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HJMEDALS #42841 Hitler Youth Pin

This HJ Pin is a small item, made of zinc in the shape of an HJ diamond set atop a wreath.

The reverse is fitted with a small safety pin.

An interesting HJ variant here.

Excellent. $25.00

HJMEDALS #42826C Hitler Youth Membership Badge

This HJ Membership Badge shows a little age throughout the enamel, but the colors remain quite good.

The reverse of the pin is fitted with a conventional safety pin and is marked "RZM M1/77".

A good, basic HJ Badge here.

Excellent. $85.00

HJMEDALS #42389C Hitler Youth Shooting Award

This Shooting Award is about the size of a US 25 cent piece, with a rim of finely silvered oak leaves. In the center is a vaulted black enamel target and crossed rifles set with an enamel HJ insignia. The enamel remains in perfect condition.

The reverse is marked "RZM M1/102". It is fitted with a standard safety pin.

A scarce HJ award here.

Excellent Plus. $225.00

HJMEDALS #42390C Hitler Youth Shooting Badge

This HJ Shooting Badge is about the size of a US five cent piece. The face is beveled enamel, with a set of target circles. Affixed to the enamel is a set of crossed silver rifles and an enamel HJ insignia.

This badge shows some wear but the enamel remains intact.

The reverse is also silvered, and fitted with a safety pin. It is marked "RZM M1/77".

A desirable Hitler Youth Badge here.

Excellent Plus. $115.00

HJMEDALS #42392C Bronze Hitler Youth Achievement Medal

This fine bronze medal remains in nice condition throughout.

It features a large, stylized arrow piercing a circular border and a raised swastika, with crisp edges. The reverse surface of the medal is marked "RZM M1/101" and "33670".

A fine HJ example here.

Excellent Plus. $110.00

HJMEDALS #42393C DJ Achievement Badge

This DJ piece looks to be bronze which has darkened over the years.

The badge is in the form of a single rune with an open mobile swastika in the center, with text around the swastika.

The reverse is fitted with a long pin and is marked "RZM M1/120".

A scarce DJ example here.

Excellent. $95.00

HJMEDALS #42391C Hitler Youth Leader Sports Badge

This HJ Leader Sports Badge is quite large and constructed from gilded brass.

It is circular, with a border of laurel leaves. The face is black enamel with an upward pointing arrow. It shows minor wear but much of the original gilding remains.

The reverse surface of the badge is stamped "B", slashed with a line, "2332", and "RZM M 1/101". There is a barrel hinge, tapered pin, and soldered catch.

A rare HJ badge here.

Excellent. $650.00

HJMEDALS #42487 DJ Membership Badge

This DJ Membership Badge is a fine looking item. It is constructed with black enamel and has a silvered swastika in the center.

The enamel is in perfect condition throughout.

Superimposed over the swastika is a single DJ rune set on red enamel. To the left and right of the rune, in silver, are the initials "D" and "J" respectively.

The reverse is marked "Ges Gesch / RZM".

Near Mint. $150.00

HJMEDALS #42053C Hitler Youth Arbeiter Badge

This HJ Badge is about the size of a Party Badge. It features a silver border with black lettering that reads "Deutsche Junge HJ Arbeiter".

In the center is a swastika rising up from a black horizon, with silver sun rays.

The reverse of the badge is marked "D. Baumann Erlbach Gesch Gesch" and is fitted with a standard safety pin.

An uncommon HJ badge here.

Excellent Plus. $125.00

HJMEDALS #38261 Late Hitler Youth Membership Pin

This HJ Membership pin is the style that was made late in the period; paint was substituted for the early, more expensive enamel.

Some of the red paint is missing from the top and bottom of the diamond, but the white paint and black swastika are intact.

There is a safety pin catch on the reverse and is marked “RZM 1/156”.

Excellent. $30.00