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HELMETS #50067C Rural Police NCO Side Cap

This Police side cap has perfect conditioned fine green wool throughout.The cap is piped with orange indicating that it is a rural type.

The is an air vent on each side of the cap. The insignia is a woven open winged Police eagle with swastika on a black cloth background.

The interior of the cap is lined with a gray cotton fabric. It is marked with the marker, "Georg Rek" with a size of 55 ½.

An outstanding side cap here.

Mint Minus $650.00

HELMETS #50748C Rural Police Brown Leather Crash Helmet

This Police Crash Helmet is an item that is rarely encountered. This example has a rich brown color leather covering, which is still bright and supple. The helmet has a rounded top that flairs-out to a protective brim running completely around the cap. The front brim is also of matching brown thick leather. On both sides of the helmet there are two breather holes made of brass. Applied to the obverse front of the helmet is an aluminum Police eagle featuring a wide-winged bird within a wreath clutching a swastika. The eagle insignia appears slightly wider than other Police types I have seen.

Attached to the edges are matching brown leather ear flaps and neck flap. These flaps remain in perfect condition with a chin strap and buckle connected to the right flap. The inside of the neck flap has a maker label sewn to the leather, being "Karl Heisler / Berlin C2 / Hagazin Str. 14". The leather headliner remains in choice condition, and inside the inner top of the helmet is a leather head pad.

An extremely rare item here and in the best of condition.

Mint Minus. $1,995.00

HELMETS #50747C Luftwaffe Officer's Summer White Peaked Cap

This cap is very impressive, still being in mint condition. The upper portions of the cap are in all white fabric with yellow piping running around both edges of the black web. This would indicate Flight branch. The cap eagle is an aluminum example flying to the viewer's right and clutching a swastika. The aluminum winged cockade matches perfectly with the oak leaves around the center and wings thrusting outward.

There is a fine aluminum officer's cap cord in place. The patent leather black rim below remains in pristine condition with no age cracks. The inside of the cap has a white satin-like liner being in perfect new-like condition. The leather sweatband is all in perfect condition looking to be unworn. There is a silvered maker name embossed into the leather being, "Ludwig Wörz / Militär - Effekten / Ulm a./ D / Stirndruckfrei / Deutsches Reichspatent". The inside area of the cap's obverse (at the area above the brim) is white strap retained with a snap. I believe this strap alleviated removal of the white top for washing purposes.

An outstanding Luftwaffe Summer Cap!

Mint. $1,895.00

HELMETS #49996 Child's M-35 Style Helmet

This helmet is an outstanding example. Usually helmets made for children wear are not of this quality, nor are they as well detailed. The helmet is probably made of a field green-painted aluminum base, as it is fairly lightweight. It has the simulated air vent holes similar to an Imperial example, but the vents are not holed being a solid material. There are also rivets which act to retain the liner.

The paint over the helmet is still in excellent condition being near 100%. There are some very nominal usage imprints in the helmet metal, but not really dings or dents. The helmet has the Wehrmacht Eagle decal on the left side and the National Insignia decal on the right. The decals both remain in near perfect condition. They also appear to be maybe just slightly smaller than the type used on issue helmets. The liner is a silk-like type with a intact drawstring. The liner remains in good condition, but has separated from the retainer in one spot, but the liner still remains in place. The rim is bent over similar to an M-35 or M-40 type.

A really great piece here and easily the best Child's Helmet that we have carried - totally realistic and very collectible.

Excellent Plus. $850.00

HELMETS #50019 Veterans Cap with Werkschutz Insignia

This Veteran's Cap is all of blue/black wool in excellent condition with no mothing. The black brocade band below has the alternating images of a swastika and the Veteran's memorial woven into the surfaces. The black patent leather brim has no age crazing and remains in fine condition. The insignia on this cap is that of the Werkschutz unit. This units were assigned to guard and fire duties in factories. I do not know the reason why this insignia is on the cap, but it appears to me after examining it, that it has always been there.

The inside of the cap has a fine leather sweatband in perfect condition. The liner is a tan color fabric being stamped, "56". Additionally the liner's full celluloid diamond is still in place in perfect condition. It pictures the Veteran's memorial above, "Original Kyffhäuser Mütze / Franz Ruhland / Passau". A nice cap here and a mystery to figure out the purpose of the cap's insignia.

Excellent Plus. $375.00

HELMETS #50022 Luftschutz Gladiator Helmet

This dentfree helmet has good blue paint, but does show some wear and age to it. The decal is about 85% featuring the "Luftschutz" name in the center of the two open wings.

There is a swastika below the name. The name "Metzner" is painted white on the outside lower rim. The liner is a black leather and is completely intact with the drawstring.

The original chin strap is also present.

