some mild crazing but retains most of the original brightness. Pinned to the obverse of the scabbard is a colored enamel HJ Diamond insignia. The upper portion of the red enamel has two tiny spots here the enamel is missing, but they are so small they are difficult to notice.

Attached to the scabbard is the original black leather hanger. It is complete with the retainer loop, which has a good working snap.

The blade is the usual, simple, single-edges type, with a point and a small false edge. This blade has been sharpened, but we expect to see this on HJ and DJ pieces. It is not in bad condition when judges against the usually rough state of most HJ pieces. It could even be cleaned up a bit, if the next owner so desired. The original brown felt blade buffer is in place.

A nice, original DJ Knife here, which shows period wear. This knives are very difficult to find today and I rarely have the occasion to offer one.

Excellent. $950.00

HYK #38203C Late DJ Knife

This Dj Knife would have been one of the last HJ pieces made before the end of the war. These knives do not have the HJ insignia on the scabbard as their predecessors did.

The hilt is of aluminum and is in pristine condition. The grip plates are of black checkered Bakelite retained by a pair of aluminum rivets.

The scabbard is in choice condition, having perfect paint on the reverse. The obverse has only a few minor scrapes. Overall this original paint is 99% intact.

Attached to the scabbard is a fine black leather belt loop and retainer strap with a working snap. This loop retains the original shiny black surfaces and is nearly pristine.

The slab-sided blade has no ricasso. It retains 100% of the original grain and has a fine tan felt blade buffer.

A fine example here, of a type that collectors have had their doubts about for years because of the lack of swastikas. This is, of course, utter nonsense.

Near Mint. $795.00