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HELMETS #42462C Police Overseas Cap

This Police Overseas Cap is constructed of green gabardine which remains in perfect condition, with no moth holes or stains.

The obverse of the cap has a square insignia on the flap, woven with a red Police eagle.

The interior of cap is lined in fine gray cotton which remains in perfect condition. It is stamped with the size "57".

A good original example here.

Excellent Plus. $325.00

HELMETS #42463C Army NCO's Overseas Cap

This Army Overseas Cap is constructed from green wool. This wool remains in nice condition, with no moth holes.

Sewn to the front of the cap is an open-winged Army eagle insignia. Below the bird is a woven cockade mounted on matching green background.

The cap is lined in gray cotton, stamped with the size "58".

A good, sound cap here.

Near Mint. $350.00

HELMETS #28951C Civilian Fire/Police Helmet

This Fire/Police Helmet has excellent black paint throughout, being in nearly mint condition. It is interesting to note that on the top of the helmet are traces of a comb; early examples were fitted with this feature, only to have them removed later on.

The helmet has two of air vent buttons, one on each side. The left side of the helmet bears a fine looking Police insignia. This eagle looks to be about 95% intact. On the opposite side is a National insignia in red, black, and white, and also at least 95% intact.

The interior of the helmet is in fine condition, with the spear-like leather tabs used to attached a neck guard still present. The original chin strap is intact and in good condition, resting on the brim. The liner is of fine tan leather and remains in perfect condition, complete with the original draw string. The leather buffer is marked "ABT5" and something that looks like "Glosegny", but I could easily be wrong as it is rather obscured.

A fine helmet here, with all the whistles and (fire alarm) bells.

Excellent Plus. $595.00

HELMETS #42461C Red Cross Oversea Cap

This Red Cross Overseas cap is constructed of black wool which remains in perfect condition.

There is the usual flap running around the outside. On the front of this flap is and white oval Red Cross insignia, with a black eagle, white swastika, and red Geneva Cross. There is also a white soutache positioned over a woven cockade.

The interior of the cap remains in nice condition, with some minor rust stains caused by the grommets. It is lined in gray fabric, stamped with the size "58". Woven in white thread are the initials "FH".

A nice Red Cross example here, not seen too frequently.

Mint Minus. $350.00

HELMETS #42438C M-42 Army Helmet

This Army Helmet is a very large size and has a good finish with no flaws. I've looked at the space where a decal should be I do not see any evidence of one; I know that later examples were sometime issued without them, as well as order to remove them.

There is a small stain that looks like the tracking of a pair of googles or something of that nature.

The helmet is complete with a good liner. This liner has all of the tabs intact, as well as the original drawstring. The chinstrap is intact, positioned over the brim of the helmet. It is marked "CKL 68". on the reverse inner rim.

A huge helmet here, looking like it would easily fit Sergeant Schultz!

Excellent. $595.00

HELMETS #42440C M-40 Single Decal Luftwaffe Helmet

This Luftwaffe Helmet has a good gray finish. The decal is quite good; I would say that about 95% of it remains intact.

The interior of this example is marked "q66".

The liner of this example is completely intact, having all of the original tongues. The drawstring looks like it could be a replacement, however.

One of the tongues is marked with the size, "58". The chin strap remains in good condition and is maker marked.

A solid example here.

Excellent. $795.00

HELMETS #42439C M-40 Luftwaffe Single Decal Helmet

This Luftwaffe Helmet has a good gray finish with no flaws. The decal, although it has deeply toned, remains in good condition. I would say it is at least 90% intact.

The liner remains in excellent condition, with all of the tongues intact. The drawstring looks like it may be a replacement, however. This helmet is complete with a chinstrap which remains in good condition. I looked at the inner end of the strap and it is marked "1940".

The inner rim of the helmet is stamped "EF62".

A nice helmet here.

Excellent. $695.00

HELMETS #42424C Fireman's M-43 Cap

This Fireman's M-43 Cap is in nice condition throughout. It is constructed of black wool, with no moth damage or other problems.

