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HJMEDALS #38385 Hitler Youth 1939 Kreissieger Award Badge

This 1939 Kreissieger Award Badge is in pristine condition. It has a coppery look around the circumference, the edge decorated with raised, overlapping oak leaves.

On the face of the badge is a light tan enamel, having, in gold capitals, “Kreissieger 1939”. Superimposed is an open-winged eagle clutching a cogwheel. Applied to the cogwheel is an enamel HJ insignia. The colors on this HJ insignia remains nice and bright.

The reverse has a barrel hinge and a tapered pin. The catch is soldered directly to the badge and has no base. It is marked “A. G. Tham/Gaslonz a. N”.

An extremely fine HJ badge here.

Mint. $395.00

HJMEDALS #38387 Hitler Youth Membership Pin

This HJ Membership Pin in in absolutely pristine condition, features an enamel Hitler Youth insignia. The red, white, silver and black colors remain bright.

The reverse of this piece has a safety pin catch and is a silvery color. It is marked, “RZM M1/14”.

A very find HJ example here.

Mint. $75.00

HJMEDALS #38260 Hitler Youth Membership Pin

This diamond-shaped HJ Membership Pin is in the usual colors of red, white and gold, with a black enamel swastika.

There is one tiny peck at the bottom section of the enamel, which is the only flaw.

The reverse of the pin has a safety pin catch and is marked “RZM 11”.

A good HJ piece here.

Excellent. $50.00

HJMEDALS #38261 Late Hitler Youth Membership Pin

This HJ Membership pin is the style that was made late in the period; paint was substituted for the early, more expensive enamel.

Some of the red paint is missing from the top and bottom of the diamond, but the white paint and black swastika are intact.

There is a safety pin catch on the reverse and is marked “RZM 1/156”.

Excellent. $30.00