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HJMEDALS #39600 Hitler Youth Honor Pin

This Hitler Youth Honor Pin features a HJ diamond insignia, with fine red, white and gold enamel. This pin is different from the usual HJ pin in that it has a gold border. These pins were issued to HJ boys that were members prior to 1931.

The pin has a safety pin style mount on the reverse and is marked “RZM M/120”.

A nice example to display with an early HJ knife.

Excellent Plus. $175.00

HJMEDALS #39373 Hitler Youth Member Pin

This diamond-shaped HJ Member’s Pin is in good condition, with fine, bright enamel.

The reverse of the pin is fitted out with a safety pin catch. It is marked “RZM M1/143”.

A nice little HJ pin here.

Excellent Plus. $75.00

HJMEDALS #38261 Late Hitler Youth Membership Pin

This HJ Membership pin is the style that was made late in the period; paint was substituted for the early, more expensive enamel.

Some of the red paint is missing from the top and bottom of the diamond, but the white paint and black swastika are intact.

There is a safety pin catch on the reverse and is marked “RZM 1/156”.

Excellent. $30.00