The upper rim of the cap is piped in fine red cord. The band area has two flaps complete with pebbled aluminum buttons.

The brim of the cap is also wool. The peak of the cap has a silvered insignia consisting of an old-fashioned fire helmet superimposed over a pair of fire axes.

The interior of the cap has a gray leather sweatband which remains in excellent condition. The liner itself looks to be gray cotton, with some staining but in generally good shape. The original diamond shaped maker's label is sewn in the center; I can't read him name but I can make out "Kürschnermestizer" and "Paderborn, Marienplatz 4".

A nice cap, seldom offered with the insignia.

Excellent Plus. $295.00

HELMETS #42425C Veteran's Peaked Cap

This Veteran's Peaked Cap is constructed from black wool with a matching black cord running around the top. It does not have any moth damage or other flaws, although there is a stain on the upper portion of the cap. This, however, looks like it could be easily cleaned off.

The band is finished with textured bullion, with alternating raised swastikas and war memorials. The brim is in good condition, with no crazing. The upper peak is fitted with an aluminum Veteran's insignia, an aluminum wreath and a cockade.

The interior retains the original leather sweatband which remains in good condition. The interior is lined in blue, silk-like fabric. Most of the celluloid interior tag is missing so I can't see the maker.

Not a bad cap here; with a little cleaning it should be even nicer.

Excellent. $250.00

HELMETS #42426 Luftwaffe NCO's Peaked Cap

This Luftwaffe Peaked Cap is in nice condition, constructed from gray gabardine that is free of damage. The cap is piped in the yellow cord that indicates the Flight Branch.

The brim remains in good condition, with no attic crazing. It is black on the front and checkered green on the reverse. The chin strap remains in good condition, with fine leather and complete hardware.

The cap is fitted with an aluminum Luftwaffe eagle insignia, a winged wreath and a Reich cockade. The eagle is slightly darker in color than the wreath.

The interior of the car has an intact sweatband and is lined in an orange fabric. The original celluloid diamond is missing but the stitching and thread remains. The liner is stamped "Ostland Freiberg Schlesien 1938". Additionally the cap is sized "56 ½".

All in all this is a pretty nice Luftwaffe NCO's cap.

Excellent. $495.00

HELMETS #42021C M-42 Army Helmet

This M-42 Army Helmet is in exceptional condition, with nearly 100% of the original green finish. The Wehrmacht decal on the left side is a choice example, with only a few minor scratches. It is at least 95% intact.

The edges of the helmet are the straight type, typical of an M-42.

The original chin strap is attached and in excellent condition. The liner remains perfect and retains the original drawstring. One of the tongues is marked with the size, "54". The inner reverse rim of the helmet is marked "396".

A very fine Army example here; you aren't like to find a better M-42.

Near Mint. $1,250.00

HELMETS #42292C M-42 Single Decal Army Helmet

This Army Helmet is a fairly good size. The exterior finish remains in good condition, showing a little age but with the paint still all intact.

The single decal remains in nice condition, being a Wehrmacht eagle with half-open wings. It looks to be about 85 to 90% intact.

The interior of the helmet has a good liner that shows period use and wear but the tongues are intact, as is what looks to be the drawstring. The original chin strap is also attached. It was broken but we have repaired it so it nicely lies on the brim. The reverse inner rim is marked "ck 166" and has a run number of "2814".

There is also a set of dust goggles (Augeschutzer) on this helmet. These remain in good condition, which is amazing as they are rather fragile.

A good, complete M-42 here.

Excellent Plus. $995.00

HELMETS #40902C Double Decal Fire/Police Helmet

This Fire/Police Helmet is in nice condition throughout, having no dents and retaining a good black finish. There are a few marks here and there but overall it is at least 95% intact.

On the left side of the helmet is a Police decal, being the silver colored style. It is in the shape of a shield with an oval leaf of oak leaves superimposed with a Police eagle. The shield has a matching silver border around it. This decal is 100% intact.

On the right side is the National insignia; a red and white shield marked with a black mobile swastika. This decal is also 100% intact. The helmet has the standard vent holes on either side.