A decent example here.

Excellent. $375.00

HELMETS #49636 1st Pattern NSKK Crash Helmet

This crash helmet has very fine leather throughout being of course all black and in the front area is the 1st style NSKK eagle. It is a nickel bird with open wings looking to the viewer's right and clutching a wreath with black swastika.

The helmet has three breathing holes on each side and the chin strap is in perfect condition on one side and on the other side there is a small repair which looks period where there was a small rip above the ear section about 1 inch and it has been sewn with black thread.

The inner liner is all brown and in very fine condition throughout.

A very fine helmet here which does not appear to be marked.

Excellent. $1,595.00

HELMETS #49902 RLB Luftschutz Gladiator Helmet

This two piece Luftschutz helmet is in nice condition. The finish is all in good condition throughout being the dark blue gray color. The helmet has two sets of air vents on each side and has rivets which hold the two pieces of the helmet together.

On the front is a gold toned Luftschutz decal insignia. The insignia is nearly 100 percent with just a slight piece missing in the top of the left wing. The wings are open and has a band stating "Luftschutz" above a swastika. I understand that this insignia was at one time a silver color and toning of the coating over the insignia caused it to turn gold.

On the reverse brim there are also many details regarding the helmet which also probably were silver at one time and have turned to gold letters. Additionally the helmet is stamped "R. L. 238 / 29". The original liner is intact being a very fine rich brown color with its original drawstring. The liner is marked "57".

Also with the helmet is the original chin cord which is of black leather and still quite supple having a nickel plated buckle.

A very nice Luftschutz helmet here.

Mint Minus. $425.00

HELMETS #49334 RLB Luftschutz Gladiator Helmet

This helmet has no dents and is the two piece construction. It has its fine original dark blue surfaces showing only the most modest of handling scratches.

There is a very fine decal on the front which remains at 100%.

The liner is a good brown leather and it remains in nice condition with one hole where the cord has ripped out; otherwise the liner is excellent. The chinstrap, though, is broken on one side.

It is marked "57" in white paint on the reverse, and stamped "RL2-39 / 10".

A decent RLB example here.

Good Plus. $395.00

HELMETS #49822C Kriegsmarine Boxed Naval Fore & Aft Cap with Accompanying Dress Shoulder Boards

This grouping is rarely encountered and is most impressive. The grouping comes in its original black card-board style box with separate lid. The lid is equipped with a metal wire handle. The box remains in nearly perfect condition.

Inside rests the precious Fore and Aft Cap, being constructed at the upper of a very fine material which may be an animal fur such as beaver or the like. There are flaps on each side which extend upward with their top above the center cap area. The flaps extend downward at the base and are bent over and positioned at the forward and aft of the hat. The flaps are further decorated on the fore and aft portions with a bullion style fring. At the left side of the cap is a very large Reich cloth cockade in the national colors of red, white and black. Affixed to the cockade is a series of gold bullion twisted springy-style wire that encompass a large gild button. The button features a separately-applied gild Wehrmacht eagle with the half-open wings and clutching a swastika. Great looking decoration here and extremely classic, probably based on a design of the previous century.

The cap is lined with beautiful white silk having the gilded printed name "Schwarz" in the center, which assumedly is the name of the producer. The liner shows no wearing signs, still being new-like. The sweatband is of a dark brown leather and remains also new-like. It is obvious that occasions to wear such a impressive cap were rare.

Accompanying the cap are a pair of extremely impressive full dress Naval doctor's shoulder boards. The boards are made with gild bullion and around the shoulder fitting area are trimmed with textured tress which appears to be aluminum. The boards become round at the shoulder ending area. Affixed to the surface is a silver caduceus depicting a winged staff being wrapped with snakes. Attached to the board ending area is a series of gold bullion 3 inch long tress. The under area of the boards is covered with blue-black fine wool matching the color of the cap.

If you are looking for something extremely elegant to add to a Naval collection, you should be impressed with this set. Vary rarely offered and in top, top condition.

Mint. $2,495.00

HELMETS #49084 Luftwaffe NCO Overseas Side Cap

This Luftwaffe side cap is produced of all gray wool showing some modest wear, but no flaws or mothing. The cap is equipped with ear flaps. At the obverse peak is sewn a white wool Luftwaffe eagle with swastika.

Below is a sewn wool cockade with red, white and black colors.

The liner is an unmarked gray cotton showing some wear and a small tear caused by period wear.

A decent example here.

Excellent. $395.00

HELMETS #48573 Police Double Decal Helmet

This lightweight police helmet has the original black finish which is covering at 100 percent, although the paint shows age spread evenly throughout.

The swastika decals is worn but it is still about 85% intact, with the silver police decal in a similar state.

