Wittmann Alder Wittmann Militaria Hitler Youth Medals
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HJMEDALS #36722 German/Japanese Hitler Youth Visit of 1939 Badge

This badge is triangular in shape, and is quite large, measuring about an about an inch and a half in either direction. It has an enamel surface, having a red German National Flag and a yellowed Japanese Rising Sun flag at the top, positioned over an open-winged eagle. The eagle clutches a diamond shaped, HJ style swastika, with red and white enamel. The area below the left wing bears the words, “Deutsche / Jap. Tagund”. Under the right wing can be seen some Japanese writing on black enamel.

The badge is unmarked on the reverse, but has a pebbled surface and a safety pin catch. This badge shows lots of age and discoloration, but the enamel is still in good condition. This is a very rare badge which appears to be an original example.

Excellent. $495.00

HJMEDALS #31743C Unissued Hitler Youth DAF Certificate

This certificate is designed for award to the winners of the special trade competitions that were held in Berlin. This particular document is unissued and is listed as being awarded in Berlin in March 1939. It has a facsimile signature of the leader of this competition. The document is a manila style paper with an open winged black eagle at the top clutching a Hitler Youth diamond with swastika and a DAF cogwheel running around the diamond. The presentation of these certificates also resulted in a fine enamel medal. This document is in perfect condition.

Mint. $45.00