The liner of this helmet is intact and in good condition. Also the original chin strap is present, showing some age but still sound and hooked over the brim of the helmet. The liner has the small, arrow-like leather tabs used to retain a leather neck shield. All of the tongues are intact, as is the original drawstring. The leather buffer pad is marked "Carl Busse Mainz". There is also some writing below this maker name. I have had Fire bayonets stamped with this Carl Busse mark, so we can assume this company was a distributor of Fire/Police related gear based in the city of Mainz.

A very nice helmet here, in good, collectible condition.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $395.00

HELMETS #40904 Red "Biker" M40 Helmet

This helmet is a genuine example with a postwar coat of red paint, probably by a 60's or 70's biker who were famous for this kind of modification. The paint is quite old and shows some scratching and scuffs. I don't see any markings; presumably these have beeb obscured by the thick coat of paint.

There are also two holes in the front of the helmet, mostly likely left by some sort of applied "aftermarket" insignia.

The liner is intact, with all the tongues and only remnants of the original drawstring. The two rings which would have retained the chin strap look to be replacements.

A decent helmet here. There are no real dents on this helmet and the next owner could attempt to restore it as a side project. It is priced accordingly.

Good. $150.00

HELMETS #40785C Civilian Fire/Police Helmet

This Fire/Police Helmet is in exceptional condition. It has no dents and retains a good black finish, with only mild rubs and scratches here and there.

There are two sets of vents on either side. On the left side is a Police insignia decal within a seal that is about 98% intact, while on the right is a National colors shield decal, about 99% intact.

The original liner is in great shape. The leather is supple, the tongues are all intact, and the drawstring is present. The round leather head pad is intact. At the reverse rear are the arrow shaped leather straps used to attached a neck shield. The original chin strap is in place, with good, supple leather. I moved one of the buckles so the strap could be properly set on the brim.

A good example here, nicely preserved.

Excellent Plus. $395.00

HELMETS #40788C Leather Luftwaffe Flight Helmet

The leather of this Flight Helmet is remains extremely supple, as good today as ti was some 75 years ago. This helmet is lined in heavy fleece, with built-in earphones and an attached throat mic. The chin straps are also in excellent condition.

There is a label on the interior of the helmet marked "FL KOPFHAUBE GR 57" or "Flight Hood". There are also other details on the label.

A very fine conditioned item here.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $395.00

HELMETS #40791C US Army Overseas Cap

This Overseas Cap is constructed of olive drab whipcord. It is in perfect condition throughout.

Inside the cap is a fine kidskin sweatband and a fine tan silk lining. The sweat band is marked "Cavinett Processed".

A good US cap here.

Near Mint. $25.00

HELMETS #39603 Eastern Peoples Officer’s Cap

This Eastern Peoples Officer’s Cap is a M43 style. It is constructed from light brown wool. This wool is of high quality and is in nearly perfect condition.

At the top of the cap is an aluminum bullion officer’s cord that is sewn around the peak. The cap is equipped with earl flaps which appear to fold down, with no button to retain them.

On the front facing of the cap is an Eastern Peoples Government Official’s eagle. This eagle is woven from white thread, with open wings and an upturned head, clutching a wreath with a mobile swastika.

The interior of the cap has a rust colored cotton liner. It is stamped with the size, “57”. The interior of this cap is in perfect condition.

A very rare original cap here, and a great addition to any collection.

Near Mint. $1,395.00

HELMETS #39614 SS Overseas Cap with Silvered Skull Insignia

This SS Overseas Cap is somewhat odd as it has the SS skull insignia applied to the obverse. In addition the cap looks to me to be the style the Army wore, but I know that there are a lot of variants and unusual things that we see in this hobby. The consignor of this cap maintains that this is the way the cap came back.

This cap is in excellent condition, with just a single moth hole behind the flap on the right side. The rest of the cap is quite clean but for a single dirt spot on the left near the brim.

The liner is a gray, silk-like material, stamped with the size, “55”. There is also some illegible stamping on the opposite side and the number “14976” in ink.