The original chin strap is in very good condition, in place above the brim. The liner is also good, with fine brown leather and the original retainer string. The liner is stamped “60”.

A decent police helmet here.

Excellent. $695.00

HELMETS #48572 Rural Police NCO Visor Cap

This visor cap has very fine wool which shows no moth damage. The cap also has a nice saddle shape.

It is piped in orange cord which indicates the rural police. There is an aluminum cockade at the peak, set above a aluminum police cap insignia which remains in perfect condition.

The patent leather chin strap is in perfect condition, with a pair of adjustment buckles. The visor has all of the shine to the patent leather and no crazing.

The inner rim is green and the headliner is a good brown leather which remains intact. The interior liner is brown cloth which has most of the original celluloid diamond. About 25 percent of the celluloid is missing but traces of the manufacturer's name remain in silver print. It is stamped with the size 54.

A nice looking police NCO cap.

Excellent. $795.00

HELMETS #48370 Luftwaffe M40 Single Decal Helmet

This helmet has a very fine gray outside paint.

The decal is also in excellent condition, being at least 90% intact.

The original liner is present but the drawstring and chinstrap have flown the coop. It is marked Q54 and DN136.

An excellent example here.

Excellent. $1,295.00

HELMETS #48271 Luftwaffe NCO Artillery Peaked Cap

This Luftwaffe cap is made of fine gray wool which has no mothing damage anywhere. It is piped in red which indicates it comes from the artillery branch. At the peak is a fine aluminum Luftwaffe eagle flying ot the viewer’s right clutching a swastika. The lower band area is in good condition throughout and it is equipped with a winged aluminum wreath having a black and red built in cockade in the center. Below the wreath is a fine conditioned black patent leather chin strap which is adjustable. The leather is perfect on this strap. The brim is also black patent leather and remains in perfect condition. The inside of the hat has the leather sweatband which has a couple of tears in it and shows some wear but it is all all in place and all there. The inner liner is a silk-like tan cloth and the original celluloid diamond is still in place and in perfect condition. Overall a very nice Luftwaffe artillery NCO cap.

Excellent. $650.00

HELMETS #47598 Fire Police Helmet

This helmet has the usual black finish, which shows some age. It has two decals; the national insignia on one side and a police insignia on the other, the latter showing some wear.

This helmet has two air vents and an aluminum comb, which shows a bit of wear. The original chinstrap is present but it is broken. The liner is in good condition, with all of the tongues present and the original drawstring present. The neck shield mountings are also intact, as well as the shock buffer at the top.

A decent example here.

Excellent. $595.00

HELMETS #46648 Luftschutz Gladiator Helmet

This helmet is the two piece gladiator type. It is an excellent blue finish throughout which appears to be 100 percent intact.

The helmet is equipped with dual air vents on both sides and in the center is a gold Luftschutz decal which still appears to be just about 100 percent.

The front inner rim has a maker name being Paul A Becker from Hamburg and on the outer inner rim is the decal that talks about the Luftschutz helmet being a size 54. The liner remains in perfect condition with good tan leather tongues and the drawstring still being all there. The chinstrap is also in place with two adjustment buckles.

Overall a nice gladiator helmet here.

Near Mint. $495.00

HELMETS #46236C M-35 SS Double Decal Helmet

This original M-35 helmet is a rare find and very desirable. According to helmet expert, Kelly Hicks, the helmet's outside has a reissue finish and was double-decaled with CA Pocher runes and Party shield, and these decals are what are on the outermost visible layer.

The SS runes appear to be about 85%. The Party shield runes have been period scraped, as many were according to rules issued as such to help with camouflage tactics. Most of the swastika and much of the red outside are gone to time.

The helmet is a large size being marked, "Q68". The run number at the reverse inner edge is "21446". The liner appears original to the piece and shows usage, but remains intact with drawstring. There is no size number visible on the liner. The chinstrap is still intact and in fairly good condition.

A rarely-seen original, large-sized SS M-35.

Excellent. $8,495.00

HELMETS #46039C Afrika Korps Army EM Side Cap

The side cap is in nice condition with some minor stains on each side of it. Otherwise it is fine with no tears or flaws.

The material is a tropical color cotton. The army eagle and swastika insignia is sewn at the top and below is a diamond with a black white and red cockade.

It appears as though this cap at one time has a soutache over the cockade as the line of it still vaguely remains in the material.

The inside is all done in red cotton and it is marked “53” “Hans Branoi Mutzenfabrik Magdeburg 842”.

A fine example here showing minor usage.

Excellent. $995.00

HELMETS #45288C Fire Police Helmet

This fire police helmet has fairly good black painted surfaces. The surfaces show some age discolorations here and there but the paint all seems to be sound throughout.