I looked at the reverse of the skull (without taking it off) and could see that it is marked, “RZM M1/32”. This skull looks to be an original to me. It is is the silvered type and has good detailing throughout.

An unusual SS cap here.

Excellent Plus. $1,795.00

HELMETS #39554 Luftwaffe Artillery NCO’s Peaked Cap

This Luftwaffe Artillery NCO’s Peaked cap is constructed from gray wool and is free of mothing. It is very nice to see wool in this condition. It is piped in red, indicating that it was worn by an NCO involved with the artillery sections of the Luftwaffe.

The band is the black textured type, in good condition. The insignia is aluminum, being an eagle clutching a swastika and flying to the viewer’s right. Below, on the band, is the cockade, wreath, and wing insignia, also in matching aluminum. The original patent leather chin strap is in fine condition, with two adjustable buckles.

The brim is also patent leather, totally free of crazing and with a fine black color. The underside of the brim is a textured checkered green.

The interior of the cap has a rust colored covering and the sweat diamond is in perfect condition. This diamond is marked, “Christian Haug Berlin No. 18 / Höchstestr 29”. There is also a round insignia marked “Criha” and “Gut Und / Dauerfabrik”. I assume this refers to the quality of the hat. Below these markings is the hat size, “56 ½”.

Unfortunately the sweatband has been damaged; abut half of it is missing. Other than this the cap remains in very good condition and would make a could example to throw on a form with an Artillery NCO’s uniform.

Excellent. $595.00

HELMETS #38975C Imperial Bavarian Peaked Artillery Cap

This Peaked Artillery Cap is in choice condition with no visible mothing. The cap is constructed with a blue wool top that is piped in red. The band below is of black velvet and is also in extremely choice condition.

Adorning the upper portion of the cap is an upper cockade with the colors of the post-1918 Wiemar period while the lower cockade is the Bavarian type. It is possible that this cap was worn in the the early years of the Reichswehr; I understand that uniform components from the old army were allowed to be worn early into the 1920's.

The visor of this cap is of black patent leather and it remains in perfect condition, retaining the original shine. The interior head band is of tan leather and is in perfect condition. There is an old piece of hardware with marked with a “R”. Embossed on the liner in silver are the details of the maker, reading “Peküro”, “DRGM” and “Fr. Beuriger”, along with some German text. The interior liner is in tan and looks to be constructed of some type of hard board. There are two very small holes in this line but it is in otherwise choice condition.

If you are looking for a fine, unusual example this piece should be right up your alley.

Near Mint. $495.00

HELMETS #38976C Imperial Prussian Infantry NCO's Cap

This fine NCO's Cap is constructed of blue and red wool. There is some mothing on the top portion near the center front and more longer the edge where it meets the cord. None of this mothing is bad, however, and seems to be confined to this upper portion.

The face of the cap is in blue wool and the band is in bright red wool. There are tow cockades on this cap, the upper being the National type in red, white and black and the lower the Prussian type in black and white.

The visor is of black patent leather, showing some mild crazing mostly confined to the center of the brim.

Inside the cap there is a dark brown leather liner which appears to have be resewn at some point. This leather is in excellent condition. The markings on the tan inner liner where embossed in silver ta one top but most have been worn away. We can see the name of the town of “Torgau”; presumably the owner of this hat belonged to Infantry Regiment 72 of the 4th Thuringen as battalion 1 and 2 of this regiment were garrisoned at Torgau.

A nice display piece here, showing some period wear and restoration but in otherwise fine condition.

Excellent. $295.00

HELMETS #38317 East Asiatic Colonial Marine Infantry Enlisted Shako

This Shako is one of the rarest pieces of head gear that I have encountered in my career. I happened to be at the right place at the right time at the renowned Baltimore Antique Arms Show in March when this treasure surfaced.

The shako has the normally-seen hard leather top cover. The lower sides have matching black leather as does the reverse visor and the obverse visor, all in excellent condition with some age crazing, but nothing bad. The body of the helmet is made with a textured brown color leather with all of the finish intact, except for a couple of minor lifts at the rear. The shako has two round pierced brass ventilators, one on each side of the upper body.

The helmet is equipped with the Colonial face plate that features the striking Reichsadler of the German Empire. This brass-based eagle has a fine gilded finish. It depicts a fierce, open-winged bird with the crown of the Holy Roman Empire atop his head. A Prussian eagle adorns a shield on his breast, which in turn is overlaid with the shield of the house of Hohenzollern; this is one great-looking bird here.

Affixed in the slot at the top of the bird is the original officer-caliber plume having the national colors of red in the center and black and silver bullion around it. The plume is nicely patinated. The NCO-style leather strap is in good pliable condition with its two adjustment buckles. It connects to the brass side brackets.

The inside of the shako remains in choice condition. The still-supple liner tongues are all constructed of black leather, each with its intact original gathering hole, however the drawn string has gone to time. The inner reverse visor is stamped with the capital letters "B.A.O.", which I understand was the abbreviation for helmets meant for East Asiatic usage. Beneath is the year "1901".

Just think of it... The original owner of this shako was most likely involved with the historic Boxer Rebellion in Tsing Tao, where the Germans, of course, had their colonies established in this area. A lot of exciting history here! I believe this helmet to be of museum quality and a tremendous find for someone interested in head gear from this bygone time in German history. An opportunity to acquire a very rare helmet here.

Excellent Plus. $4,500.00

HELMETS #37429 Luftschutz “Gladiator” Helmet

This three-piece Luftschutz “Gladiator” Helmet is in about the best condition you could hope to see. The blue surface paint is nearly perfect, and still has a fine, bright tone. It is nearly 100% intact. There is a tiny slope ding in the reverse upper portion but it is hardly noticeable.

The Luftschutz decal is a very fine example, very nearly 100% intact. It features the open set of wings spreading from a central clump of oak sprigs. In the center is a mobile swastika. Between the wings is a ribbon bearing the word “Luftschutz”.

The original black leather chin strap is in place above the brim. The brim itself is actually in two pieces, making for a three-piece helmet.

The inner reverse rim has the deep factory stamping “RL 2 – 39 / 42”. There is the usual text underneath this stating the details of the Luftschutz and the address. The liner is in fine condition, being constructed of a good, soft leather, with all of the tongues intact along with the original drawstring. There are various names written within the helmet, which may have been the Luftschutz crew who wore this particular helmet.

This one is a real beauty, being one of the best examples I've ever seen.

Near Mint. $695.00

HELMETS #37430 M-40 Luftschutz Combat Helmet

This two-piece Luftschutz example is in the form of a standard combat helmet. The finish is the same blue that we see on any Luftschutz helmet. It has the organization's decal on the obverse. This decal has a few nips in the surfaces and some of the central swastika has been obliterated by a scuff. This decal rates at about 85% intact. The finish throughout the helmet is still excellent, showing only some normal scuffing and rating at about 98%.

The interior of the helmet has a very nice kidskin liner, with all tongues present and the drawstrings in place. One of the tongues is marked with the liner size “56”. The helmet is maker and size marked on the inner left rim “Q62”. There is also a run number on the reverse inner rim, “264”.

The original chin strap is a black leather affair complete with a buckle and hasp, along with a retainer loop to hold the end strap in place. This chin strap is also in near Mint condition, the same as the liner.

A very nice combat Luftschutz helmet here which is not see very often.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $495.00

HELMETS #37428 Double Decal Fire/Police Helmet with Comb

This Fire/Police Helmet is in really exceptional condition. The black painted surfaces are still 100% intact, showing only the most trivial signs of usage. The top of the helmet has a fireman's comb affixed to it. It is not the type with a nickel finish, but rather matches the paint on the helmet. It appears to have been finished at the same time.

The left decal features a silver open-winged Police eagle superimposed on a wreath of oak leaves. There is a matching silver outline in the shape of a shield. On the right side of the helmet is a red shield with a white field and a black immobile swastika inside.