The helmet has the usual dual sets of air vents on each side. On the left side is the black shield with silver border having an open winged silver police eagle over a wreath with clutched swastika. The side on right has the national insignia featuring a red shield with white field and black swastika. Both of these decals are in 100 percent condition.

The inside liner is a fine brown leather which is the size 56 is marked on one leather tab. The tabs are all in nice condition throughout with the holes for the drawstring intact but the drawstring is missing. The liner is equipped with the small spear head leather devices for optional attaching of a leather shield.

The chin strap is the style which is made of double Y straps. Unfortunately just the end of the strap where it buckles has gone to time but most of it is still there.

A good looking helmet here still in nice condition.

Good. $595.00

HELMETS #44365 DLV Visor Cap

The DLV Visor Cap is a fairly rare piece of period headgear. This example is in outstanding condition, with a very fine wool top. The wool remains in perfect condition throughout, with no mothing anywhere.

Below the wool is woven black material with an affixed DLV wreath with a special cockade and a pair of wings. This insignia remains in perfect condition.

At the peak of the cap is a small DLV eagle clutching a black swastika.

The brim is black patent leather. It shows minor age but is free of crazing and cracking. The original leather chinstrap is in perfect condition, with adjustable buckles. The lower area of the brim is also black.

Inside the cap is a tan, canvas-like fabric which remains in perfect condition. The name of the maker is still clearly visible, "Wasserdichte Stirndrunkfrie Deutsche Reich Patent. The sweatband is in perfect condition, with a bow at the back and made with air holes at the front.

A very fine DLV Visor Cap here, rarely seen.

Near Mint. $1,295.00

HELMETS #42810C Army Mountain Trooper's M43 Cap

This Mountain Trooper's Cap is fairly large and constructed of light green wool. There is very little moth damage, with only a few tiny holes on the left ear flap and another on the inner brim. The flaps wrap around and are connected by two buttons at the front.

At the front of the cap is a triangular insignia with an Army eagle and swastika postponed over a cockade. Applied to the right ear flap is a metal edelweiss badge. This badge is sewn to the cap and remains in good condition.

The interior is lined in gray, silk-like material. There are some numbers inside but the are difficult to read; one looks to be "23-NR" and "100 R7", along with some which are illegible. The size looks to be 58 or 59, but the cap is quite large.

A good cap here, with some honest wear but still collectible.

Excellent. $1,495.00

HELMETS #40791C US Army Overseas Cap

This Overseas Cap is constructed of olive drab whipcord. It is in perfect condition throughout.

Inside the cap is a fine kidskin sweatband and a fine tan silk lining. The sweat band is marked "Cavinett Processed".

A good US cap here.

Near Mint. $25.00

HELMETS #28947C Unknown Black Cloth Side Cap

This Black Cloth Side Cap has a standard design about it, having a fold at the very top and also having upward positioned earflaps. The material is cotton lined style fabric, being definitely black in color and not dark blue. On the inside there is a silk liner that is of greenish-blue lined material, having the lines being slightly darker. There is a size “53” stamped onto the inside. There are a few stains inside, showing light wear.

It is possible that this side cap could be one of the Werk issued examples from the DAF group, or it is also possible the side cap could have been worn by one of the women’s groups that helped with other organizations. Either way, a very nice looking cap here, definitely of wartime vintage. It also looks a lot like the cap that is shown on page 27 upper, in volume 2 of the Jill Halcomb book. This cap has no insignia, but the style looks identical. Whatever it is, it is of wartime vintage and a genuine article.

Excellent Plus. $250.00

HELMETS #31523C Coal Miner’s Peaked Cap

This Coal Miner’s peaked cap is in very fine condition throughout. It is produced of a high quality wool. The wool is all of black color at the crown area and it is in perfect condition piped with red. The red piping is also perfect, with no signs of moth anywhere on this hat. The band below is a quality black velvet.

In the center area of the crown, there is a set of silvered crossed hammers. They are the coal miner's hammers we see on the insignia from this organization. On the center of the band is a standard Reich cockade. It has a black serrated outside circumference with silver line circular with the middle being red velvet. The brim is an exceptional fine patent leather showing no cracking or crazing. This patent leather brim looks brand new! The patent leather chin cord does show a little bit of crazing and age, but it is not bad and is all there.

The inside area of the brim is a light green color. The sweatband is a fine brown leather in choice condition. The inner liner has a yellow whipcord-like material with about 25% of the original celluloid diamond intact. This is the lower area that has the point and the slot for the maker’s name tag. The area above still has most of the original maker label intact. It is made by a company “A.M.Drees”. Beneath this are other letters which are beginning to wear.

An extremely fine original Coal Miner’s cap.

Mint Minus. $595.00