The helmet has the usual two set of of ventilation holes on either side.

The interior of the helmet is just as nice. The liner is of all soft kidskin with all of the tongues intact and in great condition. The original drawstring is also in place. The black leather chin strap is also in position and in choice condition. It has the type of snap with the folding release button. The liner is marked with the size, “57”. A fairly large helmet here.

If you are looking for a Fire/Police helmet to add to your collection this example will show very, very well; it is one of the best conditioned examples you will see.

Mint Minus. $795.00

HELMETS #37243 M-40 Luftwaffe Single Decal Helmet

This Luftwaffe Helmet has an excellent outside, retaining a dark blue-gray finish. The Luftwaffe decal shows wear throughout the bird but most of the eagle is still there, to include most of the swastika. This decal rates at maybe 50 to 60%.

The inside liner is in excellent condition throughout, with all of the tongues intact. The original drawstring is still in place. The chinstrap has been lost to time. This helmet is marked “ET64” with a run number of “226”. There is no visible head size marking on the liner.

A good Luftwaffe helmet for display and a fine example for someone just getting started. It is almost all there and in good condition.

Excellent. $595.00

HELMETS #37166C Puch Werkfeuerwehr Helmet

This helmet was worn by factory workers who were performing various security duties, including fire suppression and policing. This paticular example comes from the Austria motor company Puch.

This helmet is the standard civilian style Fire/Police variety, with a fine covering of black paint. The paint has only minor signs of usage, and is about 98% intact. The helmet has the standard two sets of air vents in each side.

The right side of the helmet has a decal of the Puch company applied it it. It consists of a shield with diagonal colors of green and white, set below the name of the company. A white border circles the logo and text.

The inside of the helmet has a great liner in perfect condition, complete with a padded crown. The drawstring, which appears original, is still in place. There is also a chin strap with a “push-in” style snap buckle, the first of the type I have ever seen on a Third Reich helmet. The helmet is stamped with the size “58” on one of the leather tongues. The liner is equipped with the leather “spears” which allowed a leather neck guard to be attached.

A nice helmet here, in very fine condition.

Near Mint. $595.00

HELMETS #37167C Henschel Werkfeuerwehr Helmet

This helmet was worn by factory fire/security personnel. It is a Model 1935 Fire/Police type, with dual sets of air vents on each side. The helmet also has a Police insignia on the left side, although the swastika has been scratched out. On the right side the National Insignia is still there, but nearly all of the decal has been scratched away. This one is from the Henschel firm. In addition to building many iconic German planes, Henschel was the sole manufacturer of the famous Tiger I and II tanks.

On the front of the helmet is the Henschel logo, consisting of a bird headed star with the letter “H” inside and surrounding by a circle. The helmet has three open holes on the crown to accept the placement of a comb. The black paint of the helmet is still in excellent condition, showing only mild scratches here and there.

The leather liner is in perfect condition, complete with the original drawstring and crown pad. One of the tongues is marked with the size “57”. The liner is equipped with the leather “spears” which acted to retain a removable leather neck shield. The liner is also marked with the name of well-known fire equipment producer Carl Henkel from Bielefeld. The logo of this company is also visible, having the firm's initials in a shield with a combed Fire helmet above it. The original chin strap is in fine condition.

Apparently the swastikas were removed after the war; regardless this is still a fine Werkfeuerwehr helmet.

Excellent. $550.00

HELMETS #37168C Steyr Werkfeuerwehr Helmet

This Werkfeuerwehr Helmet is the standard lightweight type. While it has no holes in the top to accept a comb, it does has the dual air vents on either side.

The black painted finish is in 100% condition. The front of the helmet has the target logo of the Steyr firm. A very old firm, Steyr was a major producer of both armaments and military vehicles during the Third Reich, and was part of the enormous conglomerate that was the Reichswerke Hermann Goring. They are still in business today, despite a very checkered past that includes drawing slave labor from the infamous Mauthausen-Gusen prison camp.

The interior of the helmet has an exceptional leather liner with all of the tongues in nearly pristine condition. The drawstring is missing, but that can easily be repaired. The liner is marked with the size “55”. The spear-like leather tabs used to attache a neck shield are also present.

A very fine helmet here, and one with an interesting background.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $625.00

HELMETS #37169C Adler Werkfeuerwehr Helmet

This helmet is a M35 lightweight Police type, with an excellent black finish that shows little usage. It has the typical twin air vent holes on either side.

The logo of the company has been hand painted, in yellow/gold pigment. It depicts an open-winged eagle over the name of the firm, “Adler”. The is a seal-like dual line border that surrounds the logo. Adler was a major German car manufacturer, producing cars like the Favorit, the Diplomat, as well as the mighty 25 horsepower Trumph-Junior.

The liner of the helmet is new-like in every way, with soft kidskin tongues. The original drawstring is in place. The chinstrap is also in new-like condition. Apparently this helmet was not worn much in the Adler factory.

A very nice example of the type here.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $595.00

HELMETS #37170C Heinkel Werkfeuerwehr Helmet

This M35 Police-style helmet has the usual lightweight construction and the twin air vents of either side. The comb holes are still open on the crown. These helmets would have been worn by factory personnel during various types of security and defense duties.

The black finish on this helmet shows some signs of usage here and there, but it is basically all in good shape. The original Police insignia and well as the National insignia decals have been rubbed off, which would have been done by the factory.

The front of the helmet is painted with the famous single winged “H” Heinkel logo. Heinkel, of course, is famous for producing many Luftwaffe bombers during the war, such as the outstanding workhorse medium bomber the He 111. The firm also made significant contributions to the fields of high speed flight, liquid-fueled rockets and turbojet technology.

The liner of the helmet is still in excellent condition, complete with a leather buffer at the top. The drawstring is missing from the liner, but all of the tongues are in perfect condition. The liner is also equipped with the leather tabs that would allow the attachment of a fire neck shield. The chin strap is intact and in good condition, set in place above the brim.

A neat helmet here with a very famous pedigree. A desirable example.

Excellent Plus. $625.00

HELMETS #28947C Unknown Black Cloth Side Cap

This Black Cloth Side Cap has a standard design about it, having a fold at the very top and also having upward positioned earflaps. The material is cotton lined style fabric, being definitely black in color and not dark blue. On the inside there is a silk liner that is of greenish-blue lined material, having the lines being slightly darker. There is a size “53” stamped onto the inside. There are a few stains inside, showing light wear.

It is possible that this side cap could be one of the Werk issued examples from the DAF group, or it is also possible the side cap could have been worn by one of the women’s groups that helped with other organizations. Either way, a very nice looking cap here, definitely of wartime vintage. It also looks a lot like the cap that is shown on page 27 upper, in volume 2 of the Jill Halcomb book. This cap has no insignia, but the style looks identical. Whatever it is, it is of wartime vintage and a genuine article.

Excellent Plus. $250.00

HELMETS #30180 Luftschutz Gladiator Helmet

This Luftschutz "Gladiator" helmet has a fairly nice original blue surface. It has a few “pecks” and “chips” at the upper portion where it has been rolled around on hard objects, and there is a little bit of paint missing around the left side of the brim area, but overall, this paint is a lot better than most of them. I would say that the paint is about 95%.

The helmet has a flared lower area that is bent over at the rim. There is a fine decal at the obverse, being a set of wings with oak leaves and acorns in the center, and a swastika positioned in-between. Above the swastika is a banner, “Luftschutz”. The inside liner is still in good excellent condition, having all intact tan tongues, with what looks to be the original drawstring. The chinstrap is also in place, being a leather type with adjustable buckles. The helmet has two sets of vents on each side of it.

A good conditioned item here, and if you are collecting these various types, I’m sure that this would be a fine example to display.

Excellent Plus, Plus. $495.00

HELMETS #31524C Coal Miner’s Peaked Cap

This Coal Miner’s peaked cap is in fairly nice condition throughout but the insignia has been removed. The crown upper part of the cap is all produced in black wool. There is no mothing and the wool is in excellent condition. The cap is piped with red cord and there is no damage to the red cord anywhere.

The lower band is made of black velvet. The brim is a patent leather type having some minor crazing on the surfaces but not bad. The chin cords are also patent leather, showing minor age and crazing but it is all there. The lower portion of the brim is brown with a checkered pattern.

The interior sweatband is a little stiff but it is not torn and is still in place. The inner liner appears to be a brown canvas-like material. It has a celluloid diamond sewn to the center. It has the producer’s name in blue “Pekünge” and below “Deutsche/Qualitats/Arbeit”. There are also some markings with logos and a date of “1890” which was probably when this producer began. The name tag of the original owner is still in the diamond slot. The tag reads in pen and ink “Klemens Becker Kotzenroth”.

A nice cap here; it should not be too difficult to find the coal miner’s crossed hammer insignia and cockade to complete it.

Excellent. $250.00

HELMETS #31523C Coal Miner’s Peaked Cap

This Coal Miner’s peaked cap is in very fine condition throughout. It is produced of a high quality wool. The wool is all of black color at the crown area and it is in perfect condition piped with red. The red piping is also perfect, with no signs of moth anywhere on this hat. The band below is a quality black velvet.

In the center area of the crown, there is a set of silvered crossed hammers. They are the coal miner's hammers we see on the insignia from this organization. On the center of the band is a standard Reich cockade. It has a black serrated outside circumference with silver line circular with the middle being red velvet. The brim is an exceptional fine patent leather showing no cracking or crazing. This patent leather brim looks brand new! The patent leather chin cord does show a little bit of crazing and age, but it is not bad and is all there.

The inside area of the brim is a light green color. The sweatband is a fine brown leather in choice condition. The inner liner has a yellow whipcord-like material with about 25% of the original celluloid diamond intact. This is the lower area that has the point and the slot for the maker’s name tag. The area above still has most of the original maker label intact. It is made by a company “A.M.Drees”. Beneath this are other letters which are beginning to wear.

An extremely fine original Coal Miner’s cap.

Mint Minus. $595.00

HELMETS #33514C Luftwaffe M-43 EM Cap

This Luftwaffe M-43 EM Cap is a fine gray wool. The wool is still in excellent condition throughout with no mothing. It does show some wear and usage, but it is all there. The peak area has a triangular sewn on insignia consisting of a woven gray thread bird which flies to the viewer’s right clutching a swastika in its talons.

Below is a Reich cockade having the fine colors of black, white and red in the center. The cockade is still fairly bright because the earflaps of the cap button overtop of the cockade area. A pretty nice outside here. The inside of the cap has a gray silk lining showing quite a bit of head staining around the rim areas. On the center inside, it is ink stamped “1944” and size “58”. The issue numbers are in between the two “0/0501/0015”. A fine original Luftwaffe M-43 here.

Excellent Plus. $695.00

HELMETS #32947 Army Signal Officer’s Peaked Cap

This Signal Officer’s Peaked Cap is a fine example, being made of ripcord material. There is no mothing on the ripcord anywhere. The felt band below has few moth tracks, but because of its dark color, it does not show. The cap is piped in the yellow cord for signals.

At the obverse peak is an aluminum open-winged army eagle which looks to the viewer’s right and clutches a wreathed mobile swastika. The detail to the bird is excellent. Below is a matching aluminum cockade and wreath. The wreath consists of oak leaves and acorns with excellent detail and the cockade has the dark serrated outside with a red felt insert in the middle.

The brim is a fine black patent leather. It still has most of the original sheen to the surfaces and shows very little crazing. The below brim is a matching black color. The cap is complete with the officer’s aluminum bullion chin cords which are attached to small pebbled aluminum buttons, one on each side.

The kidskin tan leather sweatband is still quite supple throughout. There are a few wear signs on the edge of the front of the sweatband, but there are no tears. The cap is lined with a yellowy silk fabric and contains a full celluloid diamond. This is a nice looking officer’s cap here of a fairly good size.

Excellent Plus. $795.00